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Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

Once again, we had an awesome weekend at Tuddenham and welcomed back themed FilmSim open days with an “El Chapo” cartel theme.  If you are interested in a theme and a bit of role-play, keep your eyes open for the next event’s theme to be announced.  You don’t have to get involved with the theme and role-playing, but we can assure you it’s way more fun…

This weekend sees us back at our awesome Eversley site with another themed FilmSim open weekend.  This one is based in the future, so if you have any futuristic loadouts (I’m looking at the Gruntz players here) then bring them along.  Don’t worry if you haven’t – anything will be just fine and we may have a couple of sets of loan kit if you fancy playing along.

Next weekend we have a special themed event set in the Congo in the 70s.  There are still several places open for this, have a look at the event on Facebook for full details if you’re interested.

It’s another five weekend month, so the End of month skirmish at Tuddenham will be on 30th Sep and 1st Oct.


Josh Smith

(Gunman Airsoft)

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