Jia Dyi: The fastest way to join the club of airsoft

Jia Dyi have some advice for anyone looking to get into the airsoft business:

Jia DyiThe Fastest Way to Join the Club of Airsoft

Honorable Clients,

Hi, we receive global inquiries from entrepreneurs every week about how to open an airsoft shop in local communities. Since Jia Dyi owns 25 years experiences in the line of airsoft, we are very happy to give a hand. You own domestic market wisdom, let me serve you with global perspective. In the sea of business nowadays, information is the weapon, airsoft products are only the vehicles.

For example, Jia Dyi would suggest KWC semi-metal CO2 pistols to young businessmen, not only because the MOQ is friendly, but also its good quality and versatile models to choose.

KWC【KC-42 ZDHN】SIG Sauer GSR 1911 with Metal Slide

1911 had been imitated by many gun manufacturers, including SIG Sauer in Germany, who let this model totally be produced in the U.S. KWC presents you the German-US hybrid 8 rounds .45 ACP classics with semi-metal version powered by CO2 cartridge. The name “GSR (Granite Series Rail)” comes with the rail on the lower frame, which is rare on traditional 1911.

clip_image002KWC【KC-40DHN】M45A1 with Metal Slide, and 【KC-46HN】TAURUS PT 24/7 with ABS slide

M45A1 is the native Colt M1911 design with rail that had won the fame of MEU (Marine Expedition Unit) pistol in SOCOM. The anti-slipper carving on the front slide was meant to let the shooter to slightly push it back to check whether there is a bullet in chamber for safety reason, but it is pointless in KWC replica because 【KC-40DHN】is a non-blow back model.

TAURUS PT 24/7 was originated from Brazil, although with hidden hammer design, it is said to be discontinued in 2017 because a lawsuit accused its accidental firing when it dropped on the ground. But please also beware of KWC replica when it was dropped to the ground, it will not hurt you by accident but it will hurt your wallet since it carries an ABS slide. KWC also provide the metal slide model called【KC-46DHN】. See the difference in KWC codes? “D” represents the metal slide version. You’re smart!

clip_image004KWC【KC-47DHN】SIG PRO 2022 with Metal Slide

It has won the market in the military and police circles in France, the United States and other countries. The SP2022 is a rising star in the general military and police pistol and is competing with the Glock pistol in the market. KWC inherits the merits of SP2022 in light weight and handy, although the replica cannot replace its backstrap like the authentic. For shooters with small palms, we highly recommend it.

clip_image006KWC【KC-48HN】Smith & Wesson M&P 40 with ABS Slide

The Smith & Wesson M&P (Military and Police) is a polymer-framed pistol by the American company Smith & Wesson. While targeted at law enforcement agencies, the M&P is also widely available on the commercial market. If you were tired of ABS gun, KWC also provides 【KC-48DHN】with metal slide,【KM-48HN】with 4.5mm BBs and ABS slide, 【KM-48DHN】with clip_image0084.5mm BBs and metal slide, and their flag-ship grade,【KMB-48DHN】,4.5mm BBs powered by CO2 with metal slide that can be blow-back version. OK, you have successfully broken the secret codes of KWC, Congratulate!

The above were just a small part of KWC products carried in Jia Dyi’s vast agent product portfolio. As a distributor, Jia Dyi can always provide the right products for the right customers in your stores in the right time. Stay-tuned with Jia Dyi, and let us serve you with global perspective, combined with local market wisdom from your end, we will be a perfect team.

Item No. clip_image010

(NBB CO2 versions)


Muzzle Velocity(fps)









Plastic slide




Smith & Wesson M&P 40

Plastic slide




SIG Sauer GSR 1911




SIG PRO 2022

(Jia Dyi)

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