Gunfire stock update

Here is all the latest stock news from Gunfire:


The 5th Generation ASCU from Airsoft Systems available in Gunfire! The latest version of ASCU module is smaller, has a new design and many other improvements.

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Looking for an interesting GBB pistol? Check out the BLE series from the ICS brand! The delivery also included a replica of the M1 Garand, or a machine gun with the Bullpup construction – L86A2 LSW.

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In the new delivery from WE, you can find solid replicas GBB and AEG, including the 1911 Double Barrel and Mauser pistols and gas-powered SCAR and G36 rifles.

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If you are looking for precise replica ammunition your replica check the Specna Arms delivery! Their  solid, tested BBs are available in different weight from 0.20 to 0.45 and packed in practical bags.

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