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A2 Supplies have some new products in stock:

New Year! New Products!
Thats right! With Christmas Finally Over, and with the New Year finally in swing, maybe its time to spend some of that left over Christmas Cash..? Something to beat the blues of going back to work? With a huge restock underway we decided to add some exciting new products to kick start the new year! So lets talk boom sticks…

Secutor V-Elite S Series:


Thats right, the company who recently came out with tactical Gas Powered M870 Shotguns have taken a leap into the Spring market with their own V-Elite Spring Tri-Shot Shotguns! Simple and easy to use, they function just like any other classic Tri-Shot Shotgun using the tried and Tested 30 Round Shotshell system. Maybe you don’t get on with Gas? Or maybe you’re after something a little more affordable? Well look no further! Constructed mostly of high quality polymer, these Shotguns are both sturdy and lightweight – Perfect for running around CQB fields to get up close and personal! The V-Elite Series brings a more tactical look to the Springer Shotgun, as the Secutor S Line is Festooned with both Keymod and Picatinny Rails on both the pump and along the top to allow optics and accessories! Coming equipped with flip up front and rear sights, and an attachable hand stop on the pump, this shotgun is out of the box and ready to go in no time!


The Secutor V-Elite S Series comes in both Black and Tan and in 3 length variations:

G-II: The G-II Is the Short Stockless Variant – Perfect for use as a backup weapon (Or For Close Encounters) This Version comes with a QD Sling Swivel which can be mounted at the rear of the weapon on either the left, right or even in the middle of the stock cap.

G-V: The G-V features an ergonomic retractable MOE-Esque stock to allow the user to adjust the weapon to suit their preference and provide stability whilst aiming the weapon. If you find yourself in tight spaces then the stock can fully collapse keeping the weapon profile tight and compact.

G-XI: The G-XI is the Full Stock Variant – For those of you who prefer a more traditional style of shotgun, the fixed stock is perfect for keeping the weapon controlled when in the shoulder, with a Rubberized Butt Pad to prevent the weapon from slipping.

New Year, New Me? Or How about New Year, New Gun…? Go on! Kick Start your Year with a Click Clack BANG! Check out these awesome new shotguns over on our website: www.a2supplies.co.uk

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