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NEW Products!
Thats right! The New Year continues to bring some fantastic new products to us in store! Heres a look at some of the New stock we have received this week!
WE/Cybergun Desert Eagle -Silver:

Silver Desert Eagle 1Silver Desert Eagle 2Silver Desert Eagle 3

The WE/Cybergun Desert Eagle has been one of the most highly anticipated airsoft pistols to date, but as soon as the Black variant was released late last year people have yearned for the Bling! Because who doesn’t want a hand cannon in Silver? A perfect piece for those who want to be a dictator or straight out of an 80s action movie!

Boasting a hefty full metal construction and full Magnum Industries trademarks, the WE/Cybergun Desert Eagle is undoubtedly the biggest and one of the hardest kicking handguns on the airsoft market today running off of standard Airsoft Green Gas. Not designed for small hands, built with a strong recoil spring means this gun packs a menacing kickwith each round fired. The Powerful Blowback of this pistol is something to Behold!


SIG MCX Image 1

As a special request from a customer we also managed to get our hands on the Shiny new Cybergun fully licensed SIG SAUER MCX AEG! An absolutely solid and Sturdy replica perfect for use both outdoors and in CQB! Handling it feels fantastic, with an ergonomic rubberised pistol grip and stock pad. The weapon also features an extendable low profile stock, flip up front and rear sights and a large keymod rail system up front with plenty of room for accessories! Fire controls are similar to that found on an M4/AR pattern rifle, with the MCX Boasting an ambidextrous fire selector, magazine release and charging handle. This AEG is front wired, and has space to fit a slim LiPo inside of the rail system, however it will accommodate a PEQ/battery Box if preferred. Coming out of the Box firing at (approx) 360fps, this compact weapon can hold its own in both indoor and outdoor games.

Acetech Pistol tracer Unit:

Pistol Tracer 2Pistol Tracer 1

Finally we have an interesting Tracer unit from Acetech. If you like using pistols, and you also like tracer units then this might be of interest! The Acetech Pistol Tracer unit is specifically designed for use on Airsoft Sidearms. It is one of the smallest, lightest power saving tracer units on the airsoft market to date! Its small size allows users to easily attach it to their airsoft sidearms. With only a 30mm Diameter and a length of 101mm, this is one seriously small tracer unit. Suitable with both green and red tracer BBs, the unit runs off of a built in 450mAH rechargeable LiPo battery, the unit is charged via a micro-USB Charging cable which comes with it. The Tracer unit also features and automatic switch off function when it has been left idle for 40 minutes or if the battery power becomes low.

Feel like its time for some new kit? Check out these cool new products and more over on our Website!

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