New products at Gunfire

Gunfire have some new items in stock:


‘Hot, new product at Gunfire! We are launching the sale of the long-awaited AR-1 replica. It is powered by HPA and full of innovative solutions! The AR-1 is ready to use immediately after being unpacked. It is powered by a tank hidden inside the stock so there is no need for additional hoses and regulators.’


You can check these products here:


‘New series of tactical gloves – Shield Flex™ and Smart Flex from Armored Claw are now available at Gunfire! The gloves of this manufacturer are made of original and durable fabrics such as DuPont’s™ Kevlar® and Nomex®.’

You can check these products here:


‘Thermo-active clothing of the Polish Brubeck brand! The products of this company are made of innovative materials. Therefore they will keep you safe from cold during airsoft game, jogging, and trekking.’

You can check these products here:


‘New delivery of popular Bollé protective glasses! Their offer includes basic models at attractive prices as well as professional goggles from X-series and excellent Fury and Combat glasses.’

You can check these products here:


‘New brand at Gunfire! OPSMEN offers durable and inexpensive flashlights made of anodized aerospace aluminum. Flashlights are equipped with diodes with a power of 800 – 1000 lumens, gel button that can be attached to a firearm (depends on the model) and various mounts.’

You can check this brand here:


‘New flashlights from Mactronic! The offer consist of models from the M-Force tactical series and powerful headlamps including new model- VIZO with an elliptical shape of the beam of light and a maximum power of 635 lumens.’

You can check this brand here:


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