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Hi, Arnies,

Welcome to this week’s update from Gunman Airsoft.

We had an outstanding weekend at Tuddenham!  Loads of players, and both days were marked by superb sportsmanship and playing quality.  Thank you so much to all the players for playing fairly and having the right attitude on the field.

Our next airsoft game is next weekend (10th &11th Feb) at Tuddenham, and will be a FilmSim open event, based on Tom Clancy’s “The Division” videogame.  Teams of agents will be trying to extract resources from the Dark Zone which will be defended by a mixture of Cleaners, LMB, Rikers and rioters.  The agents as a whole will be trying to extract at least 50% of the resource values available, as well as trying to extract more than the other teams.

The agent teams will have certain rules regarding how resources can be collected and carried, as well as having to safely extract the resources at a set point.  The resources are not safely banked until they have been fully extracted, and while the extraction process is taking place, they are very vulnerable to both enemies and the other agent teams.  If you’re not bothered about the game mechanics, then come and play as a defender, otherwise get your best agency loadout and make the choice to work with other agent teams, or go rogue!

The following weekend will be an open FilmSim event at Eversley – story details to follow on Facebook soon.

Don’t forget – Cold War is returning to Tuddenham in March – 24th &25th.  This is an operations weekend, so similar to how we run a FilmSim open weekend with short, 2-3 hr missions as opposed to a full weekend in character and is ideal for players who want to see what the Cold War scene has to offer.  Experienced players are welcome to set up camp in the field and remain in character over the weekend as well.  We have loads of period camo for both sides available to borrow for free, and we have limited quantities of period rental rifles available as well.  Weapons must either be true to period (Early 1980s) or disguised enough so they don’t look out of place.

Just a reminder on open day timings:  We try as hard as possible to get you guys out of the safe zone as close to 1000 as we can manage.  Our safety and rules brief should begin at 0930 in order to allow us to achieve this.  We expect players to be FULLY ready to go at this time – we open registration at 0800 to allow plenty of time for signing in, kitting up and chrono.  We expect players to take as much responsibility as possible in helping here – if we are still chasing people around the car park at 0940 then we are never going to get you out in the field on time.  We also expect you to be ready at the time given after lunch.  The majority of players who are ready on time get very frustrated at waiting around for those who need chasing up, and we end up getting moaned at by everybody when we get you out in the field late.  Please help us to give you the maximum play time by being as organised as you can.

Tuddenham Calendar, Eversley Calendar

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