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Hi, Arnies,

Welcome to this week’s update from Gunman Airsoft.

This week we have another Epic FilmSim open weekend lined up at Tuddenham.  By popular demand, we are revisiting a game inspired by Tom Clancy’s “The Division” game.  Agents will team up and attempt to extract as many materials from the dark zone as they can, whilst also competing with other agent teams to see who can get the most out.

For those interested in the story and the game mechanics, dress as agents and battle against the defending forces of Cleaners, LMB, Rikers and rioters as they try to hold on to the resources, as well as other agent teams if they (or you) decide to “go rogue” and fight each other!  For those not bothered about story and mechanics, don’t worry – you can play as defenders and simply deny the agents the opportunity to extract resources.

Next weekend we are at Eversley for another FilmSim open weekend there.  The story will be up on the Facebook event later this week for you.  Come and join us for a weekend of airsoft and social vibes, with free camping, an awesome site and friendly players.

The following weekend will be the usual skirmish madness at Tuddenham – two days of shorter scenarios and plenty of CQB action around the WWII era buildings.

Tuddenham Calendar

Eversley Calendar

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