G&P shipment at Land Warrior Airsoft

Land Warrior Airsoft have some new items in stock from G&P:

Land Warrior Airsoft have just received a shipment from G&P, featuring some of the old favourites and some new additions.

First off we have the Salient Arms GRY rifles in both long and short back in stock, with stunning deep engraved markings true to the real thing. Shooting at around 320-330 fps, and an impressive rate of fire, these rifles would make a great addition to any Airsofter’s arsenal!


Salient Arms GRY Short, Salient Arms GRY Long

We have also stocked up on some magazines for M4 and AK platforms, including the Hailstorm Dual Electric Fed magazine. This double magazine holds around 700 rounds and has a pressure pad operated electric winding mechanism powered by a 9V battery.


Hailstorm Dual Electric Fed magazine, AK47 Waffle Magazine 150 round, AK74 Bakelite Magazine 150 round, AK74 Black Magazine 150 round, M4 / M14 Metal Magazine 130 round

If you are looking to quieten your rifle or love the look of a big suppressor then check out the Bio Infected suppressor with three prong flash hider. These are available in both clockwise and counter clockwise, and feature a great quick release function too – just pull the collar back and slide the suppressor off the flash hider!


Bio Infected QD silencer (clockwise), Bio Infected QD silencer (counter-clockwise)

Lastly we have the iconic US Navy MK23 Stoner rifle back in stock. With a 1200 round box magazine these light machine guns will provide huge ammounts of cover fire, but can also fire semi auto for when things get close and personal. These rifles are hugely popular, so grab one when you can…


(Land Warrior Airsoft)

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