Jia Dyi: Decipher KWC’s secret codes

Jia Dyi wish to to educate customers how to identify the correct models they want and learn the product roadmap of KWC:

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Judging by the item codes, one can quickly look into the product portfolio of a manufacturer and see if they fitted with local demand.

Take KWC for example, they own three systems:KA for air-cocking, KC for CO2 power, and KM for the smallest diameter pellet in Airsoft, 4.5mm. In any of the three, if you see a “B” addressed, it means it can blow back; after the “-“, the “CI” means silver finishing, “H” means it carries hopup device, and “D” means metal slide. Let’s practice with the following example and learn KWC’s product roadmap.

KWC SW Sigma SW40F:Spring version【KA-27HN】/6mm CO2 Blow back version【KCB-15AHN】/4.5mm CO2 Blow back version【KMB-12AHN】


KWC owns 40 years history since it had been founded in 1978, it developed it first type of Airsoft gun in 1984, Smith & Wesson’s SIGMA SW40F was one of the early models that had been long-lived until today and the early spring powered SW40 have transformed into CO2 blow back version both in 6mm and 4.5mm.

KWC UZI SMG:6mm CO2 Blow back version【KCB-07HN】/4.5mm CO2 Blow back version【KMB-07HN】


The most successful model in its CO2 guns, probably the KWC replica has built its equal name with UZI. The 2011 new version has improve its CO2 powerlet output efficiency, 6pcs/ctn. is very friendly and become a must load for blow back SMGs for because of moderate price.

KWC Taurus PT99:6mm CO2 Blow back version【KCB-15AHN】/4.5mm CO2 Blow back version【KMB-15AHN】


This is the gun that pioneered the CO2 blow back trend in industry at the dawn of Airsoft times. Full metal jacket, prolong and thick handgrip show this M9 replica a magnificent feeling when holding in hand. This full size beast only suits for people with big wrist and palm.

KWC Luger P08:6mm CO2 Blow back version【KCB-41DHN】/4.5mm CO2 Blow back version【KMB-41DHN】


Another masterpiece from KWC that imitated the infamous but delicate Nazi pistol, Luger P08. Full metal body with the most popular 4” barrel, KWC P08 has become most collectors’ choice for its affordable price. Speaking of collection, if you were fascinated by Luger variants like 6”, 8” or plated with silver, golden; better find WE in our agent portfolio,【GP401/402/403 S/G】.

KWC Python .357 revolver:6mm CO2 version【KC-66/67/68DHN】and 4.5mm CO2 version【KM-66/67/68 CDN/DN】


If we said WG owns the most varieties of top quality CO2 revolvers, and HFC provides those inexpensive models powered by gas, then the KWC hits the bulls’ eyes by targeting at the famous Colt Python series. From 2.5” to 6” in barrel length, but for unknown reason, the silver version only list in 4.5mm.

KWC TT33 6mm CO2 Non blow back version【KC-44DHN】/4.5mm CO2 Non blow back version【KM-45DHN】and WE TT33 6mm Gas blow back version【GP112/112S】and KWA TT33 Gas blow back version【GP112】


For old gun fanatics and players dressed with Russian gears, the TT33 becomes a fantastic souvenir or perfect sidearm in battlefield. KWC features the lowest price model, a CO2 non-blow back TT3(upper left), WE provide gas blow back models both with stealth black and modern silver finishing, while KWA’s gas blow back TT3(bottom left) owns the premium price in market. Above are all full metal versions.

If you were interested in the above brands, please contact sales@jiadyi.com, we will be glad to initiate an adaptive and constructive dialogue with you to enrich your sales portfolio with airsoft exquisites from Taiwan.

(Jia Dyi)

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  • Jia Dyi:

    Sorry, the correct model number for KWC TT33 6mm CO2 Non blow back version should be【KC-45DHN】.

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