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Thats right! We have continued our love affair of VFC Rifles by bringing in some shiny new stock! With a few Pre-orders for our customers we were able to get a good hands on with some of the other amazing rifles VFC have to offer!

VFC Image 1

Saber CQB AEG:

Starting off we have a Saber CQB that was on order for a customer! This fantastic AEG is a great choice for those of you looking for a compact yet sturdy rifle! Featuring a solid full metal receiver which is complete with high quality VR16 Markings this weapon is perfect for those of you looking for an upgrade!

Saber CQB image 1Saber CQB image 2Saber CQB image 3

Up front it features a URX Style Keymod Rail system which is perfect for the addition of grips and various other tactical accessories! The Metal flash hider can be screwed off for installation of a 14mm clockwise threaded silencer if you want a more covert look. Along the top it features a full length rail perfect for adding any optics. Towards the rear of the weapon you and have an extendable stock, perfect for adjusting the weapon for use in tight spaces. This AEG Comes with a 120rd QRS magazine however it will take any standard M4/Stanag type magazines. The Saber CQB is a sleek and modern looking AR/M4 Variant perfect for use in CQB and even mid range outdoor engagements.

Saber SD:

Up next we have another unique and stylish AR style rifle from VFC; The Saber SD AEG is a compact tactical CQB weapon with an integrated suppressor resulting in a weapon system that is both compact, lightweight and incredibly unique looking complete with an amazing Urban Grey Paintjob.

Saber SD Image 1Saber SD Image 2

Once again featuring a full metal receiver with high quality engravings. Up front is another Keymod URX style rail system combined with a full length top rail which provides plenty of room for both optics and accessories. The suppressor can be removed to reveal a 14mm CCW thread if you feel the need to replace it with a tracer unit if needed. Unlike the Saber CQB, the SD features a more low profile extendable stock which keeps the weapon tight in the users shoulder at all times. The Dust cover can be flipped open by pulling back the charging handle, revealing the hop-up adjustment. With its gorgeous urban grey finish and sleek exterior, combined with excellent VFC internals makes this the perfect weapon for those after something a little different from their standard M4.

Robinson XCR Micro:

In the Real world the Robinson Arms XCR is a compact PDW created specifically for uses such as close protection where the weapon had to be portable and small enough to beconcealed inside of vehicles and tight spaces. This replica from VFC is a great choice for those who love CQB!

XCR Micro Image 1XCR Micro Image 2

With similar fire controls as a standard AR platform, the XCR is built with a Short Barrel and even a folding stock, resulting in a seriously compact package with alot of firepower!Featuring picatinny rails which are perfect for all of your tactical accessories, you can customize this gun to suit your needs out on the field! The XCR is one of the most ergonomic, durable, and flexible rifles ever built. It is available to support a variety of barrel lengths, contours, gas blocks, upper receiver lengths/styles, and accessories.

Avalon Leopard CQB:

If sleek and Tactical aren’t your thing, then how about something a little more aggressive? For that we have the VFC Avalon Leopard CQB! Standing out from the Crowd, the Leopard sports a more menacing look with its jagged Leopard shaped Rail system up front, alongside the red accents on the Trigger, Charging handle and even the ambidextrous magazine release.

CQB Leopard image 1CQB Leopard image 2CQB Leopard image 3

At its base it still features the high quality full metal receiver with VFC Avalon markings. It also features an aggressive looking short keymod rail system with with a one piece top rail, providng room for optics and accessories.The Weapons flash hider can be screwed off for installation of a 14mm clockwise threaded silencer/ tracer unit if necessary. The Leopard also features a spring loaded low profile retractable stock which rapidly deploys with the push of a button. To seal the deal this AEG also comes with its own Hard Case to help keep it safe during Transport.

CQB Leopard image 4

Avalon Gladius

The Avalon Gladius is an AEG PDW style weapon designed to be both lightweight and compact – perfect for tight spaces and CQB engagements! Available in both Black and Urban Grey this weapon stands out on its own in the tide of modern M4/AR Builds!

Gladius Image 1Gladius Image 2

With a thin keymod rail system integrated into the upper receiver, this weapon can be easily configured to suit the users needs! Alongside this is also boasts a collapsible and folding crane style stock. Coming with an built in ECS mosfet unit, this weapon is both snappy and responsive giving you the upper hand when caught off guard!

Stinger 2:

Finally we come to one of the Smallest AEGs VFC have to offer: The VFC Stinger 2 PDW!

Stinger 2 Image 1Stinger 2 Image 2

Coming in slightly longer than the VFC Baby M4 thanks to its adjustable stock, the Stinger 2 is built around the rock solid full metal VR16 Receiver complete with all the trademarks. The short rail system incorporates the short four sides of rail allowing a host of accessory options, and its full length upper rail comes bundled with flip-up front and rear iron sights with plenty of room for an optic. The Stock is a sleek low profile design helping to keep the weapon both compact and lightweight! Overall this weapon is perfectly suited for fast paced CQB gameplay!

So what are you waiting for? Check out these VFC rifles and many more over on our website: www.a2supplies.co.uk
Please note that most of he VFC Range are Pre-Order only items which we will bring in on your request! For more information feel free to drop us an email at info@a2supplies.co.uk.

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