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A2 Supplies have had a delivery from G&G:

G&G Restock!

We’ve been finding it hard to keep our walls stocked with G&G recently, something to do with customers wanting them so much that they are on the wall for all of 5 minutes! For those of you who are still itching for your G&G fix heres some good news! We’ve had a delivery!

G&G image 1

We’ve restocked a number of G&G favorites including the ARP9 now in both Black and the sleek new Battleship Grey! (As we all know that Grey is the new black after all!) For those of you who aren’t a fan of the 9mm configuration we also have the ARP 556 back alongside the Firehawk! Perfect for you STANAG Magazine users! Both of these guns are a great choicefor those of you who prefer a more compact primary for tackling those CQB environments.

But why stop with just an AEG? We’ve also had a nice restock of Magazines for both AEGs alongside the awesome ARP9 Drum magazines to help you up your firepower out on the field!

G&G image 3G&G image 2

Product Highlight

This week we felt it was time we shared some love for a true classic, as much as the M4 Carbine is seen on practically every Airsoft site worldwide, in today’s climate we feel that it has somewhat moved away from what it originally was. With a sea of Aftermarket Rail Systems and Long Civilian Style AR Builds, the AR Market feels more like a fashion show.. so we wanted to turn our attention BACK to the Military Style M4 Carbine The SOPMOD. Come the turn of the Millennium things were slowly beginning to move away from barrel mounts and fixed carry handles. Things started to get more tactical, no we’re not talking about Keymod this, and M-LOK that (who even uses M-Lok Anyway!) We’re talking about KAC RAS! (Knights Armament company Rail Adapter System)

In house we offer the NUPROL Delta SOPMOD AEG, which some people find a bit dull and boring.. but thats where it stands out from the crowd! Steering clear of its more modern and tacti-cool counterparts, the Delta SOPMOD features a more bare bones approach to the tactical M4, a Classic look. Who needs a Meter long rail system when all you need is a short and simple 4 piece KAC Rail up front and a removable carry handle up top! Heres what we’ve been able to do with this "Boring Run-of-the-Mill M4"

Nuprol SOPMOD Image 9Nuprol SOPMOD Image 1Nuprol SOPMOD Image 2Nuprol SOPMOD Image 3Nuprol SOPMOD Image 4Nuprol SOPMOD Image 5Nuprol SOPMOD Image 6Nuprol SOPMOD Image 7Nuprol SOPMOD Image 8

As you can see, the SOPMOD platform still offers a huge host of configurations! No matter how you play, this rifle can be tailored to suit you needs! With hundreds of accessories available, this truly is the lego gun! So if you’re looking for some old school Taci-cool then look no further than the Nuprol Delta SOPMOD!

NEW Products!
NUPROL Sierra Storm Shotguns:

Rounding things off we thought we’d showcase some other new products which we are now carrying in store. Good news for you Tri-shot addicts we now have the New NUPROL Sierra Storm Shotgun Line! Available in 3 different configurations, these tactical Tri-Shot Shotguns are perfect for close encounters and CQB games!


The Storm Alpha is the longest variant as it features a full barrel and magazine tube alongside a stock/pistol grip in the rear to provide stability whilst aiming.

Sierra Alpha 3Sierra Alpha 1Sierra Alpha 2


The Storm Bravo is the Mid-Length variant of the 3 Once again featuring a full barrel and magazine tube, this model boasts a more tactical appearance as it has a retractable stockallowing the user to set the gun to suit their preferences.

Sierra Bravo 3Sierra Bravo 1Sierra Bravo 2


And finally we have the Sierra Storm Charlie, the shortest variant out of the 3. The Charlie model swaps out the tactical butt stock for a simple SPAS 12 style pistol grip, helping to keep the gun compact and easy to maneuver.

Sierra Charlie 2Sierra Charlie 1

These tactical shotguns all feature a picatinny railed pump alongside a rail up top for optics. Using standard Tri-shot shells, these are loaded via the small door underneath which is opened via the small latch next to the trigger guard. Simply load up a shell, rack the pump and you’re good to go!

Get ’em whilst they are hot! Keep your eyes out for these awesome new products coming to our website over the next few days at www.A2supplies.co.uk Or if you just cant wait long enough? Come visit us in store!

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