New inner barrel series from Lambda

Lambda have shared details of their new inner barrel series:

Dear Sir

Today I inform lambda new upgrades, lower cost series inner barrel named "SMART BARREL"

unnamed (5)

Made of Steel and processed plating against rust.
Inner Dia is 6.03mm, 10 micron class accuracy.
This barrel position is for beginner or middle user.
The quality is good but lambda One or Five(stainless steel) are better.
So we want you to use SMART barrel for first touch.

Now we add AEG model and next is VSR-10 and GBB Pistols.

Also,now we are looking for TEST user about SMART BARREL.
If want to try, we’ll send free.
(Then please pay the shipping only)
Any size are OK. And VSR-10 or GBB pistols are acceptable.
Please report the impression on user’s SNS.
If you have an interest,please contact to below address.


On this day..

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