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Jia Dyi have been taking a look at some of WE’s portfolio:

Honorable Clients:

Product differentiation never comes from manipulation out of nothing, it must links to some symbols, legend, fantasy, or something people worship and can find self-identification. We are going to show you the paradigm that bring most value-added in plain gas pistols. Since WE has long enjoyed its prestigious product strategy in proliferation, let’s peek some of its highly-priced models in G_lock, Berretta M92 replica, and M1911 series to exam whether they deserve.

WE G_17 Gen.3 Hi-Speed Force 2 tones Gas Blow-back pistol【GP664-17-2T】


It is hard to believe it should own the premium price in a G_lock series gas pistol with polymer frame settings. The pistol named “High-speed” in WE Force series break the myth! Absolutely a custom gun judging from every detail. High-speed is the second highest price model in the whole series of WE gas pistols.

WE M92F Golden Gas blow-back pistol【GP321G】


Except for the Samurai Edge V.3 M92(Barry Burton version), it is the golden plated version that occupied the second highest priced model in M92 series.

WE M1911 Full metal Golden Gas blow-back pistol【GP109G】


It is not surprised its gold plated M1911 show off its appearance by greedy golden looking. Golden M92 and M1911 basically sold at the same price.

WE Etched M1911 V.3 Gas blow-back pistol【GP117】


Staring at this carved gun body often gives people an illusion – it seems that people are immersed in the Latin style of medieval art. This is a piece of artwork with a full-scale function—shooting 6mm BB pellets.

WE Hi-capa 7 inches “Dragon” Type A Gas blow-back pistol【GP202】


It is another mirage that people may think the bigger the more expensive. In Hi-capa series, the rule of thumb does not exist. Although the 7” “Dragon” is outsize in every aspect to a normal pistol, and has been popular because of the similar looking with the huge weapon carried by mech policeman in “《ROBOCOP》,1987. All these did not make it the most expensive model in Hi-capa series.

WE Hi-capa 6 inches “Dragon” Force Type A 2-tones(Golden barrel) Gas blow-back pistol【GP225G-2T】


Again, size doesn’t have to be the sole factor, the fine finishing and details matter! This 6 inches Type A ”Dragon” model with characteristics in Hi-capa series proves its value in the mindsets of consumers. Once misread as Klingion language in《Star Trek》on both sides of the aluminum slide, it was said to be decoded as “Towards the Broad Road” in long scriptures, and “good luck” in short passages. What an odd! But odd selle!

Jia Dyi is the authorized and first-tier distributor of WE, if you wish to get the above lavish models with satisfying costs, please contact sales@jiadyi.com today!

(Jia Dyi)

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