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We all know someone who just doesn’t get on with Gas guns.. no matter how many times you teach them and explain it, they just don’t have any luck – Leaky mags, venting, jamming.. all the good bits! This can seem quite off putting for some of you wanting to get your hands on a sidearm! Have no fear as we have some alternative products in store that will happily fill your holsters without any issues!

Spring Guns?

At some point we all had a BB gun as a kid! You know the ones, single shot and generally a giggle for shooting cans in the garden. On an airsoft field they may seem pointless, however thats where you are wrong! At most sites a "Hit" is when a BB leaves the barrel of a weapon and makes impact with a player, no matter the power of said weapon. Nothing is more satisfying than killing someone in full Crye Precision gear with a £20 Spring gun!

Marui Spring Image 1

Marui Spring Image 2This week we saw a restock of the cool new Tokyo Marui PPC Spring powered Revolvers, which despite their mostly plastic construction, they look and feel fantastic! These Spring pistols are based around the Python style of Revolver so if you’re in the market for a 6 shooter then look no further! Unlike other spring guns where you had to rack the slide with every shot, with these Marui revolvers all you need to do is cock the hammerIts so easy it can be done with one hand! Feeding from 6 individual plastic shells, each of which hold a single BB and can be loaded by hand! (Russian Roulette Anyone?) If 6 shots just isn’t enough for you we also have spare packs of shells to boot!


CYMA AEP 1If spring guns just don’t cut the bill and you want more firepower then perhaps its time to try an AEP? (Auto Electric Pistol) Just like the rifle in your hand, these pistols run off of you guessed it! Battery power! We aren’t talking AA or AAA’s either, most high end electric pistols utilise small 7.2v rechargeable Batteries. When the weather gets cold these guns just keep on going unlike most gas pistols. Perfect for all weather conditions! With some nice new offerings from CYMA arriving in store this week we’ve decided to expand our selection of Electric pistols.

CM122 F Series

Starting off we have the CYMA CM122 which is based off of the popular F series of Handguns. This hefty replica is constructed with a combination of Polymer for the lower frame and a full metal slide, with metal parts such as the trigger, safety switch. Running off of the rechargeable 7.2v battery which comes in the box, the pistol feeds off of a slim 30rd magazine,with the option to fire in either semi or fully automatic which can be selected via the dummy de-cocking lever on the side of the pistol. The pistol also features an adjustable Hop-Upwhich can be set by removing the slide to access the wheel underneath. As you can see the pistols lower frame is also railed which allows for the attachment of pistol torches.


CM030 Eu18C

CYMA AEP 4Moving on we have the CM030 which is a replica of the popular EU series of pistols – most notably the 18c. Another great choice for you modern pistol lovers, the CM030 features asimilar build to the CM122, with a comfortable polymer lower frame coupled with a metal slide assembly and fire controls. Once again this pistol features adjustable Hop-Up which can be set by removing the slide to access the wheel underneath. Much like the real 18c the fire modes can be selected via the switch on the side of the slide allowing you to retaliate in either semi or fully automatic! For those of you who like to burn through rounds, alongside these pistols we also have an number of spare batteries, and magazines ranging from the standard 30rd mags up to the extended 100rd mags shown in some of the photos!

Yakuza 18C

Yakuza AEP image 1Our final offering comes from Yakuza! (No not THE Yakuza) Another AEP styled after the EU18c Pistol, the Yakuza 18c is another fantastic choice for a reliable electric pistol. Featuring similar controls and layout as the CYMA, the Yakuza is constructed mostly of polymer. Despite this however, what makes the Yakuza stand out is the fact that it comes with its own built in LiPo battery. This gives the Yakuza a crisp trigger response with an incredible rate of fire on full auto! Charging it is fairly straight forward, removing the top slide and plugging the charger (included in the box) into the gun itself via a balance lead. With the slide removed you can also access the hop-up dial. Once its charged, load it up and off you go! And for those of you wondering, Yakuza 18c also accepts the same magazines as the CYMA so yes, you can use it with the 100rd extended mag!

So if you feel like its time to ditch that troublesome gas pistol? Check out these awesome AEPs and more over on our website: www.a2supplies.co.uk

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