Jia Dyi: Make or buy? Decrypt Poseidon P18EVO

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Jia DyiMake or Buy? Decrypt Poseidon P18EVO

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P18EVO was developed based upon WE G18C【GP617A】, using all the Poseidon’s patented upgrade parts and tens of labor hours to forge it. Let’s see if it’s worthy for a G18C fan to homemade it or at least, a part of it.


According to the setting of P18EVO, we list the escalation kits from the exterior to the internal.(please click the sku No. to access more information about DIY parts)

Exterior accessories

  • Poseidon’s Cyclops Universal Combat Sights【PI011with an extra orange kit.
  • Magwell made by nylon plus fiber material【GLK-71painted with Cerakote®.
  • Magazine Extension Base【GLK-106

Interior upgrade parts
Trajectory module

  • Poseidon’s Striker kits【PI015】which includes 97mm Air-cushion inner barrel,【PG003】, a grey two-stage 50 degree hopup bucking,【PH-G03】,and a CNC aluminum hop up chamber.

Anti-frozen kits


If you think that’s all, you would surely miss the above labor work performed by 4 full-time experienced technicians in Poseidon.(please click the QA circle to see the custom service in You Tube).


Except for the price of WE G18C was basically adopted from internet shops in competitive market, the MSRPs were provided by factories.

Judging from the table, it costs an Airsoft amateur $282.39 to homemade an equivalent G18C, but still lacks of the unique appearance-Cerakote finishing, Deep and laser engraving, and most importantly, the Poseidon’s custom service!


Wow…will the price of P18EVO skyrocket? Nah…..that’s not going to happen.

Poseidon wants to make every of its effort showing the world what is the standard of a custom premier G18C. So…


What if I said they would demonstrate their capability in calibrating and the efficacy of upgrade parts rather than making profit from P18EVO? You might think they are insane.

Contact your local Airsoft shops or Poseidon’s general dealer, Jia Dyi at sales@jiadyi.com , to know the jaw-dropping MSRP, and favorable wholesales prices for strategic partners.

(Jia Dyi)

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