Power down valve set for KSC/KWA GBBs

Lees Precision Engineering have restocked their CNC machined power down valve set for KSC/KWA GBBs:

CNC Machined Power Down Valve Set For KSC/KWA GBBs Restocked This power down valve set for the KSC S7/KWA NS2 MP9 & MP7 GBBs is designed to reduce the typically high power output down to acceptable levels for use at CQB sites and sites with limits around the 1J mark. The one piece design gives a reliable method of reducing the power output with the advantage of some adjustment to suit varying gases, temperatures and site fps limits.

CNC Machined Power Down Valve Set For KSC KWA GBBs

Each set contains two CNC machined valves to replace the stock flute valve in the loading nozzle, one to reduce the fps by approximately 35fps and one to reduce the fps by approximately 50fps. In in-house tests a stock KWA MP9 was firing at an average of 359fps, this reduced to 324fps with the -35fps valve and 309fps with the -50fps valve.

These valves will also fit other KSC S7 and KWA NS2 gas blow backs such as the Kriss Vector, M11, M9, M93r, Mk23, USP series and G-Series but may give different reductions due to different barrel lengths. The -50fps valve has also been reported to reduce the output of a KWA LM4 GBBr from 430fps to 310fps

Available to order from www.LeesPrecision.com
Trade prices are also available for retailers worldwide.


(Lees Precision Engineering)

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