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VFC Avalon CQC DX:

Kicking things off we’ve got another shiny new Addition to our Range of gorgeous VFC Rifles in store! The VFC Avalon Calibur CQC DX is a fantastic choice for those of you looking to up your AEG Game to a premium rifle! Built with full metal externals (apart from the pistol grip & Stock) this rifle is rock solid, with hardly any wobble to it at all, it feels truly amazing!

Avalon Image 1With a retractable QRS stock in the rear you can adjust the length of rifle to suit your preference. Up front It has a comfortable keymod rail system with with a monolithic top rail,ample room for all sorts of sights and accessories. The Metal flash hider can also be unscrewed to allow the installation of a 14mm clockwise threaded silencer. Just like the Most M4/AR style AEGs. the Dust cover can be flipped open to reveal the rotary hop-up adjuster. This particular rifle also features an ambidextrous fire selector which is lefty friendly.

Avalon Image 2Moving onto the internals, the VFC Avalon series features high quality internals such as their ECS (Easy Change Spring) Gearbox, reinforced Piston, 8mm Ultra high speed ball bearing, heat-resistant switch mount, Strong magnetic electric motor and custom high speed gear set. These high quality internals give you the edge when fighting out on the field, with a crisp trigger response and incredible reliability! Being the DX model, the rifle itself even comes with its own Avalon Hard Case, perfect for transporting your shiny new rifle safely to and from site.

Avalon Image 3

KUK Spec-Ops Jump Plate Carrier:

Up next we’ve got some tacti-cool new lightweight plate carriers now in store from Kombat UK! The Spec-Ops Jump Plate carrier is a minimalist Plate carrier perfect for all your modern day airsofters. Styled after the ever-popular JPC vest, this version from Kombat UK is both robust and highly affordable.


Featuring plenty of MOLLE real estate on both the front and rear panels for your pouches and accessories, the vest comes with a built in triple M4 Magazine compartment from the get go! To help manage any weight the Vest features padded shoulder straps for comfort alongside bungee retention stabilizer straps on the rear. The Vest also features reinforced side panels which double up as a MOLLE cummerbund, perfect for the addition of any extra pouches. This incredible vest is available in a number of colours: Black, Tan, OD, BTP & BTP black to help suit any loadout!

Night Evolution Weapon Lights:

To round things off, you cant have a shiny new gun without some shiny new accessories to kit out said gun! With the average airsofter after new and Gucci kit we’ve expanded our range of weapon lights with some additions from Night Evolution – Heres a snippet of some of the awesome new torches we are now stocking:

Auto-Tactical Weapon light:

Night Evolution Image 1The Night Evolution Auto-Tactical weapon light is suitable for both pistol and rifle mounting. Simple and easy to use the torch is operated using innovative controls in the form of bilateral paddle switches on the sides allowing the user to quickly switch between 1 of 3 options: Constant Light, Momentary and Strobe Light.

Night Evolution Image 2This torch is slightly more suitable for airsoft use thanks to the tempered window which is positioned in front of the bulb. Not only does it make it impact resistant, it also maximizes the light output. The Torch mounts easily thanks to its mounting bars and runs off of both CR123a and 16430 batteries.


Alongside the Auto-Tactical we are also carrying the Night Evolution WMLX2 Flashlight! Designed predominately for use on Rifles, this Tactical flashlight is designed for use in low light applications. With a bright single LED light which packs 200 lumens of white light with a tight beam for close and mid range applications.

Night Evolution Image 3

Night Evolution Image 4Built with a momentary only digital pressure pad means the light can only be toggled by the users thumb/finger. The Pad itself is angled for the users comfort and works best positioned towards the muzzle of any weapon system. Mounting the torch is straight forwards thanks to its unique rail clamping system which was designed to keep the torch both compact and convenient for the user. It runs on one CR123A lithium battery for up to 90 minutes. Its a tough and resistant flash light, perfect for operating in the dark.

Has the VFC caught your eye..? or maybe the bright light from the New Night Evolution Torches…? Check out these awesome new products and more over on our website: www.a2supplies.co.uk

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