Emperion: Enjoy the Gas Blowback world

Emperion stock a range of GBBR upgrade parts:

We’re big fans of GBBR world.
So we’re offering a wide range of upgrade parts to let you enjoy with your GBBR rifles and pistols.
Ra-Tech, Maple Leaf, Z-Parts.


  • Magnetic Nozzle set – RA-TECH
  • VFC M4 416 NPAS nozzle – RA-TECH
  • WONDER Hop Bucking – MAPLE LEAF


  • NPAS Kit Marui MWS – RA-TECH
  • Magnetic bolt carrier – RA-TECH
  • WE G 17 / G 18 Set – MAPLE LEAF


  • KSC/KWA MEGA Carrier – RA-TECH
  • VFC HK416 Bolt Carrier – Z-PARTS


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