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Jia DyiBunt and Slugger in Airsoft sports

Honorable Client:

We have got an immense reaction since Jia Dyi had released Remington Model 95, Derringer,【GP502】, last week.
Yes, it is nowhere to find but Jia Dyi!
Coincidentally, WE also published another classic mini Air-soft pistol, Colt M1908, aka “Vest Pocket”, gas blow-back pistol last week. They both work as perfect promotional items in the coming shopping season.

Besides, WE also announced its new M1911 powered by CO2. For comparision, we also reviewed its competing brands which Jia Dyi carried. At last, a new Taiwan brand M1911 brings favorable price trying to tilt the balance of market. Let’s see if that works.

In short, bun or slugger? people always can find various reason to enrich their private arsenal!

HFC Colt Model 1908 (Colt .25) “Vest Gun” Gas pistol replica【HG-107B】



Although this non blow-back palm-size pistol was mostly made up of engineering ABS, it owns metal trigger,barrel, and gas chamber, and a safety lever. Its low muzzle velocity makes it a souvenir or gift rather than a field weapon in wargame. Powered by injecting gas into chamber inside its handle grip, its magazine owns 7 rounds BBs. For silver version, it is【HG-107S】.


Net weight:165g

Muzzle velocity:250 FPS(using 0.12g BB)

WE Colt M1908 CT25 Full Metal Blow-back Gas Pistol【GP134】【GP134(SV)】


Sorry for hurting your eyesight with a burry spy photo like this! We have just been informed a full metal Colt M1908, Vest Pocket, is coming out off WE’s production line. It carries a standalone gas magazine,【MG-P114】,which loads with 15 rounds of BBs. For those who wouldn’t compromise to get plastic HFC, this full metal, blow-back, and detachable gas magazine Colt .25 firing with 6mm BBs will be another “pocket monster” after Remington’s “Derringer”,【GP502.

Dimensions: 125mm x 85mm

Magazine Capacity: 15rds

Muzzle Velocity: 250 FPS (Measured with 0. 2g BBs)

Fire Modes: Single Shot, Safety

Hopup: Yes.

WE M1911 CO2 Blow-back pistol【CP140】


After months waiting, WE has finally finished the long, tedious debugging of mold-fixing work in CO2 System, and launched its first M1911 with single stack magazine, 15 rounds of CO2 replica pistol.
Like KWC design with a compression screw under the bottom of magazine, the thin plate provides more realistic outlooking. As usual, WE M1911 CO2 replica doesn’t carry markings, which makes it a good viehcle for Airsoft technicians to engrave and show creativity. WE new CO2 M1911 can also use the single stack & thin butt plate gas magazine,【MG-P04】,which makes it a genuine dual system air-soft gun.

KJ M1911 CO2 Blow-back pistol【CP109】


KJ is always famous for dual system, CO2 and green gas. The most distinguished characteristic for KJ M1911 is its thick magazine butt plate. For shooters in competition, this convenient design facilitates the extraction of magazine on holster in intense gunfire, and so effectively shorten the time to change magazines, in spite of the capacity of CO2 magazine,【MG-P16C】, amounts to 25 rds. One more interesting phenomenon is, KJ adds colors in the metal frame to produce variants,【CP109(Grey)】and【CP109(OD)】,which don’t appear in real firearms.

Following the classic design,【CP109】is the only one in its 1911 series that can’t be mounted with flashlight under frame, while gunners can find solutions in Hi-capa series like KP-05【CP228(BK)】,KP-06【CP230(BK)】,KP-07【CP119】,KP-08【CP426】,and KP-11【CP437】.

KWC M1911A1 CO2 Blow-back pistol【KCB-76AHN】


KWC has been dedicating in the CO2 system development and won formidable reputation in the circle of Airsoft and Airgun. Its full metal blow-back version M1911,【KCB-76AHN】,along with 6mm single stack CO2 mag, 【KW-110】, are both priced as the same as its 4.5mm Air-gun model, 【KMB-76AHN】, and 4.5mm magazine, say,【KW-138】. For gunners with flashlight used for rail, KWC provides M1911A1 Tac,【KCB-77AHN】, a modern MEU style with Picatinny rail beneath its frame.

It uses a Hex wrench to compress the CO2 cartridge inside the magazine upon injet valve thrust, so a thin magazine plate shows realistic outlooking.

Shark Force 1911 Dual system Blow-back pistol with real wood grip plates【GP133】


For a new brand to invade the red sea of M1911 market, it has to provide enough incentives in terms of peripherials. This full metal Shark Force M1911 attached with two magazines-one for gas(less than 1 joule) and one for CO2(less than 1.5 joule), both in thick butt plate, and real wood grip plates. Its reinforce combat sights and MEU style in appearance draw attentions among the traditional models. 100% made in Taiwan, and so be safe with reliable parts supply!

Unlike manufacturers, Jia Dyi not only brings you the very first-hand information but also would like to bring you a balanced purchasing opinion and fast service to meet your “finite in quantities but rich in categories”. Contact us at sales@jiadyi.com to start a constructive dialogue.

(Jia Dyi)

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