Tracer BBs & sniper balls @Zero One Airsoft

Here is the latest stock news from Zero One Airsoft:

Autumn’s pretty much here now, the evenings will be getting darker quicker, so you know what that means eh…TRACER BB’s !!!

NEW in stock, our 1000 rnd bags of Tracers are available in .20 or .25, Green Glow and Red Glow. These really will light up your life…(sorry)

Our full range of Blitz Tracer Ammo:

Trace Unit’s and Accessories:



SNIPERS..we know you have a thing for heavy balls, so this is for YOU

Our sniper ammo has been in the pipe-line for a long time whilst we’ve been perfecting the recipe and putting them through their paces. With 20 years experience in the industry and working with a world renowned BB manufacturer, we are confident these BBs will be the best sniper BBs you have ever tried. Made from a super secret, extremely accurate, bio-degradable material we are proud to present these truly perfect Blitz Heavyweight BBs…

Available NOW, in the following weights (1000rnd bags):





(Zero One Airsoft)

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