Jia Dyi: Gas guns in cold weather

Jia Dyi take a look at the influence of cold weather on gas guns:

Jia DyiHow to preserve the capability of gas guns in cold days-Magazine Issues

Honorable clients,

We brought you the first-hand spy pictures of WE X19 and G_lock Gen5. last week, you may check its shooting test video here and wait for the best quotations from Jia Dyi.

Cool and cold days are coming silently, have your shops prepared for the right solution to deal with malfunction of gas magazine? We list several alternatives for you to consider before the coming winter.

ICS published new gas pistol in the end of September, all designs of a modern pistol were presented upon it, while it does not exist in the real firearms, but who cares?

ICS BLE-XFG Gas blow-back pistols【】


ICS has finally issued its XFG gas pistol after its CXP PELADOR and CXP MMR series, it was believed to be the third generation of BLE gas pistol series. XFG owns interchangeable back straps, ambidextrous slide release catch, and a pair of glowing night sights. Double stack gas magazine houses 19 BBs and a safety plate under its polymer tactical rail can indicate the gun is hot if being revealed to shown a red dot. The compact size and skeletonized aluminum slide make every shot a sweet and crisp kick!

AIMTOP 16kg Ultrapower Gas 2000ml【GS-02】& 12g CO2 Cartridge【GS-04】


People tend to use higher pressure gas when the low temperature reduces the gasification efficiency and loses pressure to shot gas pistols. AIMTOP has renewed the packaging of its 16kg ultrapower gas and put to market in the beginning of 2018.【GS-02】,just like the famous 12kg version,【GS-01】, delivers the best quality without compromise. Each bottle contains 2000ml capacity and 25 bottles in a carton, ready to be shipped!

AIMTOP Anti-frozen fluid Formula-G【GS-32】


Aim at gas/co2 pistols and GBBRs that was omitted by the upgraded parts manufacturers, AIMTOP developed a universal anti-frozen solution to deal with incompatibility issues caused by gun and anti-frozen parts manufacturers. AIMTOP knows lots of GBBs lovers suffered from the issue of frozen O-ring, but with this single drop on rubber bowl in chamber and small O-ring on gas inlet valves, it can preserve the resilience of rubber and make sure your gas/co2 gun work well.

BAAL Reinforced Inlet Valve for WE/KJ/HFC【B-GP-V01】


The failure of gas magazine was usually caused by hypothermia issue that makes gas leak. Replace the original parts with BAAL reinforced inlet valve. Its innovated groove facilitates installing/removing it from gas magazine. The sturdy structure and reinforced O-ring both are good to take high pressure. GBBRs of WE can also be applied.

BAAL HPA Adapter valve for WE【B-GP-V03】and KJ【B-GP-V04】


If gas magazine or CO2 cartridge is not an option in cold winter, some gas gunners will seek HPA solution to compensate the losing power due to low temperature or to sustain rapid, sequent shooting. BAAL has issued a durable part and had been verified its validity in game field.

BAAL KWA/KSC Gas Magazine Lip for G_lock series【B-GP-V02】and M4 series


Wargamers who own KWA/KSC gas guns are often suffered from the broken magazine lips when they dropped the precious gas magazines to the ground. BAAL offers alternatives not to buy new expensive gas magazines from KWA/KSC, but to fix it. BAAL provides magazine lips for G_lock series(the right side), and for M4/M16 series(the left side). We can ship you in the cheapest and fastest way to meet your repair requirement.

Maple Leaf High Performance Valve for Gas Pistol【ML-GV01】and Tornado® Gas Valve for GBBR【ML-GV02】


If people are not satisfied with the sustainable output of gas magazine, or simply wish to replace the damaged knock out valve, Maple Leaf provides reinforced knock out valves for pistol,【ML-GV01】,and for GBBRs,【ML-GV02】. With its two-staged operating design, it utilizes gas pressure to improve the efficiency of opening/closing sequence and so reduce gas consumption, thus brings more shots in single gas injection.

Maple Leaf Inlet Valve O-rings(5pcs)【ML-ORGP】


Gas gun players can easily damage the O-ring on gas magazine because of false operation. If the gas leak issue is controllable and caused by broken O-ring, Maple Leaf provide a cheap way to save your gas magazine.

Poseidon Turbo Valve Output Valve Shim Sets(3pcs)【AC-POS-PI002】


Speaking of moderating the gas output to earn more shot from gas pistol magazine, Poseidon provides another solution to save gas consumption from rampage. The annoying of unstable gas expansion, strong during first several rounds of shots and weak in the last, will vanishes once installing Poseidon’s gas magazine shim. One pack contains 3 pcs to fit for your gas magazines from pistols or rifles. The tutorial video (click to access) can be found on Poseidon’s official You Tube channel.

WE CO2 Magazine Kit for G_family including tools【WE-P90】


After reviewing so many solutions from upgrade parts vendors, WE factory simply supplies a hardline measure to conquer the hypothermia issue– CO2 magazines.【WE-P90】is a kit including a CO2 magazine,【WE-P90-1】,for G17/G19/G18c/G34, a compression screw, black/tan grip extension(for WE G19; KJ/TM G19 please check【GLK-63(BK)】from Guarder), and a valve crank. WE G_lock gas pistols excluding subcompact G26 can be converted to dual system and perform better in cold days by simply switch to CO2 magazines. Gunners of XDM , P99 and 1799 gas pistols can also find CO2 magazines in【MG-P66C】and【MG-P109C】.

Jia Dyi has walked along the front edge of Airsoft industry for years, we have had the most connections with Taiwan BB gun manufacturers and design houses. We provide kinds of solutions to meet your purchasing need. Speedy response, varieties of quality merchandise, and experience in combining product portfolio for you are our business goals. Call Jia Dyi today sales@jiadyi.com for inquiry on issues with competitive prices, good quality, and the soonest delivery time. We await!

(Jia Dyi)

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