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With the Moving sale in full swing, this hasn’t stopped us from expanding our range of airsoft kit! With a whole host of new Guns, Gear and Accessories coming in every week! Keep an eye both here and over on our Facebook/Instagram to see what exciting new stuff is arriving in store over the next few weeks!

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Ares Octarms Rail Systems!

Looking to bring that extra “tacticool” factor to your M4/AR Rifle? Maybe it’s time to consider the affordable Ares OCTARMS Keymod Rail Systems? Available in both Black and Tan, these low profile full metal rail systems are perfect for those of you aiming to add a contemporary twist to your primary! Available in 7”, 9” and 12” they are incredibly easy to install and can fit a wide variety of AEG M4s.

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Shiny new Pre Orders!

Sometimes theres some exciting Airsoft Reveals out there that aren’t just another boring Old M4… We love the old school and obscure, and want to bring a bit of variety back to your local airsoft field! So check out 2 New Pre-Order Items now live on our Website! Kicking things off with something that has been on our minds for a very long time..


After years of hopes and dreams our wishes have finally been granted! Umarex have Teamed up with VFC To bring us a GAS BLOW BACK G3! Let that sink in for a minute… A GAS BLOW BACK G3! The Daddy of all Battle rifles! Based on the iconic G3A3 variant, this full metal replica from Umarex/VFC does an awesome job of replicating the Iconic German Battle Rifle that has seen service right back since the 60s, Featuring a Combination of a Stamped steel receiver, robust Green Polymer slim handguard and stock. But it doesn’t stop there! Thanks to H&K/Umarex this GBB Replica even features realistic Engravings & HK Trademarks to boot!

VFC G3 Image 1

Functioning similar to its Real Steel Counterpart, the Rifles bolt can be locked open and closed when loading (maybe some HK Slapping?) Feeding from Chunky 20rd Gas Mags. Being a gas rifle we expect this baby to pack an awesome kick with every pull of the trigger thanks to VFCs latest generation Gas System, with the ability to fire on both Semi and Full Auto. If you’re after a true icon of the firearms world then look no further! We will be taking specialty pre-orders on both the G3 and its Magazines, but hurry whilst stocks last.

Ares M45

Another seriously cool although 9mm Pistol caliber Carbines seem to be the "in-thing" at the moment, we have been eagerly awaiting a 9mm offering from the guys over at Ares/Amoeba. With a range of pistol size ARs on offer it was only a matter of time until they followed suit! Meet the M45!

M45 Image 1

Despite being the new kid on the block compared to the G&G ARP9 and the Classic Army X9, the Ares M45 still manages to hold its own! Keeping thingsincredibly compact, the M45 features a stock, which can be both extended and even folded for transporting it. (So small it can fit in a rucksack!) Internally it features the tried and tested Ares Electronic Fire Control System (EFCS) which allows for a rapid trigger response. One thing to point out is that the M45 also features a slightly different grip angle, this is all thanks to the new Ares slimline motor mounted inside!

M45 Image 2

But it doesnt end there! The M45 also features a cool quick change front end system, allowing the whole front end of the gun to be twisted and removed in seconds! With a variety of other front ends to eventually chose from, you can make the gun longer to suit your play style. Alongside this choice in front ends, Ares also announced a variety of stocks, muzzle breaks and even A drum magazine! Another great option for those of you looking to change things up a bit!

So how about that? Maybe its time to spice up your loadout with something a bit different? We all could use a gas G3 in our lives! With the Moving Sale in Full Swing pick yourself up a bargain over at www.A2supplies.co.uk!

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