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Airsoft gun manufacturers in Taiwan own the capability and technology of developing precision molds, and high standard of material procurement policy. It is the secret of producing inexpensive models while keeping durability and life expectancy.

Platform economy exists in different caliber selections, the commonality of prototype that generates variants; in the eyes of ambitious entrepreneurs, even the gun case and upgrade kits can be used to support his private-brand business model.

To sum up, there are too much possibility in OEM/ODM cooperation in Taiwan and industrial collaboration with the western brand owners.

Elite Force H8R Super Magnum CO2 Airsoft revolver【CP118】


The answer is definitely a big “NO” after simply checking its reviews on internet. After all, “Money Talks!”, when we saw WG has decided to bring it back to the stage after one year, the answer is obvious.

H8R is different from its sister version, Umarex Tornado® with .177(4.5mm) Cal., it owns a 6mm rotary magazine which carries 10 rds pellets, simply by twitting the button forward to release the magazine disk . It has a firing safety with red-dot indicating the hot mode, also can be fired with single action or double action. This non blow-back, light-weight polymer body along with two rails to mount aiming device are all good to precision shot. But what surprised me the most is its sound blasts in continuous firing.

SRC Tiatan 6” Full Metal CO2 revolver Black version【COR-801B】,and Platinum version【COR-801S】


In IPSC competition with the most free style, people love to use non blow-back revolver because fracture of time matters, the only weak spot is the capacity in cylinder, say, 6 rds. SRC Titan 6” revolver tries to compromise the weakness by focusing on accuracy in each shot. The long precision inner barrel and two metal rails stacked on outer barrel empower the sharp shooters. Platinum version,【COR-801S】,with silvering appearance draws most attention without doubt!

SRC Half-metal Gas Blow-back Series:SR-92【GB-0701PX】,SR-33【GB-0711PX】,and SR-1911【GB-0731PX】


For budget shooters who indulge in the sensation of blow-back, SRC also provides solutions. In fact, M92, TT-33, and M1911 are the three pillars of SRC pistol sales mix. They started with half metal versions, full metal, both propelled by green gas; and CO2 pistols, all 6mm Cal. carried with blow-back and adjustable hop up functions. SRC also owns hi-capa series and custom series, but they are just variants generated from the core sets.

As for the greenhorn, or sons of fathers who wish to pick gifts, SRC half-metal series with a metal slide and a metal gas magazine inserted in ABS frame will bring quite a recoil force for you.

SRC High Quality Hard Plastic Pistol Case【BOX-SRC-P103/-P103DT/-P103RD】


SRC continues to differentiate its pistol offerings with other opponents in market by various packaging methods. People can choose to buy the deluxe version of airsoft pistols within this 12 inches, quality, hard pistol case as a set, while SRC can also sell the same pistols in ordinary color paper box to budget customers. Their pistol case is the superb quality in market that it can be sold separately. For Air-soft shops or workshops that wish to sell its own custom pistols in niche market, SRC’s pistol case is the alternative comparing to manufacture thousands of color paper boxes stored in warehouse.

Jia Dyi supplies the above merchandise, and can offer you a balanced procurement opinion. Please contact us as sales@jiadyi.com to form your next purchasing plan, and maybe, your own brand name strategy.

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