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Da Vinci Airsoft: Guren inner barrels

Da Vinci Airsoft wanted to introduce their new Guren inner barrels:

Dear Sir, We are new Airsoft upgrades manufacture, da Vinci airsoft.
Some users have already known us cause we made custom inner barrel to sell Europe area.

Now we will set up new company and add new lined up.
First series are plating barrel  named “Guren”

Today I show you “Guren 1”
Guren 1 is simple design to reduce the cost.
So lower cost but have enough quality.

We process the special plating against the rust.
And set longer window for R hop customs.
If you will use some manufacture’s rubber,please check if it’s fit.

Now we have only 6.03mm inner diameter.
Sooner add 6.08mm and stainless steel edition.

Vivian, (da Vinci Airsoft)

Jefftron ltd edition RetroArms Leviathon v2

Jefftron has a limited edition run of their Leviathon mosfet for the v2 gearbox in partnership with RetroArms. There’s apparently only 20 made and it comes with a collection of triggers to choose from.

Leviathan – V2 is processor controlled mosfet with wireless communication. It adds new shooting modes, controls RoF, pre-cocking, active braking, low battery indication, statistics…
Everything is controlled via application in the smart phone (iOS and Android).
Device is fully integrated inside the gearbox version 2 instead of the original trigger contacts.
Comes with completely made wires to stock with mini fuse and deanT connector – no soldering needed.

Airsoftology: Unboxing the best airsoft sniper rifle of 2020?!?!

We love the Airsoftology channel and their videos and you can’t beat a bit of sniping equipment, in this video they are taking the Archwick Airsoft Mk13 to task (subscribe to their channel here).

CRW Airsoft: WE Hi-Power Mk3 GBB

CRW Airsoft have posted a review video of the WE Hi-Power Mk3 GBB

Airsoft Mike: S&T STERLING MK5 L34A1 Unboxing Review / ST-AEG-66MK5

Airsoft Mike has posted a review of the S&T STERLING MK5 L34A1 Unboxing Review / ST-AEG-66MK5:

G&G Armament: Piranha SL GBB

G&G Armament have shared a photo of their Piranha SL pistol from Airsoft Obsessed Dave:

The #ggarmament Piranha SL GBB pistol comes with two magazines to help you stay in the fight longer. Which one do you perfer? #whenaccuracymatters

G&G Armament @airsoft_obsessed_dave


Helikon Tax: covert M65

In at Helikon Tex have a new take on the M65 jacket out:

The legend is back! The iconic M65 jacket with new solutions – this is the Covert M65.

We all know that purely iconic garments are here to stay, no matter the trends or sceptics’ opinions. It doesn’t mean though that we can sit complacently and just reproduce the old styles – there’s always room for improvement, and we’re always on our Journey to Perfection. The M65 Covert Jacket is the next step in that direction. Have a look at it!

Element Airsoft: UHP PEQ15 video update

Element Airsoft Tactical LA-5 UHP PEQ15 illumination:

TaiwanGun DMAG 20 or 70 round magazine

TaiwanGun have the new DMAG M4/AR15 20/70RDS VARIABLE-CAP MAGAZINE out now:

  • 20-Round Real-Cap & 70-Round Mid-Cap mode switchable
  • Made of fiber reinforced polymer
  • The special design of follower ensures that no BB left after the final shot
  • Fully compatible with most AEG replicas on the market, including Arcturus, Ares, Cyma, APS, G&G, E&L etc.

20-Round Real-Cap & 70-Round Mid-Cap mode switchable. One button easy switch from mid-cap to real magazine capacity. One piece magazine shell providing more durability. Made of fiber reinforced polymer. Applied with high strength material providing high-quality external texture. Special design of follower makes sure no BB left after the final shot. Compatible with most AEG at the market, including Arcturus, Ares, Cyma, APS, G&G, E&L etc.


Battlezone airsoft restock

Battlezone have a restock of Golden Eagle pistols in:

We have had a delivery come in of some very nice products from Golden Eagle. These are mainly their new range of Custom 5.1 Hi-Capa GBB Pistols available in Black with Gold outer barrels & 7 different versions, although we are decided to only stock 5 at the moment.The pistols also come with a nice hard case & speedloader.We also have a few of the Golden Eagle MCR LMG’s in stock too.All the details on these products can be found on our website or why not pop in store for a closer look.


5 Significant Types Of Shooting Sports You Can Learn

Shooting sports requires fitness and calm, and composure to hit the target. Accuracy is needed for this game, and regular practice can only improve it. Another great thing about shooting sports is that you can take it as a professional sport too. Most people do it for recreation, but globally, many countries have a team of shooting sports players. 

Even a few casinos also provide players with shooting slots. You can play slots online from your laptop, tablets, or mobile devices. They are the best fit for players interested in shooting games. Many casinos provide drop and win, daily jackpot, mega drop, etc. for playing shooting slots. You can try your luck with these significant online gaming slots and give your passion wings.

If you want to opt for this game professionally, you can go ahead with varied disciplines. But, you must be aware that all these games use different types of guns. Let’s take a sneak peek.

Pistol Shooting

It involves bullseye shooting and IDPA shooting events. The Bullseye shooting event is a long-distance event for shooters to shoot from more than 50 yards. It can be a rapid-firing contest or the slow firing contest. Even the difficulty level can be increased by putting the timer, and participants need to fire using a single-hand rather than the double hand. 

IDPA or International Defensive Pistol Association event under pistol shooting is aimed at using international guns and rules. It is a type of self-defense type of shooting event. The same, even known as USPSA, is done in the USA.

Trap Shooting

In this shooting event, clay targets are thrown in the direction of the shooter. The trajectory of the shooting event varies in this event. The trap shooting involves great difficulty level with its sets of targets. However, this type of shooting event involves quick decision-making skills while choosing multiple targets. 

Bench Rest Shooting

It is a rifle-based shooting event where the ‘rifle rest’ sits on the table and the front and the rear rest. The aim is taken at the paper targets. To provide great shots at the paper targets, these guns are either customized or modified to get maximum out of the shooting. 

Another thing worth noting is that the bullet’s trajectory also needs to be seen, as winds can even shift the gunshots’ paths. The Bench Rest Shooting is a traditional event that can be seen both at the Winter and Summer Olympics. It is worth noting that the competition’s result can be decided in just a fraction of seconds.

Sporting Clay Shooting

In this game, the clay targets are pitched for shooting from different angles, heights, and speed. Many clay targets in this game move fast. The goal is to ready the hunters for shooting in the jungle if they are opting for recreational shooting. However, if the hunters need to carry out birds or mammals shooting, they must take permission from the specific authorities.

Silhouette Shooting 

This rifle event uses the ‘small gauge’ rifles of .22s. The small steel targets are set at a varying distance of 50 to 100 yards. These targets are placed at different angles and heights, and they can move quickly. A few Silhouette Shooting competitions can employ high-powered rifles with the targets in the 1000 yards range. The shots can be timed, if the difficulty of the event needs to be increased.

Shooting involves higher intensity and focuses on aiming the difficulty levels in the competitions. You need to possess different skills to get into professional shooting events. Moreover, you must abreast yourself of the guns and rules for various events and choose wisely.

Element Airsoft UHP teaser

Element Airsoft have posted a teaser of a product on their Facebook page which looks a lot like a EX419 LA-5 UHP in camp:

Kydex Customs DE holster

Kydex Customs have a new holster out for the hand cannon that is the Desert Eagle:

Our Pro Series Desert Eagle Holsters have been designed from the ground up by us in-house and rigorously tested. The Pro Series Desert Eagle Holsters are confirmed to fit:

– WE (both normal and L6 Varients)
– Cybergun
– Tokyo Marui
– Guarder (Body Kit) Desert Eagles
– Real Steel IMI Desert Eagles

These holsters are made entirely in the UK from genuine 2mm (.08”) P1 Kydex, if applicable they are also wrapped in either 1000D or 500D Cordura Fabric.

Enhanced Opening for Easier Reholstering
Made of 2mm Thick Kydex
2 Points of Adjustable Retention
Accepts Suppressor Height Sights
Accepts Threaded Barrels

(Kydex Customs)

KSC Auto 9 HW re run

KSC have announced a re run of their Auto 9. No release date but it should be out again for order soon:

The re-production of ′′ Auto 9 heavy weight ′′ has been decided to re-production of ′′ Auto 9 heavy weight ′′ which has achieved the weighty and of the image with the recruitment of high-gravity material.The strongest load of the class is 38 Barrage Magazine, so you can enjoy the powerful full auto shooting by hw slide.Details of the release date, etc. Will be announced soon, so please stay tuned.[coming soon]● A937 M93r Auto 9 (HW)Body price ¥ 23,000 (excluding tax)● G010 M93r-AG 38 Ren MagazineBody price ¥ 4,000 (excluding tax)

KSC Corporation


APS have a couple of shots of their new PDWS and some specs and details on them:

F1 Firearms BDR-PDW / UDR-PDW

  • (BDR-PDW-B / Toys gun)
  • eSilver Edge SDU 2.0 / 5 Shooting Modes
  • F1 Firearms 7.7” S7M M-Lok Handguard
  • BDR-PDW by F1 Firearms BDR-15-3G Receiver
  • UDR-PDW by F1 Firearms UDR Receiver
  • F1 Firearms Ambi Airsoft Charging Handle
  • F1 Firearms BDR Ambi Fire Selector
  • Noveske KX3 Sound Blaster Muzzle (Adjustable)
  • R-Series Type 3 Stock (Just for sharing my hobby)
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