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LCT manufacturing: LC-3 AEG auto welding

Fancy seeing how Skynet does spot/mig welding? Check out this video of the automated factory process from LCT Airsoft: – stocking new King Arms kit and a discount code!

Para2Airsoft want to let everyone know that King Arms are now back, they have their new range in and have a code for 20% off this weekend:

For many people who have been around in Airsoft for a long time will remember King Arms.

After being closed for a few years they are now back and ready to roll with there new and improved range and great price points.

Don’t forget we offer free delivery on all our products and its 20% off this Easter weekend, just enter ‘easter19’ at the checkout.


APS CAM3 grouping test video

Direct from their boss here’s the latest video from APS detailing their CAM3 tested showing range and grouping. Here’s the stats for both 6m and 4.5mm BBs, depending on what your gaming site will allow you to use:

  • 7M 9 hits (6mm 0.2g BB)
  • 12M 6 hits (6mm 0.2g BB)
  • 18M 4 hits (6mm 0.2g BB)
  • 12M 24 hits (4.5mm BB)
  • 18M 8 hits (4.5mm BB)

FoxFury: Release of new & improved Scout Clip Light

FoxFury who make those wonderfully dependant lamp units have launched their newly updated clip light:

FoxFury Releases New & Improved Scout Clip Light
Now Available for $39.99!

The Scout is an extremely versatile clip light that serves as a utility light, task light, search light, and more! This durable light is waterproof and meets NFPA fire resistant requirements, so you can rely on it working in extreme environments. It’s lightweight and compact, and the built in J-Clip ensures it stays with you no matter where you go. The Scout comes in either a black or orange exterior with two different LED options; all white or white and red. Watch the Scout demo video here!

Top 3 Features

1. Hands Free Versatility

The Scout’s secure J-Clip allows it to be worn in a variety of ways including on a backpack, pocket, belt, vest, and even molle. The teeth on the inside of the clip ensure it stays in place no matter how rugged the task you need it for, allowing you to work uninterrupted and hands free.

2. See and Be Seen

The Scout is available with two LED options; all white or white and red. White LED models are recommended for users that want to use the Scout primarily for search or inspections while the white & red LED models are recommended for users who want to see and be seen. The red LEDs help preserve night vision in low light conditions. This is useful for tactical night operations, reading a map or paperwork in the dark, or even checking in on the kids without waking them up at night.

The alternating mode on the white and red LED models can be used as a safety beacon as well, alerting others to your position. This could be used during a roadside emergency, a search and rescue operation, or even while riding your bike along a busy road.

3. Durable and Compact

The Scout is designed to be submersible, fire resistant, and impact resistant.
The small, compact design of the Scout means you can take it anywhere without taking up much space. Its low profile sits well on a belt or vest without getting in the way. And the lightweight design means you can throw it in a bag or glove compartment as a task light without any inconvenience.
The Scout is truly a rugged, go anywhere light. Police officers can use it to stay safe on the side of the road. Fire investigators can use it to inspect tight spaces. Fishermen can use it as a safety beacon on the water. Pet owners can use it to walk their dogs late at night. The limits are endless, which makes the Scout the perfect everyday light.

All the best, The FoxFury Team

NPO S2RM in development: photos and video

NPO AEG (Russia) have sent over photos of their S2RM (an AEP replica of the SR-2M Veresk SMG), which includes specifications, some photos and a video. I emailed them, after the discussion in our forums, asking for some details about their prototype that they are working on:

Airsoft replica Sr2m Veresk

The length of the butt is folded / expanded: 380 / 625mm
Weight: 2 kg;
Principle of action: AEG;
The initial speed of the ball: 235fps
Shooting mode: automatic
Barrel length: 6,02х190mm;
Hop-up camera: AK type;
Magazine capacity: 90 balls
Material: body – steel;
The forehead, the hilt – plastic
Type and size of the battery (not included): Li-Po; 1000mah / 7.4v; 102x12x19mm; connector “T”

In addition, you can install:
– silencer
– flash hider
– picatinny rails on the forearm

Producer: NPO AEG, Russia (NPO AEG)

Lambda: new VSR-10 Set Pin and Support Ring

lambda-logo_thumb.jpgLambda have new parts out for the infinitely customisable VSR-10 which are now also on their website:

Dear Sir,

Today’s news is lambda new upgrades for VSR-10. Set pin and Support ring.

Set pin is made of Stainless steel , CNC all machined. It has a unique shape, for insert easily.

And Support ring, it’ll be kept smooth bolt operation long time.

Please check our web site : )


Zero One/NAF18 news 31/05/18

So a good few updates from Zero One Airsoft covering the new TM Scorpion, National Airsoft Festival (NAF) and a new deal from them to cover your next purchase:

Now in stock at Zero One Airsoft, the all new Tokyo Marui Scorpion MOD M AEG.

Lightweight, compact and with a unique look, the Scorpion MOD M is perfect for Urban/CQB players (as well as Woodland of course) or as a Snipers backup weapon.

This lovely piece of kit features a folding stock (making it even more compact!!) Hi Cap mag, 20mm rails top and bottom, as well as 3 additional M-LOK rails that can be added as required.

In stock, and ready to ship – £234.95
Spare Hi Cap Mags – £31.95

It’s almost June, so we are EVEN CLOSER to the world famous National Airsoft Festival 2018 on the 24/25/26 August 👍💥😎🍦

Two full days of Airsoft, a Pistol/Shotgun Game on the Friday evening, a full on Night Game on the Saturday, the G&G Armament World Cup CQB Shooting Competition, live music, the Zero One marquee, a bar, retailer stands, and large variety of food stalls/vans.

Go on, book your places NOW…you’ll thank me for it 

Finance is now available on purchases over £280.00 (subject to status, over 18’s only, no Trade customers, minimum 10% deposit required) Need more info, please give us a call.

Be sure to check out the Zero One Stock Exchange. There are over 1400 product lines with INSANE prices that fluctuate all the time ! Seen a bargain ? Grab it quick !

Fancy an amazing airsoft weekend in August? Then join us at the National Airsoft Festival

unnamed (1)We are now offering 12 MONTHS INTEREST FREE FINANCE, on ALL orders over £280.00

Just create an account with us, put the items you want into your online Basket then give us a call (01202 769614, Mon – Fri, 9-5.30) to start the finance application. Alternatively, you can apply face to face at our Showroom or at our Warehouse. We will be rolling out finance applications via our website very shortly.
So, what are you waiting for eh, get the guns and gear of your dreams TODAY !!

(Finance in conjunction with OmniCapital Retail Finance, finance subject to status, 10% deposit required, over 18’s only, no Trade customers)

Rich, (Zero One Airsoft Ltd.)

Dynamic Precision – aluminium bolt carrier for WE Scar L

unnamed.pngDynamic Precision have a new bolt carrier out for the most awesome (and much loved) WE Scar L:

Dynamic Precision has develop a new series of upgrade parts for WE Scar. Introducing the new Aluminum bolt carrier for WE Scar L. Fully CNC from high quality 7075 aluminum, with hard anodize providing extra durability.
Lightweight with only 64g that give a faster, crispy blowback and higher firing cycle, also more gas efficiency. Suitable for shooting in cooler temperature. Available in black and silver color.

Alvan, (Dynamic Precision)

UN Company: in stock KJ Works KP-13 GAS/CO2

UN Company have the KP-13 in stock from KJWorks. Magazines take 23 BBs however I can’t see the power level mentioned:

Dear all, KJ Works KP-13 series (GAS / CO2) is available @UNCompany!


(UN Company)

Arn’s Airsoft “way back when (‘n buggy) machine” is being built….

I am working on importing all of the old archived documents we have, this includes the old projects and articles section. This will mean that a heap of the new pages added to the top menu system will be a bit of a mess. I have to go through the entire tree by hand after the auto-import has run and edit each page by hand. Old page counters have to be removed and everything tidied up. This will take a long time but I’ll get there!

These files include loads of old content from numerous other authors, and projects like Jericho and DumboRAT’s custom Face Off pistols (page one and page two).

APS ASR122 Ghost Patrol

APS have released details of their new rifle, the ASR122, complete with a lovely collapseable stock, M-Lok grip, sound amplifier, custom decals and sights:

Assault Rifle – ASR122 – Ghost Patrol 

As you may noticed that APS didn’t make any new AR-15 AEG gun for a year. The latest model in ASR series was ASR121 Gold Dragon which was made in early 2017.  Therefore, in the middle of 2018, APS released a new AR-15 AEG guns named ASR122 – Ghost Patrol to fill the development gap in ASR series.

It is not surprising that there are so many AR-15 AEG in the market, so how to make our Ghost Patrol stand out of the ordinary?  The following features you should not miss.ASR122.jpg

ASR122-part10.JPGCRS Stock

CRS butt stock is a telescoping stock being used in this rifle.  With a press of a button underneath, the rapid deployment system instantly springs to the extended position for user. A sloping cheek weld to provide consistent and comfort in any 4 positions. Large battery compartment on the CRS butt stock is a clever design. Compartment door is located on the top secured by a pin. It is easy to reach and overall room size 117 x 32 x 31mm, so it fits most the Li Po battery in the market.

ASR122-part6Sound Amplifier Flash Hider

ASR122 comes with a sound amplifier flash hider named “Sound Blaster Type A”. This sound amplifiers muzzle increase the sound of firing your airsoft gun for an awesome added intimidation factor.

Creepy Ghost Face Logo and its Blue parts

In this new ASR122, The iconic ghost face logo was engraved on the lower receiver and dust cover, which makes the gun looks creepy and spooky. The gun itself was black but we made some parts in blue, for example, outer barrel, trigger and fire selector, those represent a departed spirits or deceased soul, so called “Blue Flame” you saw in the dark.


Evolution Tech 10” M-Lok Hand Guard

ASR122 is using a new 10” Evo Tech M-Lok Hand Guard. M-LOK stand for Modular Locking system, it is a firearms accessory mounting system developed by Magpul Industries that allows for direct attachment to negative space mounting points.  Unlike other traditional hand guard comes with a full picatinny rail on the top, ASR122 use a slim profile hand guard, only short picatinny rail sections positioned along the top at the front and rear, middles are trimmed and replaced with M-Lok Slot. These make the hand guard more light weighted and easier to grip during battle.

Phantom Flip Up Sights and pistol grip

This rifle comes with Phantom flip up front and rear sight. They are mounted on a Mil-STD 1913 Picatinny Rail. This gun standard comes with Phantom Overload Grip, which has shock absorption deign in the interior that reduce the vibration generated from the start up of the motor, thus relatively improve the motor performance and significantly reduce the battery loading to 10.5 Ampere.




Jia Dyi: latest entry-level releases

Jia Dyi have sent over text and images of the latest entry level sportline kit from ICS and some other nice bits of kit such as Guarder’s new sights:

Jia DyiCounterattack in Entry-level market

Honorable clients, Once the market being commoditized, there is no way back. While ICS, who is twenty-year-old in 2018, had witnessed the tide up and down in the industry. They insist on bringing extraordinary experience and quality standard to not just the hi-end Airsoft gunners, but also prove its capability in the red sea competition for beginners nowadays.

ICS CXP-Peleador Sportline AEGs【EG560/EG559/EG560T/EG559T】top.jpg

It was never included in the yearly Plan, but ICS suddenly announced its first CXP sportline series, named Peleador, in May. Peleador means “fighters” in Spanish. As an reduced edition, CXP-Peleador still owns the patented ICS split-gearbox, it is convenient to replace the spring to upgrade or perform basic inspection and maintenance without dismantling the gearbox. Rear-wiring through battery stock tube, an integrated MOS-FET was built inside M100 setting box, hi-cap plastic T-mag installed upon its industrial grade nylon-fiber reinforced polymer receiver and M-Lok rail, light-weight and friendly price make Peleador the first choice in entry-level.

KWC Taurus PT24/7 6mm CO2 Blow-back pistol


Finally, the blow-back version will be decedent in the rare PT24/7 series in KWC as promised, since it already has owned 6mm spring powered model, 【KA-06HN】, 6mm CO2 NBB model, 【KC-46DHN】, and 4.5 CO2 NBB model, 【KM-46DHN】. With KWC’s fine finishing and friendly MOQ, it will surely become the hot-shot in the first half year of 2018.

ICS Sportline AEGs- CXP.08 Concept Rifles/CXP.15 Pistol/CS4 M4 and M16/CES MP5/H51.H52 SIG series.


Since ICS launched it raid on low-priced market segment in May, let’s review the ancestors from ICS sportline. ICS earned it first AEGs reputation in MP5, its CES series owns SD6, fixed stock A5, and retractable stock versions. It was surprised that ICS also includes SIG in sportline series named H51.H52, in which you can find quality SIG551 and 552 equipped with one-piece No.3 gearbox inside the QD reinforced Polymer receiver. CS4 series own the largest quantity of M4/M16, most are classic models and some of them even carry with metal rail. Finally, the CXP.08 and CXP.15 can be attributed to the first free style of ICS Airsoft guns that do not have realistic models, so they were awarded with “the concept”!

Guarder M&P9 Steel Night Sight


M&P series own a large proportion of gas pistol market because of its variants in outlooking. Guarder who has been good at producing small steel parts released the night sights for Marui in May.

Please contact local distributors or for further information.

(Jia Dyi)

PolarStar Airsoft: F2 Offset Kits for SVD and M14

logo.pngPolarstar Airsoft have a new offset version of their F2 (fusion engine) on it’s way and out for June:

Greetings from PolarStar Airsoft!

We are happy to announce that after a very extensive development
the much anticipated offset version of the F2 is finally in production
and should be hitting dealer’s shelves around mid June!

The offset version of the F2 is the first true closed bolt offset HPA
conversion kit on the market and, although it took a while to develop,
we are pleased to say it is worth the wait. The F2 offset has the same
performance and uses the same rear cylinder, poppet valve and other
internal components of the standard F2 but the front cylinder has been
changed significantly to accommodate the offset nozzle.

The front cylinder has been designed to work with our two piece offset
nozzle which comprises of a universal base section onto which the rifle
specific offset tip is threaded. The tip is supported by a stainless
steel pin which stabilizes the longer nozzle to prevent vertical
movement. This ensures the BB is seated consistently when chambered
which promotes higher levels of accuracy. The front cylinder is designed
with dual pin tracks allowing the F2 offset to accept nozzle tips which
are offset to either the top or bottom without requiring additional

The initial release will comprise of three kits which includes one for
the Tokyo Marui M14 which also supports the G&P and CYMA variants, one
for the G&G Armament M14 and one for the Real Sword SVD. More kits are
in the works and will be available shortly so stay tuned for updates!

Sincerely, Rodd Rambo, (Marketing Director, Polarstar Airsoft)


JAG Precision: restock and new triggers

JAG-MICFLAG-.pngJAG Precision have a selection of new Speed Airsoft Triggers in stock and a huge restock, here’s the latest mailing:

Visit our store at JAG

New Speed Airsoft Triggers

Speed Airsoft Restock Items


CowCow Technology: new fibre optics

cow-v2CowCow Technology have designed a new front sight for the TM Hi-Capa series:

New coming product – COWCOW Technology

COWCOW Technology developed a new design front sight for TM Hi-Capa which is FIBER OPTIC TRINITY FRONT SIGHT.

It is full CNC machined by aircraft graded aluminum material. 2mm real fiber optic was selected and 2 colours options (Green and Red).

As the name of “Trinity”, there are 3 innovative features on this front sight.

  • New ‘Parabolic Sight’ pictured has a polished area under the fiber optic to allow the light can make for a much more visible sight.
  • New ‘Triangle shaped Sight Point’ allows the sight alignment easily and accurately, thus enhancing shooting speed and accuracy.
  • Socket set screws placed on both sides of the front sight which can be set on the slide much firmly.


Please LIKE and FOLLOW our Facebook Page and also VISIT our website to get the latest updates.

(CowCow Technology)

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