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LCT Airsoft: latest EBB LCKM video

So LCT Airsoft have sent over their next video showing off their EBB LCKM. Watching the video there’s a fair amount of kick to it and they will also be selling a kit to upgrade their older (non EBB models):

Dear Sir,  We have the latest video for LCK AEG with recoil, please kindly share it on your website.

This blowback system is suitable for original LCT LCK airsoft , the kit will also be sold. You don’t have to pay much money, just purchase the kit would be upgraded the blowback system. Relatively, we will release LCK EBB rifle for more choices. Price and release time will be shown on LCT website. Hope the new LCK EBB Rifle can meet with you soon.

Bella Chen (LCT Airsoft)

Videos: BOLT AIRSOFT, new AK recoil test

Bolt Airsoft have provided several new videos of their new AK recoil system which they will be showcasing at the IWA show this year. Here’s the new videos:

Dear Friends,

BOLT’s New AK development are going to complete soon, We will display the AK sample in IWA show 2018, please feel welcome to visit booth 7A-318 and we will show you the new adventures.

Attached videos of AK recoil test run in references.

Best Regards,  Wilson​ (Bolt Airsoft)

LCT Airsoft: LCT modular AK

LCT Airsoft sent over a video for us to upload that details their new modular AK build:

Imalent DX80 – one powerful flashlight

Imalent have sent a video of what they call the “world’s most powerful flashlight”. There’s a lot of debate over at places such as the candlepower forums as to what the most powerful is and how the output of a torch or flashlight is measured, that said this is certainly a very bright torch:

Imalent DX80 has been proved again to be the world’s most powerful flashlight. (Imalent)

Merry Christmas 2017

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas this year! Now what are you doing reading a computer screen? Why not go and enjoy a break food and some of your favourite beverage?

AirsoftBAT, Merry Christmas

Just adding a few and here’s AirsoftBAT’s Christmas card:

Merry Christmas!!

For your Christmas time we wish you many blessings, much happiness, and even more love!



LCT Airsoft: new LC-3 parts, rail and battery grip

LCT Airsoft thave two new parts for the LC-3 (their own G3) series including a low profile 8.5in scope mount and a large handguard. We’ve also included the video they’ve sent over detailing the installation of the handguard:

We will release a new LC-3 part, Low-profile scope mount with 8.5 inch Picatinny Rail.

coming soon_123905402_1830795930283930_6465169284787757304_n

(LCT Airsoft)

Merry Christmas from Bolt Airsoft

I know it’s not really news but it’s something I always used to do and quite fancy continuing a tradition of, so: Merry Christmas from Bolt Airsoft!

Dear Friend: BOLT AIRSOFT Christmas & Coming Year Greetings!

With many good wishes for Christmas and the coming year.


Sincerely! Bolt Airsoft =Taiwan=

ADD: No.207, Sec. 2, Wenhua 1st Rd., Linkou Dist., New Taipei City 24457, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
T: +8862-8601-9158 F: +8862-8601-9128


Seasons Greetings from Shoei Seisakusho

It’s (obviously) that time of year again and it’s always nice to add the Christmas cards we receive up here.

Dear Friends, Seans Greetings! Happy New Year! Greetings from Japan


Best regards, Tomio, (Shoei Seisakusho)

As Thumpy would say “shots fired, by Zshot”

Knock offs and copies of copies has been pretty much the way of airsoft for some time. Prices get lower, everyone copies everyone else, and unless you have a huge legal division it can be almost impossible to protect your investments. As a consumer though, why should you care, you’re getting it cheaper and competition is good right? Right?

Historicially when large companies use their legal muscles to protect their interests it attracts negative PR on social media from both customers and distributors.

Without all the facts or knowing the positions on both sides of an argument as an individual it is naturally hard to form an unbiased opinion.

In this case Wallace Lau over at ZShot has circulated a pretty clear letter to one company (Valken) that really ought to resound throughout the Airsoft industry. This isn’t the first apparent case of the little guy losing out to bigger fish and likely won’t be the last; Wallace’s opinion is clear and he isn’t pulling any punches.

There’s the full text of the post over at and I do hope that there is a response from the other side and perhaps a sensible agreement that comes out of this. Clearly something has gone wrong somewhere, is it about time that Airsoft as an industry started to regulate itself?

I have to be clear that I/we/Arniesairsoft are not forming an opinion in the dispute but reporting on it. We will happily post any response from any party involved.

Here’s the open letter from Wallace:

Dear Valken:  I believe you can go to hell.
I hate political drama. However, this is not about some company knocking off our product; that happens all the time. This is about some big bully shutting out a small company, founded by one very genuine dude, who just love tinkering and creating new cool shits for all of us. This is about Jordan at Odin Innovations getting f***ed, and I have to say something about this.

A little back-story, Jordan founded Odin Innovations purely out of his love for airsoft. To spare you the long story, the Odin speed loader has been Jordan’s primary (if not the only) source of income — while he continues to tinker the next invention for airsoft. Also, Jordan had some medical complications earlier this year and he was hospitalized for a considerable period of time. At one point, the profit from Odin sales was the only income that sustained him and his family.

And Valken knows this. When the M12 was still a prototype, Jordan approached a few companies for help, and Valken was one of them.  I do not know the context of Valken’s meeting with Jordan, but in the end Valken either did not step up to the plate, or offered too little to Jordan. Long story short, Valken knew where the Odin came from, and Jordan needed the income. They can’t say “oh I didn’t know.”

So let’s get to the core of this issue: We (ZShot) have been importing, distributing, and supporting retailers since 2002 (yes it’s been 15 years) and we HAVE been wronged a few times. But not once have I genuinely been angry until now, because this has affected more than just us. ZShot will survive just fine if we lose a product line or two.  But I can’t stand and watch Odin Innovations be smashed because some multi-million-dollar company wanted to make a few extra bucks.  To whomever in Valken decided to import the Odin knock off: You can go straight to hell.

Gino, if you are reading this, take a good look at your company. Yes, I am nobody in your eyes, I know you have millions of dollars in your bank, I know you have lawyers sitting in the office waiting for a fight, and I know you have the resources to render us penniless by drowning us in expensive legal battles. In fact, it is probably stupid of me to risk my company and to stand up behind a friend.  However, everyone here at ZShot knows life isn’t just about money.  We would rather have our honor and integrity than make a quick bucks at someone else’s expense. If you are to mess with Odin Innovations, then I welcome, in fact challenge, you to squash and crush ZShot too.  However, we will not admit defeat unless you beat us by innovating and giving the community better products than what we can. Anyone can rip-off a product, and when you don’t have to pay for R&D or share your profit with the inventor, of course you can undercut everyone. However, with all your capital, why not take pride in what you do and direct employees to innovate?  Would that not be something you can be properly proud of?


Signed, Wallace Lau

Wallace Lau
30+ year airsoft enthuaist.  ASTM Airsoft Sub-committee Vice Chair.  Founder, ZShot Inc.


Raptor: PKP AEG now shipped to distributors

imageRaptor wanted everyone to know that their first batch of the PKP AEG has gone out. Their official distributor in the USA is Airsoft GI:

We would like inform you that we had out of stock first batch of PKP AEG. We deeply appreciated all of the Pecheneg MG fans support.


In order to satisfy more demand all over the world, also second batch is on the way back in December. Welcome pre-order now!

Chloe, (Raptor)

Airsoft Milsim News Blog: Olight HS2 review

Airsoft Milsim News Blog have a new review up covering the much acclaimed Olight, specifically the HS2 model checkout their website for the full review:


Our friends at 365+ Tactical sent over another item to look at.

With winter approaching and days getting shorter and shorter, many of our outdoor sporting activities are often cut short because of lack of daylight. Luckily, Olight has the illumination game all figured out. Thanks to them, we are able to introduce a new headlamp, designed for the sporty types among us. It’s the super lightweight and compact, Olight HS2.


This is a special breed of headlamp, not previously available. It’s designed for fast-paced activities like running, mountain biking, snowboarding and so on.


Goran, (Editor, Airsoft Milsim News Blog)

Gun-Fire offers: including ATC clothing, masks and tools

imageAdam at Gun-Fire has sent over their latest offerings, there’s lots there but you can’t beat some decent value trousers, custom masks or an EDC Leatherman:

Military clothing from Specna Arms at great prices. The delivery includes classic uniforms in the ACU style and comfortable Combat Uniform sets in Woodland or ATC FG camouflage.

More information here:


imageWe have restocked our storehouse with products from Ultimate Tactical. Among almost 350 accessories you will find masks (including popular Stalker variants), pouches, vests, X-Shield helmets.

More information here:

imageNew shipment from Leatherman. Multi-Tools of this brand are well-known for their reliability and durability. In our offer, you can find classic models and folding knives.

More information here:

Best regards, Adam Michel, (Gun-Fire)

Patrol Base now stocking Cannae kit and equipment

Patrol Base are now stocking Cannae branded kit (“shiny things”.. precious)for anyone addicted to tactical kit and obtaining the best bags around:

Hey everyone!

Here at Patrol Base we’re proud to announce we’ve now got the Cannae Pro Gear UK Range in stock now!


Cannae are a world leading brand, creating some of the highest quality Shooting Bags, Cases and Apparel we have ever seen. All their products are made by Shooters, for shooters, and work with some very high profile Ambassadors such as Doug Marcaida, founder of Marcaida Kali and a judge on History Channel’s Forced in Fire, as well as Billy Bairdzell, a founding member of the Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command.

You can find all the Cannae Products, and more on our website, at the following link:

(Patrol Base)

Jia Dyi: improved BW9 with Poseidon internals

Tiffany from B&W (Jia Dyi) has sent over details of the BW9 Beretta replica complete with a custom 113mm barrel by Poseidon:

Jia DyiBe a Game Changer-Poseidon Commits on 60m flying distance

Honorable Clients,

Poseidon is betting heavily on its commitment to share its patented technology-“Air-cushion” precision inner barrel in gas pistol again. Behold the Advanced BW9 powered by Poseidon, a replica of Beretta M9.


There was an old Chinese saying in the era of cold steel, ” Sword with one inch longer owns advantage over the short dagger(一寸長,一寸強).” After announcing the Advanced BW17 with 100mm air-cushion tube last week, Poseidon has made up its mind to install 113mm air-cushion inner barrel upon BW9, so called Advanced BW9.

The secret for 0.25gw BBs to reach the unbelievable flying distance, say 50-60m, is right inside the air-cushion tube along with the patented 3 pressing point hop up bucking carried by Poseidon. “It is hard to believe an airsoft pistol with low muzzle velocity can reach the effective distance almost like a real Beretta M9.” said one eyewitness.

The round silver sticker on the outer box of each Advanced BW gas pistol represents the fine-tuning of the workmanship from Poseidon’s technician. With the Advanced BW series airsoft guns promising 50-60m distance, it is easy for any greenhorn to be a game changer among war-gamers, and same with Poseidon, a brilliant and bold movement for the interests of vast airsoft hobbyists.

Please contact your local airsoft stores or Jia Dyi, to ask for more information on Advanced BW series gas pistols, we offer you an irresistible price for your best Xmas purchasing list.

Tiffany, (Jia Dyi)

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