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Raptor: PKP AEG now shipped to distributors

imageRaptor wanted everyone to know that their first batch of the PKP AEG has gone out. Their official distributor in the USA is Airsoft GI:

We would like inform you that we had out of stock first batch of PKP AEG. We deeply appreciated all of the Pecheneg MG fans support.


In order to satisfy more demand all over the world, also second batch is on the way back in December. Welcome pre-order now!

Chloe, (Raptor)

Airsoft Milsim News Blog: Olight HS2 review

Airsoft Milsim News Blog have a new review up covering the much acclaimed Olight, specifically the HS2 model checkout their website for the full review:


Our friends at 365+ Tactical sent over another item to look at.

With winter approaching and days getting shorter and shorter, many of our outdoor sporting activities are often cut short because of lack of daylight. Luckily, Olight has the illumination game all figured out. Thanks to them, we are able to introduce a new headlamp, designed for the sporty types among us. It’s the super lightweight and compact, Olight HS2.


This is a special breed of headlamp, not previously available. It’s designed for fast-paced activities like running, mountain biking, snowboarding and so on.


Goran, (Editor, Airsoft Milsim News Blog)

Gun-Fire offers: including ATC clothing, masks and tools

imageAdam at Gun-Fire has sent over their latest offerings, there’s lots there but you can’t beat some decent value trousers, custom masks or an EDC Leatherman:

Military clothing from Specna Arms at great prices. The delivery includes classic uniforms in the ACU style and comfortable Combat Uniform sets in Woodland or ATC FG camouflage.

More information here:


imageWe have restocked our storehouse with products from Ultimate Tactical. Among almost 350 accessories you will find masks (including popular Stalker variants), pouches, vests, X-Shield helmets.

More information here:

imageNew shipment from Leatherman. Multi-Tools of this brand are well-known for their reliability and durability. In our offer, you can find classic models and folding knives.

More information here:

Best regards, Adam Michel, (Gun-Fire)

Patrol Base now stocking Cannae kit and equipment

Patrol Base are now stocking Cannae branded kit (“shiny things”.. precious)for anyone addicted to tactical kit and obtaining the best bags around:

Hey everyone!

Here at Patrol Base we’re proud to announce we’ve now got the Cannae Pro Gear UK Range in stock now!


Cannae are a world leading brand, creating some of the highest quality Shooting Bags, Cases and Apparel we have ever seen. All their products are made by Shooters, for shooters, and work with some very high profile Ambassadors such as Doug Marcaida, founder of Marcaida Kali and a judge on History Channel’s Forced in Fire, as well as Billy Bairdzell, a founding member of the Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command.

You can find all the Cannae Products, and more on our website, at the following link:

(Patrol Base)

Jia Dyi: improved BW9 with Poseidon internals

Tiffany from B&W (Jia Dyi) has sent over details of the BW9 Beretta replica complete with a custom 113mm barrel by Poseidon:

Jia DyiBe a Game Changer-Poseidon Commits on 60m flying distance

Honorable Clients,

Poseidon is betting heavily on its commitment to share its patented technology-“Air-cushion” precision inner barrel in gas pistol again. Behold the Advanced BW9 powered by Poseidon, a replica of Beretta M9.


There was an old Chinese saying in the era of cold steel, ” Sword with one inch longer owns advantage over the short dagger(一寸長,一寸強).” After announcing the Advanced BW17 with 100mm air-cushion tube last week, Poseidon has made up its mind to install 113mm air-cushion inner barrel upon BW9, so called Advanced BW9.

The secret for 0.25gw BBs to reach the unbelievable flying distance, say 50-60m, is right inside the air-cushion tube along with the patented 3 pressing point hop up bucking carried by Poseidon. “It is hard to believe an airsoft pistol with low muzzle velocity can reach the effective distance almost like a real Beretta M9.” said one eyewitness.

The round silver sticker on the outer box of each Advanced BW gas pistol represents the fine-tuning of the workmanship from Poseidon’s technician. With the Advanced BW series airsoft guns promising 50-60m distance, it is easy for any greenhorn to be a game changer among war-gamers, and same with Poseidon, a brilliant and bold movement for the interests of vast airsoft hobbyists.

Please contact your local airsoft stores or Jia Dyi, to ask for more information on Advanced BW series gas pistols, we offer you an irresistible price for your best Xmas purchasing list.

Tiffany, (Jia Dyi)

APS: Phantom Extremis – PER MK-V

APS continue their evolution of their Phantom Exremis rifle the PER MK V which includes a noise amplifying flash hider, M-Lok system, custom stock and grip set:

PER705 poster-170929Another cool rifle of Phantom Extremis family – PER MK-V

Today, APS has made another combat rifle that goes into Phantom Extremis family – The PER MK-V. This rifle inherits all the advanced features came from its family. For instant, quick change spring system, M-Lok hand guard, Advanced pistol grip, Full ambidextrous fire selector, magazine release and charging handle…..etc. Nevertheless, APS did not complacent but adding more cool features in this new gun to satisfy the customer needs.

Sound Amplifier Flash Hider

PER MK-V comes with a sound amplifier flash hider named “Sound Blaster”. This sound amplifiers muzzle increase the sound of firing your airsoft gun for an awesome added intimidation factor. To make it perfect, we make the gun in AEG version (Non Blow Back Rifle). Without the noise generated by the blow back plate, the sound of the AEG muzzle could be clearly heard. Our Sound Blaster muzzle amplifies the sound of your AEG muzzle creating some kind of metal punching noise be heard with shooting provides extra fun for user.


Deep Engraving Text and Logo

In this new PER MK-V, all the text and logo were made by deep engraving. The marking, logo and text were sharp and clear, which makes the gun looks attractive, elegant and precious.


New RS-2 Retractable stock

With the success of RS-1 released in the market in early 2017, APS further develop this RS-1 Stock to RS-2 Stock. Same as RS-1, it is made of military grade poly-fiber materials increase the durability of the stock. The stock is trimmed so it is more light weighted. Battery compartment of this stock is easy to reach, no tools is required to open the battery compartment. RS-1 has good size of 11 x 2 x 2cm space for Li Po / Ni MH battery storage.



Evolution Tech 3.0 M-Lok Hand Guard in 10”

PER MK-V is using Evo Tech 3.0 M-Lok Hand Guard. M-LOK stand for Modular Locking system, it is a firearms accessory mounting system developed by Magpul Industries that allows for direct attachment to negative space mounting points. APS granted the permission to use M-LOK system on the hand guard integrated with QD Sling point for tactical use.



Rhino Flip Up Sights

Legendary Rhino Sight is back! In this rifle, it comes with Rhino Flip Sights. The sights are made of polyfiber. They can be mounted or removed from a Mil-STD 1913 Picatinny Rail. They have flip up function, users can choose rifle or pistol aiming whichever they prefer. The sights use 1.5mm fiber optics so you can aim and point to the target quick and easy, which is ideal for CQB shooting.



Military 1st: base layers sale

As the temperature drops it’s time to stock up on base layers and thermals. Our friends at Military 1st have some new base layers on sale with a 20% saving, just use the code listed:

Military 1st Base Layers Sale!

We offer 20% off all base layers and underwear with Discount Code BASE17.


Visit us today and save on thermal underwear sets, boxer shorts, briefs and long bottoms, long and short-sleeved tops and underwear shirts, form Helikon, Pentagon and Tervel.

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Hurry up: this special offer ends 29 September 2017, midnight. Excludes sale items.

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia. Low delivery rates across Europe.

(Military 1st)

UMAREX Glocks available in UK through Land Warrior Airsoft

So news that Umarex have gained the Glock license has been doing the rounds. Obviously this means that local distributors  will be able to import these products shortly without fear of import issues; here’s the details from Land Warrior Airsoft:

Hi, Just received news this morning from Umarex that they will be making officially licensed Glock pistols in 4.5mm/.177 airgun and 6mm Airsoft. Looking like these pistols will be available some time in October 2017. Please see attached PDF.


We are the official distributor for Umarex Airsoft products in the UK through our EZ distribution trade website, and our retail outlet Land Warrior Airsoft.



(Land Warrior Airsoft)

ASG distributing the ICS XAE

Thomas Mikkelsen (ASG) has sent over details of the new ICS XAE pistol series that they new stock and distribute:

As many of you might know, ASG is the proud distributor of ICS. Today we can announce the release of the ‘Black Leopard Eye XAE pistol series.


Featuring a CNC Alu slide for that light weight, hard kick feel and a high grade polymer frame with an ergonomic design and ambidextrous controls.

Included with the Pistol is interchangeable back straps and a barrel extension tube thread adaptor.

The Pistol comes in 4 different color configurations.


For more information please visit [this page].

Thomas Mikkelsen (ASG)

ASG sign licenses with Arsenal JSC, Abrams Airborne and Vltor

Action Sports Games (ASG) have sent over a press release detailing their new licences with Arsenal JSC, Abrams Airborne and Vltor. Sadly no details on any new products that will be using those licenses so far:


Reader feedback: updated podcasts, magazines, ebooks?

I’ve been updating the lists we have on the front page of airsoft related podcasts and magazines. Do you know of a regular magazine or podcast we’ve overlooked? If so please drop me a line so I can include it.

We sort through the lists every couple of months and anything production that slows down gets removed over time as it becomes less relevant or out of date.

Carryology review the First Tactical specialist 1 day backpack

logo-14-81Carryology have just run a new article covering the First Tactical Specialist 1-Day bag. If you have a Rush 24 5.11 Tactical bag then it might look familiar to you, and the guys at Carryology explain some of what’s gone on behind the scenes as well as looking at their products. Click the link to see their full article:

First Tactical may not be a name you know yet, but you’re about to fall in love – their bags may look familiar and there’s a reason why.


Dan Costa founded 5.11 Tactical and eventually sold the company in 2007. Now Dan’s back and better than ever with his latest venture First Tactical. Dan brought along the former 5.11 Director of Design and Innovation, Cory Nykoluk, and together they’ve quietly come out with a line of bags that have some heritage in Cory’s older designs but are serious improvements. Today I’m checking out the Specialist 1-Day.

(full article, Carryology)

Crown Airsoft discount code updated

Crown airsoft have updated their coupon offer with a new code, you can scan it below and it’s valid for the whole of June:

Renew coupon code for JUNE Crown-airsoft

Dear All Please find our coupon code by scanning the QR code in below photo, Scan the code to get your discount code!!


Starting from 1st June, 2017 -  30th June,2017.

we will renew the code every month, please keep update with us on our Facebook, Instagram and twitter ~Enjoy!!

Instagram :

**Notice: Crown-airsoft reserved all rights on this promotion, subject to change without prior notice!!

(Crown Airsoft)

Kitanica 10% sale through memorial day

Kitanica kit has its place, it is expensive but it’s unique. Not exactly grey man approved but it is worn by Adam Savage!


A2 supplies: new t-shirts and hoodies

A2 Supplies Ltd have some new clothing in stock:

Hey Arnies, just another Update from A2 Supplies:

NEW IN STOCK!  Everybody needs a hero right? even Paintballers…

Let them know that with our new T-Shirts and Hoodies!

Black T-Shirts are £9.99 and come in a range of sizes from Small to XXL


Black Hoodies are £22.99 and also come in a range of sizes!


Get yours today! Either visit us in store or online at

Mark Jerrom, (A2 Supplies Ltd)

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