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APS: colourful additions for your rifle

Three Gun is becoming more and more popular. With that in mind APS have a slew of new colourful accessories to tidy up your rifle and make it that little bit more personal:

Getting bored with your plain color gun? In the Q1 2016, APS bought to you new colored accessories which give your gun a new lease on life.

Personalizing your gun, changing the finish and color of the parts is an exciting way to make your gun reflect something about you. Making a cool looking and eyesight attracting gun is no longer a dream. Now APS provides 3 colors (Red / Gold / Silver) on trigger, release button, mount, charging handle and even adapter allow users to replace the original one.


With the multiple colors, you can add some personality to your favorite weapon. The color combinations are endless compare to your standard gun and can be easily removed if you get bored again. (APS)




Anker PowerHouse: power for your next weekend event?

The next tiem you’re away for a skirmish weekend and don’t know if you’ve got enough juice in your phone or appliances, fancy taking an Anker PowerHouse with you? It packs 120,600 mAh and a 110v socket which will power a laptop or even recharge some LiPo batteries. Cost is 500USD at the moment but it will come down to 400USD by using a coupon code “ANKPower”.


Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 22.34.27

Airsoft & Military News Blog – copyright issues

airsoft_military_newsblog_logoChristian Becker, (Airsoft and Military News Blog) wanted to draw our attention (and that of your the readers) to a claim regarding an unrelated website that may have taken imitation a bit far.

Natrually if you run a website on an engine like Wordpress and a custom theme that is in the public domain it’s quite easy to see how such things can happen.

Natrually the guys at Airsoft & Military are a bit concerned that someone may be trying to pass their hard work off as their own:

Hi Arnies, today I contact you because we have a Copyright Infringement by AE Airsoft News Blog what we realised on IWA as we saw em and checked their website in the evening. Here´s the link to the full press release we have online on our web, would be nice if you could share this on your site as well. Thank you!


Many thanks for the help, Christian Becker (Airsoft and Military News Blog)

Gladstones Boots

Gladstones Boots have some offers on really affordable boots if you don’t fancy splurging on a brand new pair of Lowas:

Decent footwear does not have to cost you a £100+

We have a whole range of Top Quality boots at less than £40.

All with next day delivery.

Stay Safe

Bob Gladstone, (Gladstones Boots)

APS: Silver Edge Gear Box and SI870

APS have sent over details of two bits of kit of their which includes photographs of their SI870 that I’ve mentioned before and their Silver Edge Gearbox. Silver Edge is a mk2 or 3 gearbox that’s polished and produced to a high spec and according to their research can reduce ampage by 0.8A. Here’s the blurb:

SAI870 Shotgun – Salient Arms International Authorized Product.

You shouldn’t have any doubt about Salient Arms International’s Products. SAI has long been famous to produce upgrade parts for real firearms. Nowadays, SAI is a trademark of high quality, upgrade and innovation.

After their inspection and testing.  In 2016, APS granted the license from EMG and SAI to make a superb 870 that is designed for the perfectionist and training weapon. This shotgun featuring in:

a)    Original marking receiver and bolt
b)    Barrel mount with Rail Adapter
c)    Reinforced titanium coated bolt, forend cradle, Magazine Cradle, C Plate
d)    Magpul Forend and Butt Stock (Original/ Stippled)
e)    Stainless Steel Carrier Plate
f)    Modifed loading Port
g)    Fiber Optic Front Sight
h)    Salient Arms International Licensed Trademark


Bo5P3T1CUAAN80JWhat is Silver Edge Gear Box?

In 2014, APS bought to you an ultimate product called Silver Edge Gear Box. An unique technology that is being used to polish and buff the Gear Box surface, which leads to an extreme smoother and brighter finish. This kind of finishing remove burrs and other surface flaws. Less friction of the gear box parts will result in lower ampere. With the help of full bearing parts installed, Silver Edge Gear Box successfully lower the ampere by 0.8A, which extends the life of Gear Box and improve Gear Box performance.
Key Features of Silver Edge Gear Box:

1) Quick Change Spring System
2) Polished and Buffed surface improves smoothness
3) 8mm Bearing Bushings, Bearing Piston Head and Bearing Spring Guide used
4) 100% TM Compatible Parts
5) Prevent Corrosion
6) Available in No.2 and No.3 Gear Box
7) The Quick Change Spring Guide has 4 locking legs instead of 2 which is different from the existing spring guide found in the market which further secure the spring while shooting

Derek Leung, (Sales Representative, APS Ltd)

Gladstone Boots – newsletter 30JAN16

Bob at Gladstone Boots (you can also find them on Facebook) has sent over a new newsletter with their latest deals which I’ve included below:



(Gladstone Boots)

APS: Salient Arms licensed 12ga M870 – CAM870 SI

APS have launched the poster for their new shotgun licensed from Salient Arms International. Built on their tested M870 gas shell design this features textured stock and front grip which is made to a high detail (much like their DragonFly pistols).

This is as identical as you will get for an Airsoft version of the genuine Salient Arms International Remington 870 12Ga 7 RDS 18.5" Shotgun and includes such detail as the vent rib at the front.


I’ve included a few details shots of the shotgun when I saw it in the flesh myself below:


New from BOLT: Keymod Cobra

BOLT have released their new Keymod Cobra front grip. Here’s the release form them:

Dear Friends:

BOLT’s first new release in 2016 ~ KEYMOD COBRA ~ is available!!

New Features:

- NEW STOCK (with battery space) & NEW MOTOR GRIP.


Please don’t be hesitated to ask us for any inquiries, Thanks!

Best Regards

Wilson, (BOLT)

ADD: No.207, Sec. 2, Wenhua 1st Rd., Linkou Dist., New Taipei City 24457, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
T: +8862-8601-9158
F: +8862-8601-9128

Youtube Channel:

APS Festival 2016

headerAPS Festival-Model-w wallet poster

It’s not often I get to sit down and write material and articles and it’s always a pleasure to write about good people and their friends.

Frog and his APS ( family started their own corporate show is the commercial district of Tseun Wan, Hong Kong in 2015 which allowed them the opportunity to get their customers and friends together in one place. This is the second year of their show and I thankful for the opportunity to be here for it.

In relation to APS products it’s hard not to instaly nod towards their Dragonfly pistol and CO2 shotgun.


Their shell ejecting CO2 powered M870 style shotgun provides a satisfying “boom” when cycled and naturally proves very popular with the three gun sport shooting community.


IMG_4887The latest version of the Dragonfly has been warmly recieved and there are a selection of quality independant reviews on YouTube showing the current feedback (Gunsmith BATON, YouTube).

Designed as their best GBB pistol yet and running on CO2 it’s pokey, powerful and doesn’t suffer from cooling issues. The CO2 magazine will get around 60 shots per gas charge and I’m kicking myself for not getting a photo of the grips on the Dragonfly to upload for this but I’ll dig one out later. The grips are are all stippled by hand, not moulded, and the finish accordingly slightly is different for each one.

Kryptek is strongly in fashion in all versions and colours and there are a number of custom paint jobs available. The sport version of their rifles stand out from the crowd espeicially in some of the custom colours on show.


On show were tow new custom shotguns, a Kryptek custom M870 and a licensed Salient Arms 870 with custom Magpul grip and stock.


At the event I also had the pleasure to meet contacts from around the world including Adrian and Angela from 0’20 Magazine, Alan from Toy Soldier,Brian from, Eric from, Robert from, Kobahashi from Fireplace, Alan from Combat King, Zero from Poseidon and Larry form Centurions and many many more…

I have a lot more to write and some a lot more photos to sift through but it’s time for me to pack my bags, head down to the lobby and prepare for a flight home. Handlily this gives me time to get some a larger article up.

20$Bandit: Core Nano on Kickstarter

Just in from Eric (aka 20$Bandit who runs is news of his second Kickstarter project. We backed his last design and can’t help but recommend his next project:

Introducing the CORE Nano: A Rugged, Compact, lightweight wallet that seeks adventure!

At the beginning of the year we set off to make something revolutionary, a wallet that you could carry your cash, cards and ID in as well as EDC (Every Day Carry) gear items, a wallet that you could carry in an urban environment or the back pocket of your Crye G3 Combat Pant!

After six long months of hard work we got a green light, so lets kick the tires and light the fires KICKSTARTER campaign is a go!

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  • C2E2 2015 – Cosplay Celebration – Pt 1
    Autodesk made this possible! Check out their FREE photo editing app PIXLR:

    Hang with us at
    C2E2 2015 – Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

  • C2E2 2015 – Cosplay Celebration – Pt 2
    Autodesk made this possible! Check out their FREE photo editing app PIXLR:

    Hang with us at
    C2E2 2015 – Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

  • Warzone Battle Simulation Events – Operation Tombstone Milsim – Promo
    This Summer Warzone Battle Simulation Events

    Brings to you OPERATION Tombstone

    LOCATION: MOD Village

    DATE: Summer 2015

  • Upcoming Events LIVE SHOW!!! – Airsoft GI
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  • Road to Rostov – Part 1 [Boots on the Ground] Airsoft
    George, Roger, Miguel and Not Shades took the HMMWV to participate in MSW Road to Rostov. This 40 hour immersion game was pretty crazy, especially with all the real world HMMWV maintenance.

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  • GunnyTime Season 1 Episode 4 Preview
    Tanks for Nothin’ – The Gunny pays a visit to Marine Corps base Camp Pendleton to check in with the grunts and check out the M79 LAW (Light Anti Armor Weapon). Then, The Gunny heads back out to the range with WWII weapons expert Gary Archer, to see what the Brits and his Boys the Marine’s were using to take out tanks back in the day.
  • AirSplat Sponsored Review – ARES Amoeba 013 Modular Airsoft Rifle – RJ from Airsoft Gear Guide
    ARES Amoeba Carbine 013 Modular AEG FDE – $279.99

    ARES Amoeba Carbine 013 Modular AEG BLK – $279.99

    - Velocity: 370 fps (0.2g BB) / Range 110-130 feet
    - Barrel Length: 16 inches / 45cm
    - Magazine Capacity: 300 Rounds
    - ARES Electronic Trigger System and Micro Switch
    - Compatible With the ARES Electronic Gearbox Programmer
    - Nylon Fiber Receivers
    - Tight Bore Inner Barrel Installed

  • REVIEW ADC CQB Evolution Airsoft
    Review ADC CQB Evolution Airsoft

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  • Fire Dragon Fuel on Indiegogo – Main Feature
    FireDragon Fuel is the perfect companion whatever your outdoor pursuit. FireDragon is a waterproof, lightweight and environmentally friendly fire-lighting fuel that you can rely on whatever the weather. NO STINK, NO SPILL, NO FUSS
  • Magpul ShotShow 2015 Part 2
    Magpul presents some of their many new products for the year: AK furniture and magazines, Hunter 700 stock, Glock magazines, Dye ready P-Mags, and the PMAG D-60 Drum magazine
    Brought to you by:
  • 308 Build list Presented by 3 Media Group)
    308 Build list Presented by

    Brands Include:
    Aero Precision
    Teal Blue Bravo LLC
    Midwest Industries
    Lantac USA
    Faxon Firearms
    Aim Surplus BCG
    Magpul Grip

    Please stay tuned for the Precision Testing coming soon. I am excited to see how well this setup groups.

    Music used: Aduro by Jens Kiilstofte

    Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

    Copyright© Shwell11 and Angry Baby Productions

  • What is the Most Important Tool You Have on the Airsoft Field? | Airsoftology Mondays
    In this show we cover: Stolen Valor on the airsoft field, the #1 tool to have whenever you are playing, crazy flash hiders and why are there strange sounds?????

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  • P90 & AR57 Tactical Gear Heads (Viewer Discretion Advised) – Airsoft GI
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    The AR57 and P90 are great choices if you want something that’s ‘not just another M4′ and want to be more unique on the airsoft battlefield. One of the challenges is the longer length of the magazine which is why the Condor MOLLE Modular Chest Rig was picked to easily allow 4 P90 magazines to fit side by side. To carry more gear and equipment the Condor Gen. II Battle Belt is used that offers more MOLLE real estate along with the flexibility to use when desired. Connected to the battle belt is the Condor Tornado drop leg holster that allows almost any pistol to be holstered due to the flexibility it offers. See the list below for all the guns and gear seen in this videos.

    Echo 1 Fully Licensed AR57 Full Metal AEG Airsoft Gun:

    FN Herstal P90 Tactical (by King Arms) AEG Airsoft Gun:

    ASG CZ P-09 Duty GBB Pistol Airsoft Gun:

    Condor MOLLE Modular Chest Rig:

    Condor MOLLE Single P90/UMP Pouch:

    Condor Gen II Battle Belt:

    Condor Tactical Duty Belt:

    Condor MOLLE Single Pistol Magazine Pouch:

    Condor M4/M16 Magazine Pocches:

    Condor Tornado Drop Leg Holster:

  • WE ACR MSK Gas BlowBack Airosft Rifle – AirSplat On Demand
    WE ACR MSK Gas Blowback Rifle Black – $311.99

    WE ACR MSK Gas Blowback Rifle Tan – $311.99

    - Velocity: 370 fps (0.2 g BB) / Range 150-170 feet
    - Barrel Length: 16 inches / 40 cm
    - Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds
    - Modeled after the Remington ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle)
    - Flip Up Sights Included
    - Side Folding Retractable Stock
    - Metal Upper Assembly

    Like the real ACR, the WE Tech MSK features a polymer lower receiver assembly and a metal upper assembly. Like their M4 gas blowback series, these bolts also lock back with an empty magazine for quick easy and realistic reloads.

  • Magpul ShotShow 2015 Part 1
    Magpul presents some of their many new products for the year: MLOK attachment system, armorer’s tools, QDM padded sling, and MBUS Pro LR adjustable sights
    Brought to you by:
  • Thumper on the Bumper Airsoft & Milsim News – May 4
    The latest airsoft and milsim news and comments from Thumpy, including a weekend events wrap-up, and follow up from the commentary on using civilian vehicles in milsim games, in place of their real-mil counterparts.

    Links for this Thumper on the Bumper:

    Lion Claws series:
    Booligan Airsoft:
    Booligan’s YouTube Channel:
    Shoutouts to
    BINGO Airsoftworks:
    GI Tactical Virginia:

    THUMPER ON THE BUMPER, a news and comments vlog to get you up-to-date on Airsoft and MilSim in the USA and around the world.

    Want your business or team in the vlog? Send us your swag! and ask for details!

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  • Backyard Review: G&G GR25 Airsoft Sniper Airsoft -ASTKilo23-
    Here with another backyard review. This time on the G&G GR25 AEG. Enjoy!

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: May 3, 2015

  • Airsoft Warfare Section8, Scotland HD
    At Section8 the players love Pyro, so we use a lot of smoke bombs, grenades & flash bangs usually it’s made by Enola Gay. A short but sweet video.
    Connect With Scout

    Instagram: Instagram

  • Backyard Review: Snow Wolf Barrett Airsoft Sniper Rifle -ASTKilo23-
    I’m trying to get back to my backyard review series with the nicer weather that’s been rolling around. First up is the Snow Wolf Barrett. Enjoy!
    Link to the awesome facebook page:

  • Thumper on the Bumper – Airsoft and MilSim News and Comment
    It’s time to catch up on the latest headlines, events and what’s happening across the USA for Airsoft and Milsim with THUMPY! Sparky the WonderJeep is getting armored up, big events are happening this weekend…and we wrap up the GI Tactical Virginia 2nd Anniversary Trip with more videos.

    Links for this edition of TOTB:

    Marine Corps League:
    GI Tactical:
    BINGO Airsoftworks:
    Lancer Tactical:
    Lion Claws Events:
    Ballahack Airsoft:

    THUMPER ON THE BUMPER, a news and comments vlog to get you up-to-date on Airsoft and MilSim in the USA and around the world.

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  • ZShot Inc. "Love the Game" Mini Series — Ep.01, Let’s Ride!
    We love airsoft. And in this mini series we will explore ways we can play and love the sport even more. Subscribe to stay updated!
  • First Light USA ShotShow 2015
    First Light USA gives an overview of both their classics and their latest tactical flashlight products:
    Brought to you by:
  • Intial Testing of the TBB & TGL .308 Collaboration Build is live. Still Beta testing, but anyone can join!

    The table and chair were in Mud. And the damn Bipod is a piece of JUNK.. I only use the Bipod for pictures, but didnt have anything else available. The table and chair were sinking under my fat ass the entire time. Please stay tuned for the actual precision shooting test

    This build is inspired by Bill and Mike from Teal Blue Bravo LLC and Brought to you by…

    Aero Precision
    Midwest Industries
    Faxon Firearms

    Stay Tuned for the full Video Overview of the build.. Coming Soon!

    Copyright© Shwell11 and Angry Baby Productions

  • JRAK ATEI licensed Costa signature pistol debut
    JRAK ATEI licensed Costa signature pistol debut. It’s manufactured by RA TECH, and replicated Costa logo and ATEI trade mark.
    kick hard but smooth, great gbb pistol!
  • RA TECH custom G17 LV2 debut
    RA TECH release a new custom option for you! G17 LV2 debut now! upgrade items as follow, steel slide, steel outer barrel,magwell,fram,steel sights,reinforced spring guide tube and spring, steel hammer, and steel trigger set.
  • ZShot/Ares/Amoeba at GI Tactical Virginia – Thumpy Airsoft News
    Great interview with our buddy Wallace Lau from ZShot at the GI Tactical Virginia 2nd year anniversary event. One of the true innovators in American airsoft, Wallace give us updates on new products on the way, new licenses and those amazing Amoeba guns…plus a state-of-the-business update, too!

    Catch all the latest news and products from Z SHOT:

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  • How to install the Spectre RDP threaded barrel
    Here is a quick and easy video of how to install the new threaded barrel set for your RDP!

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  • Bravo Airsoft P10 and P15 Flashlight/Laser – AirSplat On Demand
    BRAVO Airsoft P10 Flashlight and Red Laser Black – $29.99

    BRAVO Airsoft P10 Flashlight and Red Laser FDE – $29.99

    - Approximately 70 Lumen Output
    - Plastic Construction
    - Individually Controlled Laser and Light
    - 6 LR44 Batteries Required (NOT Included)

    BRAVO Airsoft P15 Flashlight and Green Laser Black – $59.99

    BRAVO Airsoft P15 Flashlight and Green Laser FDE – $59.99

    - Approximately 280 Lumen Output
    - Plastic Construction
    - Momentary, Constant On, and Strobe modes
    - Pressure Pad Included
    - 2 CR123 Batteries Required (NOT Included)

  • Jack Bauer’s Pistol – Tokyo Marui Universal Self-Loading Pistol – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    If you’re a fan of Airsoft and you’re watching a TV Series like 24, you can’t help but look at the gun he uses most of the time, which is why you’ll instantly recognize the Universal Self-Loading Pistol Compact. Tim now has a chance to see what it’s like to be Jack Bauer himself, rescuing Quake from the evil clutches of an unknown enemy and eventually finding time to review it.

    Link to the Tokyo Marui Pistol:

    Link to review of MilSim CQB & Training Center:

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: May 1, 2015

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: April 29, 2015

  • Logun Solo .22 Long Range Shooting
    Long range shots with an 11.4 ft lb Logun Solo air rifle. Myself and my friend Al took turns calling/spotting targets operating the camera and firing. The weapon is .22 calibre, I used Air Arms Diablo Field pellets. Ranges of targets filmed varies from 35 to 100 metres. The targets are day-glow orange and measure 3.5 inches across at the widest part, and are each 5 inches tall. Shots were taken from a rested position. My scope is a fixed zoom 4 X 40 PA wide angle with a duplex cross-hair.

    NOTE: I own the commercial and non commercial use rights to the music. Music by Johobo2 on Newgrounds.

  • GHK keymod
  • GHK KeyMod install
    GHK keymod 安裝簡易 且裝上後不晃動

    GHK Keymod MOD1, MOD2, 8" inner barrel released today.
    CNC processed Keymod, with anodized surface treatment.
    Contact distributors if you have any inquiry.

  • 1Up Box Unboxing April 2015
    crazyncman airsoft review videos.

    crazyncman airsoft on Facebook.

    crazyncman airsoft website and store.

    community airsoft funding.

  • Bingo Airsoftworks Prototype Airsoft Gun @ GI Tactical Virginia
    The MASTER of custom direct-air guns has his own prototype gun that is about to burst onto the airsoft scene. Lots of love and hate, but people have hardly seen it or know the details…until now! Thumpy goes hands on and one-on-one with Rudy from Bingo, who explains what his new baby is, and what is its NOT!

    Get Details at BINGO AIRSOFTWORKS on the web:

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  • Live Show w/ KRYTAC Tim – Airsoft GI
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  • Battery Free LED Flashlight Driver – SJR Looper V4
    I have made some more progress with the SJR L circuit. I have some more pot cores coming to test different sizes and materials. I think I need to go back and test using the copper foil within the coil instead of the air capacitor. Those of you who have followed this project will know what I am talking about.
    Schematic coming soon at:
    Ready made prototypes at Tesla Maker:
  • El airsoft de ICS en Discovery Channel
  • RedWolf Tim Interviews Russo – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    Russo always has a huge part to play at AMS events and RedWolf Tim was happy to hear that Russo had time for a quick interview.
  • AirSplat at Lion Claws Op: Lighting Strike – MilSim Gameplay Airsoft Footage
    AirSplat sent RJ & Airsoft Simulations out to Lion Claws OP: Lighting Strike IV in Williamsport, MD to represent AirSplat the entire weekend! They did a fantastic job with their AirSplat booth setup and got lots of gameplay footage with the new ARES Amoeba 013 Honey Badger & AirSplat Signature Custom PolarStar MP7 we sent out to them. There were over 250+ players in attendance!

    AirSplat donated over $780+ in raffle prizes and goodies to the event, including a WE G-Force 19 Gas Blowback Pistol STG, Flyye LB Chest Rig Khaki, and Flyye Battle Belt 2 Khaki. Hope everyone had a great time out there at this event and another shoutout to RJ and his team for great AirSplat representation and media coverage! Visit our Facebook Album for more pictures from the event.

    For more information on past events visit our events page at:

  • Tac City 3 Gun Competition
    Come on down and check out Tac City airsoft 3 gun competition on 5/2/2015 8:00 AM at Tac City Fullerton.
  • Ares Breath and EFFIN-A Comps on Full Auto!
    Footage from SHRTW in NH of the ARES BREATH and EFFIN-A Comps on Full Auto!
  • Project Mjolnir KC-02 Beginning Phase (HD)
    Big thanks to GBBC:
    Grabbed kit from:
    Hopefully this project works out!
  • G&G Armament CM16 SR XL (日本語)
    Follow us

    For more information, please visit our website

    VISIT for more information on Drop Wing mount and light compatibility.
  • GI Tactical Virginia 2nd Anniversary with Thumpy
    Thumpy and the gang headed north to the big GI Tactical Virginia 2nd Anniversary Bash April 25. We spent some time talking with the staff of the store about what’s on tap for 2015, how they are helping to spread the safety message, and grow the community, teams and fields.

    To see more of the GI Tactical coverage:

    Thumpy’s Airsoft News and Comment on

    Thumpy’s 3D House of Airsoft SCOOP.IT News:

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    Thumpy on Facebook:

  • Apple Shot Off Volunteer’s Head with Sniper Rifle – ASG M40A3 – William Tell – Airsoft GI
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    Check out the ASG M40A3:

    The legend of William Tell is well known for shooting an apple of the head of a volunteer with a bow and arrow. We attempt to replicate this with an airsoft sniper rifle! Can we shoot an apple off of Marcus’ head from 100 ft? How about 150ft? Or even 200ft? Be sure to check out the ASG M40A3, a VERY accurate airsoft sniper rifle.

    Please Note: Do not attempt this any anyway whatsoever. This video was conducted by trained professionals.

  • TacDaddy Talks Outbreak Shootout 2015 with TGL
    TacDaddy Talks Outbreak Shootout 2015 with TGL

    Description update coming soon.

    Copyright© Shwell11 and Angry Baby Productions

  • Tac City Airsoft 3-Gun Shootout II Competition Teaser – AirSplat Sponsored Event
    Tac City Airsoft 3-Gun Shootout II Competition Teaser – AirSplat Sponsored Event
    Tac City Airsoft is having their second 3-Gun Shootout Competition in Fullerton, CA! Spectators are welcome to attend and cheer for their favorite players! Join us on May 2nd from 9am-3pm.

    Tac City South
    2430 Artesia Ave
    Fullerton, CA 92833
    (657) 888-6111

Latest videos from our YouTube subscriptions: April 26, 2015

  • Shoei FG42 T1 1504 25
    Shoei FG42 T1 1504-25
  • Spare Range Test Footage
    Airsoft hurts…
  • 39rps Monster Airsoft Gun! SHS High Speed Motor Review/Install -ASTKilo23-
    Today I’ll be installed the SHS High Speed long type motor into my Echo 1 MP5A4. In the last video, I installed the SHS 12:1 ratio high speed gear set. The combination of the two should prove to be pretty fun!

    Pick one up at

    Check out the previous video to see the SHS 12:1 gear set:

  • Overview of Metal Pistol Grips for TM Hi-Capa (HD)
    Oh man, tried my best…hope this helps someone out! If you enjoy the channel, donations are welcomed :P
    As for where to buy grips google these names,
    UAC Aluminum Blaster, Airsoft Masterpiece Type R7, AKA Aluminum Custom Grip, and Prime Hi-Capa Grips (Tons of different variations..mostly INFINITY though!)
  • AIRSOFT KJW SIG Sauer P226 Slow Motion
    Slow Mo of my friend Al’s P226, it’s his usual sidearm and has been working for years. So we decided a slow mo of it was on the cards, including randomly putting it in front of a lighter for giggles.

    NOTE: I own the commercial and non commercial use rights to the music. Music by Johobo2 on Newgrounds.

  • Marine South Expo 2015 @ Camp Lejeune, NC
    Thumpy takes you inside the big tent for one of the trio of annual Marine Corps Expos, where today’s troops get to meet manufacturers and give their input on weapons and equipment they use. Links to some of the exhibitors you’ll see:

    SAAB Weapons Systems:

    RAPID MOHOC Camera System:

    Prox Dynamics Black Hornet Drone System:

    Baja Designs Lighting:

    Condition Zero Mounts:

    Thumpy’s Airsoft News and Comment:

    Thumpy’s News on SCOOP.IT:

  • The Final Assault – BB Wars Episode 1: A New Dawn – Part 3 – Airsoft GI Gameplay
    ►►► Enjoy the video? Follow the link to subscribe: ◄◄◄

    After being captured by Daniel and barely escaping an harrowing fate, Bob the Axe Man learns of the Empire’s plan to transport nuclear material through Delta 14 and mobilizes his forces to intercept the Imperial Convoy to stop their plans. Will the Rebels be able to stop the Imperial Forces or will the Empire come out victorious?

    1. Protect/Capture the Drug Lord
    2. Control as many buildings as possible by the end of the game.
    3. Destroy enemy command post
    4. Capture enemy commader

    BB Wars Episode 1: A New Dawn took place at D14 in Sanger, Texas which hosted a MASSIVE +550 player airsoft game. Special thanks to D14, KWA, Bioval, and Jag Precision for helping to make this event possible, stay tuned for more parts coming soon!

    Jag Precision:

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  • How to Make the Locked Chainmail Bar (Paracord) Bracelet by TIAT
    Paracord Critters Book Link: The Locked Chainmail Bar integrates the look of divided chainmail with lateral "locks" that bind the "chains" of the bar in place. Utilizing a series of alternating circled and locked bights to complete the piece, the finished tie makes a firm bracelet, strap, or collar!

    Genre: Paracord Bracelet
    By: Tying It All Together
    Design: JD Lenzen

  • AMS Operation Copperhead Gameplay Footage Part 2 – Airsoft Obsessed
    Equipment used in this video:

    HK 416LE:

    G&P Dbal:

    Elite Force .32 Milsim Max BB’s:

    Mechanix Gloves:

    Enola Gaye Smoke:

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    A very special thanks to our sponsors:
    We ARE Elite Force Pro Staff. What’s in YOUR Mag?
    Elite Force Airsoft:\

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  • WE Tech P-Virus F226 Gas Airsoft Pistol – AirSplat On Deamand
    WE Tech P-Virus F226 Gas Airsoft Pistol – $169.99

    - Velocity: 315 fps (0.2 g BB) / Range 70-90 feet
    - Barrel Length: 5 inches / 12 cm
    - Magazine Capacity: 30 Rounds
    - Functional Decocker
    - Full Metal Construction
    - Extended Capacity Magazine
    - Polished Slide, Trigger, Mag Release and Slide Lock

  • Zombie Brain Buster! – Tokyo Marui Barry Burton Model Ver. 2 – RedWolf Airsoft RWTV
    Barry Burton from the Biohazard Revelations series has had a lot of experience killing zombies, so when Tokyo Marui modeled their latest pistol after his version, Tim jumped at the chance to shoot some zombies himself but then was eaten to death in the process.

    Here’s a link to the Tokyo Marui Barry Burton Pistol:

  • Review of LoneWolf Timberwolf – JAG Precision
    Tang goes over the LoneWolf Timberwolf and compares the 9mm firearm to the 6mm Airsoft version to show they are very close.

    Lonewolf Facebook:

    (208) 448-0600

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  • SIRT Training pistols at NRA show – JAG Precision TV
    While at the NRA show in Tennesse Tang checked out the SIRT booth which is a laser training tool for trigger control and other uses.

    Check out the SIRT Facebook here:

    Post Office Box 14
    Ashaway, Rhode Island
    (401) 377-8184

    Visit the BLOG to see more from the East Coast Trip by JAG Precision:
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