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In from Frog at APS Airsoft is a video of their new EMG Noveske Shorty which I have included below:

EMG NOVESKE GEN.4 10.5″ SBR Shorty airsoft training rifle! See how it’s perform!! 🔥

#emg #noveske #shorty #trainingrifle #aeg #esilveredgeSDU2 #electricgearbox #selectablefiringmode


Kitanica: Mark VI

Sounding more and more like an Iron Man suit the Kitanica range has been improved with the new Mark VI with includes side zips. It’snot cheap, but they are highly regarded (and loved by people like Adam Savage):



LCT Airsoft, Z series for AK lineup launched

LCT Airsoft have launched their latest Z series for the AK range, also included are a couple of videos showing their manufacture process:


Dear Sir, LCT launch the latest Z series parts for AK !!!

In order to give the best feedback for the players who love LCT products, the sale price is favorable, the quality is beyond imagination.

Pic Products name Pic Products name
ZA-1 Slingmount ZB-19 Upper Handguard “Classic”
ZB-10MHandguard “Classic” ZB-30 Handguard “Classic”
ZB-11 Handguard “Classic” ZB-31 Upper Handguard “Classic”
ZB-13 Rail Platform Above Reciever “Classic” ZB-33 Dust Cover “Classic”
ZB-16 Rail ZPT-1 Buttstock “Classic”
ZB-18 Rail ZPT-3 Buttstock “Classic”
ZDTK-2 Muzzle Brake(24×1.5mm R) ZRK-0 Grip
ZDTK-2L Muzzle Brake(14 x 1.0 L) ZRK-1 Grip
ZDTK PUTNIK Silencer For AK(24×1.5mm R) ZRK-2 Grip
ZDTK-4 Silencer (14 x 1.0 L) ZRK-3 Rear Grip

(material: Alumimum)

ZDTK-4P Silencer (24×1.5mm R) ZRK-3S SLSL-Torque Motor Slim+

Slim Rear Grip

(material: Alumimum)

ZRP-1 charging handle ZRK-6 Grip
ZRP-2 charging handle

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information, Mandy( ) / Bella ( ). Our official social media as below, just follow it to get the latest news! Thank you and best regards,

Bella Chen, ( Executive Assistant to CEO,  Li Cheng Technique Business Company)

APS: eSilver Edge with SDU 2.0 chip

APS Airsoft have a new awesome gearbox out there’s a video to show you how it works too:

APS currently create our new gear box with selectable firing mode feature! The new model of the gear box is called: eSilver Edge with SDU 2.0 chip.

The firing mode as follows:
Mode 1: Single / Full-Auto
Mode 2: Single / 3 rounds burst
Mode 3: Double Tap / Full-Auto
Mode 4: 3 rounds burst / Full-Auto
Mode 5: 3 rounds burst / 9 rounds burst
Please take a watch how this gear box work in this video:

This gear box currently already installed in the new EMG x Noveske Gen.4 SBR rifle and OEM by APS.
Best Regards, Joe  (APS Airsoft)

LCT Airsoft glam up your VAL and VSS

LCT Airsoft have accessories out for the VAL and VSS they’d like us to know about:

Dear Sir, Do you know are there any accessories for AS VAL and VSS ?

Photo Product name
unnamed-71 PK-372 V-Quick Spring Change Gearbox Shell

(9mm Bearing )

Fit for LCT AS VAL, VSS, SR-3, SR-3M AEG.
unnamed-72 PK-377 V-Quick Spring Change Gearbox

(9mm Bearing )

unnamed-73 PK-227 40mm Silencer Rail Adapter
unnamed-74 PK-232 AS VAL Handguard (Dark Red)
unnamed-78 PK-233 VSS Vintorez Handguard (BK)
unnamed-79 PK-256 PSO1 Scope Mount Extender

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information, Mandy( ) / Bella ( ) (LCT Airsoft)

LCT weekly news, weathered grips

LCT Airsoft have sent over photos of their weathered AK series grips:


Dear Sir,

LCT AEGs series which with fully realistic external is absolutely your best choice for war game and collections.

High Quality LCT AEGs which are made by Full Steel is the best choice for aged finish (weathering) in the market.

Photo Product name Note
unnamed-68 PK-59 LCKMSU Wooden Lower Handguard Fit


unnamed-69 LCKS74UN Wooden Lower Handguard Fit


unnamed-70 LCKS74UN Upper Handguard-With Gas Tube

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information, Mandy / Bella (LCT Airsoft)


LCT Airsoft: LC-3 and retractable stock

LCT Airsoft have sent over trials of their LC-3 with retractable stock:

Hi Sir, The LC-3 with A4 Retractable stock is your best partner, no matter which is the CQB or long-distance battle field.

Photo Product name Note
unnamed-9 LC003

Wide Handguard (BK)

There have the large room for battery when take off the heat sink in handguard.
unnamed-10 LC004

Wide Handguard (GR)

unnamed-66 LC027

LC-3 Bipod

unnamed-67 LC035

Retractable Stock

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information, Mandy( ) / Bella ( )

Thank you and best regards, (LCT Airsoft)


LCT, new video and TX Baby restock

LCT Airsoft have a new video (wanna see AK parts being pressed old school style?) and their TX Baby is back in stock:

Hi Sirs, TX BABY restock now!!! More light, easily carry, equipped with tactical rail handguard which be assembled the accessories you want.

Pic Product name Noted
unnamed-65.jpg TX Baby AEG Limited edition!!!


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information, Mandy ( LCT Airsoft)

A2 July Update

A2 Supplies have sent in their July update:

Back once again! through some miracle we survived the dreaded UK heatwave and live on to bring you more airsoft goodness! With our Range undergoing its final touches we thought we’d showcase some exciting and downright awesome new products to keep you all entertained!

EMG Hudson H9:

Kicking things off, we’ve got a pistol that’s NOT just another fancy EU or 1911!? What is this madness? This Madness is the brand spanking new Hudson H9 by EMG! For those of you not in the know this Sci-Fi looking sidearm is considered the natural evolution of the 1911 Platform, taking things to the next level and cross breeding it with more modern striker fired square profile pistols to bring you a pistol that is sleek, stylish and highly ergonomic with familiar controls to boot!

This full metal pistol is available in both Black and FDE and features full Hudson Trademarks for extra realism! What also makes this pistol great is unlike the iconic 1911, the H9 sports a double stack magazine allowing you to keep up with most airsoft sidearms on the market! Although the trigger is considered a little odd due to the in built safety, with a little use its easy to get used to! Time to ditch that boring old EU pistol, time to upgrade to one of these seriously slick gas blow back sidearms!

Tokyo Marui Lightening Hawk:

Calling all Resident Evil fans! Its that time again! The Masterminds over at Tokyo Marui have gifted us with yet another Resident Evil Collectors Gun, happy days! Featured in the Latest Resident Evil 2 remake, the Lightening Hawk is a cannon of a handgun which in game turns zombies and G-mutant monsters into a fleshy Jam! Unfortunately the airsoft replica does not turn your opponents into piles of gore, but it does look insanely cool! If you’re thinking of taking it out on the field we salute you!

Arriving in a cool Kendo Custom gun shop Crate, inside you will find the pistol in all its glory! Coming equipped with 2 barrels, a standard length Silver barrel with a fibre optic style front sight, and the monstrous 10inch “Magnaport Custom” barrel for when you really want to reach out and annihilate things! The 10 inch barrel comes equipped with rails so yes, you can stick a scope on it if you so wish! Being a limited edition collectors pistol, don’t expect it to hang about for long so grab yours today!

EMG/STI DVC 3-Gun 2011:

Isn’t that a mouthful for a Fancy pants Hi-capa? Another fantastic offering from EMG, this pistol is replica of the famed pistol from STI International featuring full trademarks.Featuring sleek race gun aesthetics in the form of a flared magwell, threaded barrel andlightening cuts on the slide, the gun also boasts a stippled ergonomic lower to allow the user better control when handling the pistol.

With Armorer Works in its Pedigree, the cycling action is both fast and extremely snappy. Designed primarily for use in Practical Pistol/3-gun competitions, the STI 2011 also features a slightly extended 28rd Magazine with increased gas capacity. For those of you who prefer to hunt down moving human shaped targets out on the field (Be it indoors or outdoors) then this pistol wouldn’t feel out of place on your belt! Its time to unleash your wannabe Baba-Yaga (or in Kris’ case Blubber Yaga) with this Tacticool Hi-Capa! 

Its the summer holidays! Screaming kids everywhere! The horror!? Oh god the horror! You need something to take your mind off of things… How about a new gun? A perfect excuse to get out the house and get a skirmish in! Time to treat yourself to one of these awesome new pistols whilst stocks last! BUT WAIT THERES MORE! Stay tuned for some exciting range news over the next few days! Hit us up over on facebook or keep your eyes peeled over on our website:


Mark Jerrom
Media Manager
A2 Supplies Ltd.

Gunfire: New products from Madbull, Nuprol, Tokio Marui and more!

Screenshot 2019-08-02 at 21.52.26.pngGunfire have a selection of new stock from various places and a new video:

Take advantage of the last days of discounts up to -75% on over 3500 products!

Gunfire TV:



King Arms news 2019/08/02

Here’s all the latest from Jackson at King Arms:

2019-08-02 17.03.20Our Striker Series are now available!!!

It’s good for shooting & customizing
Get yourself a Striker & strike everywhere!!!

King Arms M4 Striker Series…

#KingArms #Airsoft #AirsoftWorld #AirsoftCommunity #Striker#M4Striker #StrikeEverywhere

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2019-08-02 17.02.12Know your Python .357 Revolver

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2019-08-02 17.01.34How fast can you disassembly & reassembly a gun like this?

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unnamed-6Another amazing PDW custom, good job!

Keep customize our guns & send the pics to us
We will share them here for you.

#KingArms #Airsoft #AirsoftWorld #AirsoftCommunity #PDW#KA_PDW #PDW9mmSBR #KA_CUSTOMGUNS

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2019-08-02 16.59.43M3 Tactical Series, the SMG you use for counter attack.

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2019-08-02 16.59.08New Black Rain Ordnance short version, good for your CQB game.

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unnamed-7Let the Python .357 shine above you.
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unnamed-8Whole black pistol of PG-21 & PG-23, for the one loves black a lot.
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LCT Airsoft new AK mag well spacer and release catch

LCT Airsoft have sent over details of their new mag well spacer and release catch, videos and images are included below:

Do you know there is a secret components can “loading” and “unloading” magazine more faster?

Which can let you quickly changing magazines during the combat and let you feeling smoothly!!

Pic Products name Note
unnamed-63 PK-170 AK Magwell Spacer Fit for all LCT AK AEG
unnamed-64 PK-343 LCK12 Trigger Guard Set Quick-Detach Fit for all LCT AK AEG

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information,

Mandy( ) / Bella ( ) LCT Airsoft

APS Noveske Gen4 with eSilver Edge SDU

So what’s better than a Noveske styled rifle? Well one with funky electrics in it and 5 different firing modes all controlled by a swanky new microprocessor and gearbox mechanism. Checkout the latest from APS:

EBB weekly news from LCT Airsoft

LCT Airsoft have some new EBB kit out and have sent over a new video or two showing their blowback mechanisms:

Dear Sir, Are you still waiting for EBB ?? The strength of EBB you would easily to know through the video!! Do not miss the opportunity!!

Some model with EBB / EBB kit be released already as below, we will launch more models with EBB in coming months.


Pics. LCT No. Website Link
unnamed-48 RPK EBB web link
unnamed-49 TX-MIG EBB
unnamed-50 LCK74M EBB
unnamed-51 LCKM Economy EBB
unnamed-52 TK104 EBB
unnamed-54 LTS-Keymod-13.5 EBB
unnamed-55 LTS-Keymod-9.5 EBB
unnamed-56 LCKM EBB
unnamed-57 LCK74 EBB
unnamed-58 TX-M EBB
unnamed-59 TX-63 EBB
unnamed-60 LCKM-63 EBB
unnamed-61 PK-331 AK EBB Kit (L) web link
unnamed-62 PK-332 AK EBB Kit (S) web link

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information, Mandy( ) / Bella ( )

(LCT Airsoft)

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Forged: Don’t tread on Pratt

unnamed-4Chris Pratt wearing a shirt from Forged was doing the rounds on social media with erroneous comments hung from it. Naturally Forged want to set the record straight. I’ve never known the flag or the snake logo to be anything other than a reference to the marines and military history (have a read over here) and whilst media interviews equally aren’t always a wonderful source of truth Pratt has never come across as anything other than a decent guy in them.
I guess the short story is Forged make some decent shirts with stylist logos (buy a few and support them), and don’t believe all the rubbish that’s printed or published in the media!

We at Forged would like to address the baseless accusations against Chris Pratt and claims that he supports white supremacy because he wears our “Don’t Tread On Me” t-shirt.


First and foremost, Forged is a Navy SEAL-founded, patriotic, and military-inspired brand. As we fought for our country, many of us wore the 1st Navy Jack flag on the sleeves of our uniforms, which the Gadsden military-authorized flag is based on. This incredibly powerful symbol was one of the first flags flown by our Continental Navy since 1776 and is still widely used by our military forces today.


We want to set the record straight on the FORGED® Gadsden Flag t-shirt (aka -RESURGENCE).
We have re-released this design today to show our support for Chris, and to clarify the design and meaning behind the design on one of our most popular t-shirts.


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