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Airsoft replica 9A-91 by NPO “AEG”

Anyone fancy a NPO 9A91? Here’s a new overview of the NPO AEG by the manufacturers themselves:

APS: Phantom Extremis Mark VI

APS have a new video of their Phantom Extremis Mark VI up now:

APS Phantom Extremis Mark VI

  • Power up to 350 FPS
  • Rate of Fire 600-650 (8.4v)
  • CRS Buttstock
  • Dynamic Handstop Type B
  • Sound blaster Type B
  • 6” Evo. Tech. Handguard



Femme Fatale Airsoft: Viper Tactical VX Buckle Up Chest Rig

From Femme Fatale Airsoft has posted a video fo the Viper Tactical VX Buckle Up Chest Rig for everyone to enjoy:

LCT Airsoft weekly update

In amongst the other bits we’ve shared on LCT Airsoft this week they have some new parts for their EBB PP-19-01 rifles:

Hello Sir, The parts for PP-19-01 EBB you have other choices…


Bella Chen (LCT Airsoft)

How it’s made: PolarStar Kythera Nozzles

Always love a video showing manufacturing processes. Here’s new Kythera nozzles rolling off the CNC units at PolarStar Airsoft:

We’ve been running the Miyano 24/7 to crank out Kythera nozzles. Three turrets in this machine lets it do the frontside and backside work on two different nozzles simultaneously. (PolarStar Airsoft)

Tornado Bluetooth Chronograph

In at GunFire is the latest version of the Tornado chronograph, now with bluetooth. Crumbs I remember sitting there years ago with an old paintball chrono and a spreadsheet to record and read data off for reviews!

The latest version of the Tornado chronograph is equipped with a Bluetooth 2.0 module that allows you to connect the device with a dedicated application and control functions with your phone. The product has a clear LCD and is powered by a 400mAh battery. (GunFire)

Full specs on their page or after the break.

Read the rest of this entry » Angel Custom Hornet Tracer Unit

Checkout the Angel Custom Hornet Tracer Unit available over at Airsoft Evike!

KSC STRAC Rifle (ERG) to be released March 18th

KSC have announced (on their Facebook page) their ERG will be out on March 18:

The release date of the new product “truck seriously rifle” with a serious coil unit is now available on 3/18 (Wed)!


The latest m-lok hand guard to the general raider, “pts ers Mount” and the perfect short magazine to aim for the gun, and the number of 120 Magazine Magazine will be included in the set. And more, the extra element is a very fulfilling package, so please try the unique set-up of the original design.

【on sale on Wednesday, March 18th】

● Z342 truck seriously rifle
Body price ¥ 43,500 (excluding tax)

● G341 truck 80 short magazine (Set of 3)
Body price ¥ 4,300 (excluding tax)

● G340 truck 120 Ren Magazine (Set of 3)
Body price ¥ 4,500 (excluding tax)

※ the spare magazine of the image is sold out, optical sites and bi pods are a reference.


Prowin AR9 Conversion Kit for Marui M4 MWS GBB

DyTac are taking preorders for the AR9 conversions kit for the MWS, it’s out at the end of the month and comes in at 234USD:

WE ARE TAKING PRE-ORDER, Delivery will be made on end of March 2020…/Prowin-AR9-Conversion-Kit-for-M…

Prowin AR9 Conversion Kit for Marui M4 MWS GBB

– Includes: CNC Aluminium AR9 Conversion kit x 1
– New version 47rds Lightweight Glock long magazines ( Marui system ) x 3
– Reinforced Loading Nozzle x 2


Conversion kit only, Marui MWS Rifle not Included



Quake Impact grenades in at Battlezone

Screenshot 2020-03-13 at 20.53.28Battlezone Airsoft have their delivery of the new Quake Impact ‘nades in stock:

Battlezone Airsoft Our delivery of the Quake Impact grenades has arrived.

These are a fantastic new airsoft grenade from the guys at Tectonic Innovations.

They are available as the Quake 4 which has 4 clicks (3 fire & 1 safe) & the Quake 8 which has 8 clicks (7 fire & 1 safe).


We have limited colour options available at the moment, but we have more arriving next week. These new grenades are very popular & will not be in stock for long, so I’d get in quick if I was you.

They are already live on our website or pop in the shop for a closer look.

(Battlezone Airsoft)

Kane tries out the ICS XFG

Fancy mask wearing Kane tries out the ICS XFG pistol:


Recover Tactical: NEW 20/20 Stabilizer & G7 holster

Checkout the new Glock accessories from Recover Tactical!

Hi Sir!  I’m extremely proud and pleased to inform you that the Game-Changing NEW 20/20 Stabilizer & G7 holster system are getting ready to ship!Full Recover Tactical product line.

Have a nice day. All the Best,
Romain Lecosnier, (

Airsoft Taiwan: DNF MK-20 stock for SCAR MK16/17

Checkout the DNF MK-20 stock designed for the VFC SCAR MK17/16 that’s in at Airsoft Taiwan:

Cheap eyewear and sunglasses – SmartBuyGlasses

Screenshot 2020-03-08 at 20.03.24Eyewear is sometimes a must, be it riding motorbikes, driving cars or just when out in the sun at a game or near the field. I come across a few site of interest and tripped over SmartBuyGlasses who have some decent discounts on certain brands. There seems to be discounts for signups and they don’t look like copies or fakes and you can get prescription lenses made up.

Screenshot 2020-03-08 at 20.07.00

KSC: revised P226R (HW) due out 13th March

KSC have announced on their Facebook page that there’s a new version of their P226 rail frame on the way out. It’s due out on the 13th of March:

The Introduction of the real rubber grip and hw material has been decided to re-produce the p226r (hw) that has evolved a lot of real things when you get it!
It is a decision version of the P226 series, which has a new design ” System 7 engine ” which has been beautyful from the muzzle to the cylinder, with the new design ” System 7 engine ” (in Japanese)【released on Friday, March 13th】


●A530 P226R(HW)
Body price ¥ 22,000 (excluding tax)

● G226 25 short magazine
Body price ¥ 3,500 (excluding tax)


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