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Downtime and the repair

Sorry for the downtime, completley unavoidable and out of my hands.

I won’t bore you with the technical stuff but there was a corrupt file int he network configuration which meant that duyring the forum updates when we went to reboot the machine for the first time ever the network went offline, this meant we couldn’t physically route or talk to the machine.

It’s taken until today for us to get access and repair the issue. Now everything is back, I can continue to get the forums fixed. There was a massive upgrade needed to them, Invision (who we lease the software from) provided a custom fix to their UTF8 conversion as the pound signs were lost and a few other special characters when we first ran the upgrade. I’ve run it with their custom code and it just needs checking now to make sure all went well, the skin can be quickly rebuilt and the forums turned back on again.

More good news coming!

Update: the database for the forums has been updated, all looks good, I am now waiting for IPB (Invision) to check it so we can enable the forums and ensure there’s no data loss. We can’t merge posts so have to ensure that the upgrade has gone smoothly otherwise we have to revert back tot he backup and run the update again.

GunFire: Hot Sale

GunFire’s latest press pack is with us including a sale on a selection of brands:

New products on Hot Shot sale! Don’t miss discounts up to 70% on VFC, G&G, APS or Pentagon items.

We have received new deliveries from popular manufacturers and many products went straight to the special offer. Check out SLG5 holsters, light and comfortable Maritime helmet replicas from FMA or vests, bags and pouches from GFC Tactical or Amoeba replicas and accessories.


In particular, we recommend to you L85 Carbine assault rifle replica (36%OFF) from G&G. It was equipped with a precise inner barrel that is 510 long what guarantees the nice precision of shots and an extraordinary Blow-Back system. If you are looking for a realism you should pick M870 Shotgun Replica 6 + 1 Version (-26%). In this replica, green gas is loaded directly into each shell and empty shell is ejected after each shot. Hot Shot sale is also a great moment to reload your replicas with great BBs. Madbull and Guarder are cheaper by 15% and Novritsch BIO sniper BBs by 5%.



See the full offer [here].

Terms & Conditions:
Gunfire TV:

Best regards, Adam Michel, (GunFire)

Jia Dyi: new gear and stock, SR5 and more

Jia Dyi have sent over details of the new stock coming in with them including the new SRC MP5 clone:

Jia DyiSeeing the persistence on quality from MIT.

Honorable clients,

“Focusing on details makes things perfect!” it suggests why Taiwan BB gun manufacturers collectively explained 50% of worldwide quality Airsoft gun market. It is not uncommon to see the similar models were sold in the Western Airsoft sports brand giants’ sales portfolio. Jia Dyi locates in the very center of heartland of Airsoft manufacturing, Taiwan, we wish to bring you more to meet expectation beyond.

SRC SR5 Full metal CO2 blow-back SMG


Its first appearance was on the IWA, 2018, SRC will prove its capabilities in developing quality Airsoft guns through it. The sound blast was stunning and even with the heavy steel stamped receiver, the gunner still can feel the strong kick-back originated from chamber. Probably the best selection in training weapon for global military and police departments to counter strike the terrorism.

Maple Leaf Cerakote VSR receiver and outer barrel set


Maple Leaf has just launched its latest quality upgrade kits to meet the VSR fans’ impeccable desire. Scratch-resistant because of the military grade coating. The kit contains an aluminum bubble-leverb rail, receiver, and a gorgeous outer barrel which can be chosen to fit with 300mm(G-spec), 470mm(STD), 470mm, and 510mm inner barrels. Though Maple Leaf provides two finishing, Magpul FDE and FG, they are few in stock, please contact local dealers or Jia Dyi to reserve for you.

Maple Leaf 2018 Super series hopup buckings and Wonder series hopup buckings


After its huge success in HOPUP bucking named Transformer in 2016, Maple Leaf dedicated in trajectory technology has published new series named SUPER and WONDER in May. 2018. With the appearance of Macaron to distinguish the hardness, the most significant change is they can be used upon VFC/Umarex GBB, and TM, WE, KJ, VSR10 as well. Even the special spec. of KWA/KSC was bent down under Maple Leaf’s technicians. To sum up, for precision shooter, better to choose SUPER series for delta shape brings excellent aiming direction; for long shot shooter, choose WONDER series for the diamond shape provides the maximum hopup effect.

Poseidon Zero 2 Reinforced Nozzle set for WE SCAR-L/H and PDW【PI-012 Zero-02-s/-p】


WE SCAR-L and SCAR-H GBBRs together may own the most of the market share in AR GBBRs not because of its seniorship but also the most inexpensive price among WE AR GBBRs. Poseidon also found the small difference and managed to meet SCAR and PDW in the Anti-icer nozzle. It fits both for RA steel bolt and YSC aluminum bolt for WE setting.

Please feel free to contact your local dealers or Jia Dyi at for further information regarding the above quality Airsoft merchandise made in Taiwan.

Philip Chen, (Jia Dyi)

Zero One: news 10/05/18 G&G back in stock

Zero One Airsoft have restocked on their G&G kit:

We have just had a MASSIVE G&G re-stock here at Zero One, including the much sought after TR16 MBR AEG, in both 556 & 308 versions. These MBR’s also feature the NEW Gen 2 ETU’s !


Our full range of "in stock" G&G AEG’s can be found here, and there is something for all budgets & tastes. Oh, and if your doing a British Army load out, all of our G&G L85’s are currently on sale.

The three, TR16 MBR models can be found here:

Also, don’t forget, we are still running our Stock Exchange sale, with some crazy prices and amazing bargains to be had !!

Rich Torpey, (Zero One Airsoft)

Lambda: VSR cylinder and barrel restock

imageLamda have two new tricked out cylinders for the much loved and highly customisable VSR10:

Today I want to inform arrived "lambda Cylinder kit for VSR-10".

The latest version is processed "ISONITE" for the surface, get black and durability.

We have 2 cylinders,for Marui original trigger (45 deg) and for custom trigger (90 deg).

Those are required 13mm FAT dia spring.



Also now we are developing "lambda Trigger unit for VSR-10" We named it as "LMD Trigger". Maybe we release in this month.


Lamda also have some new inner barrels:

We "lambda" release new inner barrels, those are for VSR-10 but cut the bridge to custom HOP rubber. So many European customers requested to us.





We release it with lambda One (6.01) & lambda Five (6.05)
303mm for G-spec , 430mm for Pro sniper & 500mm for L96.


Forum down for further update

The forum has been taken offline whilst the technicians at Invision redo the file conversion. The last rebuild worked but we lost various characters including pound signs in people’s posts. Obviously that’s not acceptable, the technicians developed a fix but it means rerunning the entire conversion from our backup. Unavoidable but they are on it. The forums will be back as soon as they are complete.

Forum move complete, minor bugs being squashed

So I pushed out the DNS updates last night which should mean everyone is now looking at the new server. There will no doubt be issues that crop up and bugs we need to sort here.


Regarding the forums they have been upgraded to use SSL (so access will be via https), we’ve also updated Tapatalk, so if you use that mobile app all will be okay.

Upgrades will be gradual over the next few days, any requests please email them in direct or drop us a line in the forums!

Server move underway, you’re looking at the new server

We’ve moved servers and I’ve implemented the nameserver changes tonight. If you can see this then you’re looking at the new server. That’s good news, which means things are now working for you.

I’m just doing my best to get the forums all fixed and live now. All of the core/software updates are now complete.

Emperion: FMA restock as big as we can!

imageEmperion have some updates out

FMA: restock as big as we can!


Exfil Ballistic Helmet Tan / Maritime Helmet Dark Earth


Hel-Star 6 Gen III Black Green / Wilcox L4 G24 NVG Mount Black


AN-PVS-31 With Light FunctionGPNVG18 Dummy


E-Lite KhakiCombat Application Tourniquet


MS 2000 Flashlight Dummy / AN/Peq15 Green Laser / Flashlight


Zero One’s stock exchange sale and new SRU Precision

imageZero One Airsoft have a new sale on which is constantly changing. If you’re already bloated from that outdoor BBQ, too much food and drink, why not buy some new toys for that next skirmish?

We have gone SALE crazy! Introducing our brand new Zero One Stock Exchange! Over 1400 product lines with INSANE prices that constantly fluctuate. So if you see an insane bargain grab it quick before the price changes!


You can see all our Stock Exchange items here.


New in at Zero One Airsoft, this conversion kit from SRU Precision will turn your Tokyo Marui VSR-10 or G-Spec Series Sniper Rifle into a sleek, futuristic looking beast !


The 3D Printed set includes the Stock, Body, Pistol Grip, Handguard, 20mm Rail and QD Sling Points.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This kit is for use with springs rated up to M130, and does not include a VSR-10 or G-Spec Rifle.

£249.95, in stock and ready for delivery!

(Zero One Airsoft)

Forums and server updates… still in progress

Well the updates are going well, the bulk of the front page work is done for the news system, the last part is upgrading our forums. this is taking time, because… well we have a huge forum.

To put it in context for everyone, we have 2.5 million posts, 750,000+ reputation rows, and a half-million PM’s stored. All of this needs to be updated and a large bunch of scripts run to bring the data in line with the new forum software version.

I’ll then have some the look and feel of the forum to tweak but we’ll make the new system live as soon as the functionality is there and it’s all secure. We can happily tweak the look with it live.

The technicians at Interworx aren’t able to commit the time until Monday to finish the updates for us; it requires their expertise and support as the software is theirs and they know the ins and outs of their software and also the solutions to the pitfalls. I expect us to have the forums online by Monday night now. In the meantime I’m going to prep the rest of the updates so they are good to go. Sorry folks, but we’ve outgrown the hardware we have, the OS and the software versions, it’s all being updated at once.

Policing and Crime Act 2017 Anniversary Cake!

imageThe UKAPU has sent out an update regarding the last raft of legislation that came and went, now a year on how do things look?

It has now been a year since the commencement of the Policing and Crime Act 2017 and thanks to the community, lobbying, retail and trade groups, airsoft ultimately came out on top. So here are a few words from the committee members here at UKAPU.


“Here we are then! A whole year has passed since the Policing and Crime Act 2017 came into effect; the Earth is still turning and we are all still happily enjoying our wonderful sport.

As a result of the PCA 2017 – and for the first time since airsoft arrived on our shores – it now has a proper definition in law. Airsoft has been referenced in primary legislation and is no longer loitering within secondary legislation. This is rather significant for us as it affords airsoft more protection and actually shows that parliament is happy for it to continue to exist.


UKAPU committee members worked tirelessly towards ensuring that skirmishers didn’t get a bum deal. Our primary goal was to ensure that skirmishers had a voice during the discussion and consultation stages, that we weren’t stuck with a 1 Joule maximum energy limit and that airsoft didn’t get shoehorned into or tacked onto some piece of existing firearms legislation.
It goes without saying that without all the support of our members we really would have struggled. Your donations contributed towards getting committee members to Home Office consultations and meetings, creating and distributing campaign materials and promoting the issue amongst the airsoft and firearms community and press.

Unfortunately after all this hard work we still have some unanswered questions. We are still dealing with a couple of grey areas with regard to the wording and players have been contacting us on a regular basis since the commencement of the PCA, all asking how they can stay legal. The present situation is that we can’t currently give any definitive advice. Trust us when we say this is as frustrating for us as it is for you and getting this situation rectified is still an ongoing priority.

So what can we take away from all of this? Though there are still some unknowns, airsoft is arguably in a much better place both politically and legally than it was before and strengthens our position lest we face challenges in the future”

So to celebrate the first anniversary of the PCA 2017, our chairman David has procured a cake! He said he would share it if he could but, as he can’t he will eat it on behalf of the committee and our members!

Jon Hill, (UKAPU)

APS: Ghost Patrol Rifle out mid May 2018

Due out mid May 2018 is APS’s Ghost Patrol Rifle  this featured their new stock design, custom two tone barrel and noise adapting muzzle brake. Here’s the latest poster:

Nemesis Arms Inc: protecting their Vanquish design

Nemesis Arms have sent over a letter and asked of for it to be published. The letter details how they intend to protect their product line and intellectual property from unauthorised copies:

Nemesis Arms, Inc



TEL: (270)749-2180 FAX: (270)749-2182

To whom it may concern,

My name is David Ives of Nemesis Arms. My wife and I own and have operated our small company for many years. We have designed and manufacture the finest take down sniper rifles, named the Vanquish and others similar models. We work hard and pride ourselves in the firearms industry. Our Vanquish model is used and well respected in many professional agencies. It has come to our attention that Ares airsoft of Hong Kong has produced our Vanquish rifle with no regard of respect to our intellectual property.

We do not condone this action and we would like to bring this matter to the public attention.

Thank you for understanding.

David Ives, (President, Nemesis Arms, Inc)

LCT Airsoft: latest EBB LCKM video

So LCT Airsoft have sent over their next video showing off their EBB LCKM. Watching the video there’s a fair amount of kick to it and they will also be selling a kit to upgrade their older (non EBB models):

Dear Sir,  We have the latest video for LCK AEG with recoil, please kindly share it on your website.

This blowback system is suitable for original LCT LCK airsoft , the kit will also be sold. You don’t have to pay much money, just purchase the kit would be upgraded the blowback system. Relatively, we will release LCK EBB rifle for more choices. Price and release time will be shown on LCT website. Hope the new LCK EBB Rifle can meet with you soon.

Bella Chen (LCT Airsoft)

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