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ICS announce release dates of L85A2

Just got word from the team at ICS that the L85A2 has completed it’s testing and will be release on April 21st. It may take some time for this to filter through the wholesalers to the shops, expect to see this at your local stores around the beginning of May.

More updates on the ICS L85 and L86

L85 Well ICS has released more information on the up coming L85 range and this time they have allowed me to post images of not only the finished product but also its internals, which are unique to this model.

Currently the final version is under going intensive testing and already they have done some fine adjusting of the internals.

So will the ICS L85 offer the best bang for bucks or will it be relegated to “Also ran” ?

see more here.

Army Code L119A1 Barrels back in stock.

A while back I did a review on the new Army Code L119A1 barrels, which for those that didn’t know is the designation for the M4 used by the British armed forces. Well it seems that Army Code have these back in stock and again in very limited numbers.

Finally, we have 20 pieces of British Army L119A1 Barrel back in stock. You can place your order right now and the barrel will ship out on/before 15 March, 08.  Remember we only have 20 pieces in stock!!

Also we are now working on the L119A1 style front sight. We expect it will release on April 2008.

Please feel free to visit our website – for further news.

Magpul new lineup announced, including Ver.2 of the MIAD

MIAD Grip Full Kit Last year Magpul released an Airsoft version of the MIAD grip that only replicated an approximation of the unit, now with the release of the version 2 operators are now able to actually able to change the fit of the grip to suit their specific requirements.

Also Magpul have announced both black and dark earth versions of their new PTS AR Metal receivers, the overall finish looks outstanding but straight away you can tell it lacks a lot of the new features found on  other brands.

Dear all,

Shot Show just finished and I would like to provide news update for our upcoming new products.

Magpul PTS AR Receiver– Magpul PTS AR Metal Receiver:  This is original design from Magpul.  It fits TM type Ver II gear box.

– Magpul PTS MIAD Grip (Full Kit):  This is an upgraded version MIAD Grip for airsoft AR15/M4 and the back straps are changeable.

Please find the attached photos for your reference.


Magpul Professional Training & Simulation Division.

Systema release news on new revolutionary gear box

we have just received some news about the new revolutionary V2 gearbox soon to be released by system!

At the Bleeding Edge of Technology — The SYSTEMA Revolution represents the pinnacle of AEG gearbox development while maintaining 100% Ver.2 compatibility!

» Guaranteed 100% backward-compatible with Tokyo Marui ™ AEG bodies.

» Direct drop-in replacement for many other AEG’s that complies with the TM Version-2 Mecha Box Specification.

» Advanced fire-control electronics and power-regulating MOSFET circuits.

» New loading mechanism / nozzle design.

» Hand-tuned high-output motor precisely matching the new gearbox’s gear ratio.

» Extremely tight manufacturing tolerance ensures superior performance, shot after shot

For more information, head on into the forums news section here!

Madbull secure license for ACE Rifle Stocks

Just got word from the team at Mad Bull Airsoft that they will now be the official manufacturers of the world famous ACE stocks.


We are the only authorized Airsoft manufacturer who is producing accurate copy of ACE stock.

Thanks for blessing from ACE stock.

ACE Stock-2

Now, only one model is available. More models will coming soon!

ACE Skeleton (L) is available now. With QD sling adapter. MSRP: $55 USD

Best Regards, Mad Bull Airsoft

New releases from King Arms

After my recent review of the King Arms TROY A3 CQC King Arms has announced the second release in the TROY series. This time the MRF CX Rifle. Also King Arms has announced the release of some other interest items.

m4 Hi guys,

Last time I presented you guys the M4 sniper rifle and I received lots of positive comments on it. Thank you very much for you all your support. This time we have a few more new stuffs  coming and I wish you guys will like it too. As usual, let me know if you have any question or if you have any request. Let’s see what we have to offer…


m42 This is the second version of the Troy M4 series, the Troy MRF CX AEG. Just like the Troy CQB Compact, it is also a full metal AEG. It comes with a 10” Free Floating Rail system, a 10.5” one piece outer barrel and 300 rounds magazine. Now you have more space on the rail to hang all your gadgets.


G16 G16 Slim Pistol Grip for M4 series

This is a pretty unique grip on the airsoft market now. The special design give you a better grip and it has 2 infixed metal screw nuts build in to help to hold the motor base cover firmly. There are 2 versions for different hand sizes and 3 colors to choose from.

3X Tactical Scope

scopeThis is again a unique product and I do like it a lot personally. The 3X Tactical Scope. Well, you can see that it is a 1-3 X scopes by its name. It fits on 20mm rail perfectly and it has 10 brightness levels for different environments. Not to mention how cool it looks and how well it’s finishing is. Our order is arriving soon and we are taking pre-order now. Only small quantity is available so I suggest you to place your order right after you finished reading this email.

King Arms TROY A3 CQC Compact Complete Review


Complete Kit The year has just begun and I’ve been working hard trying to get these reviews finished in time. My first review of 2008 is on the new CQC release by King Arms. This model is based on TROY ind. A3 receiver set and comes with a array of accessories that make this replica ready to skirmish straight from the box!

Also the model features the new M4/M16 receiver sets which have some amazing features not to be missed!

So head on in to the forums and read the full review here.

Alternatively if you are not a registered member of the forums you can read the full review in our database here.

Chinese M72 LAW announced!

M72 (Medium) Paul at EBTactical (Ebay Prohibited) has just sent me images of a new product coming out of China within the next 3 or 4 days and has sent me images.

That’s right an airsoft version of the M72 LAW. From what I have been told this will be a fully functioning Airsoft replica of the famous portable one-shot 66 mm anti-tank weapon.

RPG (Medium) This is definitely going to be on the wish list of pretty much any Vietnam reenactment players!

Not only that but Paul will also be stocking the infamous RPG  that is pretty much used by every third world army and is certainly on my wish list for my Terrorist/Militant load out!

King Arms announce new range

Mark at King Arms has sent us some very interest news about the new range of rifles they are releasing. These feature the free floating heavy sniper barrels!

Hi all,

gun2Thank you very much for all of your support for the King Arms first M4 AEG, lots of people has already received the AEG and they all like it a lot. Now we offer you second edition of the M4, which is the Free Float Sniper Rifle. There are 2 versions, one is equipped with normal barrel, and the other one with heavy barrel. There are also three gunlengths to choose from, 16”, 20”, and 24”, making it total six different AEG. Once again, price is very attractive. Let me know if you have any question, later boys and gals!

Best regards,



ICS Exclusive L86 LSW to be released soon!

P1150121 Now last year I announced that ICS would be releasing the L85A2 and many players and members of Arnie’s posted or pm’ed me asking if they would possibly be making the L86.

Well I now have evidence that ICS is indeed going to release the L86 LSW and not only that but also release the front end as a separate kit for owners of the ICS L85A2 who want to switch the front ends over.

Right now there no other details on this but any further news or images will be posted in the forums here.

New Madbull Handguards

dragon The team at Madbull Airsoft has sent us some news of their latest release, labeled as the "Dragon Series" these boast to be the cheapest CNC machined hand guards on the market.

As you can see these prices are ridiculously low prices putting them in direct competition not only with current high end products on the market but also the resent boom in Chinese products.

It looks like Madbull is prepared to tackle the clones by not only producing superior products but also by pricing their product competitively.

dragon 2Gents,

MADBULL Dragon Fire Tactical Handguard’s are available now.

100% CNC. Lowest price in the market.

4 different models. Includes 2 screws sets and delta ring.

16.25 inch MSRP: $55

12.5 inch MSRP: $50

7.125 inch MSRP: $45

3.622 inch MSRP: $45

More information here.

ICS Exclusive: New MP5 Split Gearbox design

P1130766 (Medium) Well ICS are straight in there for 2008 news with the release of their new MP5 split gear box design. Owners of MP5’s will know how difficult it is to break down and maintain the gear boxes on these models and ICS has worked hard in the closing months of 2007 to develop a gear box that makes this process easier.

Right now we have no other details on this, nor when it is likely to be released on to the market.

But yet again it seems ICS is clearly listening to our requests and acting on them. It looks like 2008 will be a very innovative year for ICS.

For more images head on in to the news section here!

Review line up for 2008

arnie sig

Well 2007 was a pretty busy year for writing reviews and some of you have asked me what the line up for reviews for 2008 will be.

First of all I would like to thank all the manufacturers who supported Arnie’s Airsoft in 2007.

Without their contributions we wouldn’t have been able to bring you the many scoop’s and prerelease reviews as we did in 2007 and it looks like 2008 will be another great year for Arnie’s.

As you know I have no idea what products will be sent us but I can tell you the line up that will be reviewed over the next month or so.

With plenty more to come, as you can see the initial lineup for 2008  is very Russian influenced! So sit back and enjoy what should be a very eventful year in the Airsoft community!

Tokyo Blackhole Show 2008

P1060506 (Medium) Well it’s that time of year again where the loons that love the sport head out to Tokyo for the biannual Black Hole Show. This year’s show took place over the 5th and 6th of January and needless to say I grabbed my camera and headed on in to the city for the event.

Now over the years I have been to the show I have reported that it has got worse, this year was no different and the show was dominated by booths selling re-branded Chinese copies and German Nazi memorabilia, which out of personal views I avoided like the plague.

So to find out just what went off at this year’s show head on in to the forums and read all about what you missed here!

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