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Make this airsofter a model – A special request from Dafool, in the name of Wanglin!!1!

Ok guys, this is the deal. Sounds like a stupid favour I know, but this is going big, and funny, for the Swedish airsoft community. The goal is to make Walle, a Swedish airsofter, win the competition, so his face is shown on the front cover of a Swedish magazine called KICKS. The winner become a model for the day simply said, and we’d love your help. If you klick on the link and let the page load, you will see his face on the top ten, you can’t miss it because he is wearing a german military helmet. He stands out among the crowd. Just look for an airofter ! When you found him, please vote 10 (and DON’T vote for anyone else please!).

Please spread this out so we can make airsoft win in the model industry !

Follow this link to vote:





A statement from 6Mil Airsoft

As you may have read on this forum and elsewhere, 6Mil Airsoft in Cannock had a break-in the other day. Here’s a statement from them:

We would like to inform the Airsoft Community that the 6Mil business premises in Cannock were broken into on Tuesday 8th March at roughly 8:30pm and airsoft AEG’s were removed. 25 AEG’s in total were taken, mainly produced by Classic Army. The AEG’s removed predominantly covered the range of MP5’s, AK’s and M16 / M4’s. 

Whilst this situation is unfortunate for the business, it is 6Mil’s main concern that there is the possibility of 25 replicas now on the streets being put to mis-use. Therefore 6Mil offers rewards for any information leading to the apprehension of thief/thieves and or safe return of the AEG’s taken.

It is regrettable that this incident made the front page of the local tabloids, the last thing that our sport needed was some negative publicity considering the current climate, however this was beyond our control.

Some of the more notable, rarer replicas include a fully custom built Hurricane H&K 416, featuring a distinctive Pro-Win gearbox. A unique TDI Arms RIS attachment, which allows a Glock pistol only to be attached to the underside of a RIS rail on a main arm.

Hurricane SR47 kit built onto a CA M4 with CA crane stock & Battery
Classic Army XM177 E2 – Very new AEG on the market.
Classic Army M15A4 Tactical Carbine with a Classic Army plastic 203 attached.
Classic Army M15A4 R.I.S. with desert tan stock, front grip and hand grip.
G&G M16 GR16A3 with G&G SR-15 RAS Kit / Smokey PEQ Box.
G&P M4A1 with ICS Tsunami R.A.S.

All the Classic Army AEG’s have serial numbers and we have record of these, obviously all these could well be offered as parts only. If you see, or are offered any of the above, or even suspicious about certain AEG’s being offered at low prices, please do not hesitate to contact us, all information will be gratefully received.

You can contact us on the following information: or ring 01543 466356. Please rest assured that all calls and contacts will be kept completely confidential.
As stated previously, rewards are offered for any information leading to the apprehension of thief/thieves and or safe return of the replicas taken.

Quotes taken from the Staffordshire Police news website:
“Officers in Cannock are calling for witnesses after imitation firearms were stolen from a shop in the area.”

“It is believed three people were seen outside the premises and loading an estate car with the toys shortly before 8.30pm yesterday (7 March).”
“One of the offenders is described as wearing a white baseball cap and another wearing a white jacket.”

“Inspector Mat Derrick, Neighbourhood Policing Unit (NPU) commander for Cannock, said: “These are replica firearms and can be misinterpreted for real weapons.”
“We would urge anyone with information on the incident, or anyone who is offered these toys to contact Staffordshire Police immediately.”

“Anyone with information should contact Inspector Derrick on 08453 302010 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111”.

6Mil Team. 


6Mil’s website is live – ready to spank the monkeh?

monkehNews just in from 6Mil; their website is now fully functional and ready to take your order:

Ladies and gentlemen .. and monkehs! Eventually, we managed to kick the hamster and get the ball rolling. Our website is now LIVE! and is taking massive amounts of money as we speak! … pff, yea right!! 

  • Register today and get 5% off your first order. 
  • See our “sweeter side” special deals page. 
  • Get our monthly newsletter regarding promos, news and offers. 
  • Our point of sale stock control is daily … sometimes hourly! 
  • Next day delivery

Staff, (

6MIL Limited – The New Force In Airsoft

6MIL logo

In line with the previous news post:

Rob Nuttall and Phil Corns are delighted to announce the official opening of 6MIL Limited, the new force in Airsoft.

Our motto throughout is simply: “Everything Airsoft”

6MIL is a modern airsoft shop for real airsoft enthusiasts and its run by real airsoft enthusiasts.

Our aim is to offer the broadest possible range of airsoft equipment for the committed player, but also a friendly shop with advice, tips and an in-store engineer for repairs and upgrades. We also have a range for test firing and practice complete with chronographic facilities.

In December we will be running a series of special in-store offers to celebrate our opening and don’t forget to look out for further exciting announcements in the coming weeks!

At 6MIL you are assured of a warm welcome, please drop by to:

6MIL Limited
Exchange Industrial Estate
Cross Street
WS11 0BW

Call us on: 01543 466356, email us on:, or visit our new website at:

Important announcement from Airsoft Armoury

The Directors of Airsoft Armoury Limited and Airsoft Armoury (Midlands) Limited would like to make the following joint statement:

During our time in partnership we have sought to grow and strengthen the Airsoft Armoury brand and have done much to promote responsible Airsoft within the UK.

Despite the grave uncertainties caused by the VCR bill we have continued to service the UK Airsoft community nationally; as founder members of UKARA we have expended a great deal of time and resource supporting the excellent efforts of the ABA in protecting Airsoft in the UK.

As a result, Airsoft in the UK has continued to grow and, following the successful defence of the VCR bill by the ABA, early signs are that the market will now continue to grow and flourish.

The demands and levels of personal service required by individual Airsofters and by the UK Airsoft community as a whole are becoming increasingly complex and require considerable micro management and attention to local detail; in order to continue to meet these effectively, we have now decided to move on separately.

This parting of ways will see the end of over two and a half years of working successfully together and the decision has not been taken lightly by either party. Having now made the decision however, both parties wish to publicly bid each other farewell and with the very best of luck and good fortune for the future.

Airsoft Armoury Limited will continue under the Airsoft Armoury brand from the company’s headquarters in Little Chalfont, Amersham (01494 766373). Airsoft Armoury (Midlands) Limited (01543 466356) will announce alternative arrangements in the very near future.

This decision is entirely amicable and will take effect immediately.

With our sincere best wishes,

Steve Cheshire, Ed Cheshire – Directors, Airsoft Armoury Limited

Rob Nuttall, Philip Corns – Directors, Airsoft Armoury (Midlands) Limited

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