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Giveaway: 15 years online

Congratulations to who are celebrating their first 15 years with a giveaway:

Let’s celebrate with something big. We say big, we mean big…

Update your profile & participate!


NLAIRSOFT.COM is 15 years online in 2017! Time to celebrate with something big. When we say big, we mean big! Together with our partner we will launch a 15-day GIVEAWAY! Yes; 15 items to win during our 15-day giveaway! Giveaway winners will be announced from 15 November till 30 November. Subscribe today!

Awesome prizes include a Kriss Vector AEG and a G&G CM16 E.T.U SRL AEG! Total worth nearly 3000,- euro! 
Subscribe to our newsletter to participate in the giveaway. Out of all subscribers, we will select a winner every day starting at November 15th.

Do like & share NLAIRSOFT.COM and Facebook and Instagram updates and tag some friends to increase your changes to win!
When you are already on our newsletter list, update your profile and your are in.

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"15 years of NLAIRSOFT and still going strong. Thanks for your support and interest in our community news website! Stay safe and watch your six!" – SlickAxe

Top 5 article’s on our website this year

Top 3 reviews on our website this year

Did you know NLAIRSOFT did visit both IWA and SHOT SHOW 2017 this year?
See you at IWA 2018 :)

Visit our website NLAIRSOFT.COM


Halloweek at Gunfire

Gunfire are having a Halloween sale:


"Halloweek in Gunfire is on! We have prepared for you many airsoft treats. During the Halloweek prices of over 3650 products have been reduced. For more than a week you can choose products discounted by up to 75%. Specna Arms, G & G, GFC Guns replicas, Theta Optics accessories, Ultimate Tactical spare parts and much more. Check out our spookily great offer."


More information here:


Crown Airsoft Christmas sale

Crown Airsoft have started their Christmas sale early:

christmas sale 01

There is an old saying that” Never too early to say Merry Christmas”. Here comes the Christmas sales in Crown-airsoft.

We offering a bunch of rifles and pistols with huge discount saving up to 50%

christmas sale 00b

Please check the link below for more details:

(Crown Airsoft)

Crown Airsoft limited time offer

Crown Airsoft are having a time limited promotion:


Crown Airsoft is going to launch a promotion on limited time offer.

Selected models will be listed in special price with limited time offer!!!!

Starting from 27th Sep 0:00am (Los Angeles Time GMT-7 )

First 6 hours or first 10pcs @ USD30.00!!!(shipping cost excluded)
Second 6 hours or first20pcs @ USD40.00!!! (shipping cost excluded)
After the first 12 hours price @USD55.00

29th Sep 0:00am (Los Angeles Time GMT-7 )

First 6 hours or first 10pcs @ USD30.00!!!(shipping cost excluded)
Second 6 hours or first20pcs @ USD40.00!!! (shipping cost excluded)
After the first 12 hours price @USD55.00

1st Oct 0:00am (Los Angeles Time GMT-7 )
First 6 hours or first 10pcs @ USD30.00!!!(shipping cost excluded)
Second 6 hours or first20pcs @ USD40.00!!! (shipping cost excluded)
After the first 12 hours price @USD55.00

This is just our Round 1, more offers to come !!!

1. All members can enjoy offer once in 24hrs
2. overdose order will cancel automatically
3. Firstcome -first served
4. In case of any dispute, our decision shall be final and conclusive
5. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the “Time zone”, the GMT-7 shall prevail.

(Crown Airsoft)

Evolution Airsoft: Xtreme Precision one more proof

Evolution Airsoft have shared details of the Extreme Precision BBs:


Xtreme Precision® one more proof

why the Xtreme Precision BB’s are considered the best of the world

Why the Xtreme Precision® BB’s are so special? What takes them apart from the other BB’s? Why they are "the most accurate BB on the market"? and why they are "the professionals’ choice"? In this short video we answer all these questions and more, it is all there. It is quite simple: no other BB’s have the same astonishing roundness and perfect spherical shape. No other brands have all the BB’s in a bag exactly of the same size. See our technician measuring some random BB’s taken from a bag, checking their diameter and rotating them in the micrometer to show that the diameter is absolutely the same all circumference long and on all BB’s.

The video shows not only that the Xtreme Precision BB’s are perfect spheres but also that all BB’s in a bag have exactly the same size. Do the same with other brands, you’ll remain astonished with the difference between BB’s, and that makes the difference when the BB’s go through the hop up and the barrel. That’s why the brand name of these BB’s is Xtreme Precision, it is not just a nice brand name, it is a quality promise made to customers, a promise of quality and perfection that is being kept one BB at time since 15 years.
Learn more about the Xtreme Precision® BB’s on

Evolution International S.r.l.


Xtreme Precision® one more proof – play the video

(Evolution Airsoft)

Xcortect Chronos in stock at Firesupport

saved_resourceHere is all the latest stock news from Firesupport:

saved_resource(1)Firesupport News – 2017 Week 38

XCORTECH Chronos back in stock



X3300W MK2 Advance BB Control System

with Ultra Bright UV Light Tracer Unit £99.00

The X3300W allow user to understand the shot situation & AEG information.
To control AEG shot mode for full auto or burst mode in the Wargame.
The X3300W Feature:
Ultra Bright UV Light Tracer Unit
Count down
Count up
Count total shot
Burst control
Display AEG Battery level
Low AEG’s battery detect (vibrate)
Programmable burst fire control for AEG
Low ammo warning
Device communicate by wireless



All new chronograph X3200 MK3 £55
Velocity rest range:
Initial Velocity measure range: 30.00 ~ 400.0 (m/s)
ROF measure range: 100 ~ 5000 (RPM)
Support Camera Tripod mount
Tube diameter 24mm
Battery: 2 x AA batteries
External Power input: micro USB (5V/0.5A)
Dimension: L x W x H = 113 x 97 x 55 (mm)
Weight: 205g



Xcortech X3500 Chronograph £75
A newest Xcortech Chronograph X3500 derived from 10 years of accumulated Xcortech technologies. The X3500 provide easy to use, high accuracy, wide shot area with Statistical Analysis. X3500 is re-design from X3200 to enhance Chronograph with wireless, shot memory, external power input, multi-screen show information and auto rotate screen.
X3500 Product Features:
Measures Muzzle Velocity from 30 m/s ~ 400+ m/s (90 ft/s ~ 1200+ ft/s).
Separate display unit and chrono unit
Display unit is capable attach to tactical rail
Display use Dot MATRIX LCD with backlight
Memory Slots for various ammo weight and caliber
Shot memory log velocity and ROF (Rate of Fire)
Calculate MAX, MIN, E-S (Extreme Spread), AVG, S-D (Standard Deviation) by shot memory
Energy Per-Unit Area Calculation
Extra-large tube diameter (38mm)
Use AA and AAA battery
Chrono unit support external power (Micro USB)
Tripod Ready mounting holes (Screw for standard camera / camcorder tripods)

All available from


Pre-order EMG BLU from Crown Airsoft & free shipping

Crown Airsoft have the new EMG BLU available for pre-order:

Pre-Order!!! ETA November 2017

EMG has furthered their collaboration with Salient Arms International with the long-awaited EMG BLU. Designed closely with the geniuses at SAI, the EMG / SAI BLU is designed to be as close to the real thing as possible offering shooters and enthusiasts the most realistic training analog available.


(Crown Airsoft)

Gunman Airsoft newsletter week 38 2017

Here is all the latest news from Gunman Airsoft:

Dear Arnies Airsoft news,

Our FilmSim open weekend at Eversley was very well attended once again – huge thanks to everyone who came along and made it another excellent weekend of airsoft and laughs.  Our next one is 21st & 22nd October – see you all then!

This weekend we have our special themed event based in the Congo in the 1970s – there are still some tickets available, see the website or contact Josh for details.

We will also be doing some clear up work at Tuddenham on Saturday around the CQB area, mostly to shift the debris from where some of the internal walls have been kicked in and have a check on the safety of the wooden structures.  If you can help us out, it would be most appreciated.  We will be around from 0900 and will have free tea & coffee available all day.  You don’t have to stick around for ages, even popping by to sweep out one building will be a huge help.  Anyone helping out will be given a game credit to be used by the end of October.

We have an unpublished game at Tuddenham on Sunday and are open it up for some extra players.  Gameplay will be mostly around the CQB area and will be short, skirmish style games.  We will have BBs and gas etc on site, but won’t have a full shop available.  Obviously, anyone helping us on Saturday is welcome to use their game credit on the Sunday.

We will be back at Tuddenham next weekend for our usual end of month skirmish event.


Josh Smith

unnamed (18)New Gunman Site Opening!

We have just taken on a new site in Staffordshire and will be running regular FilmSim open weekends on the first weekend every month, beginning in November.

The site is near to Stoke, Cheadle and Derby and is based in 170 acres of mixed woodland and scrub at Huntley Wood.  This is a huge and diverse site with some excellent facilities available, we will be playing different areas of the site each month and have the option to use the whole site for larger games as well.

The first game weekend will be 4th & 5th November – camping is available free of charge.  Come and join us if you’re able.

(Gunman Airsoft)

Military 1st Magnum sale

Military 1st are having a sale on Magnum gear:

Military 1st Magnum Sale!

We offer 15% off all Magnum boots, clothing and accessories with Discount Code MAGNUM17.

Visit our website today and save on combat boots, tactical trainers and waterproof footwear, as well as security jackets and warm fleeces, shoelaces and insoles.

Magnum Sale 2017 Imstagram

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Hurry up: this special offer ends 24 September 2017, midnight. Excludes sale items.

Enjoy free UK delivery and returns! Free shipping to the U.S., Ireland, and Australia. Low delivery rates across Europe.

(Military 1st)–Operation Eagle 2018

SSMG have announced details of their big event for 2018:


We can proudly announce already that:
Our marine Mil.Ex. 2018 gets a whole new date setting. It is now not at the end of Aug. but instead moved to last weekend in Sept. 2018 (27-30). This date is a confirmed date with the property owner and booked by SSMG already, which means that you can already schedule it for your benefits now and join.

This is one of the most beautiful areas in Sweden and Lake Sommen is also Sweden’s 17th largest lake with about 366 islands and hills. Operating here will truly introduce you to Special Operation Tactics at a level many only dream of.

SSMG has successfully conducted on water airsoft operations since 2008 with Rigid Inflatable Boats, combat divers, island recon teams, marine ranger units, combat swimmers, snipers, combat demolition teams, real on water search and rescue missions etc, etc flawlessly with the real deal.

Putting people, skills and equipment to the test is what we are best at. Our goal is to deliver an experience with a punch regardless if you are new to airsoft or an expert.

Good marine environments are the most expensive and the hardest to get a hold of, and you will rarely be able to get access to them unless you have SSMG’s good reputation as a backup. But nevertheless, since 2018 is SSMG’s 10yr anniversary we feel that this needs to be celebrated. Therefore we will offer everyone half the price for Operation Eagle 2018, but only for a limited time.

The release date for the event payment will be now on Sept. 27. 2017; Exactly one year before game start.

Limited  offer will be 500SEK.
Payment is done by paypal after login on.

Hope to see you on the Black waters.



RedWolf Airsoft stock take sale

RedWolf Airsoft are having a stock take sale:

Stock Take Sale

RedWolf Airsoft is now having a Stock Take Sale before our annual stock take!

This deal starts now till August 28th , 2017. Everything on our online store with be 12% OFF!

Simply make the purchase on the website and checkout! No coupon code required!

(RedWolf Airsoft)

G&G Show Yourself contest

G&G have launched this year’s Show Yourself contest:

83nxewIAtiavk1-DqFKJpzxChbBdvtSHOW Yourself Contest

Every year we pride ourselves in giving back to our loyal customers and the airsoft community. This year marks our 9th year hosting the Show Yourself contest. Participants have the opportunity to submit their photos for the chance to win G&G products and $1,000 USD! Better hurry, the deadline is September 12, 2017! Good luck!
For complete contest rules, please visit our website.



Military 1st Special Offers

Here are this week’s special offers at Military 1st:

See this week’s special offers at Military 1st online store!

Up to 20% off selected items. Save on tactical soft shells, combat boots, waist bags, shooting glasses, camping equipment, and more.


Limited time only – while stocks last!

Discover more at Military 1st online store!

The UK customers:

The rest of the world:

Don’t forget about Military 1st Shorts Sale! 20% all shorts with discount code SHORTS17.

Free UK delivery and returns. Free shipping to the United States and Ireland. Competitive overseas shipping rates.

(Military 1st)

LCT Airsoft LC-3

Here are the latest pictures for the LC-3 from LCT Airsoft:


(LCT Airsoft)

Public announcement: RedWolf UK temporarily suspended

imageRedWolf UK have suspended trading from their UK shop and online store due to a fire, we hope they will be back up and running very soon but in the meantime you can still shop at their main online store

Dear friends,

We are sad to inform everyone that our RedWolf UK office and warehouse had a fire on July 12th, 2017. Fortunately no one was hurt, but our UK Office suffered some damage from the fire. Therefore, our RedWolf UK shop as well as online store are temporarily suspended until further notice. For those who wish to purchase our products, please proceed to our main online store to get them.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused, but rest assure our UK Team is working hard to get our UK office up and running again so we can better serve everyone. Thank you for your attention.

(RedWolf Airsoft UK)

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