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APS Phantom Extremis rifle video

APS have shared a new video for their Phantom Extremis rifle:

"Phantom Extremis Rifle (PER) " new video on APS youtube channel


LCT Airsoft LC3 steel receiver

LCT Airsoft have shared their latest product video:

We would release the new production LC-3 in this summer.

The related new video for LC-3 at

(LCT Airsoft)

Team Blacksheep: Is Krytac soon to become Calamari?

Team Blacksheep have been taking a look at the future of Krytac:

News update and a clear sign the Kracken is soon to be Calamari.
Krytac released a press release about “ will become Exclusive Distributor in the U.S.” which means Evike will be the stocking warehouse for the USA market instead of Krytac stocking their own product and fulfilling orders which have always been a struggle for them. Does this seem like a good idea to have Evike handle all the orders and shipments to the customers?
Yes, for the customers but what about the retail stores that carried the products?

Full Article here:

(Team Blacksheep)

Emerson Tactical gen 3 review

YZH Skirmish have shared a review for their Emerson Tactical Gen 3:

Youtube Chanel: emersongear
Instagram: Emersongearfactory
Linkein: emersongear

We’ve been fielding Emerson Tactical products for the last several weeks.

Here we are going to go over the Emerson Generation 3 combat shirt and pants, as well as the LBT style plate carrier from Emerson, which includes a 3 mag pouch setup, a radio pouch and a utility pouch.

The combat shirt and pants come with everything that you expect from a Gen 3 product, strong stitching, built-in kneepads, lots of pocket realistics but most importantly lightweight, durable and flexible material.

This is important because it does not restrict natural movement when you are running across the filed, up and over obstacles.

No matter what you are doing, no matter what we put these products through, they did not fail us.

In fielding Emerson tactical products, we held them the army mil spec standard, now the Army uses a handful of contractors such as Crye, Proper and Maasif to make some of their uniforms.

This was true in Afghanistan with the OEF CP camouflage pattern.

OEF CP was meant to be a temporary camouflage patterns for troops in Afghanistan, so came directly from Crye, here is a side-by-side comparison of OEFCP with generation 3 products from Emerson.

Notice that the stitching and the way materials put together is identical to army-issue standards, but looks aren’t everything, what matters is performance.

And these products performed the standard the way we expect from army-issued equipments.

The Emerson LBT style plate carrier comes in a variety of camouflage patterns and a three-pouch configuration setup.

A radio pouch, a dual mag three-pouch setup and utility pouch to carry ammo or whatever you might need.

This is a low profile, high-capacity chest rig, internally it carries two additional kangaroo mag pouches giving you the capability of carrying 8 mags at total.

Emerson tactical gear has surpassed our expectations, durable, reliable and a great price point.

Only time will tell how long these products will serve our needs. Until then we will see you out there.

(YZH Skirmish)

Airsoft GI: Classic Army M132 micro gun overview

Airsoft GI have been taking a close look at the new Classic Army M132 Micro-Gun:

The Classic Army M132 Micro Gun is a beast! You can find all the hot details in this video – and preorder information can be found here! Don’t snooze -with the amount of features jammed into the M132, they’ll be moving quick!

(Airsoft GI)

LCT Airsoft: LTS-Keymod 13.5-9.5 video

LCT Airsoft have shared a new product video:

(LCT Airsoft)

APS Black Hornet video

APS have shared a new video of their Black Hornet:


Team Blacksheep video: NLT modular pack review

Team Blacksheep have shared a new video review:

Need a new pack for HPA or Hyrdo Packs for the Airsoft field or hiking?

Check out this new Modular Pack from Next Level Tactical!

More info on the blog here:

Make sure you follow TEAM BLACKSHEEP762

(Team Blacksheep)

SCDTV new video review – BO Manufacture AK Patriot

The SCDTV team at Straszydlo have released a new video review:

Hi there, Here’s our latest video review:

I hope you’ll enjoy it.
Dudek & Ijet


AST new video & RA new product

AST have shared their latest video and also one from RA-Tech for their new MSK steel trigger box:

AirSoft Taiwan HFC HG138 debut

RA TECH MSK steel trigger box debut


Team Blacksheep: New gear from Next Level Tactical

Team Blacksheep have shared the first part of a review of some new gear from Next Level Tactical:

Tactical Gear is needed for the average Airsofter to make things easier as well as the Milsim Airsofter to better fit the part of the role they are playing on the field and in the squad. What kind of gear should you get and why? Get something that will work for you and that is build to last, saving now means failing later. I am doing a TWO PART series on the latest Tactical Gear I got from Next Level Tactical from California; that specializes in Airsoft, Tactical Gear, Kydex and much more. This FIRST video will be a brief unboxing and examination of the products and the SECOND video(s) will be a more in depth review of each part. Check out the video below.


More info on the website/blog here.

(Team Blacksheep)

Gunfire stock update & Popular Airsoft contest promo video

Here is all the latest stock news from Gunfire:

Gunfire – Popular Airsoft 2017 Vote
This is the final stage of Popular Airsoft contest. We need your support and we’re counting on you!

Why should you vote for Gunfire as the Best Airsoft Retailer for Europe? Just watch the movie and find out! :D

You can vote here:


AA-12 Tokyo Marui –


Mechanix Wear –


Cyma + novelties –


Claw Gear –


Nite Ize –


Uvex –


True Utility –



New RA-Tech prototypes video

RA-Tech have shared two new videos:

RA-TECH is releasing new videos!!!

RA-TECH new prototypes announce

EMG RA-TECH SAI steel bolt


Epik Panda: Garand thumb videos

Epik Panda has shared a video from Garand thumb:

Great video on helmets. He’s also got a belt and plate carrier video.

(Epik Panda)

Armorer Works dragon debut video (hx2201)

AST have shared their latest video:

AST is releasing new video !!!

Armorer Works dragon debut (hx2201)


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