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ICE pack plate carrier tutorial – Team BLACKSHEEP762

Team Blacksheep have put together a tutorial for putting ice packs into your plate carrier:

Using the dense foam plates in the DEFCON LPC you can cut it up and insert a freezer pack like this to stay cool on the hot summer days on the field!

(Team Blacksheep)

AST video: G&G SAI M4

Here is the latest video from AST:

New Video from AST !!!

SAI GRY M4 airsoft GBB rifle By G&P debut


JAG Precision–Custom builds featuring the PHX15

JAG Precision have been taking a closer look at their PHX15:

The JAG Arms PHX15 rifle series is ready to be on any type of playing field and these are some great examples of just how.

This video will cover the CQB, MILSIM and DMR setup using the PHX15 as a perfect base rifle platform.

(JAG Precision)

Team Blacksheep: PHX15/VFC – complete gearbox guide

Team Blacksheep have shared a new video:

In this video Brian will go over the steps to completely take apart the new to market JAG Arms PHX15 rifle which is OEMed by VFC.

This video will show the needed steps for the AMBI selector install and takedown.

Video will work for the PHX15 rifle and VFC M4 rifles.

(Team Blacksheep)

ASGI live show and ASGI S-hop system

Here are the latest videos from Airsoft GI:


ASGI LIVESHOW w/ Navy SEAL Kevin Vance:
Check out our latest live stream with Navy Seal Kevin Vance who has acted in and been the military advisor for Suicide Squad, Fury, and End of Watch! We also go over our Future Weapons Mystery Box and new products from PTS.

ASGI S-Hop System:
The ASGI S-Hop System produces results very similar to the popular R-Hop System, but at a fraction of the cost! After a successful trial run in our Southern California Walk In Store, we plan to begin offering pre S-Hopped Inner Barrels for sale in the web shop – with the option to upgrade your existing AEG inner barrel via our normal Tech Service very soon! Stay tuned!

(Airsoft GI)

Team Blacksheep: Low profile plate carrier review

Team Blacksheep have been checking out the low profile plate carrier from DEFCON:

The DEFCON Low Profile Carrier or LPC is a great choice for any Airsofter looking for a new carrier.
Around $60 and fully adjustable and with mag pouches already installed you cannot go wrong.

Buy the DEFCON LPC at Airsoft GI
Other colors too.

Provided by JAG Precision (AIrsoft Wholesaler)

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(Team Blacksheep)

Armorer Works Hi-Capa 6Inch Dragon & M712 Star Wars Style

J.K.Army have made a video looking at the Armorer Works Hi-Capa 6Inch Dragon & M712 Star Wars Style:

Product Insight Video for Armorer Works Hi-Capa 6Inch Dragon and M712 Star Wars Style

Armorer Works Hi-Capa 6Inch Dragon (Black) is available here.

Armorer Works Hi-Capa 6Inch Dragon (Silver) is available here.

AW M712 Star Wars Style w/ Scope & Flash Hider GBB Pistol is available here.


JAG Precision–Best CQB AEGs & downgrades/upgrades

JAG Precision have shared their latest video:

Today we’ll be talking about CQB guns and what is best suited for up close engagements. We’ll be showing some Echo1 guns as well as upgrades/downgrades to make your existing gun CQB field legal.

Make sure you check out the links in the video to learn more about the products covered in the video.

Daily updates and content from JAG Precision on on their INSTAGRAM PAGE

(JAG Precision)

Team Blacksheep: APS M4 complete gearbox guide

Brian has been taking a look at the APS M4 gearbox for Team Blacksheep:

In this video Brian will take apart the APS M4 SD in a step by step guide and put it all back together. This is a current and standard APS M4/M16 so it will help you out with all the other APS M4 rifles out on the market now.
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More videos in our GEARBOX WORKS Playlist

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(Team Blacksheep)

New RA-Tech product videos

RA-Tech have shared three new product videos:

RA-TECH is releasing new products as the following:

CNC aluminum mag release for WE Glock Gen4

Installation instruction:

MV system aluminum loading nozzle for GHK M4 GBB


ICS Airsoft release BLE ALPHA GBB pistol

ICS have shared details of their new BLE-ALPHA GBB pistol:


     Good News! We are proud to share with you that we finally release BLE-ALPHA. The first of ICS’s all new handgun line that marks our expansion into the GBB pistol market. The Alpha is an ICS original design, ergonomic and robust, featuring a high strength polymer frame and aluminum slide, ambidextrous magazine catch and slide release, and a trigger safety. Additionally, the ICS R&D team referred to the current models on the market to enhance the performance and quality. After numerous testing and correction, the ALPHA pistol has pushed itself to the upmost performance to passed 10,000 testing shots without malfunction. Under the condition of full gas tank in the magazine, the ALPHA pistol can shoot about 47 shots (about two magazine capacities) without charging gas. Besides, the ALPHA pistol adapts the upgrade precision inner barrel with 6.01mm diameter. The ALPHA pistol was tested by our technician, it can shoot about 60 meters (197 feet), the shooting range can compete with the AEG rifle or even longer than the rifle. Though we are not the first one in GBB pistol market, we have the confidence to say the ALPHA pistol has the best quality and performance in the market. This ALPHA pistol truly carries out ICS enterprise principle, Innovation, Competition and Satisfaction.

saved_resource(1)Black Leopard Eye (BLE) is pistol brand of ICS.

ALPHA Model:


ALPHA Features:

The innovative and advanced ALPHA follows the standards set by ICS rifles to bring you a high quality, high performance pistol. The ALPHA features ambidextrous slide stop and ambidextrous magazine catch, thus being ideal for both right and left-handed shooters.

.High strength polymer frame and full metal slide
.Forward and rear slide serrations for improved grip for weapon manipulation
.Better gas efficiency and faster cycle rate
.High power blowback assembly
.Concealed hammer design
.Ergonomic pistol grip
.Split-trigger safety
.Secondary trigger safety
.Integrated M1913 Pica tinny lower accessory rail
.Ambidextrous slide catch
.Ambidextrous mag catch
.Swappable back straps for a custom fit (Flat / Thick)
.High-capacity 24 rounds magazine
.Realistic blowback action
.Fit with Glock holster

Product Videos:


English version:
Spanish Version:
French Version:
日本語 version:
中文 version:



Click to download more brochures and photos.


Patrol Base – ARES SLR L1A1 first in the country

Patrol Base have been checking out the re-released ARES L1A1 SLR:

unnamed (7)

We are the first in the UK to deliver this news! We have just had hands on, in store experience of the re-released ARES L1A1 SLR.

The ARES – L1A1 SLR Rifle AEG – Black is ARES latest updated re-release of the eagerly awaited popular Airsoft Rifle, the replica of the L1A1 SLR Self-Loading Rifle, an adapted version of the FN FAL, famous around the world for its use in various conflicts such as the Falklands War and First Gulf War, and was used by the British Army up until the 1980s when it was replaced by the L85A1.

Rather than blab on, check out our comparison over the old and new re-release models by "Clicking Here" or on the YouTube video below:

Remember to sign up to our Facebook page for updates and news:

(Patrol Base)

BCB invention sparks OutDoor Interest

BCB have sent over details of their Fire Dragon fuel which they have been showing at the OutDoor event in Germany:

Invention sparks OutDoor Interest

A versatile eco-friendly flammable fuel and cooking stove used by British Soldiers to warm their drinks and heat their rations has sparke huge interest from the Outdoor Industry which is meeting at the OutDoor event in Friedrichshafen, Germany, next week (13-16 July).

Over the last five years, Cardiff-based outdoor living and survival equipment manufacturer, BCB Adventure Ltd, has been developing a green and clean solid bio-fuel made from ethanol called ‘FireDragon’.  It can be used in multi-fuel outdoor cookers and barbecues.   The fuel  has replaced Hexamine as the British Army’s  fuel of choice and is supplied with a lightweight and  compact cooker .

As BCB Adventure’s Managing Director, Janey Howell, explained the fuel had to meet the British Army’s robust and rigorous requirements: “The UK Ministry of Defence were looking for a solution that amongst other things was lightweight, could boil 500ml of water in under 11 minutes, was easy to light and extinguish, burned cleanly and is easily transportable.  A fuel pack of FireDragon and its associated folding cooker weigh less than 300g and the FireDragon fuel  will boil 500ml of water in under 8 minutes.”

ORH pic 1

The  company has reported that interest in the fuel has soared ever since news of the contract with the British Military broke.

FD and folding cooker 2 (656 x 646)Janey Howell added: “The contract with the British Army is a big turning point.  We have worked long and hard to develop and bring to market the fuel.  The fuel is good news for the outdoor industry and more importantly good news for all those who venture outdoors. It will enable outdoor enthusiasts to cook their meals and warm their drinks with a safer and cleaner fuel than traditional fire lighters like methylated spirits and paraffin based products while at the same time help to protect the environment.

“For generations, the use of toxic and environmentally harmful firelighters has needled the conscience of outdoor enthusiasts.  FireDragon is a non-toxic fuel made from 100% natural ingredients including ethanol sourced from UK grown grain stocks. It is easy to light, even in the rain. It burns cleanly and research shows that it boils water faster than methylated spirits.  It can perform in extreme conditions.  We believe FireDragon will become the green  and adventure outdoor cooking fuel of choice. We look forward to discussing  its merits to visitors at next week’s OutDoor event.”

BCB Adventure will exhibit  the FireDragon Solid Fuel and cooker in Hall A4 Stand 404.


RA-Tech hop up adjust tool for WE

RA-Tech have shared a video of their hop up adjust tool for WE:

New Video!!!

RA-Tech Hop up Adjust Tool for WE


AST video: RA-Tech M1A prototype

AST have shared their latest video:

New Video from AST

M1A prototype


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