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Modify XTC speed shooting game @19th Taipei Hooha Show

Modify have shared a video of the winner from their speed shooting game at the 19th Taipei Hooha Show:

Modify XTC Speed Shooting Game at 19th Taipei Hooha Show

You might like to know we had a XTC Speed Shooting Game at 19th Taipei Hooha Show. The participants was asked to use our new XTC-G1 AEG to shoot the target to get the fastest score. Here is a video of the game record-holder’s performance who got 1.63 seconds and won the newest XTC-G1 AEG.

Below is the XTC gearbox internals which passed more than 10,000 semi auto shots in the past 3 days "XTC Speed Shooting Game" at Hooha Show Taiwan.



GHK AUG GBBR sneak preview from RedWolf

RedWolf Airsoft  have shared a preview of the new GHK AUG GBBR:

Hello, I’m Max from RedWolf Airsoft and informing you about the new product by GHK which is the AUG. A lot of Airsofters always wanted a GBB version of this popular bullpup rifle ever since Tokyo Marui released an AEG variant of it. We’ve received a sample and made a preview of the product. The actual Gas Blowback rifle will be available on our website shortly, so keep an eye out! The take down on it is the same as real steel which many will love! Let Tim tell you more about this product:


(RedWolf Airsoft)

JAG Arms BBs–JAG Precision

JAG Precision have released a new range of BBs:

Check out the new JAG Arms BBs! Wide selection of weights and in Bio and a great price! Find them at your local JAG Precision dealer today!

(JAG Precision)

Project Tank 2.0 fundraising

Matt Furey-King from the UKAPU has brought to our attention Simon Jameson’s crowd funding project:

Hi Gents,

I’m just trying to spread the word about Simon Jameson’s crowd funding project. Simon is a well known airsoft player from Ireland who fights from a wheelchair due to a degenerative disability. Regardless, Simon is a proper airsoft player, like many of us airsoft is something he’s thrown himself into heart and soul. Unfortunately his current wheelchair is on its last legs and was never capable over rough terrain, so he’s crowdfunding to enable him to buy and modify a HexHog off-road wheelchair. He’s one of us so please donate and we can get him back out there in the field and laying rounds down.

Tank has had some great support so far, and even got on the radio, so crowdfunding has gone really well (half way there) but airsoft is still a small community so we need help from all over the world to get up to the final amount required.

Link to Tank’s crowdfunding page

Youtube channel


Facebook page

Every little donation will help.

Many Thanks,

Matt Furey-King (UKAPU)

Gunfire presents Valentines Day

Gunfire are offering a special Valentines Day offer and have made a lovely romantic video to tell you all about it:

The Valentine’s Day is almost here and we’d like to give you additional 10% discount!

Just use the special discount code: valentines2016.

What is more – you can use the code along with different sales (check details in terms & conditions).



J.K.Army: Win a TRI148! Lunar New Year lucky draw 2016

Here is all the latest news from J.K.Army:


To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, we are going held multiple campaign throughout the New Year!
Different awards would be given by lucky draw to our YouTube Channel Subscribers.

Lucky draw will be carry out at different time point:
1) We would give out 1 $20 Dollars Discount Code* when we had reached 600 Subscribers on our channel
2) 1 set ATV Dusk Mask at 800 Subscribers
3) Another $20 Dollars Discount Code* when our Channel is reaching 1000 Subscribers
4) a U94 PTT when we got 1200 Subscribers
5) Another $20 Dollars Discount Code* again when we are reaching 1400 Subscribers

6) ++++And FINALLY a TRI 148 when we got 1600 Subscribers!!++++

How to join?
It’s pretty easy to get yourself into the lucky draw. Just simply complete the following 4 steps:
1) Go to our YouTube channel –
2) Subscribe to our Youtube Channel by clicking the subscribe button
3) Leave a comment in the Facebook Post with your YouTube Username and Tag a Friend in the post
4) Share the Facebook Post to your friends (Don’t forget to set it as Public Post)
We would announce the winner at our Facebook Page and also winner would be informed by Facebook Message privately.
We wish you all good luck and Happy Lunar New Year ~Kung Hey Fat Choy~!
J.K. ARMY LTD. reserves the right to change, alter, retract and cancel the Giveaway at anytime.
Winners would be chosen randomly and award would be shipping internationally with free of charge.
*Terms and conditions may apply for using the USD$20 coupon codes


Helikon clothing & gear @Military 1st

Military 1st have shared their latest video:

Explore a full range of Helikon uniforms, tactical clothing & equipment at Military 1st online store. Visit our website at to find out more.

(Military 1st)

New Hexcam viral camo available at eHobby Asia

eHobbyAsia have sent over details of the new Hexcam viral camo they are stocking:

Dears, We’re glad to introduce a new product to you.

Hexcam refers the camouflage pattern that uses hexagons as its pattern building block. It has utilized the characteristics of tessellated hexagons to create a digital disruptive pattern.

MK7 Promo Group Shots - 26

While using hexagons in camouflage is not new, VIRAL™ pattern differs completely due to double layer hexgrid that creates a double perception layer as well as allow for further disruption of the uniform pattern that one grid of hexagons creates. Further adding color reduces the uniformity in the basic pattern building design.

OBLITERATOR HDDP VIRAL MOD1 Combat Uniform Set (MK7 Jungle)
Fabrics 100% made & printed in S.Korea 
High quality Ripstop T/C fabrics, breathable
Water/ Splash resistant finish
Velcro patch area on shoulders
Blank Velcro patches for camo
Pull zipper jacket & fly
Elastic waist band
Tactical cut & pockets for pants
Breathable mesh back & vent holes on jacket
Hexagon Pattern MK7 Jungle Color

1503461_840679082638061_5567366534292545877_nMK7 Promo - 1 - Copyoblt-mk7-mod1-set_1_mark


Echo1 USA 2016 product line video

Echo1 have shared a video showing their new products for this year:


Check out our 2016 product line video! New rifles like the Troy TRX and others with updates. Find the video here:

Or on our YouTube channel "Echo1usa"

(Echo1 USA)

King Arms licensed Black Rain Ordnance in Spanish

King Arms have shared their Black Rain Ordnance video from Shot Show in Spanish:

Hi All,

Here is the other link for 2016 Shot Show Black Rain Ordnance official licensed replica by King Arms re-view. In Spanish Version.

We will keep you posted if any updated news about Black Rain Ordnance airsoft products.

Thank you

Best Regards

(King Arms)

SPEED HPA regulator in action

SPEED Airsoft have shared a video review of their HPA regulator:

SPEED HPA Regulator in action!

The SPEED HPA Regulator is an uniquely designed small form factor regulator that is packed with features that all HPA airsofters want. Four output ports for high configuration and a lightning fast recharge rate for the best possible performance.

The practical on/off knob on the regulator with auto air purge is convenient and allows a player to change air tanks on the fly, without touching the velocity setting. The integrated tournament lock will be welcomed by all fields that enforce velocity lock-out especially with HPA players.

Watch the SPEED HPA Regulator in action in a CQB game in this video.

You will see how versatile the SPEED HPA Regulator is and see it powering not only a rifle, but also a HPA pistol at the same time.

(SPEED Airsoft)

Gunfire: Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards

Gunfire have put together a short video to explain why they think you should vote for them in the Popular Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. You could also vote for us but we haven’t put together a funny video, sorry:

Gunfire’s latest production.

Enjoy :)

[PL] Dlaczego warto głosować na Gunfire? Zobaczcie sami!
[EN] Why should you vote for Gunfire? Check it out!


King Arms Black Rain Ordnance airsoft products

unnamed (20)King Arms have announced a new Black Rain Ordnance replica:

Hi all,

King Arms (V Production International Co., Ltd.) is proudly announcing that Black Rain Ordnance replica officially licensed to King Arms.

By having the chance to work with one of the market leaders in the real firearm industry, it’s not only an honor; it’s also an inspiration that King Arms is capable to conquer every challenges.

After years of communicating and exchanging ideas and thoughts, we finally able to came together and formed the Black Rain Ordnance airsoft rifles and accessories. To supply the Airsoft market with the state of the art, high quality, affordable products which users are looking forwarder to have. 

Black Rain Ordnance airsoft products are scrupulously made from top quality materials and the highest manufacturing standards and techniques. All products are carefully checked and tested before we send them out, and we believe that even the most finicky users will appreciate the finishing and quality of the items.

The first item we are launching at the shot show 2016 is the BRO Rifle (KA-AG-195), for production we will have Black and Dark Earth colours.

You can visit below links to see more information

(King Arms)

Direct Action Dragon Egg backpacks @Military 1st

Military 1st stock a wide range of Direct Action Dragon Egg backpacks:

Discover a complete collection of amazing Direct Action Dragon Egg tactical backpacks at Military 1st online store. Available in a variety of colours and camouflage patterns. Visit our website at to find out more.

(Military 1st)

Tokyo Arms- CO2 magazine for KWA Kriss Vector GBB

Tokyo Arms have shared a video for their new CO2 Magazine for KWA Kriss Vector GBB:

Tokyo Arms- CO2 Magazine for KWA Kriss Vector GBB

(Tokyo Arms)

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