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Patrol Base: NUPROL illumination pressure pad adapters

Patrol Base have shared a new video for the Nuprol – NX series illumination series pressure pad adapter:

We have been one of if not the first to have this for you online and in store this week, and now we have a fitting video.

The new NUPROL – NX Series Illumination Pressure Pad Adapters are very easy to install, no tools needed and can be fitted in less than a minute as shown in the video below.

Want to upgrade your NX200, 300 or 400 series unit? “Click Here to buy your adapter today”.

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(Patrol Base)

BEGADI Newsletter 01 December ´16

Here is all the latest news from Begadi:

pencott_promo_intPencott Ultralight Windproof Uniform has arrived!
Begadis new Uniform is a novum in the field of clothing in PenCott Greenzone – made from genuine PenCott 50D DWR polyester fabric it is lightweight, windproof, rugged, water repellent and unbelieveable fast drying!

A piece of clothing, that will serve many purposes, all year round!

Also new this month: The Pencott Cold Weather Anorak! Made from high quality 50D Poly outer and lined with finest Primaloft insulation, this pullover-style anorak keeps you warm, no matter what you do!

You can find a camo demonstration (German narration) here and a Showcase of the uniform and the cold weather anorak here

The products can be found here.

begadi_sport_promo_intBegadi Sport Series boasts 14 new rifles, rugged and affordable
Closely working together with Cyma, the Begadi Sport series provides a solid and cost – effective series of airsoft guns, which are optimized and delivered to the needs of the customers.

The expansion does not only bring 14 new guns to the store, but also a plethora of accessories, tuning parts and supplies for the guns!

All new guns can be found here. (Currently, the Guns are only shipped to Germany and Austria)

All int. available products can be found here.

edgi_pistonEdGi Pistons – best on the market for sniper systems
EdGi tuning parts are probably among the best Spring Sniper tuning parts available on the market. Begadi now released pistons for the most common spring sniper systems on the market.

The EdGi Aluminum Piston has a steel base, an industrial polyurethane sealing cap and a Teflon jacket for easy operation in the piston.

You can find the pistons here.

naturalblind_promoNatural3D Camo evolves to a full grown system
After the release of the Natural3D Sniper Camo Clothing from Begadi, many asked for accessories – and here it is. Touchscreenfriendly gloves, a cap with face-veil and a 3D Snipers mask complete the kit.

A full video of the camo in action can be seen here:

And the products can be found here.

International Reviews:
On YouTube Germany, there have been many reviews of Begadi and BE-X Products posted already. Currently, they are (mostly) german language only.  If you are an experienced YT Blogger from Europe, with an airsoft, outdoor or military themed channel, and you are interested in doing reviews, get in contact with Begadi!


Introducing the Dominator™ maintenance channel

tumNuNDDxPads8DT_EgzSu1La4Npi2ti1EWrih86EX8PaqJZw0h6K5rszDLbttq3NHLpaRmlVnu4llLwGVOIjdmcn3XHDUNhFP6qTvFICVMH-UxqrBrlzbsRzrkw2wGy6vbgjwp30LrogZ0=s0-d-e1-ftDominator have launched a new video channel:

Dominator™ Maintenance Video Tutorial DISCOVER THE CHANNEL

K58MyDwAb1JNgcpYJ-mFpXqTzk8NNLlqLvH1Mawl_gyKaITX7KrXTokIx9uZ0YQSqFNNVGmRZfQDj5jIXA=s0-d-e1-ftLOTS OF CONTENT
Dominator™ Maintenance will deliver a wide range of contents that covers from basic assembly and re-assembly to basic maintenance and common problem fix.

Dominator™ Tech Team will demonstrate the videos with the simplest and fastest way in order to let us following the instruction step by step easily.

Besides the simple steps in the videos, detailed instruction is also provided for complicated procedures to ensure viewers could do it on their own by following the videos.


First time to hear DM870?

Let’s check out the Dominator™ Feature video on YouTube!

3vJGU12GrtGRvcNNjBnHfhulou4tZtj5Cf8NXisbkEcMajRLGwuckHhtk5VYgiElqNjakgOrgR3FqdIxHA=s0-d-e1-ftDM870 Assembly

This first video will guide us through the DM870 basic assembly after unboxing for the first time and remind us what should be take attention on.


Hcf8Gf7qv2z6zyeaj5FfJmcfTsBzEaiEAKkgotBWFx8Vb6P4UqYMjzQtEyxqhg0-e2E8aAIZ2hIW9DmD1g=s0-d-e1-ftHow to Fix DM870 Jammed Bolt Carrier

Jammed bolt carrier is a common problem of DM870. There are two situations of jammed bolt carrier and require two different solutions to tackle the problem.


YluAkO2Gc1kwgQtyYGY-7VidVOGwkOYquFV55NlvEWJhdZGWhQ6X4doYHjJyxY-tu4p3FePwpunR9FI4XA=s0-d-e1-ftDM870 Basic Maintenance

DM870 features full steel construction and it is required to be well maintain just like real firearms. This video will guide us through how to maintain and lubricate DM870 while before use or not in use.



TAGinn NATO shell-less grenade launcher

Airsoft Pyrotechnics have shared a teaser for a new TAGinn product:

TAGinn are teasing their new product – Shell-less grenade launcher for NATO replicas they will present at the Shot show 2017 in Las Vegas.

(Airsoft Pyrotechnics)

Black Friday sale at RedWolf Airsoft

RedWolf Airsoft are having a Black Friday sale:


RedWolf Airsoft is now having a Black Friday Sale on top of the Super Holiday Sale!

This promotion starts now till December 4th, 2016. Everything on our online store will be 17% OFF! Watch the video below and let Quake and Marck tell you more!

Simply make the purchase on the online store and checkout! No coupon code required!

(RedWolf Airsoft)

RA-TEch TRP .45 preview video

RA-Tech have shared a preview video for their new TRP .45:

Dear Friends,

RA-TECH is bringing new product!!!

RA-TECH TRP .45 Preview


Gunfire Black Madness

Gunfire have launched their Black Friday sale:

news (2)

Still waiting for the Black Madness in Gunfire? Well, there it is!

We don’t like half-measures, that’s why our sale will last from today until next Monday! Black Madness means over 6000 selected products from more than 200 brands, and discounts reach up to 90%!

Take part in Black Madness!


Discover the KRYTAC Alpha CRB

Krytac have shared a video of their Alpha CRB:


The KRYTAC Alpha CRB is an excellent choice for new players looking for their first major purchase or seasoned Techs looking for a solid platform for their next custom build. Learn about what makes the Alpha CRB an incredible value in our latest video on the new KRYTAC Youtube Channel.



UAC new product – Speed ambi charging handle

image001UAC have a new upgrade part for the Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS:

UAC has launched the latest upgrade parts for Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS. The Speed Ambi Charging Handle. Fully CNC with aircraft grade 6061 aluminum. Come with a long and a short knurled handle. Interchangeable handle design allow shooter to change for their preference. Dual action handle design allow cocking on either side. Handy and increase performance to capable for high tensed competition needs.

M4 Charging Handle BlackM4-Charging-Handle-silver-1
UAC Speed Ambi Charging Handle 1UAC Speed Ambi Charging Handle 2UAC Speed Ambi Charging Handle 3

Here’s the video for Speed Ambi Charging Handle.


King Arms Predator tactical iron strike

King Arms have shared details of their latest new product:

unnamed (11)

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King Arms – Predator Tactical Iron Shrike


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(King Arms)

New video from AST & RA-TECH

AST have shared a couple of new videos:

Dear Friends,

AST is releasing a new video!!!

Umarex VP9 debut

RA-TECH is releasing a new video!!!



LCT video-LCT RPD AEG 20 meter shooting test

LCT Airsoft have shared their latest video:

(LCT Airsoft)

The Airsoft 1911 that will never die! Elite Force rebuild kits

Elite Force have shared a video for their 1911 rebuild kits:

The Airsoft 1911 That Will NEVER Die! Elite Force Rebuild Kits

(Elite Force)

Team BlackSheep E&L MK18 rifle video

Team BlackSheep have shared a new video looking at the E&L MK18 rifle:

In this video Brian will cover the new E&L MK18 rifle! All the steps to take it apart if you want to see the internals and upgrade more with yours and all the steps to put it back together.

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More videos in our GEARBOX WORKS Playlist

Gearbox Works Blog:

Follow Brian:

(Team BlackSheep)

New AST videos

AST have shared two new videos:

Dear Friends,

New videos releasing from AST!!!

New age fire control parts for g18c debut

AF2011 debut


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