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BattleArena–international airsoft tournament

BA logoThere will be a new tournament taking place in Finland early next year – Battle Arena:

We’d like to introduce our project – “Battle Arena”.

BattleArena is the largest international airsoft tournament. The tournament finals are taking place in Finland. Teams from 8 countries participated the Tournament. More than 50 teams from across the Europe fought through the qualification matches for the honor to be a finalist, but only one team from each country had chance to face other teams in Finland.

Four seasons of Tournament have already passed. Next season will start at October 2019.

This is the very first game that took place 3 years ago. We will publish games every week for you.

The first season was really short, only 4 teams showed an interest. It was a first time that the spectators have had a chance to see the airsoft tournament from the first person perspective.

5 on 5 players format included the set of rules with mannequin “Valera” involved.

(Battle Arena)

New Arcturus rifles unboxing from Team Blacksheep

Team Blacksheep have been checking out the new rifles from Arcturus:

Exclusive unboxing video of the NEW Arcturus rifles and their lineup by Brian Holt of Team Blacksheep.

Talks of more videos and a giveaway for a fan or two which is great news for everybody!

Check it out and share with your friends today!

(Team Blacksheep)

Team Blacksheep Arcturus Airsoft Centaur & PDW review

Team Blacksheep have been checking out a couple of AEGs from Arcturus Airsoft:

Team Blacksheep Arcturus Airsoft Centaur & PDW Review

Team Blacksheep does a review of two models from a new airsoft brand called "Arcturus Airsoft". In the video, they show the AEGs but as Brian writes, there are already 5 models ready to go… "Excited to introduce a new Airsoft brand to the market called ‘Arcturus’ and the 5 models already in the works for immediate release.

(Team Blacksheep)

Team Blacksheep: Airsoft cheaters

Team Blacksheep take a look at different types of airsoft cheats:


Airsoft Cheaters always happen but it should not ruin our day out having fun! Think of them as Pokemon and you have to get them all and shoot them extra while on the field.


(Team Blacksheep)

Tokyo Arms T-REX PCSS conversion kit

Tokyo Arms have shared details of their new T-REX PCSS conversion kit:

G17 KIT Poster

New Tokyo Arms T-REX PCSS Conversion Kit

(Tokyo Arms)

ASG Christmas giveaway video

ASG have launched a new Christmas giveaway, check out the video below to find out more:

After a few hickups we are now live with a new giveaway – Check out the video and follow the easy steps to enter.

ASG News site banner Jule giveaway

The competition ends on January 5th and we’ll pick 3 random winners! Be sure to subscribe and follow to get the latest update on the competition.

This giveaway is world wide, so be sure to join!

We love giving back to the players of this great community and we are excited to be giving away some awesome prizes which are:

1. Prize ASG CZ EVO Carbine AEG

2. Prize ASG CZ P-09 GBB

3. Prize 2x STORM 360 Airsoft grenades

Watch the video and Merry Christmas to Everybody!

Good luck

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Thompson M1A1 GBB rifle @Crown Airsoft

Crown Airsoft have the new Thompson M1A1 GBB rifle in stock:

The Cybergun licensed WE-Tech Thompson M1A1 GBB has arrived and available to order in crown-airsoft

(Crown Airsoft)

New LCT LC-3 G3 unboxing from airsoftBB!

AirsoftBB have been checking out the new LCT LC-3 G3:

LCT G3A3 LC3 unboxing4

Today i share with you our latest unboxing about the new LCT LC3 ( G3 ) make it with Kulebra, one of our staff reviewers. The LC3 be the latest G3 in the market and looks really really good.

This german beauty be developed by Heckler & Kotch and based on the spanish CETME  and are made from real steel with a incredible details on his body.

50 years later LCT make a good version ( compared with Classic Army and Tokyo Marui versions ) gathering a good pieces as the gearbox and the inner barrel ( 6.02mm standard ).

Hope you can enjoy this fist taste with this unboxing! You can fin the the LC-3 in black and OD colors


APS Shark.B video

APS have shared a new video of their Shark.B:


New TAGinn gun & camera slings

Airsoft Pyrotechnics have launched some new products:

That’s it, the new family in the TAGgear product line is ready! Meet – TAGinn gun and camera slings. The smartest solution for both.

Airsoft Pyrotechnics slings & accessories

(Airsoft Pyrotechnics)

New Airsoft Game Type "White Walkers" (VIDEO)

Dundich has shared one of his airsoft videos:

New Game Type (VIDEO): White Walkers – Two parts Airsoft Game.

The First part of the Game:

Your on your own, and the goal is to hit out all your opponents. All players runs into the field and the game starts as soon as the signal is given. Once hited, you must leave the playing area until a half of all players will be hited out.

The Second part of the Game:

A new signal indicating the second part of the game will be given as soon as the half of all the players been hited out. These players will be marked in blue forming a new team of "White Walkers" to attack the remeining players.


SSMG 2018 events

You can now sign up for all SSMG 2018 events:

Pyro, woodland, vehicles, miniguns, parachutes and boats… you name it. We celebrate 10years in action with SSMG 2018. 50% discount on all the events the whole year. Join us!





Airsoft Pyrotechnics MK2 ammo safety tests

Airsoft Pyrotechnics have shared a new text video for their MK2 ammo:

Here’s another video with our safety tests of a new MK2 ammo:

This is the next (VI) generation of TAGinn projectiles, it fits TAG-ML36 launcher and the rest of their earlier launching devices.

(Airsoft Pyrotechnics)

AST: RA-Tech custom KWA AR10 debut video

AST have shared their latest video:

AST is releasing a new video !

RA-TECH Custom KWA AR10 debut


LCT Airsoft LC3 shooting test video

LCT Airsoft have shared their latest test video:

We have a new video for LC-3 shooting test,

(LCT Airsoft)

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