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AST: RA-Tech GHK M4 steel bolt carrier video

AST have shared the latest RA-Tech product video:

RA-TECH New products available!

Steel bolt carrier for GHK M4.


RA-Tech steel upper receiver & bolt top video

AST have shared the latest RA-Tech product video:

Here is RA-TECH new product video!


2015 NEW version RA Steel upper receiver (for WE M14) and steel bolt top available now!


AngryGun SCAR MK17 rapid fire kit for WE GBB @J.K.Army

J.K.Army have sent over details of the AngryGun SCAR MK17 rapid fire kit for WE GBB they are stocking:

J.K. ARMY Newsletter of AngryGun SCAR MK17 Rapid Fire Kit for WE GBB

AngryGun SCAR MK17 Rapid Fire Kit for WE GBB
- For WE SCA Heavy Series GBB
- Improve the rate of fire
- Extra recoil
- Adjustable length for desired speed and travel



“Velum” smoke projectiles available now

Airsoft Pyrotechnics’ “velum” smoke projectiles are now available:

The "Velum" smoke Projectiles are available now!


You may order yours today! Shoot 1 for the waypoint marking or 2+ for a smokescreen. The "Velum" is a great new tool that taking you 1 step forward – you can setup a smokescreen remotely up to 110m at exact point near your opponent’s position to make him "blind" by keep seeing everything around yourself!

You can see the results at this video –

Also another funny promotional video –

(Airsoft Pyrotechnics)

New XTC 300rds high caps JET magazine from Modify

Modify have announced details of their new XTC 300rds high caps JET magazine:

Some of you might like to know that we are going to release XTC 300rds high caps JET magazine with LED. But what is JET magazine? It’s user-friendly design for quick loading BBs. Just wind the reel about 4 times, it will load BBs completely.

Do you want to know about JET magazine? Let’s check it out.


Silverback Airsoft SRS prototype video

Silverback Airsoft have shared a video of their SRS prototype:

We have posted a video on youtube of  our SRS prototype today, showing some shooting, velocity check , barrel and handguard change, bolt replacement .

We also gave some information about the price , as the Hong Kong will be around 500 USD for the A1 22” versions.

(Silverback Airsoft)

AirSplat airsoft summer swapmeet & greet II video

Here is the latest AirSplat video:

A new Airsplat on Demand video has been uploaded! Please feel free to like and share!


Win a custom AMD-65 from Brian @Echo1

imageBrian from Echo1 USA has a custom AMD-65 to give away:

Contest time to win a custom AMD-65!

As you saw in the video I am hosting a contest for the out of the box thinkers like yourself! I built this AMD-65 and want it to go to a good home.

Follow me on my Social Medias! (contest page)

Picking the top 5 liked pictures/entries on Sept 1st 2015
Judging content to find the best Fan Pride and Winner.…


Target One DBAL PL light LED @J.K.Army

Here is the latest news from J.K.Army:

Target One DBAL OPL Light LED & IR Laser & IRLL Device ( BK )
Visible Red Laser / White Light LED 400 Lumens / IR Laser / IR Led Illuminator


Visible Red Laser / White Light LED 400 Lumens / IR Laser / IR Led Illuminator

Two Operational Modes
- IR Mode
- Visible Mode
- Battery: 2x CR123A ( Not include )

Disclaimer: Please note that this product is a toy replica and should not be used for any real law enforcement or tactical use. Use of this device might be regulated or illegal in some countries. Please make sure the product is legal in your country before ordering.

image001 (1)


New upgrade parts from ROA Airsoft

JAG Precision have sent over some information about the new parts from ROA Airsoft:

Time to upgrade your AEG with the latest part from ROA Airsoft, a French airsoft company! Check out this video review of the Adjustable spring guide to give your AEG an extra 40~ fps. Easy to install and use and built to last.

Watch the video here:

Also check out the ROA Double Oring Piston head that corrects AOE and makes a perfect air seal!

Blog review here:

More info about ROA Airsoft here:

(JAG Precision)

GFC energy drink

Gunfire have shared a new video on their Facebook page:

Hi, maybe this will be interesting for you, :-)

GFC Energy – lepsze niż Mocarz


Part 2 – Sneak review of XTC-G1-MODIFY TECH

Modify have shared the second part of their XTC-G1 review:

12) Ambi-fire Contrals(雙邊快速選擇鈕)-R12) Ambi-fire Contrals(雙邊快速選擇鈕)-L

Yes, we have the new video this week. You might like to that XTC-G1 is loaded 45-degree ambi safety selector. But do you how smooth operation of it? Let’s check it out.


Hong Kong Furey Part 4

Claymore Airsoft TV have shared their fourth and final Hong Kong Furey instalment:

Here’s the final episode in my video series on the Hong Kong airsoft scene.

(Claymore Airsoft TV)

Modify beehive magazine plate video

Modify have shared a video of their new beehive magazine plate in action:

We uploaded a new video of the magazine plate for speed reloading. Let’s take a look.

Keep following us, you will receive the latest products news from Modify-Tech.

Gunfire: Force Core promo movie

Gunfire have shared the new Force Core promotional video:

Hi, check the latest Force Core promo movie:


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