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King Arms Facebook video

King Arms broadcast a live video on their Facebook page earlier today, you can still check it out here.

SNG live—Sneaky to King Arms’s studio room when our King Arms host intreducing about BRO. ‪#‎kingarms‬ ‪#‎airsoft‬ ‪#‎blackrainordnance‬‪#‎redandgold‬ ‪#‎letitrain‬

(King Arms)

Team Blacksheep: Universal panel adapter review

The guys at Team Blacksheep have been checking out the Advance Dynamics universal panel adapter:


Check out the latest gear review! The Advance Dynamic Universal Panel Adapter!

Watch here:

Read more:

(Team Blacksheep)

G&G MGGM42 & more at Gunfire

Here is all the latest news from Gunfire:

gmg42G&G MGM42

The term "airsoft engineering wonder" fits this replica perfectly. Today Leszek will present you the GMG42 from G&G that is a replica of the well-known gun which was accepted into service in 1942 – the Maschinengewehr 42 aka MG42, a construction, which in the hands of the soldiers of the Third Reich (and not only!) sowed unprecedented terror on nearly all fronts of World War II. Today, it’s an icon.

The replica is the most faithful available on the market reconstruction of this incarnation of the German war machine. The dimensions and details of the original have been mapped as closely to the original as possible; moreover, thanks to the construction being made almost completely out of steel, the weight is also accurate – nearly 11kgs with an empty magazine.

So much by way of introduction. Enjoy the video!

Painting – make the airsoft gun meet your local law requirements -


To meet the needs of our foreign customers, we offer the service of professional painting of replicas in accordance with the laws in force in the United Kingdom and Portugal.


RA-Tech steel hammer sear & secondary trigger video

Here is the latest RA-Tech video:

Dear Friends,

Here is RA-tech new video!

RA tech ta 2015 upgrade parts


New RA-Tech video: inner barrel prototype

RA-Tech have shared a video of their new inner barrel prototype:

Hello, RA-TECH is making something new. Check below link.



How to replace Modify SMOOTH gear set bushings

 Modify have shared two new videos:

We filmed a video, how to install and replace the bushings of SMOOTH Gear Set.

All of details are in the videos, so just play!

Here are the links:

Part I:

Part II:


SPEED Airsoft official YouTube channel

SPEED Airsoft have launched their own YouTube channel:

SPEED Airsoft now has its own official YouTube Channel.

Speed Airsoft Logo YouTube

SPEED Airsoft new YouTube Channel is launched to support all SPEED distributors, dealers and customers worldwide.

Customers, dealers and distributors who produce product videos featuring SPEED Airsoft products, SPEED Airsoft YouTube Channel will now link directly to you.

Just email SPEED Airsoft directly with your video links.

SPEED distributors and dealers can also have their YouTube channels featured at SPEED Airsoft YouTube Channel.

Begin visiting SPEED YouTube Channel by clicking the link below:-

SPEED Airsoft Channel

(SPEED Airsoft)

New AST video: G&G G980 SE

AST have shared a video of the new G&G G980 SE:

Getting the new product from G&G G980 SE. Please check below for the debut video.


Gunfire stock update 29th March 2016

Here is the latest stock news from Gunfire:

Hi, our latest deliveries:
Modify XTC-G1 –


Check our video review of XTC-G1:

PPS Airsoft –


Lesovik –


Buck Knives –


Peltor –


Airsoft Engineering –



Shoei FG42 type 1 new video

Shoei have shared a new video showing their FG42 type 1:

"Neo035" of our French friend made the new video of Shoei FG42 Type 1.


It’s time for the Bunny Hunt at Gunfire!

Gunfire are having an Easter sale:

Hi, It’s time for the Bunny Hunt in Gunfire! Look for the discounted products – now you can have them even 55% cheaper.


Do you want more? Use the special code from newsletter to get additional 5% discount!

Also check the promo movie:

Enjoy! (Gunfire)

Modify XTC speed shooting game @19th Taipei Hooha Show

Modify have shared a video of the winner from their speed shooting game at the 19th Taipei Hooha Show:

Modify XTC Speed Shooting Game at 19th Taipei Hooha Show

You might like to know we had a XTC Speed Shooting Game at 19th Taipei Hooha Show. The participants was asked to use our new XTC-G1 AEG to shoot the target to get the fastest score. Here is a video of the game record-holder’s performance who got 1.63 seconds and won the newest XTC-G1 AEG.

Below is the XTC gearbox internals which passed more than 10,000 semi auto shots in the past 3 days "XTC Speed Shooting Game" at Hooha Show Taiwan.



GHK AUG GBBR sneak preview from RedWolf

RedWolf Airsoft  have shared a preview of the new GHK AUG GBBR:

Hello, I’m Max from RedWolf Airsoft and informing you about the new product by GHK which is the AUG. A lot of Airsofters always wanted a GBB version of this popular bullpup rifle ever since Tokyo Marui released an AEG variant of it. We’ve received a sample and made a preview of the product. The actual Gas Blowback rifle will be available on our website shortly, so keep an eye out! The take down on it is the same as real steel which many will love! Let Tim tell you more about this product:


(RedWolf Airsoft)

JAG Arms BBs–JAG Precision

JAG Precision have released a new range of BBs:

Check out the new JAG Arms BBs! Wide selection of weights and in Bio and a great price! Find them at your local JAG Precision dealer today!

(JAG Precision)

Project Tank 2.0 fundraising

Matt Furey-King from the UKAPU has brought to our attention Simon Jameson’s crowd funding project:

Hi Gents,

I’m just trying to spread the word about Simon Jameson’s crowd funding project. Simon is a well known airsoft player from Ireland who fights from a wheelchair due to a degenerative disability. Regardless, Simon is a proper airsoft player, like many of us airsoft is something he’s thrown himself into heart and soul. Unfortunately his current wheelchair is on its last legs and was never capable over rough terrain, so he’s crowdfunding to enable him to buy and modify a HexHog off-road wheelchair. He’s one of us so please donate and we can get him back out there in the field and laying rounds down.

Tank has had some great support so far, and even got on the radio, so crowdfunding has gone really well (half way there) but airsoft is still a small community so we need help from all over the world to get up to the final amount required.

Link to Tank’s crowdfunding page

Youtube channel


Facebook page

Every little donation will help.

Many Thanks,

Matt Furey-King (UKAPU)

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