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Pyros and Bio-Tracers at AirsoftScotland

Click here to visit Airsoft ScotlandAirsoft Scotland have updated their special offer pages with shots of a new BB pyro, and biodegradable tracer BBs. If that’s not enough for the more colour co-ordinated folks out there you can grab the tracer BBs in both orange and green:

*NEW* Tennis-ball BB grenade. Pre-order.
Brand-new design made in the UK and available within the next two weeks. 100% biodegradable made from recycled cardboard and contains dried peas instead of BB’s. The ‘tennis-ball’ shape is made from aerial shell cases used in professional firework displays and WILL NOT break or crush in your pocket under normal conditions. Honestly, these are extremely tough and the bang and spread of shrapnel is devastating! The spherical shape allows for a truly omni-directional shrapnel zone :D

This is a pre-order opportunity as we reckon demand will seriously outweigh supply. On their arrival, we will change the ‘Pre-order’ heading to *Arrived* so please don’t email us asking “are they here yet?” ‘cos we will Trojan your ass……well, maybe not :)

Price: 3.50

Excel Bio-Tracer 0.2g 6mm BB’s (800)
An excellent quality of BB and biodegradable into the bargain! Your balls will rot naturally whilst using these, why do you think Frenchie walks like he does? Available in green or orange which can therefore be used to identify fire from specific teams.

Please note: Tracer BB’s require a Tracer Unit to illuminate the BB’s. (BB’s are shown here under UV lighting)

Price: 8.99 (Airsoft Scotland)

AirsoftGI Buy-To-Win raffle

The guys at Airsoft GI have a “Buy to Win” Raffle running (announced Thursday 24 February, 2005). Each month qualifying orders are put into a raffle and prizes are drawn and awarded to the winning order numbers:


Airsoft GI “Buy to Win” Raffle:

Now it is your chance to win some Airsoft Supplies, your order number is your raffle ticket number. Each Week, we will draw 10 contestants!

The more orders you make, the more the odds of winning it “BIG” increase!

  • First Prize G&G M14 40% off Coupon (2 available)
  • Bonus Prize ICS CAR 97 Carbine (2 available)
  • Second Prize KJW 1911 Single Stack GBB (2 available)
  • Third Prize UGT Tactical Vest (2 available)
  • Fourth Prize AE 0.25g bbs 3 Bags Special (12 available)
  • Fifth Prize AE 0.2gbbs 3 Bags Special (12 available)
  • Sixth Prize AE 0.25g bbs (12 available)
  • Seventh Prize AE 0.2g bbs(12 available)
  • Eighth Prize Matrix 0.2g bbs
  • Ninth prize BB Speed Loader

Airsoft GI Buy to Win Raffle Rules

* Must be 18 or older to purchase and be eligible for the raffle
* Your order number is the raffle number
* Your order number is non transferrable
* Raffle drawing will be held every Monday except Airsoft GI designated holidays or day offs
* All winners will be notify via email
* All winners must reply the winning notification email within 2 business days to receive the raffle prize
* There is no limits on how many raffles each person can win
* The more order you make, the odds of winning increases!
* All order numbers after 2/24/05 will be eligible for the raffle.
* Airsoft GI raffle will only apply to the United States mainland 48 States
* No extra charge for shipping of the raffle prize
* All prizes will be ship via USPS or UPS Ground
* Shipping. The delivery time will very depends on the availability of the prizes.

* Airsoft GI Buy to Win Raffle contest begins 2/24/05 ends 5/31/05
* Airsoft GI can terminate the raffle contest without any notification.
* Airsoft GI has the right to determine whether a person is eligible to receive the prize. (Airsoft GI)

Rail offer at Elite

Click here to visit EliteAirsoftMike at Elite Airsoft has dropped in a line about a new "rail offer" that they are running:

Elite Airsoft, are now offering a rail option for M15 or MP5As or MP5 SDs. Fit any RIS accessory (grenade launcher, vertical grip, torch or laser) to your rifle without the high cost of a RIS module. Elite can supply the rail for 9.90 or fitted to your fore grip for 15.00 (please note: the fore grip or silencer of an MP5 has to have holes drilled).

The rail can be fitted to either the lower or upper grip panel of an M15. Elite are also now stocking a wider range of Airsoft equipment including, slings, grips, goggles, glasses, grenade launchers, DF 180 rd showers etc.
For more details contact Mike Cripps 07816 992417 or Mike, (Elite Airsoft)

New pistol inner barrels at X-Fire

New over at X-Fire have added two new inner barrels to their lineup on their English site, one for the Desert Eagle and one for the Marui NBB Mk23 Socom. The inner barrel for the DE increases accuracy reducing grouping from 84mm(w)×77mm(h) at 8 meters to a grouping of 57mm(w)×54mm(h).

The Mk23 Socom barrel also increases accuracy reducing grouping at 8m from an already quite impressive 57mm(w)44mm(h) to 30mm(w)44mm(h).

Airsoft updates.. random what else?

In random updates around the block, Boom Arms have the new G&P G&P Military Type Standalone Grenade Launcher Pistol in stock too at 255USD. They’ve also added several “BOOM ARMS Custom” products, namely the ever popular M4 CQBR format, an AKS74U, a custom 5.1 model (quite like the look of that one myself) and a custom WA pistol. There’s more there so have a leaf through their pages for all the latest updates.

Over at ClassicArmy they’ve updated the listing for the upcoming M15 CQB release from them including such bonuses as "colourful parts inside the gear box". Not quite sure on the advantage of that myself, although coloured main springs would be great as they you’d have some chance of spotting what power a spring is without having to fit it.

Airsoft magpies and collectors of all things shiny can rejoice. First Factory have posted news of a new M500 in 8mm format from Marushin (who else?) that comes in shiny silver with wood pump and grip. The new M500 is listed as a limited edition, but that tends to mean very little these days, and comes with real rose wood grips at a price of 41,790 Yen. The photo is that of the prototype so the actual colour may vary somewhat.

Also on their news pages is the long awaited blowback wood/metal 8mm Marushin M1 Garand (price undecided but release date to be announced shortly), both WA SCW MEUs, and the chrome version of the WA S&W 1911. Oh for anyone looking for a high resolution shot of the M1 Garand NodaYa have posted a nice picture of the Smokies version (non blowback).

Over the pond at Airsoft Extreme the guys there have updated their site to list that are going to have the new GunsWorkshop XM8 kits in stock sometime in May.

Over in Germany the lads at KHS Industries are going to be exhibiting at "IWA & OutdoorClassics 2005" from the 18th to the 21st of March at the ‘fair centre’ in Nürnberg. You’ll be able to find them in hall 5 on stand 5-322. At their stand you’ll find: KHS tactical equipment, KHS H3 military watches, the Meprolight, Karrimor SF gear, the Saab Barracuda, INOVA products, the well known Wiley X eye wear, Protec and much more.

Endoshoji have a new weekly offer on the silenced Hudson Grease Gun. The GBB from Hudon is now priced at 185USD down from 210 for the period of the offer.

Over at Laylax there’s a new power valve on the way out for the TM Desert Eagle which uses an interesting design to increase gas flow and gas evaporation rate to increase overall power output from the pistol.

If you were keeping up with Poseidon Shop‘s Seburo M-5 kit product there’s some nice photos of the finished product on their pages now.

LA Gunshop have posted a piece about the news that Head1950 have added concerning half-metal guns in Japan and posted a link over to Head1950’s pages. It looks like the good news is spreading fast over in Japan as the link is appearing on all the forums out there.

HiCap VSR mags at AirsoftScotland

Click here to visit Airsoft ScotlandThe guys at Airsoft Scotland have added a quick update to their pages to include a hicap for the VSR series from G&P. Useful for any budding
Tom Becketts out there:

G&P VSR-10 ‘Hi-cap’ yes, 55 rounds :)
Identical in every way to the original 30rd mag except this new offering from G&P gives you almost double the capacity at not much more in price. Fits all VSR sniper rifles.

Price: 10.99 (Including: VAT at 17.5%) (Airsoft Scotland)

New products at AEGArms

Over at AEGArms they have three new products in store. First up is the rather nice green laser that has been mentioned before priced at 200USD, there’s the new G&P RAS front end units, and also the stand alone G&P launcher mount which is handy for any custom work you might want to fit to the frame.

The launcher frame costs 250USD and the new "CNC process" RAS II comes in at 245USD.

New parts from X-Fire

X-Fire have added some new Airsoft products to their lineup. First up is a high speed cylinder for the G18C (mini AEG) pistol from TM. The new cylinder costs 1,400Yen and has four bore holes drilled into it which allows the piston to cycle faster. Comparative results from various upgrades to the G18c can be seen on their pages here.

Next is a simple upgrade, it’s a black hammer for the Hi-Capa 5.1. If you’ve handled a 5.1 you’ll know that the stock hammer is rather shiny and looks kinda plasticy. This new black hammer may only be a small upgrade but it should prove appealing for folks that want the perfect tweaked sidearm. Price for the new hammer is 3,430Yen.

UN Custom M82A1

Click here to visit UN CompanyThe guys at UN Company have a new custom piece in stock from them. New up is an M82A1 electric conversion built using the new HurricanE body and TM M733 AEG donor parts. The spec is as follows:

  • Name: UN Custom-M82A1 Sniper Rifle
  • Marui M733 Basedwith HurricanE M82A1 Conversion Kit Installed
  • KM PSG-1 650mm Inner Barrel Installed
  • Sanyo 3600mAh 9.6V Battery Included
  • Marui M16 190 Rounds Magazine Included
  • Power option from 350 fps to 450 fps (At your preference)

  • Gears, piston head, nozzle, spring, bearing spring guide and metal bushing are upgraded (all Systema parts)
  • Guarder NB-27 Scope Not Included
  • King Arms QD Throw Lever Ring Set ( Low ) (KA-SM-07) Not Included
  • King Arms Higher Mount Base For Flat Top Receiver (KA-MB-01) Not Included
  • Built Material: Full Metal
  • Gear Box: Version 2, Motor: EG-1000, Magazine: 190 Rounds, Length: 1462mm,
    Hop Up: Adjustable,
    BB Size: 6mm,
    Fire Mode: Semi/Full Auto

The new custom piece retails at 2,330USD so it’s not cheap but then again there’s a lot in there, and please do be aware that is does not include the scope and rings shown.

New P90 mag pouch at Flecktarn

Jo ( has sent over word from them of a new product that they are stocking. Here’s the news from her:

Our own production, especially designed to carry two P90 magazines per pouch
in a convenient, low-profile format. The pouch is so designed to allow for
the quick withdrawal of single magazines one at a time, by containing a
single magazine in each of the two pockets. Pouches open quickly and quietly
with genuine issue Spanish fly-type openers, eliminating the slow and clumsy
operation associated with fastex buckles and the loudness of velcro closers.
Pouches are designed to eliminate possibility of loss of magazines by
enclosing over two thirds of the length of the magazine.

The magazine pouch has
a semi-rigid backing to help keep the pouch in shape for better stability
without adding much to the overall weight of the pouch and each pocket has a
rivetted drainage hole at the bottom for good ventilation. Pouches are
designed to be able to be worn straight onto a belt, as well as clipped to
the belt with the aid of webbing adapter plates or Alice clips.

Each pouch
is made in Germany to the highest standards using only genuine military
cordura which is internally waterproofed and coated with an IRR resistant
compound. Jo, (

ASGK approved half metal pistols and random updates

It looks like Head1950 have been making progress with regards to what they call a grey area in Japanese law. From what can be made out from the translation it looks like there was confusion as to whether a product half metal Airsoft pistol replica was legal or not in Japan. It now looks that the major Japanese players now have some form of formal approval to allow ASGK stamped pistols to be produced fitted with a metal slide and barrel out the box if they so wish.

According to reports the pertenant material is in the two inset documents (click images for larger versions). I can’t read it myself but there’s some nice red squiggles under what look like the important bits wink.

Over at Airsoft Scotland they have a new offer on an HFC Beretta, this time with a gas magazine instead of the CO2 unit. Price is 88.99UKP:

Exactly the same as our infamous CO2 Beretta except this comes with a gas mag instead of the CO2 one. So, if you wanted this gun in the past but didn’t want to use CO2 cartridges, your dilemma has now been solved. Another factor of the CO2 model that put off some people was the extended magazine, the gas mag that comes with this pistol is a flush fit.

Fires at 300fps using 0.2g BB’s. Lives happily on green gas.

NOTE: Unlike the CO2 Beretta, this gas version cannot use both types of magazine. It can’t fire the CO2 mags due to a weaker hammer spring. We found this out at our peril, but that’s another story… Airsoft Scotland

Smokeys have a new adapter for the TM (mini AEG) G18C. This handy adapter allows you to fit a standard 7.2V battery externally to the G18C. Price for the new part is 2,520 Yen. Apparently the new adapter and external batteries do not impair mobility when fitted (well that’s what they say anyway).

According to Smokie’s text you can fit the battery on a power cord, much like a lanyard or have the battery externally fitted to the G18c on a mount. Whatever floats your boat I guess. It just seems a bit odd to tack on loads of gear onto a single pistol, but if it works I’m not one to complain.

OP:Safari Strike, Ohio 4th June

Erock (Airsoft Cleveland) has just dropped over a line about the OP: Safari Strike that’s going to be held in Ohio on the 4th of June. Here’s the latest from them:

Just wanted to let everyone know about the upcoming TAC ( military-simulation airsoft event code named Operation: SAFARI STRIKE!

Operation: SAFARI STRIKE! will feature:

  • Detailed and mission oriented scenarios!
  • LARGE commercial battlefield, complete with many structures!
  • Wide variety of scenario Props!
  • Event T-Shirts!
  • Raffle items donated by event sponsors!

Don’t miss this one! Join us on June 4, 2005 for a full day of TAC mil-sim airsoft at one of Ohio’s LARGEST action/adventure fields!

For more information, please visit The Official OP: SAFARI STRIKE! Website @ Regards, Erock, (Airsoft Cleveland)

Laylax ‘brick target scene’

Airsoft Lego? Well it’s kinda like that. Laylax have added a new accessory to their pages today. The brick target scene is made from polyurethane and allows you to conduct target practice indoors. There’s no details as to how big the parts are though, so they could be anything from tiny lego parts, to a foot tall. For more complex structures multiple kits can be attached together.

I’m not really sure how much interest something like this will bring seeing as an empty coke can doubles quite nicely as a simple target plus it makes a noise on contact.

New woodland site for CloseAction

The guys at Close Action
now have a new woodland site up near Corby, here’s the latest from Tony:

Close Action now has a new 70 acre site at Fineshade wood near Corby. This
site is excellent natural woodland with open and close country. It boasts
hill features, railway embankments and well built bunker systems.

We play on a fortnightly basis on Sundays.

Game dates have changed and so will now be from Sunday 27th February each fortnight for the rest of the year. We are running a membership scheme for regulars which include discounts and member only game days as well as a specialist Close Action arm patch.

full details see our website Tony Segalini, (Close Action)

Unertl optics

LeBossu in France dropped me a line about somewhere that’s going to be of interest to you fellas out there with packed wallets. Unertl who supply the USMC (and others) with scopes are now supplying them for civillians too. The only real difference is that the civilian models have differing decals. If you’re looking for a dead gucci bit of gear for your pride Airsoft toy, or could do with a decent scope for your real rifle this could be for you:

I have been following your news and site for a long time, so when I saw that page, I thought it might interest you:

I was looking for a good looking scope, and incidentally, I found out that Unertl, the famous manufacturer for USMC scout snipers’ M40s and M82 had finally decided to sell those mythical scopes to the general public!

Here is the link to their 10x tactical scope. Retail price is still a tad bit expensive for my humble purse (USD 2500) but I suppose it is the condition to own such a well crafted and legendary scope ;)

Cheers. PS: if you have a few 2500 bucks to spend, just email me and I think I have an idea how to spend your money…
LeBossu, (Paris, France)

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