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NAM presents “The Ultimate OpFor Contest!”

The guys at NAM: National Airsoft Magazine have dropped over a quick line about The Ultimate OpFor Contest that they are organising in conjunction with RussianCombatGear. Here’s the latest:

NAM presents: The Ultimate OpFor Contest! Listen up all you AK enthusiasts and OpFor guys! Just getting into the role?! Weve got good news for ya! Forget all those cheap wannabe knockoffs! Now is your chance to actually LOOK the part with authenticity! Courtesy of, we have REAL Soviet/Russian gear to give you guys for just about 45 minutes of your time assuming you have picked up our WWIII Package. If you havent, its only $12.99 USD via our website! Two lucky individuals will win an OpFor package. Even better news is its here in the states and will be shipped Priority Mail to the winner so theres only a few days waiting for you national readers. For our international readers, Id guesstimate a week or so via Airmail. Of course, there are exceptions. Herere the prizes:

1st prize:
V-95 assault vest (Kamysh)
Complete set of Sklon R-1 raingear (Kamysh)

2nd prize:
Shtorm-2 grenadier vest (Reed)
SM-F13 BDU Coveralls (Reed)

(Vests are adjustable to fit pretty much anyone. BDU sizes are average sizes and not negotiable. For detailed descriptions of the prizes, please click on the above links or if unavailable, we encourage you to visit their website: )

Now the next question is how do you win? Its easy! All you gotta do is count how many Bigfoot sightings are on the entire WWIII DVD. Those who picked up our second issue before it sold out will have no problem with that definition. Those that didnt, well, heres a clue: Theres a Bigfoot sighting somewhere in the last 10 pages of Issue #3. Then, speed on over to our website and “Contact HQ” with your answer! That’s it, that’s all there is to it! So, sit down, pop in the DVD and start that counting and you could be the lucky winner of one of these great packages!

The contest ends 15-May-2005. The NAM staff, their family members and all persons given a complimentary DVD are prohibited from entry. All the correct responses received by 15-May-2005 will be placed in a container and the two winners randomly drawn. Only one entry per person is permitted. Please include your full name and complete address with your entry. Oh, and good luck!
Staff, (NAM: National Airsoft Magazine)

New magzine offers at Wolf

Click here to visit WolfWolf Armouries have new offers on G&P magazines and the King Arms shells. If you’re after more spares (who isn’t?) you can’t go far wrong with 4 for the price of 3. Here’s the latest:

Wolf Armouries is doing a buy 3 get one Free deal on all different type of G&P Mid Caps. Mid start at 19.99, but if you get the deal it works out at only 14.99 per magazine. This deal is only available while stocks last. Mid caps offer many advantages in that they dont need winding and dont rattle, and are available for the AK, MP5 and Colt.

New Improved King Arms 165rd Shower shell deal buy 2 for 99.99. This gives a 20 pound discount over the normal retail price. These shell are an improvement on the Mosquito shells, and feature better resealing system than the that only requires a half turn on the shell to re set the valve. Rather than getting a stick or pen and having to push the seal back in place and then try and get a valve back out again.
Max, (Wolf Armouries)

More news from around the world

Over at SIIS they have details of a new spring HK G36C replica. Unlike a lot of similar spring replicas though this model looks to have a functional folding stock and to carry full decals. Priced at 9,975 Yen (around 50UKP) it’s not a bad price either.

Hudson have posted news that on the 20th they are going to start shipping their model gas M1 Garand replicas out to customers that have already placed orders. This is apparently much earlier than they originally planned.

IntruderShop have added a black rubber pad for the rear of the MODSTOCK units for the M4 series to their lineup, RRP is 24USD.

For those of you that like the Automag range, Marushin have added two new fixed slide 8mm versions to their pages, one in silver and one in black. There’s no release date for the Automags yet, but they will be priced around 12,800Yen, are single/double action and have a 12 round capacity.

Poseidon Shop have some shots of a new revolver kit fitted to a Tanaka revolver. They’ve also got some plans for a kit intended to fit on the TM Glock 18C AEP. Here’s the latest shots:

Over at Sheriff they’ve added a new Caspian CNC Barrel Busing to their lineup, with a new black finished MEU barrel (see their pages for the latest shots). Also in the pistol field, true to form (and as most suspected) P226 parts are already coming out with a new 6.05 barrel for the pistol now being sold by X-Fire.

I’ve you’re looking for some way to mount a scope on your new Guay Guay M14 AEG, HeroArms have already launched a cope mount for the rifle, which you can see over at SupremeCo (priced at 90USD).

(Just as a quick note) For anyone that uses phpBB for their forums – 2.0.14 is now out. Thankfully this time they’ve not been patching huge security holes, instead it’s more of a bugfix this time round.

Akiba post first P226 Rail review

Over at New Akiba they’ve added a review of the P226 Rail from Marui. It took TM 2 years to release the P226 after they first mentioned it (it really has been that long), but with the popularlity of the 5.1 release the P226 looks to be continuing on TM’s trend of releasing good quality gas blowback pistols. Handily for us in the West there’s also several companies in Taiwan that copy such designs in a matter of weeks and release their own upgraded version shortly afterwards. Keep an eye out for uprated P226 clones appearing in the coming year.

The TM P226 does indeed replicate the real firearm’s decocking safety feature. In a couple of shots at Akiba you’ll see the new P226 compared to the SIG spring pistol from TM. You’ll find all the corect markings on the new pistol, blowback is reportedly crisp with a light trigger pull allowing a fast firing action and the build quality is very similar to the level found in the 5.1. The hop-up mechanism is praised highly giving an accurate at range (past 20 meters).

Apparently the G&P lamp units don’t fit on the rail, although the real Surefire M3 does. The magazine that comes with the P226 will take 25 6mm BBs and on a full gas charge will apparently power the pistol for 87 shots at 24degC (shots fired once per second). The SIG BB loader comes highly recommended for simple in game loading too. Checkout Akiba’s full review for more photos.

CopShopUK new stock and offers

The guys at CopShopUK Ltd have added new stock and offers to their site, including a speical offer on Magnum boots (at 44.99UKP), leather notebook holders, and clip-on LED lamps (priced at 16.99UKP). If you’re training for your Police Sergeant exam, they also have a useful manual on there.

ClassicArmy CQB posters

ClassicArmy have added a couple of posters of the new CQB rifle to their pages. The images are pretty huge (so mirrored here, as CA’s website is quite slow).

The new poster lists the specification as: modified wiring switch, hicap 300rnd magazine included, metal detachable rear sight, 7mm bearing gearbox, easy disassembly metal body, and reinforced parts including a bearing spring guide and piston head.

Maruzen 870 Charger

Over at AirsoftDynamics Yuki’s added details of the Maruzen charger to their site. Originally shown as part of the 2004 lineup by Maruzen this 870 spring action shotgun should prove quite popular:

Maruzen CA870 Charger

Interesting addition to the Maruzen CA870 family. CA870 charger features most of the upgrades that has been an aftermarket until now:

1. Adjustable hop
2. Stock adaptor, M4 style 4 position retractable stock and pistol grip.
3. 20mm rail on top of the stock adaptor for optical sights.

Due to be released late April, expected price 95GBP. Apart from the rather stupid naming, it could be one of the most practical spring gun yet… Yuki, (AirsoftDynamics)

New gear from Lee at Airsoft Armoury

Click here to visit Airsoft ArmouryLee has sent over some more news from AirsoftArmoury Ltd including shots of the latest Guay Guay gear:

Loads of new stuff in store:First up we have the G&G M14. This really is a very lovely and solid bit of kit. It comes out of the box doing 300-310fps, accuracy is superb and the fire rate is awesome at about 900-1000rpm. Very nice features include a huge battery compartment in the stock that will quite frankly swallow any battery you through into it. The hop chamber access a very nice feature, which is similar to that of a lot of Marui guns in that you cock the bolt back and hold to adjust the hop wheel. The main difference is that the bolt unit is all metal and cocks and returns like the real thing. All of this and it comes with a 470rnd hicap mag.

Price- 379.99
Additional 470rnd mag price- 27.99

More from G&G: We now have the UMP folding stock for MP5 and G3 variants. These are constructed in a very solid fiber reinforced nylon and comes with an optional sling swivel pin set and a fast takedown pin that fastens the stock to the receiver. Price- 62.99

GR16 SOPMOD Tactical stock This stock fits all Marui based M16/M4 variants (CA, G&G, G&P.). The main body is all metal construction which adds a lot of weight to whichever gun you fit it on. It has a two position slide lock and comes with a neoprene cheek cover and optional left or right sided sling swivel pin set. Price- 82.99

Also in back in stock from G&G
GP 6II tactical pack- full set inc- flip up cover with anti-shatter insert, weaver mount ring, touch pad control as well as on/off end cap, allen keys and a set of Lithium batteries. Price- 79.99. LS 680 tactical laser set fits practically any rail framed pistol. Price- 39.99

And last but certainly not least
Airsoft Armoury are proud to introduce the Madbull range of Airsoft gear. In stock now we have their 40mm grenade gas shells. These come in a variety of models and loads to suit every taste. The built quality and finish is simply breath-taking. Internally, a lot of problems experienced with other types of shells has been greatly improved with upgraded reset spring/seals and a no waste refill pin valve.

Power wise, we tested them on Green gas and they are VERY powerful.
Due in any day – Missile shell (nerf type), 8mm 60shot shell, and rubber slug shell.
Also due for a May release is the Model 470 C02 semi auto VII gear box conversion.
Many more great items TBA. Lee, (AirsoftArmoury Ltd)

Latest at Firesupport

Frank, (Firesupport) has emailed in the latest stock updates and news from the guys there:

Here at Firesupport on Wednesday 20th April 2005 we will have the new Marui P226 in the shop and available at 100.
Spare magazines for the pistol will not be available until 27th April.
Also on sale is the Marui Hicapa 5.1 and Maruzen P38.
Frank, (Firesupport)

Quick morning update

Sorry for the downtime yesterday, but I was out occupied all day yesterday. All very boring really, an upgrade was performed while I was out (at request) but database services didn’t close gracefully, meaning that when the server came back online post-upgrade one of the tables was locked for 8 hours or so yesterday. All that was required was a quick repair to MySQL but sod’s law being what it is the upgrade was bound to be scheduled while I was driving up and down the UK.

Onto interesting bits and pieces though. The new ClassicArmy CQB is coming, but many people haven’t really spotted that there’s more to the release than meets the eye. The new CA CQB is going to be in a different price bracket from the standard M15 builds which strongly points towards more than your standard M15 guts being in there. ClassicArmy have reportedly been working in association with someone else towards their new release. I’ll post more on the upcoming CQB release when there’s more that can be published.

I had a chance to play with a Systema PWS M4A1 yesterday (a huge thanks go out to the owner – cheers guys) and in all seriousness I’d have to say it’s pretty much the best M4 I’ve had the pleasure to use yet. The action and build is top notch, the hopup once set doesn’t deviate and it’s so easy to take down and upgrade/service it’s untrue. The system that drives the piston is designed to run from a standard 7.2V pack which says volumes about the gearing design and the work that has gone into it when you see how well the gearbox itself performs. The current pricing (~1200USD) will no doubt put off some, but I’m very much sold on the system and design.

The Guay Guay M14 AEG is hitting the shop shelves here in the UK …well kinda. There’s a percentage of M14s at different shops that failed out the box testing in hopefully what should be a minor setback. On the up side the new M14 certainly has some good quality constituent parts in its construction but it has to be said it’s a bit of a pig to strip and service; thankfully there’s a poster in the box with a complete parts diagram on it and the process will get easier with practice (anyone with four hands and a few spare fingers won’t have to worry too much about this though). The G&G M14 has great potential and can be a real blast to shoot but you might want to make your purchase locally. Version 1 of G&G’s GR range of rifles had its issues initially and although Guay Guay learnt from the GR release it looks like there’s still some QC testing that they need to touch up on.

Airsoft Innovations V4 adapter now out

Carl (Airsoft Innovations) has launched the fourth version of his propane adapter and being the nice chap that he is has sent over the first shots of the new design. The new design incorporates a high visibility protective cover, and is now an all-in-one design so you’re less likely to lose component parts in your kit bag:

After much sweat and toil, Airsoft Innovations is pleased to release a fourth version of it’s adaptor in under a year. Version four includes improvements based on customer feedback:

– Single piece design (no assembly)
– Plastic cap which protects probe
– Strengthened probe design

It’s the shizzle! Carl, (Airsoft Innovations)

If you’re not quite sure on what the adapter does, please be sure to read the full article on site here that covers the new adapters (update to cover v4 to follow). If you’re in the UK you can buy direct from Airsoft Innovations in Canada by Paypal and have your adapter in a matter of days. I don’t know of any local stockists yet but as soon as I do I’ll add them here.

BigOut ‘sector tip’

Over at BigOut in Japan they’ve been producing some quite intersting looking internal addons. Whilst not being the largest upgrade part to grace a gearbox they look to be a farily well thought out design and the perfect addition for AEG perfectionists.

The BOS-202 is a sector tip for the version 6 Marui gearbox (as seen in the Thompson/P90) and it helps reduce stress on the feed mechanism by controlling the tappet plate and thus nozzle movement in a more refined manner. The new BOS-202 looks to be designed to fit stock gears and needs to be fitted yourself, although if you’re in Japan you can pop in to get it fitted yourself at their store. BigOut also make a similar upgrade part for the ver2/3 gearboxes. RRP for this itty bitty piece of machined brass is 1,260 Yen.

“Call me Snake…”

I ran some news a few days back about a custom rifle built within the US called the Sidewinder, and the manufacturers of that rifle (H. Thad Morris over at Pursuits Automatic Weapons Inc) have dropped me a line with some more details about their product. The Sidewinder is one variant in a line of new custom products made entirely inside the USA that come with a no quibble 5 year warranty. Specs vary somewhat depending on customer requirements meaning that the rifle is available in a multitude of velocities and rates of fire. The looks may not be to everyone’s taste but the mechanism and specifications quoted are impressive on paper. Also of note is that they have an 8mm version although that could be quite pricey to run at 90rnds a second:

The Sidewinder is a totally NEW weapon. It is solely our invention and is patent pending. We do use a modified Muzzlelite outer chassis. The guts are all ours, and consist of billet anodized aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and stategic hi-tech filled polymer components.

These components are what allow us to offer a no-questions-asked, five year warranty (to my knowledge, the only such warranty in the industry). The Sidewinder requires no routine maintenance (no lubrication, no electronics, no nothing). We have increased the cyclic rate from 90 rounds per second to 150 rounds per second on production models. While we accommodate CO2 quite readily, more time on target with less cooling, is obtained with compressed air (HPA). In a recent simulated military combat venue, one Sidewinder had 60+ kills and 24 surrenders. You can see the weapon live on our website: H. Thad Morris, (Pursuits Automatic Weapons Inc)

High-res shots of the AG-01 parts

The guys at AirsoftHandGrenades have sent over some better images of their new replacement AG-01 bodies and the tool that they supply to remove the fuses from a spent body. The replacement bodies help lower the cost of their grenades by reuse of the common parts.

The tool isn’t essential to remove the fuse mechanism but it makes the task easier for the user.

Sample Impact Magazine article

Paul over at Airsoft Impact
has sent in a sample article to show readers what the upcoming magazine will look like. The article covers 1/6th figures, which is one of the varied topics that the magazine will carry that appeals to that Airsoft userbase.

Have a look to see what you think. You can either download the PDF, or click the image below for a JPG version.

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