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M68 Thunder Grenade at RAP4

KT over at RAP4 has sent over news of the new M68 Thunder Grenade that they have in stock now. I’ve used one of these myself recently and they have one heck of a kick to them. I’m not to keen on paint myself but the designers have come up with some pretty ingenious ways to create the M68, plus even loaded with a wad of old Airsoft BBs (it’s not exactly recommended from the manufacturer though) it packs a fair punch:

Take Your Paintball Game To The Next Level With The Explosive M68 Thunder Grenade Real Action Paintball is thrilled to communicate the release of the M68 Thunder Grenade for paintball and woods ball. Paintball enthusiasts worldwide have been looking forward to this product that will add mind-blowing realism to your paintball game. Take your paintball game to the next level with the explosive M68 Thunder Grenade!

The M68 Thunder Grenade is motorized by CO2 to force four .68 caliber paintball at over an astounding 100+ feet. It has a Thunder Grenade Charger with synchronized CO2 pressure. The Thunder Grenade Charger also has an integral pressure regulator that lets the player manage the output pressure of every charge. This synchronized pressure determines the speed of the paintball.

The patented air accumulator design allows the CO2 to rapidly contract for a vigorous transfer of explosion. This design also works as a sound generator and for thrusting any object inserted in the chamber.

Be ready for a super sonic thunderous boom when The M68 Thunder Grenade is shot, as it is one hundred times louder than a paintball gun. You can easily use the massive noise as a diversion, which will help the player with moving forward; the opposing team wont know what hit them. The M68 Thunder Grenade can also be filled with the most awesome smoke simulated powder. This is sure to produce apprehension and fear to your enemy when they hear a massive bang followed by smoke erupting into the sky.

The M68 Thunder Grenade is a must have for all paintball game participants. It is adding a new and exciting element to the everyday paintball game and is definitely changing the direction of the game.

See the M68 Thunder Grenade in action:
Low resolution video,
high resolution video. (KT, RAP4)

Trigger Happy T-910 Launcher

I heard good things about the Trigger Happy T-910 BB Shower unit from the guys at NAM a couple of nights ago and spotted that Walter at Airsoft GI now has it in stock (with other new items listed on his front page).

The Trigger Happy launcher looks like the standard M900 clone lamp unit, but instead can be used to readily mount and fire a BB shower unit, and when not in use the cover folds back to look like a normal torch grip. Price for the launcher is 168USD.

As a small aside, and to those that don’t know, it’s now becoming more normal to call things like the ANGS Moscart (and varients thereof) “BB Shower” rather than “grenades” in the USA. Even in the US where firearms are more socially accepted there’s a certain stigma with items such as training/replica silencers and dummy grenades. In California dummy Airsoft silencers have caused major problems in the past for more than one retailer/dealer when proven to have the ability to lower the sound output for a single shot from a real firearm by even 1dB. Just incase anyone in the UK thought that we were the only people with tough import laws on Airsoft toys we aren’t alone.

A quite note about NiMH vs NiCd charging

Andrew sent in a few paragraphs about NiMH batteries specifically in reference to the extensive news that Lee at Airsoft Armoury Ltd previously sent in, which makes useful reading if you’re thinking of mixing and matching battery types:

NiMH cells do have memory, although it is rare. This stems from the fact that it is the nickel plate chemistry that is common to both NiCds and NiMHs. Not too important, but I thought you may want to consider letting people know that if they are running a NiCd charger they CAN NOT use it for NiMHs.

Using a NiCd charger on NiMHs will not detect the peak of the battery’s charging cycle fast enough because the voltage drop is very small. This usually leads to overcharging which NiMHs are extremely intolerant to, and is the usual cause of the so-called memory effect (which is actually excessive crystal growth within the cell). Chargers MUST be rated specifically to charge NiMH batteries.

Hope this helps. Andrew

Upcoming releases mentioned at LA Gunshop

LA Gunshop have added online copies of Tokyo Marui’s promotional flyers from the latest trade show, plus they have a leaflet from Marushin covering their own new and upcoming products (LA posted it at the end of last month so I’m a bit behind).

As you can see from the shots there’s a new HawkTalon, and a Super Blackhawk coming, in the rifle sector there’s a full length version of the M1887, and an M2 carbine. In the pistol section there’s a SIG P210 (in 8mm format) and a 44 Automag in blowback format that’s sure to please a lot of folks.

New concealment vest at Ironfoot

{MIA}Gmac over at IronFoot has sent over news and photo of a new concealment vest that they have in stock:

New on the Market this Spring, the Web-tex Concealment Vest.
Make your own Gilly Top or use natural folage to blend into the back ground.

This Lightweight mesh vest with strategically placed strong elastic strips.

All types of material can simply be pushed up under the elastic to suit the terrian.

Complete with detachable hood, two quick-release chest straps & one quick-release waist strap.

One size fits all. Olive Green

Price: 27.99 {MIA}Gmac, (IronFoot)

New offers and items at A2

Click here to visit Airsoft ArmouryLee at AirsoftArmoury Ltd sent a load more news and info from them, plus details of some offers that you can only get in store. Here’s the latest:

New NiMH GP batteries:These have been around for a couple of months now and we have tested them to death. Normally NiMH batteries and upgraded guns dont really mix as the discharge rate is to low to drive those power hungry beasts out there. Most folk have experienced a dramatic drop in fire rate on long rips, or battery death well under the advertised mah rating. The new GP cells have not only changed that but have increased the voltage and mah rating quite considerably, especially if you are running a standard Marui (tight) battery space.

The major advancement in NiMH is a massive increase in discharge rate, it is now 4 times that of even the best NiCad at a whopping 20amp. If this sounds like gobbledygook then in simple terms, you get a higher fire rate for much longer. I tested an 8.4v 1100mah small square type (same size as a 600mah) in a standard M733 and a 9.6v 3300 large type in a CA C36 upgraded to 328fps. The fire rate in both was phenomenal, and was constant with that as if using a higher voltage Nicad respectively. I put mag after mag through both and the rate did not drop at all through to the end of the charge. The 8.4v mini battery put out about 2500rnds and I gave up on the 9.6v as it passed the 6000rnd mark, it was still running at about 900-1000rnds per minute!

Also as part of the range are the sub cells, which mean you can fit a 9.6v battery in most of the range of Marui that normally only take small 8.4. One of the biggest advantages of NiMH over Nicad is that they have no charge memory there fore do not need to be discharged or become damaged due to repeated fast charging.
All in all, these are awesome batteries and give even the best Nicads on the market a serious run for their money.

In stock now: 8.4v 1100mah small square type (fits M4, SIG 552, etc),
9.6v 1100mah stick type (fits MP5K, AK47 folding stock, etc),
9.6v 2200mah Sub C large (fits all Marui full stock),
9.6v 3300mah large (fits all large battery stock guns, CA etc),
9.6v 2000mah double sadle (fits M4 large batt handgrips, M249, ect) and
10.8v 2000mah large flat (battery box, ready mag, etc).

Blackhawk P226 CQC CF hip holster: We have carried these holsters for other pistols for some time so it was time to bring them in for the new Marui Sig P226. This is a quick draw retention holster that comes with a variety of settings and functions. First of all, you have a choice of belt mountings. The first is standard belt clip that is adjustable up to 2 and the second is a quick detach mount that clips over and round the belt to lock in place. Both can be further adjusted from a vertical setting or offset 20 degrees forward or to the rear. The retention bit is adjusted by a small screw and can be set to the users needs. These holsters function like a dream and once properly set; you can draw down on an opponent at lightning speed but never worry about losing your pride-and-joy in the field.


Special Saturday deals: Beginning on the 21st of May we have some special deals running every Saturday in store. Any visitors or telephone sales make qualify for the following special deals: Spend over 50 and get a free bag of 0.20g 5000 A2 BBs, or buy any AEG and get a free battery, or buy any Gas pistol and get a free large tin of gas.
All special deals are separate and are not given in conjunction with one another. Lee, (AirsoftArmoury Ltd)

G&P custom M3 grip/stock

G&P will be releasing this new grip and stock set for the TM M3 series at the end of the month. Here’s the latest shots of the new design thanks to Cathine over at G&P. As you can see the stock slides out and looks to have three positions, and the grip can handily store a spare shell.

Firefight Reading moving location

Mark over at Firefight has dropped in an email to let everyone know that their Reading site is now moving an extended period of problems. Checkout their site for more information:

Most of our more frequent customers will no doubt be aware that since March this year we have been attempting to relocate our Reading operation to a new site nearby.

The proposed relocation is as of a direct result of our unsucessfull tender for the renewal of our Chazy wood lease agreement (which has subsequently been granted to a national paintball company).

Whilst it will be sad to see an end to airsoft at Chazy wood for Firefight I am sure most of you will agree that the site has become increasingly difficult to maintain (having to construct the safezone and clear up the rubbish before each games day!) and that the site has become “played-out” over the last 4 or 5 years.
Developments and features such as the village, old safezone, trenches and bunkers were frequently vandalised and we unfortunately do not have the man-power or resources to protect ourselves and the site from these mindless vandals.

Since our recent announcements signalling our intention to relocate we have in fact seen the site further deteriorate and it has now become something of a “fly-tip”.

Whilst we have been scouting for a new site the Mapledurham Estate had kindly extended our lease on a week by week basis which allowed gaming to continue until the contract with the paintball company had been signed.

I can now inform you that the contract has been signed by the paintball company and subsequently the Chazy wood site is no longer at our disposal for the purpose of airsoft.

We have been working hard with Mapledurham and other contacts to secure a new site and even up until the last Saturday (7th May) had considered the move complete. Our work crews were on site (thanks to all the volunteers!) preparing the signage, constructing the car park and safezone but sadly we have decided not to progress the use of this site.
On the proposed site there were several issues that could cause problems in terms of Health and Safety and although we were confident that we could “work around” them there would always be a substancial risk to injury and as such would require heavy marshalling in those areas to protect against the risk.

There also was, I am sad to say quite a bit of resistance from residents who use this area (without permission) to ride horses and walk their dogs etc (as well as, we suspect, slightly more dubious activities).
We feel that the amount of time likely to be spent escorting these people off the site and the volume of possible confrontations we (and our players and customers) could face were also a risk we did not wish to have to contend with on a constant basis).

The site itself is a nice plot of land, quite suited to airsoft generally and we have informed Mapledurham that should these issues be addressed we may, once again be interested in pursuing the lease for this area, but certainly for the time being we deem it unusable.

We obviously appreciate the support and valued custom of our Reading airsofters and as such, rest assured we will be continueing to work hard to secure a safe, usable and suitable site within the Reading area, it is after all, our “spiritual home”.
We will, of course keep you updated via forums and our website ( as regards our progress.

Both myself and Firefight would like to thank all it’s current and past staff for this site, the helpers and of course the players who have supported it over the years and we look forward to welcoming you once again when we are relocated.

All other Firefight sites are unaffected by this change.

Many Thanks,

Mark, (Firefight Ltd.)

New parts and pistols from WA

I’m playing catch up on my emails so sorry if any of this is a bit late in coming. Over at Western Arms they’ve updated their pages with news of several new bits of gear.

New up there’s the a 10% offer on the WA SV range, a new cut down Wilson Combat 45, a Colt 1911A1, and a selection of new WA spare parts. Nothing hugely interesting really, but there you go. Thanks go out to Jim of the Contractors Wargame Team for the heads up.

New G3 grip at G&P

Cathine over at G&P has sent in shots of a new product from them.

New in this time is the GP382 Motor Grip for the G3 series in black.

Price is as usual unknown at this time, however you will be able to find it at your local G&P stockist as usual shortly no doubt. shots from 44th Shizuoka Show

Hobby Action has sent in a link to’s photos from the TM booth at the ongoing 44th Shizuoka Show in Japan at the moment. There’s 5 pages of photos listed, but only some of the photos work (I’m guessing they have yet to be uploaded). Photos include shots of the new M93r mini AEG pistol, and shots of the upcoming 1911A1 and Glock 17 blowback pistols, and of the Beretta and USP mini AEG pistols. Here’s some of the highlights:

Custom pewter 1911 grips

Vahe at Killer Grips has sent in a shot of his Airsoft grips that he’s making for the 1911 series intended for Airsoft use. The grips are made in pewter and come in a brushed finish.

There’s no price at the moment, but they look very good form the photos out so far, and should be especially appealing to anyone looking for something to customise their 1911 further.

I’m told that production time is about a month for each grip ordered, which isn’t bad for a hand crafted work. Checkout the image inset for a larger version.

Shots of the new Taiwanese 5.1 models

I wanted to add some shots I took of the new Taiwanese copies of the Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hi-Capa pistols. There are currently three varients available, one in silver, and two in black with differing markings. They are all metal and incredibly solid.

The Tokyo Marui 5.1 HiCapa is a great design, but given the quality of the Taiwanese build over that of the TM model it’s hard to recommend anything other than these full metal models. I’m afraid I’ve not had a chance to crop these shots or adjust the colour balance, but I’m only on a small laptop that’s not really keen on running Photoshop as well as the rest of the usual tools.

In the USA these Taiwanese 5.1 models are available at a distributor level from JAG Precision
in Southern California who can be contacted on Tel: (626) 448-9879; please do not contact them unless you’re a dealer, end users please do ask your local stockist. If you’re a retailer in the USA looking to stock up on goodies do give David at JAG Precision a call as you can be assured of great service there from possibly the friendliest and most down to earth folks I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

Sidewinder test at Pursuits Automatic Weapons Inc

I’m just back from meeting up with the guys at at Pursuits Automatic Weapons Inc to have a play with the new Sidewinder that they make. I’ll be adding some shots of the rifle here as soon as I unload my camera memory onto this laptop.

Now I’ve fired various custom builds of late and so far this has to be the fastest cycling unit I’ve fired yet. The model I’d fired wasn’t new either and had had several thousand rounds through it already with no perceivable wear and tear to the rifle at all. It’s tunable at the factory to various power levels and cyclic rates, comes with a ingenious 22 inch internal barrel (if memory serves), plus you can have in in 4.5, 6 or 8mm calibres. Based on a real Muzzleite body and with NC machined innards I can’t see anyone breaking one of these anytime soon. Balance is nicely weighted around the grip and unlike things like the M249 you can realistically swing it with one arm without breaking any ligaments or busting an artery.

Make no mistake, the Sidewinder is an investment, but it is worth remembering that as an example it is pretty much comparable in price to the cost of a tricked out TOP M249 with accessories such as spare mags, batteries and upgrades. The current UK/USA exchange rate also makes US made equipment more desirable.

If you’re interested in the design either as an individual or a retailer/dealer give Pursuits Automatic Weapons Inc a call/email.

New Gamepod store opening in the USA

Jared at Gamepod has sent in word that they are opening a new retail location in the USA, set to open in mid-May sometime. The location of the new store is unknown at the moment:

To better serve our customers GCA is opening a new retail location, it is the first of 4 retail stores and is scheduled to open mid May. (pics online at ).

We have one of the largest selections of in stock Airsoft products in the US all ready for immediate shipment, and as always every AEG from GCA comes with a Mil-Force 3 point tactical sling and 3700 Excel BB’s taking this into account we have some of the best prices in the US.
Example: TM AK47 at GCA 285.00, Mil-Force 3 point tactical sling a 25.00 value, 3700 Excel .20g BB’s a 14.00 value which leaves you an actual cost of only 246.00 combine that with our unparalleled customer service and you cant lose.
If that wasn’t enough, we have our Combat Pay program, where we reward our customers loyalty, Combat Pay works like this, once you have reached 500.00 in total orders you will receive discounts on all future purchases!! Jared, (Gamepod)

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