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STTi at HK Toys Mega Show PtII 27/29 Oct

STTi have mailed over their details to say that they will have a booth at the Hong Kong International Toys & Gifts Show from 27-29 Oct. 2005. Looks like they have some new toys to show off this year:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Pleased to inform you that we are going to display our New Airsoft Guns, AEG Guns and Accessories on the Hong Kong International Toys & Gifts Show from 27-29 Oct. 2005.

Our booth no. is as follows:
Show : Hong Kong International Toys & Gifts Show (Mega Show Part 2)
Date : Oct. 27-29, 2005
Booth No. : HALL 5 D-09

We will display our new and popular items on that occasion.
Looking forward to meeting you at our booth!

Best Regards,
TEL: 886-2-28577478,
FAX: 886-2-28574550
Website: Erin Tsai, (STTi)

New GBBs, an update

Airsoft Collector has sent in some scans from Gun and Combat Magazine while he had a free moment. A huge thanks go to him for them for finding the time, as he’s been very busy of late.

The scans include a pre-review of the KSC Colt M1911, an update concerning the KSC Sig P226 and their USP. There’s also a strange advert form WesternArms and an article documenting the evolution of the Tanio Koba USP.

Paints and surplus vests at Wolf

Click here to visit Wolf The guys at Wolf Armouries have a new stock of spray paint and surplus gear just in. Here’s the news from the guys there:

New in to Wolf Armouries!!!!

Now not only are we offering our camo paint jobs done in house we are selling the military spec spray paints by Krylon that we use.

Real steel operators Krylon up everything from their guns to their tactical gear. This offers them the ultimate advantage in camouflage.

We stock all colour to do up to a full woodland camo, desert camo and even an urban camo.

Call us at 08707549653 or email at with your project specifications and we will recommend the colours to go for.

Also at Wolf We have manage to acquire some cheap surplus kit.

We have quite a lot of them but they are limited.

Ballistic vest covers in British desert camo, DPM and navy blue. These are only covers and are going for 4.99 each. If you insert foam padding into them they could be as usable for airsoft as any other replica ballistic vest that would normally go for around 40 – 100. Specially cut foam padding can be arranged for an extra charge.

Genuine US grade 4 standalone ballistic plates.

These are rated up to 7.62 and weigh about 3.6kg each. Size is very similar to a SAPI plate and will fit into most plate carriers and body armour vests.

Similar plates go for well over 100. We are selling them at 79.99 each.

Stock is very limited.

Great for collectors, re-enactors and super fit hardcore airsofters.

Please call us at 08707549653 or email us at to order yours today. The Wolf Pack, (Wolf Armouries)

Random Aliens related MiM updates

Click here to visit MiMMonster’s in Motion have some new gear coming in that might be of interest. I know a lot of readers are 1/6th scale model fans, and the guys at MiM have some new Aliens sets coming in, oh they also have a good looking 1:1 resin kit Pulse Rifle on the way:

12 Inch Figure 1/6 Scale
sets PRE-ORDER NOW GUARANTEED TO SELL OUT FAST! Here is the most amazing Aliens collectible we have seen in a very long time. These are the MOVIE MASTERPIECE DX Series of 12 inch super detailed collectible figures from Japan.

Sets available are:

Prices are 499.99USD for the set, or 179.99USD each. (Monster’s in Motion)

Guay Guay UMG tappet plate ‘bug’ update

Guay Guay have added an update for UMG owners that’s not going to please dealers nor owners. There’s a small ‘bug’ in the tappet plate apparently which means that they are sending out new tappet plates. A similar update went out for a ‘bug’ in their M14, however the complaint from dealers concerned the added work that they had to undertake to fix the issue, and from the customers because the dealers didn’t have enough parts sent out to them (or none at all in some cases):

Due to the recently discovered smaller ‘bug’ in the tappet plate of the UMG released last month August 2005, we have decided to help our customers further. Not just by deliverering FREE ‘upgraded’ tappet plates to our distributors but also by including the new tappet plate together with the High cap magazines.

To a customer this means that when you buy a High Cap magazine you will also receive the NEW and upgraded tappet plate for FREE The new tappet plate is blue so you will know it is the new one. The old one is black. We will do this with the first 1000 magazines You can, of course, like always, contact one of our distributors and get a new tappet plate through them, without having to buy a High Cap magazine.

If you are unable to change the tappet plate by yourself we advice you to go back where you bought the UMG and ask them to change it for you. G&G Service Department, (Guay Guay)

Magpul PTS Enchanced M16/M4 Trigger Guard

Sam, the manager over at MS-Infinity has mailed in details of their PTS trigger guard:

Hi Arnies, How are you? Magpul Professional Training & Simulation Division just launched a new product – Magpul PTS Enchanced M16/M4 Trigger Guard.

This is a patented product which fits Marui, Classic Army, G&P, G&G and Hurricane Airsoft M16/M4 receiver.

Magpul Enhanced M16/M4 Trigger Guard Description: Magpul Enhanced M16/M4 Trigger Guard – a drop in replacement for the standard AR15/M16/M4.

Patent Pending design allows for gloved use without having to fold down guard Please find the attached photos for your reference. Regards Sam, (Manager, Magpul Professional Training and Simulation Division)

P990 GBB with WA internals from Sekito

Leading on from S2S‘s Desert Eagle release that used a licensed blowback mechanism from Western Arms, is a P990 pistol from Sekito.

There will be three versions, all copies of the Walther pistol using a WA licensed blowback mech. There will be a parkerised finish, one in black, and another two tone model.

The pistol will be out over the next few days, with a magazine capacity of 26+1. Sadly it’s not a copy of the more modern P99 release, but it should be quite popular if the price is right.

Speaking of the price, although there’s no official price you can expect it to come in at around the same price as their DE range, so around 14,000Yen. Thanks go out to Airsoft Collector for the tip.

FarEast on TokyoMarui

FarEast’s has posted some of his thoughts after a chat with the guys at TM. You can find the full thread in the forum, but here’s the bulk of the text:

Feeling the Pressure. In recent months the Airsoft community has seen the rise of a new challenger for title of Manufacture King when it comes to the release of wanted replicas, G&G seems to have its finger right on the pulse of the Airsoft community while the old favourites Tokyo Marui seem to be letting things slip.

I found out recently from a member of the Tokyo Marui staff that the M14 has actually been in production for the last 2 years and wasnt the 3 month wonder that everyone thought it was. In a way Im saddened by the fact as this dashes a lot of hopes of Tokyo Marui producing anything new before the supposed VCR bill goes through in the UK. Especially the L85A1/2.

So what is the future going to look like? Well G&G although being smaller really seems to have a management team that can get the gears turning and the products on the shelves, yes there have been a few teething problems with the UMG (Tappet plate) and the M14 (Heavy Trigger) but the amazing thing is that G&G is willing to rectify these problems for free! Unlike Tokyo Marui that expect the customer to fork out for the necessary upgrades or replacements of parts regardless if its a design fault or not. G&G also have one serious Ace up their sleeves, a fast manufacturing turn around, thus being able to actually make the guns to meet the demands of the customers within a short period of time while keeping the price reasonable.

So what is so wrong with Tokyo Marui? Well for one, its a one man ship, having the CEO (Owner, Director) making the choices of guns made on his preference rather than listening to the market research and the Airsoft community (there must be hundreds of signed petitions for various guns) is a real bad thing as it shows a lack of vision by a company and its leadership for the future of the sport, also the fact that Tokyo Marui really doesnt have a good relationship with the press is another issue, rather than give factual and positive press releases to the Airsoft community it is left to speculate and rumourmonger about the future releases of this giant within the Airsoft world thus leaving a lot of disappointed and disgruntled people when the replicas fail to materialise.

So is it all bad? Not really. The rise of G&G and other even smaller Chinese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong based manufactures seems to have a bee in Tokyo Maruis bonnet. When I last spoke to the guys at Tokyo Marui they were very interested in my views of the competition and the future of their company. It seems very likely that they will move away from the plastic bodies and follow G&G with the lightweight metal bodies; also it seems that they are thinking of moving into the upgrade department too, gears, springs and motors to name just a few.

But is this too much to late for Tokyo Marui, or is it still the wrong direction for them? In my opinion yes it is, there are so many companies out there that produce excellent upgrades for our sport, Systema, Phoenix to name just a few and to be honest I think they do it much better. Another reason is it still doesnt address the problem of what the customer actually wants, to quote Neo; We need guns. Lots of guns and thats the fact of the matter. The Airsoft community looks to Tokyo Marui for the production of cheap good quality guns regardless of what materials are used, thats what 3rd party manufactures are for!

So where is this going to lead us? It looks like the future is firmly in the hands of central Asia. The economic Boom of China is having a very positive impact on our sport, mainly in the cost of production and materials. Also the general public having more money to spend on their hobbies is causing a price war among retailers in the battle to take customers cash, thus driving down the prices of their products, while also providing a relatively good customer service (Most places in Asia only provide a 30 day money back warranty as this is all that is required by law) for over seas customers.

So can Japan compete with this? Not really, Japans economy has been stagnant for the past 10 years with consumers reluctant to spend their hard earned cash also with the artificial land prices and the fact that Japan needs to import all its resources, factories need to charge more for the products they make to actually make a profit.

Japan could do much better to move their manufacturing plants to central Asia to take advantage of the lower overheads, but will they do this? Not really Japanese industries tend to be very xenophobic when it comes to central Asia (KSC is a classic example of this having to different names for its products, one for Japan *KSC* and another for the rest of world, of course the KSC in Japan costs more than the overseas versions!)

So what is my prediction? Unless Tokyo Marui can adapt to this fast changing market and either keep pace or set a new one with its mainland challengers in Asia I really think Tokyo Marui is going to fall within the next few years as they like the rest of the Japanese economy stagnate and flounder due to leadership problems and lack of vision. China on the other hand is showing a very healthy boom in both hobbies and economy with companies showing strong leadership and the willingness to listen to the community that purchase their products while also having the power to produce high quality items at a fair price within a short period of time . And lets face it G&G has produce 3 high quality replicas in the past 3 months, M14, UMP and the GR300 (LR300) which proves they are very serious about taking the Manufacture King title. FarEast, (site forums)

Second Airsoft Supplier UK update

Luke and Ben have sent in their second major news update from their site over at AirsoftSupplierUK (not linked to other shop of a similar name). Here’s the details they sent over:

Airsoft Supplier UK has had a little facelift and new stock in! We are pleased to announce we have expanded our Headgear section and now stock more helmets, plus tri-colour US helmet covers. We now have replica PASGT, Replica US Special Forces and replica Mich 2000 Fiberglass helmets available on the website. We have added an optics section, plus an extensive pouches section, supplying all your custom vest pouch requirements! We will shortly be adding G&P torches to the optics section, and are looking at stocking Multicam headgear soon. In addition we now have available, King arms 90 round shells 36.00, TM Hi Capa, TM M92 magazines, TM SIG226 magazines, TM Desert Eagle mags at 21.50 or less.

We are running a special offer currently on the black PASGT helmet and tri-colour US helmet covers, for helmet and cover at 26.50 posted. You can also now get the Blackhawk Style Tactical Assault Vest from the site at 35 posted, and we have the King Arms 30mm Red/Green Dot Scope with QD Mount at just 50. We will shortly be adding an replica ACOG 1×30 red-dot (red crosshair) scope to the site as well at 47.50.
We have been busy for a lot of airsofters searching out tactical kit and magazines for them, such as HSGI, Blackhawk, Eagle Industries and Tactical Tailor gear, from pads and hats to standard USP and HI-CAPA mags. Please consult us if youre looking for that elusive piece of kit, however exotic or bland you may think it is!

Remember, we pride ourselves on being cheapest in the UK, AND all our products come with free first class postage to you. Sign up to our newsletter for product updates and special offers from us.

Check out the site for full updates. Luke and Ben, (AirsoftSupplierUK Team)

Swedish M90 camo at

Gordon over at has some new Swedish M90 camo sets in stock now. Here’s the details and a heap of photos of the new gear:

Hello Arnie!

Great news / right now in stock:

SWEDISH M90 camo ECWCS parka + trousers.

* Fully lined with nylon fabric
* Hood with draw cord and cord stoppers
* Draw cord at waist
* YKK Vislon front zipper
* YKK under arm ventilation zips
* Built in snow/ wind stopper skirt
* Velcro breast pouches
* Handwarmer pouches with Velcro and press studs
* Velcro pouch on left arm
* Velcro cuffs at arms
* Reinforced elbows
* Draw cord and cord stoppers at waist
* Belt loops
* YKK front zip and press studs
* YKK leg zips with Velcro flap
* Velcro leg pouches
* Double seat and knees

Available in S-XXL, made from breathable three layer laminate fabric, taped seams.

Cheers Gordon, (

South West Airsoft Trading – 6 month anniversary

South West Airsoft Trading has now been running successfully for six months this weekend so they are accoringly having a celebration:

Well as they say, time flys when youre having fun, and what a fun time weve had over the past few months.

Its will be our 6 month anniversary this weekend and we would like to thank our loyal clients for their valued custom.

To celebrate this and to thank our clients, we are offering 10% discount on ALL of our tactical gear and accessories.

The offer is valid from Wednesday 23rd September through to Sunday 25th September 2005 inclusive.

Likewise, well be running our in-store specials and introducing our Package Deals when you purchase any Classic Army Rifle or Gas Pistol.

We will also be holding a Pistol competition which will run throughout the week, with prizes awarded for the best shooters.

The Clubhouse is always open for a coffee, so why not come along for a chat and a chance to fire off a few rounds.

See in-store for more details or call us on our dedicated info line 0845 260 SWAT 7928. (South West Airsoft Trading)

CA36 line in at A2

Click here to visit Airsoft ArmouryLee at AirsoftArmoury Ltd dropped in a line about their new stock of CA G36s that they now have in:

New Classic Army G36’s in stock:We now have the full range of CA G36s with the arrival today of the CA36K and CA36. First impressions of these are very, very good.

The overall build quality is good as proven in the CA36C, with the addition of the new front grips and barrel assemblies are very well finished as you would expect. The new export sight carry handle works extremely well, with the sight picture being very quick to acquire.

CA36K Price- 239.99,

CA36 Price- 249.99. Lee, (AirsoftArmoury Ltd)

Cobalt Throat Mic at LoneStar Airsoft

The guys at Lonestar Airsoft has a review online of the Cobalt throat mic set. Check out their site to see the full review:

As we all know, Airsoft is about teamwork, and as a part of that, communication is an important aspect, whether it be by hand signals, radio, or other means. Headsets are a critical part of radio comms, and one of the most popular options for players are throat mics, partly due to SF and SWAT team usage in the movies.

This review covers the Cobalt Throat Mic Kit, which is priced as a mid-range communications option. It is meant to be more rugged and functional than the cheap throat mics marketed for Airsoft, but not as pricey as a device from a company like TCI. Cobalt offers their throat mic in two flavors: The generic mic kit and the custom kit. The generic kit includes standard length wires with a variety of accessories AustinWolv, (Lonestar Airsoft)

Issue #7 of NAM now out

The next issue of NAM is now out and now available for 6USD. There’s a heap in the new issue:

The NAM: National Airsoft Magazine Issue #7 Q3 2005
Release date: Sept. 15, 2005.

We’ve surpassed the curse of the infamous Issue #6
with our newest release, Issue #7; our best issue yet:

The NAM hits the first annual USAirsoft Expo, See NAM Girl #7 – our beautiful covergirl, TM’s AK-47 breakdown, CA’s M249 MKII & Marushin’s Raging Bull reviewed, Canada’s Snow Dragons, we address those pesky airsoft legislature emails, and the new and improved Pecker talks paintball and much more.

Did we mention more pages?!
…and still only: $6.00 USD.

Visit us on the web to purchase your copy. Staff, (NAM)

News from Firesupport

Frank, (Firesupport) has an update from them – you can find them at either or give them a call at 01733 247171:

We have just received our largest order from Guarder including the new StarAirsoft UMP AEG
Please check out the web site where the stock levels are indicated.
Now in stock are the following:

Left and right handed OD and black holsters
Belts in small/medium/large OD and black
Various KSC and WA pistol parts
Both types of Guarder glasses
Guarder M16/M4 metal bodies
Silencer adapters
TOP M249 parts
Reinforced outer barrels
Pouches / cheep pads / knee and elbow pads
Black / OD 3 point slings
Type 96 upgrade parts
Marui AEG internal upgrade parts
New ACOG red dot scopes various other scopes and red dots
Flash light accessories.

Detailed pictures of the STAR UMP can be found at, Frank, (Firesupport Ltd)

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