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TM MP7 pre-order at RedWolf

RedWolf Airsoft are having a pre-order special on the TM MP7A1 as from today (they expect it launched in Japan on the 8th of February). Here are the details:

Tokyo Marui MP7A1 pre-order today and earns a free magazine!!! (2006-01-27):

A brand new class of the small arms, the MP-7 Personal Defence Weapon (PDW) is intended to be a defensive sidewarms for second-line troops, vehicles crews and other military personnel. The MP-7 was first announced in 2000, entered production in 2001 and has been adopted by some German special units according to some sources, in addition offered for export sales and for NATO-trials as an another could-be NATO PDW (the only other competitor is FN P-90).

The MP-7 layouted as a compact submachine gun, with magazine being inserted into pistol grip, with folding forward grip and retractable stock, all these features are ideally replicated in the Tokyo Marui’s model. Being a high performance submachine gun, the MP-7 real steel is exceptional lightweight (1.7kg), so does the Marui’s replica (1.4kg). The gun can be fired single-handed, or from two hands, either like the pistol or using a front grip. Retractable stock can be extended to give additional stability. With stock and front grip collapsed, the MP-7 can be carried like any big pistol!

The very first batch of the Marui MP7A1 will be launched in Japan on 8th February, and scheduled to arrive RedWolf Store on 9th-12th the same month. But today, RedWolf is ready to accept your pre-order! Package includes the gun, standard 50 rounds magazine, 7.2V micro battery EX and 110V charger. Furthermore, all our MP7A1 pre-order customers will be awarded a spare magazine without any extra paying! So what are you waiting for? Order it now at here. CK Man, (RedWolf Airsoft)

AEX website revamp

The AirsoftExtreme website has had a recent makeover to liven things up a bit by Mike. The new design goes for a bit more of a red tinge approach, and incorporates everything that you’d expect.

When you go to the main domain you’re presented with a news page and linsk and details about each of their outlets, plus all of their recent reviews can be found on the front page.

Guarder Galil cancelled

Apparently according to an email sent out (then kindly forwarded in by Grant) from Guarder/IntruderShop the Galil conversion kit that they were planning on making has been shelved for the time being:


The cost of GARIL AK KIT is too high that will make the price too expensive. We cannot help but stop and put off the plan. Guarder is sorry and apologize to the customers for the inconvenience.



Mad Bull Airsoft signal mine prototype

Simon at Mad Bull Airsoft has posted shots of the 3d prototype version of an Airsoft mine that he’s working on (more details can be seen here). The device will just vent gas (no BBs) about as high as your waist when activated, with a planned retail price of around 20USD:

After several discussion on the forum, we decide to produce this low power (can’t shoot out B.B.) + lot smoke (baby powder) + loud land mine.

We estimate the smoke will only reach to your knees.

Moreover, the retail price will be around $20…..

The following is the proto-type “print out” by RP. Simon, (Mad Bull Airsoft)

KnockKnock Productions – OP: Iron Gate

The chaps at Knock Knock Productions are running a new event by the name of “OPERATION: IRON GATE”. I believe the event is still going to be held at their winery location in Fresno California. Here’s the details:

OPERATION: IRON GATE: An unknown rebel group has killed unarmed UN engineers. That were fixing the water lines for farmers in the surrounding area. The rebels claim that the engineers were really fixing the water lines to help resupply the German army that is occupying their country.

Outraged by the deaths of the innocent engineers, German officials plan a counterstrike on a stronghold that the rebels occupy in the area. GSG-9 (altho this group is usally only tasked with domestic Terrorist acts) units are ordered to go into the area to find info on this new terrorist group. Then eliminate all rebel threats in the surrounding area.

If you attend you will be using a variety of props to simulate the placement and detonation of explosives, along with recovery of various props. The day will basically fall into 3 unique games played, while following a scripted series of events.

Come out for only $15.00 (Only for individuals that have never attended a game at the winery) or bring a friend thats never played and both get in for $15.00 each

Last game we had 84 players. Come out and be part of the fastest growing airsoft venue in the Fresno area.

The Game is Febuary 19, 2006.
Registration starts at 8:30 am to 9:30 am
First game starts around 10:00 am
Must wear Desert or Woodland camo
Game ends at 5:00 pm SHARP

$25.00 if you buy your ticket before Febuary 18, 2006 or register online at before Febuary 18, 2006. Day of the game cost of admission will be $35.00 Matt, (Knock Knock Productions)

House Bill 4132 to ban Airsoft in Illonois?

Raif dropped me a line about some proposed legislation changes that may well affect Airsoft in Illonois, you can read more about this in the forums:


I am following the news about attempts in the UK to ban airsoft. Thought it would not happen here in the USA. Guess I was wrong! Thought I would drop you a note about this new bill proposed in our state legislature. House Bill 4132 would ban all replicas of “weapons designed for military purposes.” While this appears to be aimed at full size replicas of things like RPGs, clearly this would make airsoft guns illegal (at least those that are copies of military hardware).

I urge any of your Illinois readers to check out the Illinois State Rifle Association’s website at and find out how to contact their local legislators to kill this bill. This also would ban real guns that are otherwise legal in illinois (Garands, M1 Carbines, 1911 handguns).

Bill is reprinted below in its entirety from the state’s website:

State of Illinois
2005 and 2006

Introduced 10/20/05, by Rep. Daniel J. Burke


720 ILCS 5/24-11 new

Amends the Criminal Code of 1961. Provides that it is unlawful for any person to purchase, possess, use, sell, give away, or otherwise transfer, or to engage in the business of selling, or to exhibit for sale, any replica rocket propelled grenade launcher, bazooka, artillery piece, grenade, mine, bomb, or items similar to weapons designed and manufactured for military purposes or replicas of those items. Provides that a violation is a Class A misdemeanor.

LRB094 14522 RLC 49459 b



HB4132 LRB094 14522 RLC 49459 b

1 AN ACT concerning criminal law.
2 Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,
3 represented in the General Assembly:
4 Section 5. The Criminal Code of 1961 is amended by adding
5 Section 24-11 as follows:
6 (720 ILCS 5/24-11 new)
7 Sec. 24-11. Replica military style weapons.
8 (a) It is unlawful for any person to purchase, possess,
9 use, sell, give away, or otherwise transfer, or to engage in
10 the business of selling, or to exhibit for sale, any replica
11 rocket propelled grenade launcher, bazooka, artillery piece,
12 grenade, mine, bomb, or items similar to weapons designed and
13 manufactured for military purposes or replicas of those items.
14 (b) Sentence. A violation of this Section is a Class A
15 misdemeanor.”

Thanks for your time and attention.

FireSupport Star updates

Frank, (Firesupport) has an update from them about their Star stock – you can find them at either or give them a call at 01733 247171:

Some news about Firesupport stocks: We have just received the STAR LSW full metal AEG priced at 625

The LSW is supplied in a box and not in a plastic case like the other STAR AEGs. All new STAR AEGs are now supplied with colour manuals.
Also new are the STAR G36 and G36K, 260 and 280.
Back in stock are:

STAR Midcaps
STAR M249 Mk2 and Para
STAR LA80 rifle and carbine.
Also available to replace broken STAR M249 box mags are replacement box magazines.

Photos of the Star LSW, G36 and G36C are attached (inset). Thanks, Frank, (Firesupport Ltd)

New gear from Proud

Brian over at Proud has sent in some news regarding some new accessories that they have released, here’s the news from them:

Hello Arnie, We just release the following items onto the market, pls kindly update the following new items :-)

1) AK rail handguard with G27 Pistol Grip
2) CQB Flash Hider

Best Regards
Brian (Proud Tactical Gear)

TM post MP7A1 product details

TM have added shots and detials of their MP7A1 release to their site. Thanks go out to AirsoftCollector in the forums for posting the link. It looks that the new product will be out this February (on the 2nd or so) rather than the previously predicted Summer release. To keep you entertained here’s TM’s new wallpapers:

You can read about the release on the forums, the price will be around 250USD, using AEP style internals and 7.2V batteries.

Edit: Please note that the link has now changed on the TM site so this article has been updated.

AD, anyone heard from them?

Well I want to add some more updates today (yup I know I’m behind still), but first a request from some of the forum members.

I’ve been asked by a few readers to add a simple post here to see if anyone has heard from the chaps at Airsoft Dynamics since the start of the near year. If you have please do contribute to this thread to share any relevant information (please do not email me direct).

Hopefully is all is well at AD, but with no official word or involvement I certainly can’t go drawing conclusions on the subject (hint: that’s the legal bit..).

More than a few people are reporting placing orders as normal with AD’s store and no response from them attempts to make contact via the usual chanels. Check the thread in the forums for the discussion about this subject.

NAM issue 8 now out

The next issue of NAM is now out (issue 8). MY apologies go to the guys at NAM for not mentioning this earlier, but as ever life is busy here. The new issue again looks to be a worthy read and moves from strength to strength and I also hear good things coming from the guys there in the near future:

The NAM: National Airsoft Magazine Issue #8 Q4 2005

Released: December 20, 2005

We know what you’ve come to expect…
Never willing to compromise, we’ve delivered yet
another issue full of the quality content you’ve
come to enjoy at the same ol’ price:
$6.00 USD

…and much more!

Simply click the link here to nab your copy!

Purchase Issue #7!

Ever wanted something created by airsoft players for airsoft players? Something written entirely in English instead of the Japanese magazines where they have cool items but you just cant read the articles? Tired of the paintball magazines which claim to contain airsoft info but only have a tease amount of airsoft info and products in them? Or how about the airsoft exclusive Ezines, and the CD ROMs? These things don’t define the sport. Finally something that defines the very essence of airsoft! An underground magazine for us, the players! Check out the features:

Unbiased Reviews
BattleTech Challenge

Airsoft Rumors/Latest News
Club Spotlights
Safety Articles
Detailed “How To” GunSmith Section!

If you make one smart purchase for the sport, this should be it! Don’t miss your chance, pick up a copy today! For more information, please stop by our website: (NAM)

Frontline Conflicts NI shipment procedures

Steve at Frontline Conflicts has sent over word that he’s had the purchase procedure for his pyrotechnic articles in Northern Ireland confirmed (I can only assume it applies to all pyrotechnic shipments in NI), here’s what he just sent in via email:


Requests for pyrotechnic articles from Northern Ireland customers: Below is the procedure that must be followed in order for ALL Northern Ireland orders to be approved BEFORE the order is fulfilled. Orders for pyrotechnic articles MUST NOT be placed via our website. Any order(s) that are placed via our website for Northern Ireland will be cancelled / refunded and customers that have done this will be notified of the correct procedure to follow.

Subject to the Explosives Act (Northern Ireland) 1970, which deals with making, selling, purchasing, acquiring, transferring or disposing of any explosive.

Step 1 – All Northern Ireland customers must first contact ourselves, either by emailing us at or telephone 01207 230819 (mon-fri 10:00-17:00). We will reserve, in principle, your order of pyrotechnic articles. No payment will be taken at this stage.

Step 2 – You (the customer) must then contact your Police Explosives Officer for your local area and provide them with a list of what types of pyrotechnic articles you wish to purchase from us. They will then carry out whatever checks are required for them to say yes or no to your request. If they decline your request, we will not take payment and will not despatch your order. If they approve your request, they will then give you WRITTEN CONFIRMATION that you are allowed to purchase the listed pyrotechnic articles.

Step 3 – You MUST fax or email a legible scanned copy of your WRITTEN CONFIRMATION to us. Once we have received your written confirmation, we will then contact the Police Explosives Officer that granted your request to confirm that everything is genuine. Once this has been confirmed we will then contact yourself to confirm your original order and take payment, normally over the phone.

Step 4 – Delivery will then be carried out as standard to our delivery policy (normally within 1 working day).

The above steps must be followed for every single request for pyrotechnic articles. Even if you have been given approval before you must request it again. The approval you are granted is only for that particular one-off order.

Please note: The maximum explosive net weight we will allow for each individual order is 100grams, however, the Police Explosives Officer may at their discretion lower the amount on individual requests. For more information of which pyrotechnic articles contains which explosive net weight please see the table below. Explosive net weight is the amount of powder, not the overall weight of the article.

4 BANG STUN GRENADE……………………………………2 GRAMS
MK5 THUNDERFLASH………………………………………..0.5 GRAMS
BB GRENADE………………………………………………….0.3 GRAMS
PAINTBALL GRENADE……………………………………….0.3 GRAMS

Thanks, Steve (Frontline Conflicts)

Flecktarn January updates

Jo, ( has sent in their January updates. They now have the new Traser models in which is nice to see: wishes everyone the very best from the Christmas and New Year holiday. We are pleased to announce the new H3 Traser watch lineup, all available from 2006. All new items can be seen at

The new H3 Traser watch series combines the best of the permanent light technology from the H3 military line in three classic, Swiss-styled watch lines. These are the Classic line, the Professional line and the Super Sport line.

The Classic line is the latest of the watches to be released, and consists of three watches: The classic, which is available in black face and white face; the classic pro, which is available in black; and the classic chrono pro, which is also available in black with black chrono sub-dials and tachymeter. Prices range from 205.00 to 250.00.

The Professional line is adapted from the military series and enhanced for professional applications. The line consists of: Black Diver available with orange or yellow face, Black Storm all-black steel watch, Commander 100 all-titanium watch and Trooper all black with clear, red second hand. The professional line of watches are all fitted with robust sapphire crystal glass which is more scratch resistant than the standard mineral glass fitted with the military line. Prices range from 125.00 to 259.95.

The Super Sport line is the king of Swiss-made sport watches. These attractively styled all-steel watches are available in black, white and blue, in two main types: Super Sport and Super Sport Chronograph. The steel bezel can be rotated as with all of the watches in the military and professional line. The Super Sport range is fitted with robust sapphire crystal glass and handles sports and adventure with ease. Equally at home whether indoors or outdoors, the prices range from 250.00 to 320.00.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Yours, Team, (

Updates from AirSplat

Click here to visit AirSplat Working through my mailbox, next up is news from Kent at AirSplat (darn it.. Cops has ended on the tv):


Happy New Year! I hope this year has been kind to you so far.

Things for us have been good. We have been recovering from the holiday seasons. Both from the festivities as well as the work.

Well, it is first month of the year and in effort to kick off the year to a good start, we have some great new guns at unbelievable prices. Some quite unique, like the interchangeable barrel on the Desert Eagle. We also have 2 new full sized metal gear box AEGs from China, for $60 and $90.

Last but not least, we have exclusive pictures of new releases from Airsoft Elite. Including an AK 47 as well as a T65K2. For more pictures please refer to our blog at

New Guns:

Soft Air IMI UZI CO2 Blowback Airsoft ONLY $189.95

Soft Air IMI KWC Desert Eagle 50 with Interchangeable Barrel ONLY $109.95

WE PHX High Capa 3.8 Full Metal GBB ONLY $124.95

Well AK 47 AK47 Electric Airsoft Rifle ONLY $59.95

Well R6 M4 A1 Airsoft Electric Rifle AEG ONLY $89.95

Airsoft Elite AK 47
Airsoft Elite T65K2

Thank you and Happy New Year! Kent, (AirSplat)

ASUK updates

AirsoftSupplier have a new website ( and updates to go with that. I have a couple of updates to runf or them so I’ll add them together in one update:

We have a few product updates to bring you, plus a few new lines.

First of all, we have all Multicam sizes available for pre-ordering. Please bear this in mind if you’re considering a set – you can of course pre order any size, which is very advisable if you’re of a medium regular build – the most popular size!

We are very pleased to be able to bring the Proud packages to the UK as well, we can offer them at unbeatable prices. Proud have made available, pre-designed chest rig packages based on their RAV, CIRAS and HPC platforms. They come with a range of pouches and are great deals so please have a look on our website.

We have introduced a few new items such as batteries from 9.6V 3300mAH large battery @ 35 to the workhorse 8.4V 600mAH mini battery @ 14.50, with others available.
Also, we will shortly be stocking the just-released Marui Superior Grade 0.3g BB in packs of 500 – a must if you require consistency or have an upgraded gun.

We’ve had the Gripods available for a few weeks now, together with a lot of the Proud vests. Proud have in development, a new version of the Gripod which promises to be just as good as their first version!

Also we have managed to obtain a source for the G&P mid capacity M14 and G36 magazines. We hope to be able to offer multibuy deals on them in the future providing they are popular! We would like to remind airsofters of the great deals to be had on our M4 magazine multibuy offer and the great prices on AEP accessories.

We will soon be introducing a new forum offer too, so remember to check back there regularly.

For all updates and more information please visit us at the usual:


Hello all,
Just a quick email to say we have a small consignment of the long awaited Tokyo Marui Superior Grade 0.3g BB arriving in the next couple of weeks. They are available to order via the site now which is adviseable due to our unfortunately limited first lot.

Have you got a bargain helmet cover yet for just 4?

Have a look at the new products page, and new enhanced front homepage.

Kind regards,


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