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New bits at WGC Shop

If you want more training devices, WGC Shop have some more coming in. There’s a new style simulation grenade and a different training claymore (not the Supercell one). I have to say that sadly the Gamma M33 Claymore looks like a straight copy of the Supercell model (see the image here) and is more expensive than the original:

GAMMA M-33 Claymore (Radio Controlled) – It will be available on 10 July 2006

PFI Toy Grenade:

# Airsoft Hand Grenade for generating POP sound and smoke effect
# BBs can be inserted if desired
# Adjustable delay up to approx. 6 seconds
# Operates like real grenade
# Comes with 5 sets of powder and 10 gas tank caps ( expendables available soon ) (WGC Shop)

ASC7 in at Steelhawk Airsoft

Steelhawk Airsoft have the new ASC Airsoft Claymore in stock a tthe moment, ready for shipping.

For those not in the USA the claymores are made by Supercell Development should you wish to locate a supplier closer to yourselves. The ASC7 is a revised model, and the specs from their website are given as:

Durability: Now with new Injection Molded Plastic Casing and all metal workings.
Power Source: Spring Powered. NO gas. NO explosives.
Lightweight: Weighs 2 lbs.
Dimensions: 8 1/2″ L x 2″ W x 3 3/4″ H – Exactly the same as a real claymore.
Set up: Can be set up in the field in less than a minute
Inexpensive: Reusable. Can use damaged, odd shaped or recycled BBs. No gas to buy.
Safety: Uses NO explosives. Consistent velocities. Tested at point blank range. Sealed Goggles Required.

Firing Method ASC7-CD: Trip wire and Electronic Command Detonation. Electronic Detonation by wired or wireless remote.

The ASC7 tripwire mechanism is designed to release the tripwire from the ASC7. This is to prevent the tripwire from actually causing people to trip. The ASC7-CD does NOT come with a tripwire. Any kind of string or wire should work.

The Airsoft Claymore is activated either by a Command Detonator (uses 1 – 9v battery, not included) and/or a traditional trip wire. This reuseable BB mine will use BBs of any size and weight. They can even be “recycled” BBs. We like cheap .12g BBs because they really fly. The charge can be up to 200+ BBs, but 25 to 50 BBs provide good coverage. Spring powered, it uses no explosives, no gas or electricity and can be used over and over again, even in the same game. It weighs only 2 lbs and is the exact size as the real Claymore. It will cover a 30 to 45 degree arc and projects .2g BBs over 40 feet. Use this realistic device to provide the ultimate in protection for your sniper position or squad when you are dug in deep. Includes easy to follow instructions on loading and using the Airsoft Claymore. Use eye protection when loading and using this device. The ultimate squad protection for the price of a few bags of BBs.

When loaded with common baking flour or talc, they make an effective reuseable training tool when training for work on IEDs. We have sold many of these to various local and federal government agencies for training devices. If you are a bonafide government agency, email for special pricing. (Steelhawk Airsoft / Supercell Development)

Thumper TG 6: New non-pyro based flashbang

Andrew from Non Lethal Training Munitions has been in touch to update us about a new non-pyro based simulation flashbang grenade which they are manufacturing and distributing through companies including UK-based Rivendell Tech:

The Thumper TG 6 is available either from us directly, or it can also be ordered from Rivendell Technologies, Ltd., which is firm based there in England. Noise level created is a safe, yet effective 120 db at five feet.

Time delay is approximately 1.5 seconds.

MSRP here in the US is $119.95 and that includes one Thumper TG 6, 3 charges, instruction manual and service tool. The TG 6, which is produced here in the USA comes with a one year parts and material guarantee.

Besides being useful as a Flashbang training grenade, the TG 6 can also be used in conjunction with our optional Universal Trip Wire Booby Trap Bracket Kit to simulate all manner of trip wire booby traps. Finally players can also add either talk powder or air soft pellets (190+) to create yet even more realism.

Best of all, because the device requires no PYRO, ownership isn’t restricted. We have however elected not to offer the device to all non MIL/LE customers here in the USA.


Andrew Van Der Plaats (Non Lethal Training Munitions, LLC)

This sounds like an intriguing device, especially considering the fact that it is powered by CO2 and has scope for acting as an area effect grenade through the optional use of talc powder or bbs. For more information contact Rivendell Tech, who states that their website will be up and running soon.

New Stock at UNcompany!

Back from Greece and back in the saddle – got an e-mail from UN Company detailing their newest stock – check out their website for more information.

In this week, we would introduce the following to you. So that you can renew your collection.

1) SRC AK 47 Krinkov AEG

It is made up of Full Metal Frame & Stock with ABS Grip. There is a Ver 3 Gearbox, SRC Super 100 Motor and 600 Rounds (6mm) Magazine. Its length is 482mm. Its Battery is of AK Type. Muzzle Velocity ranges from 250-270 FPS with 0.2BB Bullet. Besides, this Package includes one AEG, a Magazine, and a Manual. This only cost USD$ 212.

2) Western Arms Detective SCW 2006 Remix (Limited Edition)

It is made up of ABS. Its Magazine Capacity is 24+1 rounds. Its Length is 216mm. Its Barrel is 6.03mm accuracy inner barrel. Its System is Gas Blow Back/Hop Up/R-type Magazine. This Package includes a Gun, a Magazine and a Manual. This only cost USD$ 252.

3) BOL DD-01 Charger

High speed sample rate negative delta voltage and zero delta voltage suto-detect cut off circuit with MOSFET control for peak detection. Pulsation charge method to prevent overcharge and overheat.

Charge Ni-MH battery by Zero delta voltage technology without using thermo-detection probe.

Auto-detect switching mode charge for Ni-CD and Ni-MH battery.

Front panel with MODE buttoms and dial log to switch between: CHARGE, DISCHARGE, 1 CYCLE and 3 CYCLE.

DIAL LOG to select chargering current from 0.5A~6.0A, 0.1A step up.


4 Digit LCD display with back-light showing output V, output A and capacity mAh information.

8-bits 8MHz CPU with 8KB ROM, 1KB RAM, 8 channel 10 bit AD and 8-bit PWM current control.

Volt threshold 4mV/cell for Ni-CD and Ni-MH battery.

Auto-detect the number of cells of the battery.

Trickle current (0.1A) after any mode finished.

Reverse polarity protection system.

Charge battery pack with combination 1~15 cells.

Auto detect switching power supply input 110~220V AC or 12V DC

Build in 5A discharge device for single or cycling discharge.

6 cm cooling fan to enhance the performance.

Input Voltage : DC 12.0V~13.8V
Battery Voltage Range : 1.2V to 18.0V and come with AC adaptor (SPS120V7A-T)
Charging Current : 0.5A to 6.0A
Discharging Current : 5A

This charger only cost USD$ 81.

The above is whats new at UN. If you want more information about the new items. Please visit our website UN Company Sales, (UN Company)

Candyman’s WA2000 build

Here’s one I wanted to add to show what can be done if you have the time and the skills. Candyman has posted the photos of his project in the forums for all to see. As you can see the end result is amazing work. If you’re into RC trucks checkout his work for sale on his website:

As you can see his project blows the myth out of the water that you need lots of CNC and computerised CAD gear to make something this good looking – you need the skills, patience and time to do it. I know it’s been posted before, but I was so impressed with the work I thought it was worth posting again here in the news with some images.

Free hat with orders over 150USD at AirsoftGI

Following the opening of Walter’s new, bigger and better Airsoft GI store he’s now running a promotion for a free tactical baseball cap. I’ve got one of Walt’s original hats (it’s rather well worn now) and given the quality of the previous version these are sure to be decent caps too.

As you can see inset the cap has a hook and loop stars and stripes flag on the front, and the ASGI logo on the side. You can see a larger shot of the promo image here.

The offer runs from the 21st of June to the 7th of July and means that you’ll get a free baseball cap with all orders over 150USD.

J&T Military Airsoft – Practical Pistol Competition

J&T Military Airsoft CQB Area are holding a competition at the moment. The competition is a Practical Shooting Competition, so you’ll need fast fingers and sharp reflexes. It’s running at the moment and runs until the end of this month (30/06/06) with prizes being awarded on the 5th.

Prizes are a WE HICAPPA, KWA G17 and a UTG Spring Shotgun. the entrace fee is listed as 10USD and you can have as many goes as you like. For more info checkout

Random faxes – no.32b: Some SUSATs

Well I’m getting there, only 1,273 emails to go.. anyway, in the world of random things this one was rather bizzare. Someone has actually taken time to fax an order to the website for some random stuff.

Now, just for the record for anyone who isn’t a regular reader:

We are not a retailer. We don’t sell anything. We have nothing to sell. We don’t sell stuff. Stuff here is not for sale. Retailer we are not. etc.

There’s hundreds of mails in my box asking to buy this that and the other. Honest I don’t sell anything and this site isn’t a retailer.

Case #32b: A Mr P.N.G. Kurup of Hayut International (in Oman apparently) wants thirty SUSATs and a box of mounts to go with them so decided to fax this website to buy some.

Dear Mr Kurup, please do see the note above that details in er.. great detail. This is an Airsoft website, even if we did sell stuff (which we don’t) an Airsoft replica SUSAT is most likely rather unsuitable for your purposes. Despite the fact that Airsoft plastic or pot-metal copies of the SUSAT might may like the real deal (and granted they are cheaper), they are most likely not suitable for the task you require them for. It is likely that you would realise that they are about as useful strapping a used toilet roll to the top of a rifle the second they see active service and either fall off or spectactuarly implode.

Long Island Airsoft: Combat Coram – 9th July

The chaps at Long Island Airsoft have mailed in about an event that they are running on the 9th of July held in Coram, NY:

Long Island Airsoft and Cousins Paintball is proud to announce Combat Coram.

This is the “big game” we (Long Island Airsoft) have been talking about and planning the past few months.

Storyline: Video pertaining to the storyline can be found here on uTube.

July 9th 2006: Alpha City, Alpha

A sudden military coup has shook the nation of alpha as General Alpha victoriously leads his troops through the streets of Alpha City. He has assumed power over the entire nation and has the loyalty of the entire military. He justifies his actions by saying the current government was too timid and afraid to offend the United States to ever take the necessary action to restore the honor of Alpha. The is a long standing dispute of the Coram province with Bravo, Alphas western neighbor. The dispute has been going on since the late sixties over territory lost in the 1969 war. The United Nations declared that Coram was a province of Bravo and Alpha must rescind their claim to the territory and remove all military forces. The Alpha government complied much to the dismay of General Alpha who led the Alpha forces in the successful invasion in the first place. General Alpha has resented his government since that time and now at the end of his active military career led his loyal army in a coup that overthrew the government he grew to hate. Now that he is the self appointed president of Alpha he is giving Bravo one month, until July 9th, to remove all military forces from Coram or face an invasion he says will be one hundred fold of what we gave you in 1969.

The world response is to send a handful of United Nations advisors to the region. This limited response is due to the unwillingness of the United States to commit troops to the region due to political sensitivity of another Latin American campaign. The advisors are there to prevent crimes against humanity and have little chance of adverting a military invasion. The advisors will supervise the handling of refugees and prisoners of war, and to report on any possible threat of weapons of mass destruction. The United States has also increased security of their embassy which lies within the disputed province of Coram.

In related news Carlos, a cartel leader has used the apolitical status of Coram as a base of operations for his drug trafficking business. He has a well trained paramilitary force that receives its training and supplies from governments who were unfriendly to the western world a few short decades ago. He sees these events as a threat to his personal interests drawing un need attention to Coram and possibly upsetting his business. He has alliance to neither Alpha nor Bravo, but will fight with either side to protect his personal interests in the region. Carlos and his personal army will be somewhat of a wild card in the upcoming conflict.

Long Island Airsoft ( will be hosting the game.

Combat Coram will take place on July 9th, 2006.

Game Time: 9AM to 5PM – Night game to be announced.

Where: Cousins Paintball, Coram, NY.

Directions – Field is located at Exit 64 off the LIE. Go North appox 2 miles and take a right onto Granny road. We are approx 1/2 mile on the left.

Pre-Registration Cost – $40.00

After July 1st pre-registration cost $50.00

Walk-in Registration cost – $100.00

You can pre-register on our website.

There will be 2 teams, and 1 small opfor team. We will sort the teams, if you have any requests for teams please email or call us.

If you have any questions please email or call 631-961-0950 (Long Island Airsoft)

Urals and SummitLake plus event news

Well there’s going to be a few late posts at the moment, as I’m clearing out old emails and my backlog of stuff here (currently working through a heap sent in March at the moment). Here’s some stuff that Justin over at SummitLakeFilms sent in:

March 6th, 2006- Chicago Illinois- The world of Airsoft has taken a bold
new step towards mainstream recognition as it appears in its first
International Advertisement for Irbit MotorWorks of America, manufacturers
of the popular Ural Motorcycles. The commercial, filmed by Summit Lake
Entertainment, known for its cutting-edge Airsoft and extreme sports
videos, features Airsoft equipment and players as part of the mystique of
the motorcycle.

The Advertisement features the Ural Gear-Up motorcycle, a rugged bike
thats history begins in World War II. To fight Nazi Germany the Russians
needed a versatile motorcycle that could handle the harsh Russian climate
and terrain, so they acquired some German BMW motorcycles and began to
reverse engineer them. Before the war was over nearly 10,000 Urals were
used in combat on the Eastern Front. After the war Urals were sold all
over the world and continue to be one of the most popular motorcycles in
the world. A unique feature of the Gear-Up is that it comes from the
factory in a camouflage scheme, complete with a side car that also has a
drive wheel, making it a two-wheel drive motorcycle.

The advertisement was filmed on location at Summit Lake Entertainments
CODENAME: Thunder II and a regular monthly Airsoft event. Jim Hugnin,
owner of the Ural used in the filming, added a Classic Army SAW to the
sidecar for his son and others to enjoy. As soon as I saw the Ural, I
knew I had to get one and add a machine gun on that bad-boy, remembered
Hugnin And the players loved it! he continued. Urals Vice President of
Marketing and Sales, Madina Merzhoyeva, agrees. Airsofter’s and Urals
motorcycles are a great mix. You can be everyones envy while youre
playing and while youre riding to work, Madina added.

The Ural/Airsoft advertisement is available online at
website under downloads and movies and is called UralMountains or at

Always looking ahead, Summit Lake Entertainment will also be hosting
another two-day Airsoft event June 10-11th, 2006, and CODENAME: Thunder
III on August 12-13th, 2006 both near Chicago Illinois.

Summit Lake is currently in post-production for “CODENAME: Thunder II”
DVD, the sequel to the extremely popular original Airsoft DVD, “CODENAME:
Thunder. Based in the Chicago suburbs, Summit Lake Entertainment
specializes in start-to-finish event production of remote location Airsoft
and Paintball-related scenario events, as well as setting a higher
standard of cutting-edge action sports videos featuring Freestyle BMX,
skateboarding, Mountain Biking and Boarding, Paintball and Airsoft.

Past Summit Lake productions have included such celebrities and athletes
as William Shatner, and Tony Hawk and have been featured in several North
American Film Festivals. Summit Lake Entertainment also produces short
films and is always developing additional film projects.

For more information go to: or,
(North America) or, (Elsewhere) Email or stay tuned to this website. Justin, (SummitLakeFilms)

Candyman’s Airsoft WA2000 build

I don’t know if you remember but I posted some time back about a custom WA2000 rifle that an adventurous soul was making. Well the chap has finished building his custom project and have updated his page.

You can see the (rather impressive) finished article here.

More news in from Wolf

Click here to visit WolfWhile I’m getting some updates in (and munching on a tub of HaagenDazs – they were out of Ben and Jerry’s) there’s some updates from Wolf that can be added in from Benny:

New in at Wolf Armouries UK! A set of replica Multicam uniform (shirt and trousers) for only 54.99!

A fantastic set of replica Multicam uniform with all the additions and extras of an ACU uniform. It has sleeve pockets with Velcro for attaching patches, elbow and knee pockets for soft knee and elbow insert pads, slanted easy access chest pockets, and much much more. We have compared the material to real Multicam and it is IDENTICAL! Comes in sizes of S-XL. We have helmet covers as well.
Limited stock in our first batch but pre order yours now! (pre order discount does not apply to this product)

A must have for all GHOST RECON fans!

Full metal M4 Special Operations AEG by G&P:
Not just full metal but it comes with rail covers, red dot scope and other extras. It is also internally upgraded to 300- 328fps.

KTW Springfield M1903A3:
A very rare WW2 spring powered rifle. Very Limited quantity.

HK M4 front sight by Hurricane: For all those who want that something different. Makes your M4 simply look great and is also a very practical and easy sighting system.

M870 CQB Shorty G&P:
A full metal little beauty of a shotgun with many extras.
Comes in 2 variants. 0.7J and 1.3J

DPM camo knee pads: A soft shelled British camouflage knee pads that are very comfortable and finishes your British Army load out very nicely.

Tanaka Tactical Light for USP / P8:
As we all know, USP45 and P8s use their own mounting system that is very different from the Standard weaver rails. Tanaka has released a light unit that is specific for your USP45 or P8. Limited stock and difficult to get. Benny, (Wolf Armouries)

New Systema PTW charger

Kumi (Systema Engineering) has sent over shots of a new charger of theirs. Here’s the details from them:

Scoop about the new charger for PTW! We are going to announce the charger next week; however, I would like to inform you in advance because I took pictures of the prototype yesterday.
We plan to produce 1000 pcs this time, and I think at most 500 pcs will be available on July 1st and they will be sold out soon.

After the formal announcement next week, we will start to accept the general reservation.
If you know the number you want me to keep, please let me know by e-mail.

The wholesale price is same with PTW related products.
The fixed price will be $180.

The picture is not so good; the real item will be many times better.

The black one is for professional; however, it will be the standard, so you can order this.
*The red one is the first time limited, and there are only 300 pcs. Please make reservation immediately especially for this.

The real item is much greater. I love it so much.
Conventional SYSTEMA parts high performance rapid charger has several functions; however, this one doesnt have the functions.

However, if you connect 4 connectors, all get charged automatically, it is very easy and convenient.
There is no instruction manual; everything is written on the charger itself. Anyone can use it easily and quickly.

There are still some days before formal announcement next week; however, I decided to inform because the prototype worked perfectly in our factory and we began mass production.

Best regards,


A multitude of groundbreaking features

  • Compatible with both Ni-Cd as well as Ni-MH Batteries
  • Able to charge Battery Packs between 7.2V-12V
  • Currents between AC100V-AC240V are allowed. Compatible with most countries household outlet currents.
  • Capable of charging up to 4 battery packs. The batteries will be charged in sequence.
  • After charging the battery, it automatically switches to a trickle charge.
  • All operation is switchless. Easy operation by simply connecting the battery.
  • Add to the amazing ease of use, this high performace charger is equivalent to chargers used in professional applications.
  • Able to adjust to the various characteristics of every type of battery while charging.

Example of Charging Batteries in Sequence, Connection Sequence:

  • Connect 7.2V / 2400mAh Ni-Cd battery pack in Channel 1
  • Connect 8.4V / 3300mAh Ni-MH battery pack in Channel 2
  • Connect 12V / 2400mAh Ni-Cd battery pack in Channel 3
  • Connect 12V / 700mAh Ni-Cd battery pack in Channel 4


Channel 1 superceeds Channel 2 in the charging sequence. Once charging is completed the charger will switch to charge sequence Channel 3 then lastly Channel 4.

What’s more

As you would expect, it is possible to charge anywhere from 1 to 3 battery packs at any time. Kumi, (Systema Engineering)

J.B. Unicorn tactical handguards

J.B. Unicorn have mailed over news about their products and their company. They’ve sent over quite a bit, so I’m sorting through it so that this news post doesn’t take up the entire page on its own. JB Unicorn are manufacturers of Airsoft parts, and at the moment have a free floating rail set for the M4, grip bearings, ACOG replica, and some magazines in their products listings (which I’m sure will increase over time).

The details below show their new front grips, and also an animated shot of how they test the item (I quickly made up the animated gif from images they sent over to save space):

Some background about the company:
J. B. Unicorn, established in 2005, is famous for Airsoft and related accessories manufacturing. Our major focuses are: Airsoft guns, Airsoft accessories, BB, and upgrade kits.

OA 93 shorty CQB Conversion Kit: New Olympic Arms trademarked “Shorty” CQB Conversion Kit. Convert your M4 or M16 to a Close Quarter Combat weapon!

Included are:

– 3.75 inch Tactical Hand Guard, compatible with most High Grade AEG’s (ICS, Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, G&G, and more).
– 6.5 inch metal outer barrel (flash hider NOT INCLUDED).
– 6.0.3mm ultra light precision inner barrel
– Total, 7.5 inches (installed w/std M4 flash hider, NOT INCLUDED), from flash hider to receiver. Gun is NOT INCLUDED.

Ensure you receive one, right when they arrive! Pre-Order NOW to reserve a set! Due in Mid-July 2006! We also have M4, M16, and M16+ tactical handguards. Please check it out at Jeffrey Chen,(J.B. Unicorn)

FindIt! map system updated

Right, Google decided to change their API code a while back, so I’ve rewritten the FindIt! mapping software to take into account the new code (that’s the page where you can find local sites, players and retailers). It had to be done sadly as Google are going to drop the old code format in the near future.

We’re now running the second version of the Google code. Lots has changed behind the scenes but you won’t see that. All that end users will immediately see is that there’s a new mini navigation map in the bottom right of the screen and a dynamic scale. The new version also supports higher resolution maps, and should load quicker.

So have a play and see what you think. Please report wierd bugs and any odd errors in the usual place in the forums.

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