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RAP4 Airfin

Here’s an interesting one from RAP4, a 6mm BB with stabilising fins. The new design is specifically for their shell ejecting range only, and not conventional 6mm designs. RAP4 claim that the winged BB is “the first of its kind”, and whilst it is a pretty unique shape the design and idea of a winged BB does, to my recollection, date back to the very early Airsoft replicas. Here’s the news:

Real Action Paintball Airfin–The New BB

Real Action Paintball is proud to announce the release the RAP4 Airfin for RAP4 Generation 2 Airsoft guns. The RAP4 Airfin is the first BB that is aerodynamically designed for long-range targets.

The RAP4 Airfin is 6mm in diameter, 11mm long and weighs .19 grams. Designed for Airsoft gaming, it gives players better accuracy and increased distance to engage opponents while youre safely out of their range!

Each RAP4 Airfin is loaded in a shell casing to feed into the RAP4 from the 20 round detachable magazine; the shell casing ejects out of the gun just like a real M4!

RAP4 Airfin BBs are designed for long-range shooting. Four fins stabilize each BB in flight, just like a torpedo, so they glide through the air for the maximum distant possible. The head of the RAP4 Airfin is oval to reduce wind resistance for increased accuracy.

RAP4 Airfin is the first of its kind, and gives Airsoft players the edge for wining battles! These fin-stabilized BBs take Airsoft to a new level of realism: realistic magazine capacity, shell casing ejection after each shot, and extreme accuracy.

RAP4 Airfin will change how Airsoft games are played, and take your sport to the next level of fun, realism, and excitement.

RAP4 Airfin–available in September 2006 through and fine retail locations. KT Tran, (RAP4)

Edit: Ah yes someone reminded me (thanks Brian), the Airsoft BB with fins was the Asahi Blade Bullet, which you can see shots of over on the AirsoftPlayers review of the Asahi M40A1.

NLAirsoft – vote for the most innovative manufacturer

News from [NL] is that they are holding a poll to find the most highly voted innovative manufacturer at their site, so to cast your vote head on over their way:

[NL], starts an election of the most innovative airsoft manufacturer worldwide. Please vote in our poll which airsoft manufacturer is most innovative for the airsoft sport according to you. Nominated are SYSTEMA, Classic Army, Tokyo Marui, ICS, G&G Armament, G&P, Madbull Airsoft and Star Airsoft.

Think of SYSTEMA’s PTW (max) series, the challenge kit and their complete drop-in mechabox. Classic Army introduced a lot of new models, most important maybe the M249 which came at a high quality level against affordable prices and made it finally accessible for the big public. Tokyo Marui introduced the AEP platform with their Glock 18C and MP7 and off course their famous M14. ICS introduced high quality AK series next to their armalite series, most importantly their AK74M. G&G came with a lot of new interesting models, most importantly the M14, RK104/RK103, PM5A4 and their UMP. G&P continued the production of great accessories most recently their illuminated M16 style mags which are an alternative to the tracer systems. Madbull came also with several great accessories, like their CO2 upgrade conversion kits, the powder landmine, their high quality grenades with launchers and the new line of precision barrels. Star Airsoft introduced several accessories and spare parts, think of the AK drum mags and MP7 mags. Most important are their new AEG’s: The L85 series, M249 series and the UMP.

The big question is; which manufacturer had a big impact in the worldwide airsofting scene! Please vote now in our poll! Voting will end on the 30th of July.

Check our website for further info. SlickAxe, ([NL]

MRE Wholesalers

Just as a quick update, I’ve just received an e-mail from Steven of MRE Wholesalers with an update on their stock:

Hi Again;

I promised I would let you know when MREs were back in stock and ready
for wholesale purchases by our loyal dealer base, and I am happy to say
the warehouse is once again full of MREs. We have executed a new
agreement directly with the largest manufacture of Military MREs, so we
will no longer have to worry about supply disruptions at certain times
of the year when demand is the highest (- like hurricane season;-).

Whether you need just a few cases a week, or a couple of pallets a month
we want your business back – and you will find that when other vendors
are out of stock, we will be able to deliver to you at very competitive
prices so you can meet any of your customer demands.

And please do not forget that we can also help with your wholesale
Disaster Kits, Freeze Dried/Dehydrated/Powdered Foods, Canned Meats,
Canned Cheese and Canned Butter requirements as well

I strongly recommend that you visit our website to view the complete
specs on these MREs, and once there you will be able to request a quote
online. Please go to MRE Wholesalers to see these new
Meals Ready to Eat. Steven Cyros (Vice President, MRE Wholesalers)

Airsoft Recondo School – Vietnam War Themed Event

Tyler from Battle has been in touch to let everyone know of a Vietnam War era milsim event happening soon in Washington, USA:

WHAT: Airsoft Recondo School – Vietnam
WHERE: MALTBY, WASHINGTON STATE (approx. 1 hr drive from Sea-Tac airport.)
WHEN: 18 -20 AUG 2006
WHO: Hooah Airsoft and
COST: $65.00 Pre-paid $75 on-site
EVENT SIZE: Limited to 5 6-man Patrol Teams

Hooah Airsoft presents Airsoft Recondo School! We taken out all the “fun” stuff from Recondo school and compacted 3 weeks into 3 days! Take out the verbal abuse, sleep deprivation and grueling PT and you are left with the best stuff! The School will be broken down into about 1/4 “classroom” time and 3/4 “field” time. The event is being run by Recondo qualified Ret. Capt. John ‘REMF’ Robison and special guests including several Ranger qualified instructors!

The teams will be broken down into 6-man patrol teams who will learn and drill on patroling techniques, danger zone crossing, movement to contact, re-act to ambush, and hasty ambush against an increasing number of dedicated OPFOR. Patrol teams will be linked together to create raids, rescue teams and ambush teams.

Command in the teams will be rotated around so all those who desire to lead will be given an opportunity to do so.

Check in will begin Friday afternoon and classes will be conducted all day Saturday with a special “Night Operations” class in the evening. Sunday will pit the teams against each other in a Ranger-style competition, against active OPFOR.

Participants are required to wear Vietnam era US gear and kits will be available for those who need them. The OPFOR will be outfitted as NVA Regulars. There are no weapons restrictions but we ask that people try to stay as “period” as possible and bring appropriate weapons.

So, are you ready for the challenge? Get in early because spots are limited!

Thanks.Tyler, (Battle

I know I’d go to this event if I was in the States, so it definitely sounds like an experience that no Mil-Sim fan should miss out on. For more information visit Battle

Arniegeddon USA 06 Pre-Registration Announced!

Prometheus of the Arniegeddon USA team has been in touch to announce that Pre-Registration for Arniegeddon USA 06 will be starting soon, and provided a few details of what to expect:

Date: September 29th through October 1st.

Price: $50 for Arnie’s members
$65 for non-members

Location: Geogetown USA @ Dawsonville, Georgia

A maximum of two (2) non-members may accompany each member. This will keep the non-member population to a minimum and keep the atmosphere Arnie-istic.

Teams must also follow this policy. No exceptions.

This event will focus more on the humorous side of ‘Softing, rather than the Milsim. The event will be made up of a myriad of team based objective type games that are often found in Milsims, but will have comical twists, surprises, and themes that reflect the dry and wild sense of humor that Arnie’s members have come to expect with every login.

Here are some previews of our games:

1) Capture the Badger (CTF)
2) Operation Heavy Sack (objective)
3) Forest Files (Objective)
4) God Save the Queen (VIP)
And many more

We will also have some classic games that are played regularly at Georgetown such as King of the Hill, Brothers Keeper, and Ho-Chi-Minh. This event is open to persons 16 and up. Persons aged 15 may attend only with a parent.

This event is limited to the first 250 people to pre register. Pre-Registration will begin in a few days time. Keep watch on Arnie’s News Page for details and updates.” Prometheus (Arniegeddon USA Team)

With spaces limited and such an excellent line-up, you’d be a fool to miss out on the annual Arniegeddon USA event. Arniegeddon is all about the Arnies community getting together for fun in the sun remember, so you can be sure that this will be one event that will stand out head and shoulders above the rest for any US Arnie members!

Interested? You should be! For more information visit the Arniegeddon USA sub-forum.

New products at Proud

Brian at Proud have mailed over their latest shots and product news, which includes a new rail guard system for the M4 series, and a new style flashhider copy. Here’s the latest:

I just want to ask your help on our latest items which are going to publish within two weeks and I belive they will be very hot within the airsofters :-)

Please see the attached images you can see our new release rail, we named it as CASV Rail Handguard, we have 4 color, which are Black, OD Green, Tan(Dark Earth Brown) and a new color name Urban in dark grey to match the ACU pattern, I’m sending you the image of Tan and OD green. I think you already know the real one could not be install any battery but you can see ours, there was 12V 1700ma battery installed! Cool!!!

We are selling those as a set including all the items show on the image, 5 x accessory rails, outer barrel(10.5″ or 14.5″), gas tube, A2 style Flash Hider, Delta ring assemble, handgurad cap and all the washers.

Also I’m sending another new item which will publish togther with the CASV, that is the KFH flash hider, it machined by a solid steel in three seperate parts as the real one did and you can see the brilliant chrome insert! :-) just enjoy the images Brian, (Proud Tactical Gear)

The guys at American Tactical have sent in word from them, with some shots of theri store and some info about their company:

I wanted to introduce us here at American Tactical; our retail store is located in Fresno, California.

We have been involved with Airsoft on the retail/gaming promotion side for the last 10 years.

We have recently launched our e-commerce site at: We are a shop made up of enthusiasts, and gamers. Guys who play every week at events we put on for the local area Airsofters.

We understand the importance of offering a place for the responsible, safe use of the products we sell.

We also are members/owners of a Airsoft forum which allows for incredible additional access. You can buy a product from us, and know, if you have a problem, you can almost immediately address it with us.

Our attitude about business is simply treating our clients in a fashion we would like to be treated.

This means if you call the shop, more then likely you will talk to one of the owners. We know we are dependant upon your sense of how we do business. We want you to feel great about spending your hard earned money with us, and if you don’t, you can tell one of the owners how you feel.

How many businesses do you know of where you have the owners involved not only in the retail side of it, but on the forum nightly, and then at the games which we generally hold twice a week?

Please check out American, and see why we deserve your business. We don’t want to make a quick buck off you; we want you as our client for life! Staff, ( American

National Airsoft Magazine Issue 10 Out Now

The people at NAM Magazine have just been in touch to let everyone know about their latest issue:

The NAM: National Airsoft Magazine Issue #10 Q2 2006. Released: June 15, 2006

We know what you’ve come to expect… Never willing to compromise, we’ve delivered yet another issue full of the quality content you’ve come to enjoy at the same ol’ price: 6.00 USD. Articles include:

MA’s One Man War On Airsoft
Why You Should Seriously Consider Buying G&G
Meet RedWolf CEO, Paul Chu
Don’t Spend Another Dime On Magpulls
See Miss Erin Frost
Las Vegas’ Aces & Eights


CA’s New Steyr AUG A1
G&G’s M14 & S.O.C. 16
WA’s Taiwanese M1911 A1
And much more!

Simply click this link to nab your copy! Staff, (National Airsoft Magazine)

AirsoftRadio available free on iTunes

Time for an update about a few things that I’ve come across, if you remember back in January of this year was launched. So what’s new you may ask? Well.. I’ve turned to the dark side and now have an iPod (blame the same guy that introduced me to a digital Canon EOS a few years back causing me to get one of those too).

Anyway, back on topic, browsing the podcasts available in iTunes I was reminded that AirsoftRadio have their own podcast channel there. I’m now a subscribed member to their station and have all the episodes on my iPod and highly recommend adding it to your subscriptions on your iPod. Remember it’s free, and even if you don’t have an iPod you can install iTunes and subscribe and download all their episodes automatically.

Stirling Services Event: Operation Sentinel Strike

Leo from Sterling Services has been in touch to let everyone know about a special weekend event to be held at Catterick Urban Ops Facility on the 15th and 16th of July:

Hi there,

The weekend, Operation Sentinel Strike is on the weekend of July 15/16th 2006 at Catterick Urban Ops Facility in North Yorkshire.

Location: Pyongyang Military Command HQ, SW Pyongyang, North korea

Situation: Following North Korea’s successful early year invasion of the South, they have dominated the war- defying the odds.

Battles have raged towards the southern tip of the peninsular as Pyongyang’s forces attempt to take control of all of South Korea’s major cities and deny the enemy movement.

So far, the North has reached Taejon and are currently consolidating their organisation of battle. Fierce confrontations were reported widely throughout western media and has been called ‘the most intense action since Suwon’.

The skys of Korea are proving difficult for the Allied South to operate effectively due to the North’s air defences. The mission outcome of Operation Dark moon will determine the ease of the tactical insertion for Sentinal Strike. The Commanders at Camp LaGuardia in Seoul are favouring the use of airborne forces and will hopefully see the most unprecidented deployment of its type since World War Two.

With the North Koreans stretched, it is hoped that the Allied South can take advantage of their weakend position.

Allied forces: US Woodland/ British DPM/Green.
North Korean forces: Desert gear.

This event is part of our AOW (All out war) scenario that has been running for two years now, the outcome of each event dictates which direction the storyline goes.

The site is converted from an old Officers Estate and been updated and altered to the needs of the British Army and also the Infantry Training Centre next door. The site includes a 5 storey tower block, a train track with carriages, too many burnt out tanks and vehicles to count, 4 fixed APC’s at one end of the site for debussing into the village and also a full tunnel system. Plus when do you get to fight in a housing estate???

The games will start at 10am Saturday and run through till Midday Sunday. The weekend will cost 75. A deposit of 35 is required to be sent with the booking form that can be found at our website.

Regards, Leo Mansell ( Sterling Services)

This sounds like an excellent event, especially considering the venue that it will be held at and the reputation Sterling Services have for organising great events. The pricing for this weekender also seems very reasonable considering that this will occur at a MOD venue. Click here for more information.

Distant Thunder at OTT Adventures

The guys at OTT Adventures have mailed in news about Distant Thunder:

OTT Adventures are proud once again to be hosting Distant Thunder (website can be found here:, battle Camp Delta at our Anglesey site this year. The weekend will be 24th – 25th June, which includes an overnighter.
Last time the government forces successfully defended their APC, will they be as lucky this time? Section One’s valiant defence has enabled them a privelidged position for the main event on 1/4 September, currently we have players confirmed from all over Europe.
Craig, (OTT Adventures)

2roy Tactical products

Troy dropped me a line to let everyone know about 2roy Tactical which is a new shop producing unique products of their own, which will be apeparing in the major shops around the world very shortly. If you’re looking for 2roy products in the USA I understand that you’ll need to speak to JAG Precision. Here’s the news from him:

I established “2roy Tactical” and finally we have made M203.

This is actually my second project.

You can see in the pictures the M203 is made of 50% aluminium and 50% plastic because I believe that the CA and G&P options are too heavy to use in Airsoft games. So I decided to make a more economic hi-grade BB launcher under the name of “2roy Tactical“.

The most important feature of my M203 is that this M203 is compatible for all kinds of the M4 series. Basically people cannot install M203 to M4 Devgru/M733 because of the short barrell. My M203 has another adaptor in the middle of body which can be install in the front sight position (see the attached images).

You can easily understand how to use it.

When using the mount near the sight the front adapter does not look that good. So you can easily take this out when you strike the mount that it is on with a hammer.

Basically these parts are designed to endure high stress. That’s ok when you use this for normal M4, as it’s very strong. Do not worry about crack and other thing.

If you do not use hammer, you cannot take the front mount off easily.

Regarding the second adaptor, you can change this from sling hook to rail.

This is my M203, the “2roy Tactical“. Retail price will be around 50-60% of the competition’s.

Another product from us is M4 hi-cap magazine.

There are three types.

1. Navy seal, 2. Delta Force, 3. H&K.

It is cheaper than the competitions and works very well.

In the attached shots you can see the 65rnd Navy Seal low cap magazine and the 300rnd magazine.

In U.S.A. JAG Precision are our exclusive distributors. Troy, (2roy Tactical)

Monegros Desert Storm IV

Alberto from the Airsoft Zaragoza team has been in touch to let us know of an major airsoft event occurring in Zaragoza, Spain on the 1st to the 2nd of July:

The fourth edition of Monegros storm presents again a mil sim event under the traditional recreation of Monegria our imaginary state, that will introduce the players and teams in a scenary developed by the previous editions with confronted teams and roles looking for the consecution of some objectives that will lead one team to the winning place.

Also, as a part of our airsoft style compromise adopted by the Spanish Airsoft Federation there are some sportive activities with complete this national event.

The main task for this event is to keep on promoting the Airsoft as a ludic but sportive activity for all ages and people, get Aragn and the Monegros Desert well known and over all other things get new and old friend to meet each other in an event full of friendship for us the airsoft players. Alberto Giovanni, (Airsoft Zaragoza)

This sounds like an excellent event, so if you can get to Spain it will certainly be worth it. Alberto kindly pointed out that there are some very cheap flights available from London to Zaragoza at the moment, and that they would love to see some players from the UK, as well as all of the other nations the forums cater to.

On an important note, please bear in mind that you will need to have your application form submitted by the 18th of June should you wish to attend. Read more for more details!

New ICS Launcher & Grenades Available Soon at Airsplat

Kent from AirSplat has been in touch to kindly let us know about some of the latest items available at AirSplat:


NEW ICS Grenade Launcher Arriving in July at AirSplat.

They are enroute to us and prices should be $99 for ICS Launcher and $30 to $40 for Grenade.
More pictures and review at
Kent Wu, (AirSplat)

Latest Publications from Airsoft Press

Weather too hot for you? Run out of articles to read on the forums? We might have a solution. Mike from Airsoft Press has been in touch to let us know about the latest publications they’ve released:

New publications from the AirsoftPRESS:


In the world of AEG, we have MP7 replica primarily from TM, which is based on an AEP like mechbox architecture. This title focuses on the TM implementation of MP7, although most concepts can be applied towards the other AEPs as well.

Based on the contents of our highly successful Practical AEG Upgrade title, this e-book goes one step further by covering MP7 specific performance and maintenance issues.

MP7 Upgrade & Maintenance is organized based on the primary objectives of high FPS upgrade, high ROF upgrade and high accuracy upgrade. In addition, step-by-step disassembly instructions are included so you may open up the mechbox and perform upgrade & maintenance tasks at ease.
Further information on this guide is available through:


Following the successful launch of the MP7 SMG, TM is going to roll out a series of automatic SMGs based on the MP7 mechbox architecture. The MP7 mechbox has an architecture almost totally different from the regular mechboxes. This guide aims at showing you how to assemble and troubleshoot this new mechbox. Instead of solely focusing on gear shimming, we pay close attention to MANY small and frequently-ignored details (in addition to shimming) that are in fact critical to the smooth operation of your SMG mechbox. We also guide you through the steps required for achieving the best possible air sealing and compression effect.

Further information on this guide is available through:

Thank you. (Mike, Airsoft Press)

Sounds like there could be some interesting articles there for some of you folks out there, so it certainly worth paying the Airsoft Press a website a visit for more information!

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