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Ambush Wargames

Hustler has sent over news about their new Ambush Wargames website. They’ve also got their own section in the forums now for Eversley (which you can find here). Here’s the news from him:

Hustler from Ambush Wargames, Eversley is pleased to announce the launch of their new website We also have various special events planned over the summer.

As well as our usual mixture of mil-sims and night games at Eversley we will also be hosting a 24 hour mil-sim at MOD Bramley on 5/6th August. Check the website for full details… Hustler, (Ambush Wargames)

Ramguns new offerings

The guys at RamGuns sent me a mail with details of their latest gear. Normally I’m not that interested in straight paintball gear myself, however given that what they have in the latest update I thought it was worth adding here. As you can see there’s an FN tactical shotgun, Glock copy and a SIG.

The shotgun is according to their text CO2 powered and will fire 68cal rubber/paint, whilst I believe the Glock and SIG are intended for 11mm paint/rubber. If you’re looking for something with a bit more poke for professional training then these could be for you. At around 300USD each they sure area cheaper than simunition.

FireSupport July updates

Here’s some news in from Frank over at FireSupport which include a heap of prices on Classic Army gear :

We have had a few deliveries come in.

New in stock:
Marui M1911 105, spare mags 22
Marui Prolight 60
Marui M16 large bb loader 13
Classic Army SAR Officizer 270
Classic Army AUG Military 220
Excel .23g bb’s 3k and 6k bottles
Excel .20g bb’s 3k and 6k bottles

Back in stock:
Classic Army M249 Mk2 650
Classic Army M249 Mk1 599
Classic Army M249 Para 720
Classic Army M15 CQB 350
Classic Army M15A2 / A4 tactical Carbine 220
Classic Army M15A2 / A4 Carbine 220
Classic Army M15A2 / A4 Rifle 220
Classic Army MP5 B&T A2, A4, A5, SD5, SD6 with and with out tactical light 219

Plus many more items. For more details, se the FireSupport website:, or contact them on 01733 247171. Frank, (FireSupport)

New M4A1 beginner package from WGC

WGC Shop is an offer on

the new version of the M4A1 from TM:

Beginner AEG Package – Marui M4A1 New Type: The Beginner’s package from WGC gives you everything you need to start playing airsoft. Ideal for your own personal enjoyment or as a gift to your friends. The package include not only the gun and accessories, but also with basic protection to ensure safety in playing airsoft. This is the ideal for anyone just starting to play airsoft and looking for their own equipment. More different Beginner AEG Packages are coming soon!

Package includes:

# Marui M4A1 New Type – USD 240 x 1

# AE 300 Rds Magazine for M16/M4 ( 2pcs ) – USD 20 x 2

# Excel Biodegradable 0.2g BB ( 3700 Pellets / 2 Bags ) – USD 8.5 x 2

# JCE 3-Point Tactical Sling ( OD ) – USD 16

# Survival Game Mask ( OD ) – USD 13

# Mil Force 34 inch Rifle Bag ( Black ) – USD 25

# BOL BASIC-01 Charger – USD 26

# Intellect 8.4V 1200mAh Mini Type Ni-MH Battery ( 2pcs ) – USD 16.5 x 2

Everything is included in this ideal beginner package. All products in the package original cost USD 410. We are giving you the entire package for only $350, you can SAVE $60. Sales, (WGC Shop)

DS16 – custom gear

The guys at DS16 have sent over word of their new company and product lineup, which includes custom shirts and gear:

Just like to let everyone know about a new online T shirt shop I have been working on.

Its still in the very early stages but the first few sections are online now and may interest most Airsofters out there. There are several sections to the site but the most interesting to Airsofters will be the military and Airsoft (DUH!) section. Take a look through, there is over 120 products online at the moment and I am adding to this all the time.

There is lots planned for the future so check back often for new updates or email at and ask to be added to the mailing list.

The example image is just a small selection of garments available which are also being added to all the time.
If anyone has any requests for designs that are not currently on the site please email me to discuss what youd like to see.

Finally if there are any Teams out there who would like personally designed T Shirts again contact me on and I will be glad to design something for you.

Thanks for looking and enjoy the site. Dave, (DS16)

Chinese M4-S SYSTEM cheap copy

Gunner Airsoft have posted news of a chinese copy of the TM M4 S-System in the news area of the forums. It looks pretty much identical, and they are saying that it’s almost impossible to tell it’s not a TM unit.

Price for the new copy is around 125USD. Not bad at all for the price. More shots can be seen on their website here:…/ak7799/

ASCUK apparently closed and dead

As most will have spotted Airsoft Community UK ( / has gone. The staff here know as much as anyone else (which is pretty much zero) about the circumstances and reasoning so I’m not going to even guess. Obviously the ASCUK administration are upset, given the rather unfriendly message reported on their index page – which won’t be reposted here because of it’s nature. No one has posted an official statement, so time is all that will tell.

  • To save the multitude of “ASCUK?” threads appearing in the forums, there’s now one thread setup for refugee members to chat here. Please us this thread to discuss the issue and chat to fellow members if you use the forums.
  • If you are after a section for your team/site/event/retailer in the forums here, please register, login then message an admin to get something sorted out for you.
  • If you had a sale or trade that was going on there’s a dedicated thread to try to make contact with the other party in our forums here.

If for whatever reason you don’t want to use the forums here the best recommendation to contact ASCUK members lost in the void is to pop over to

Magpull style stock and WA2000 from Bestgun

Ironwolf has posted news of am upcoming WA2000 rifle and a Magpul 93 Carbine style stock from Sanken in the forums (source:

As regular visitors of our page already know, couple of days ago Taipei hosted an airsoft fair. Again, blogs and message boards are buzzing with activity (and pictures). As I always try to give credit to the authors of the pictures, this were snapped by Angel (of Angel Airsoft fame).

Bestgun is most known for their MRP upper receiver. However, they are working on interesting projects… (

StarAirsoft FNC

Click here to visit Star
StarAirsoft have added shots of their upcoming FNC to their website. Their website isn’t very fast so here’s their images in full, plus the videos will be added shortly when they have downloaded. There’s going to be two models, the FNC and the FNC Shorty both of which feature a three round burst mode.

Specifications for the FNC are: length : 660 / 900mm (stock extended), weight: 2850g, inner barrel: 368mm, magazine : 130 rounds. The FNC Shorty details are given as length: 770 / 1010mm (stock extended), weight: 2980g, inner barrel: 480mm,
magazine: 130 rounds.

Update: the videos can now be seen on YouTube here and here. The third video was junk and incomplete from Star so not uploaded.

Highlander Feature Reviews: N.A.T.O Style Boots…

Click here to visit Highlander This month on Arnies sees the first of a series of reviews by the Arnies Staff of new products that may be of interest to the airsofting community.

Reflecting this interest, Gordon has kindly offered up a wide variety of samples that reflects the huge range of goods they supply, ranging from boots through to tents, bivvy bags and even gas stoves, so I’m fairly sure that there should be something amongst the range of materials which you’ll all find interesting to read up on.

To get the ball rolling, the first review (by yours truly) is of a pair of new “N.A.T.O. Military Style” boots kindly supplied by Gordon of Highlander.

Click here to visit Highlander ‘Who’s Highlander?’ you may ask. Well, the chances are that if you’ve been to your local camping store, you may have seen quite a lot of their kit without realising it.

Highlander are a manufacturer / wholesaler who supply a considerable number of the UK’s camping and hiking stores, and who are now keen to support the airsofting community as well – something I’m sure every airsofter will more than welcome.

This is the first of several reviews you can expect to see coming of Highlander camping, skirmishing and hiking equipment over the next month or so, so remember to keep tuned.

Once again for those who missed it, the first review can be found here. smile

A friendly community, direct contact with retailers and menufacturers, technical advice and now reviews of new kit by the staff! Best of all, it’s all free too! Can’t say fairer than that… wink

ABA at KN War and Peace, 19th-23rd July

Gary Rutter (aka Warlock) sent in some news to say that the ABA will be at the KN War and Peace show from the 19th to the 23rd of July:

The Association of British Airsoft will be at the KN War and Peace show on the 19th to the 23rd of July.
We will be running an Airsoft arena that will feature a small CQB set up and be open for the general public to come and give Airsoft a try on a pay to play basis using electric pistols and spring shotguns only. Later in the day there will be four man competitions for experienced players to show beginners how its done. (FPS limits and rules yet to be announced.) There will also be a range for people to try AEGs as well.

The arena is being sponsored by people such as: Airsoft Armoury, Airsoft World, Fire Support, Wolf Armouries and Airsoft Warehouse as well as AI magazine, On Patrol, Ambush Adventures, Xsite Airsoft and Elite Action Games to name a few.

We will be on stands V9 through to 16, giving people a chance to come and meet the ABA and ask questions about the VCR bill and our progress.

So come down and pay us a visit
KM War and Peace Show:
The Hop Farm Country Park,
Paddock Wood,
Kent, TN12. Gary Rutter (aka Warlock)

Electrowerkz charity event update

Yet more news from the Great Ormond Street charity event being held at Electrowerkz in London. Looks like they’re attracting a lot of retail support…

Hi Everyone!

We are now running a competition to coincide with this event, which is open to all those attending and all those who cant make it but wish to show some support to the charity.

To enter you need to answer the following extremely difficult question. Each entry to the competition costs 2.50, or you can have 5 entries for 10. Anybody can enter the competition as many times as they wish.

Once you get the question right, youre name will be allocated a number, that number will be entered into a prize draw which will be drawn at the event on the 30th July.

Please remember to include your e-mail address with all entries.

Q. Which Boot shaped European country has just won this years Football World Cup?

You can enter the competition in 3 ways, from NOW!

1. In person at Wolf Armouries Shop, Royal College Street, LONDON NW1. Until closing time on Saturday 29th July.

2. In person at Firefight LONDON, on Tuesday 18th and Tuesday 25th July, at ELECTROWERKZ, Torrens Street, LONDON. N1, between 1800 and 2300 hours on both days.

3. By post through me, by sending a cheque or postal order (minimum 5) made payable to GREAT ORMOND STREET HOSPITAL CHILDRENS CHARITY (G.O.S.H.C.C is fine) and sending your cheque to arrive no later than Saturday 29th July to:

PE8 6AW.

This doesnt give you a lot of time, so get it together, think of all those sick children!!!!


Weve had some fantastic prizes donated to us so far

2. TM Beretta M93R AEP donated by AIRSOFT ARMOURY.
3. Surefire G2 flashlight, TDI ris mount and Surefire pressure switch donated by MASTER CHIEFS
4. Blackhawk Omega R/H black drop leg holster donated by MASTER CHIEFS.
5. A SELECTION box of Spectrum pyros donated by SPECTRUM.
6. A Tac-Lit Skirmish for two at FIREFIGHT LONDON donated by FIREFIGHT.
7. A pair of Blackhawk Hellstorm SOLAG gloves donated by MASTER CHIEFS.

Three more retailers have pledged prizes, AIRSOFT WORLD / SCOTLAND, ZERO-ONE and our partners WOLF ARMOURIES. These three prizes are still to be confirmed.

I would like to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to all of the above for their exceptionally generous donations to the competition.

All we need to do now is sell as many tickets as possible to raise as much money as we can to show that the Airsoft Community cares!

At this time there are still tickets available for the event, so dont be shy.

All players attending the event will get a free entry to the competition. A bonus entry to the comp will be given to all those who pay their deposits by Friday 21st JULY.

If you are attending, then I urge you not to buy any bbs and gas in for the event, unless you already have them of course, as you are reminded that WOLF ARMOURIES will be selling them at there normal shop prices at the event, kindly donating all profits to the charity.

Thanks in advance for your participation, and good luck!

Event Organiser.
07944 296992 postage update

Click here to visit AirSplat Kent from has been in touch to let us know of a quick update (which sounds suspiciously geared towards our American members…wink


I hope everyone had a great July 4th and had a blast watching World Cup and NASCAR. Summer is coming along and its been very, very hot here, for several weeks we have been in the triple digits.

Just a quick update, weve updated our systems to accommodate more airsofters. We now offer UPS Ground to Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping can be calculated online prior to purchasing. So, all airsofters in Alaska and Hawaii can now feel like part of the contingent US.

Thanks again and take care. Kent Wu ( )

Good news indeed for all of our members in Alaska and Hawaii. smile

NAM Presents: The NAMMIES!

The chaps at NAM magazine have been in touch to let everyone know of a new award ceremonies for the airsoft community. Sounds fun at the very least!

The NAM: National Airsoft Magazine presents…
The 2006 Airsoft Achievement Awards

Just what are the NAMMIES?! We’re looking to you, the airsoft community, to find the best of the best in the airsoft world and your votes decide who wins. The categories are as follows:

Best Retailer (online retail)
Best Retailer (physical store)
Best Retailer (customer service)
Best Manufacturer
Best Airsoft Event (woodland)
Best Airsoft Event (CQB)
Best AEG
Best GBB
Best Springer
Best Innovative Airsoft Product
Best Kit
Best Airsoft Forum

On September 15th, we’ll tally the totals in each category, create a poll for the top 5 for you, the readers, to vote and decide who wins. The polls will be closed December 31st and the winners announced in the issue to follow!

Don’t miss your opportunity to have a say in the airsoft industry by voting for your favorites here.

Visit us on the web:
National Airsoft Magazine

(National Airsoft Magazine )

Not much more I can say on this one. Certainly sounds like a good way of awarding good service within the airsoft industry. :)

Charity pistols/shotguns event at Electrowerkz 30th July

Just had this show up in my Inbox from Lex Jones. For those of you who don’t know Lex, he’s the Leader of a team called Firefight DarkAngel down in London and he’s put together something rather special….

Ever been to Electrowerkz and thought that its a bit much? Wondered what it would be like if everyone was limited to single shot?

Well nows your chance to find out.

The owners of Electrowerkz indoor skirmish site and Firefight Airsoft have very kindly agreed to give us their facilities for a 7 HOUR Charity event at the end of July.


The event will be held in aid of GREAT ORMOND STREET CHILDRENS HOSPITAL. It is our aim to raise money to buy the hospital some much needed equipment, so that they can carry out their sterling specialised treatment for children from all over Britain.

Im sure that you are all aware that the NHS is creaking at the seems, and any money we can raise will be of great help to the hospital.



Nearest tube station is ANGEL, there will be on street parking available in the local area. Participants are reminded NOT to leave any valuables in their vehicles when parking their cars in Central London at any time of the day or night.

The doors will open at 1230 for a 1300 start. The event will finish at 2000 hours.
Yep, thats 7 hours indoor skirmish time, and we are hoping to play around ten different scenario based games, with short breaks in between. There is a fully licensed bar on site selling a selection of soft drinks, tea /coffee and chocolate bars, throughout the event. There are various fast food establishments in the local area.

WOLF ARMOURIES have very kindly agreed to provide BBs and Gas for the event. All of the PROFITS from the sale of the consumables will be going to the GOSH charity. (Thanks to Max, Benny and Co.)

Thanks to David Clynes of Medical Services, for providing medical staff and first aid equipment for the event. This service has been provided for free and we are very grateful. I hope that they aren’t used too much , but its very nice to know that they are on site if they’re needed.


A standard 4 hour skirmish at Electrowerkz costs 20.

For your 7 HOUR skirmish, we will be asking for a minimum donation of 25.
I must stress that there are no running costs for this event, whatsoever, so the charity will receive 100% of the money made. Everyone working is doing it for free and the event is being organised by a serving Police Officer for your piece of mind.

Places are strictly limited and will be given strictly on a first come, first served basis only.

To book your place, please e-mail me at

Looking for somewhere?
The Airsoft Discussion
Gorilla Airsoft Radio
Airsoft Medicine Specialist Swedish Military Experience Group
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