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AirsoftSearch 1.3 Released

Visionviper on the forums (the creator of AirsoftCalc) has been in touch to notify everyone tha the latest version of AirsoftSearch has been released! For all those unaware, this is a useful browser plug-in which effectively searches several of the most popular airsoft retailers’ websites for a product:

Alrighty. The new version of AirsoftSearch is here! Version 1.3! Here is the changelog:v1.3 Changelog:
-Retailer Airsoft Option added
-Review category added

Download link:

Small note to add: Many thanks to Node on Arnie’s Airsoft who has contributed yet again. Node – you are the best.
VisionViper (AirsoftCalc)

The return of dEFCON4 – dEFCONairsoft!

More good news regarding Airsoft! Steve of dEFCON4 has been in touch to let us know that his site is re-opening:

You covered an article back in 2001 which detailed the closure of my website dEFCON4. Well, I’ve decided to start the website back up, under the new name of dEFCONairsoft again to support Airsoft in the UK.

The website site can be found at, but is is still under development and needs help from fellow airsofters to get off the ground.

I was wondering whether you could post something on the news page to let everyone know it’s back. I’m after reviews and technical articles to help building the content back up again. So if anybody has any spare time on their hands, and wishes to review their new toy, please get in touch. Many thanks for your time. Steve (dEFCONairsoft)

Beyond feeling a bit nostalgic seeing that news link, I also sure you’ll all be pleased to see an old site returning to the airsofting scene. All of the Arnies staff would like to wish Steve the best of luck for the future, as I am sure all you guys will as well. If you can support Steve in any way, then please contact him via the link provided, and be sure to check his site for new updates as more info goes live. :)

AG:USA Registration begins

Arnie Geddon USA Registration is now open!

Registration for the fall gathering of American Arnies members is now officially accepting pre-registration. The amount is $30 and will be paid through paypal. Please visit this thread for more information.

KWC Desert Eagle review by Gene

Just to let you know, we have a review up of the brand new KWC Desert Eagle provided by Airsplat. It’s got a metal slide and barrel and shoots pretty well!

As with all our reviews, it’s up in the database and can be found here.

You can be expecting more reviews from us for Airsplat products in the near future.

Airtronics: New NZ retailer

Well folks, I have to say that this piece of news should be an eye-catching one for you chaps out there resenting the lack of burst-fire on your aegs. A new store in New Zealand has been set up, specialising in the sale of 3 round burst-fire modules for your favourite Armalite:

Dave here, from ATC, the AirTronics Corp. We are a new company based in New Zealand, with the goal of making items that make airsoft more realistic. We have completed our first model for commercial release: The ATC-3B1, a 3-round burst module for AEG’s.The ATC-3B1 Fire Control System (ATC-3B1 or 3B1) is a small control unit that, when plugged into an AEG, converts fully automatic fire into burst fire. This gives greater realism to AEGs that otherwise lack the burst capabilities of their real steel counterparts.

The beauty of the ATC-3B1 is that the unit is completely seperate from the gun, and can be installed and removed very easily – simply plug it in as a connector between the battery and the AEG.

The ATC-3B1 is strong, easy to adjust, easy to install, very reliable, and makes games safer, more interesting and more realistic.

The 3B1 is ready for pre-order now, with limited numbers available. See for details and to get in on the first shipment! Dave (Air-tronics)

This is certainly an interesting one, so go check it out now! :)

Latest products at Airsplat

Click here to visit AirSplat Just a quick update! Kent from has just been in touch to let us know the latest stock news, this time about some new products on the market:

The KWC metal Desert Eagle, a chinese model G3 SAS, and the VFC HK416. Expect them soon! Kent Wu (Airsplat)

The new HK416 is a real head-turner, so be sure to drop by their site and take a look. :)

Operation: Morning After

Hey folks. Urban_Ninja has just been in touch and asked me to say a little about Operation Morning After, a weekend he has planned for Arnies members at Spectre next month on October the 13-15th.

The event is now open to all members of Arnies 18 years upwards (although if you have someone who can vouch for you Urban_Ninja may consider younger), and has a fair list of well-known members who are planning on attending if they haven’t paid already.

The event will make use of both Woodland and Urban facilities at Spectre, and will incorporate night games at the Urban site (which now features lighting to make it more viable), which as anyone who has attended Spectre before will agree, are pretty excellent sites. The Spectre base even has two pool tables!

Most of all though, this is an event for Arnies members to go meet one another and in the case of regulars / veterans of Arniegeddon events in the past, to catch up and drink vast quantities of unspecified beverages.

So if you’re interested in a fun weekender for October, click here for more info. I look forward to seeing some of you folks there. :)

P.S. Please note that Urban_Ninja needs payments of people wanting to go by the 2nd October – so if you want to go please let him know that you’ll be sending payment asap!

Dragon Lamps now available at Ironfoot

Gmac from Ironfoot has been in touch to let everyone know of a new brand of tactical flash light (or taclight to me and you) which they have in stock:

(RED) Dragon Lamps a new make of Tactical Flash lights designed in Germany
available currently in two versions D1 & D2
Rugged ultra efficient 3 Watt LED and powerful 1.4a Xenon.
Powered by 2 x Lithium RCR or CR123A 3v Cells, 2.5 times more powerfully
than equivalent alkaline cells
Top Quality at an affordable price,
More models are planned as designs are tested and developed.
( RED) Dragon Lamps Dragons Lamps
Sole UK Stockist’s Ironfoot Industries Gmac (Ironfoot)

Unfortunately I’m still having issues uploading new images, so you’ll have to go with my word for now when I say that these things look like excellent pieces of kit. For more information visit any of the links provided above. :)

New Stock at FireSupport

Frank from FireSupport has been in touch to let everyone know of the latest stock additions at FireSupport:

New items in the store at Firesupport:
SA-ACC-L85T STAR L85 tool (for susat scope use) £10.00
SA-PT-L85RN STAR L85 receiver nut £4.00
SA-ACC-M249-04 STAR M249 Front Sight|M249-04 £20.00
SA-ACC-M249-06 STAR M249 Real Sight|M249-06 £20.00
SA-ACC-M800 STAR – M800 Battery Carrier|M800 £99.00
SA-ACC-S-02 STAR QD REAR SIGHT (A) – 600M |S-02 £20.00
SA-ACC-S-03 STAR QD REAR SIGHT (B) – 300M |S-03 £15.00
SA-ACC-S-07 STAR – Flip Up Rear Sight|S-07 £20.00
SA-ACC-S-08 STAR Multi Reticle Sight|S-08 £45.00
SA-ACC-SC03 STAR 1 – 4 x 20mm TRI-RAIL SCOPE |SC-03 £60.00
SA-ACC-SC04 STAR SC-04 | STAR ACOG SCOPE 4 x 32mm £90.00
SA-AEG-AEG14 STAR FNC |AEG-14 £320.00
SA-GL-L85-05 STAR AG SA80 Grenade Launcher For Star L85 £200.00
SA-MAG-M249T STAR 1550 Rds Cartridge Pouch F/ TOP M249 £75.00
SA-MAG-MP750B STAR MP7 (50) MAG (BOX MAG)|MP7-50 £35.00
SA-PT-GRIP04BK STAR Enhanced Grip for M16 Series-BK £20.00
SA-PT-GRIP06BK STAR Battle Grip for M16 Series-BK |Grip-06-BK £20.00
SA-PT-M249-01 STAR M249 Hand Grip|M249-01 £20.00
SA-PT-M249-07 STAR M249 Gear Box |M249-07 £30.00
SA-PT-M249-08 STAR M249-08 | STAR M249 FIXED STOCK £75.00
SA-PT-M249-09 STAR M249-09 | STAR M249 SLIDE STOCK £75.00
SA-PT-TP-01 Star M249 Series Tappet Plate|TP-01 £5.00
SA-PT-TP-02 Star L85 Series Tappet Plate|TP-02 £5.00
SA-PT-TP-03 Star G36 Series Tappet Plate|TP-03 £5.00

Thanks Frank (FireSupport)

In addition to the new stock listed above, there’s also an awful lot of kit back in stock as well. To see a full list of both new kit and kit back in stock, click on the ‘read more’ button at the bottom of this article. :)

Airsoft Arsenal website re-opening

Eli from Airsoft Arsenal
has been in touch to let everyone know that their site has re-opened with a fresh new look and a wide variety of stock:

Seattleís Airsoft Arsenal is reopening our web site. Weíve been a trusted local retailer for years, and are now stepping up our online sales so we can offer our great service to people around the country. Weíre carrying all the essentials, including AEGs, GBBs, accessories, BBs, gas, tons of tactical gear, and more. As always, local delivery is free, and our focus is on friendly customer service, quality gear, and occasionally making it to a game or two ourselves! Come check out our web site at Airsoft Arsenal . Eli ( Airsoft Arsenal )

From the correspondance I received from Eli, they’re certainly friendly. Definitely a site for all you guys in the Seattle area to have a look at! :)

SCS special event

Razer has been in touch to let everyone know of a special game planned at Special Combat Services for the 1st of October:

SCS Gloucester are pleased to announce our special Oct 1st a day of of bangs and smokes galore- with a few added suprises.

Games will be run to our usual player oriented format with friendly and efficent marshals all combining to produce a unique tried and tested game day. A few old favourites and a few new ideas will all be combined on the day to make it the best skirmish you’ll attend. With our famous burger wagon and free tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Come along, meet the team and enjoy the day. Razer (Special Combat Services)

As anyone who attended A606 can attest, SCS is an excellent new site with some woodland which is well worth a visit. For more information pm Razer or visit the Special Combat Services website. :)

WE1911 Review, in conjunction with AirsoftWorld

Ok, so as mentioned last week, Steve Madley over at AirsoftWorld ( has been kind enough to send me a WE 1911 to take a look at. They’re running a deal on this pistol at the moment that can be seen here.

My love affair with the 1911 stems from its real steel history and its prevalent use in far too many films to count.

Until recently, the only option for 1911’s has been to go with Western Arms, and my opinion on those is well known. For me, at least, dropping several hundred pounds on a pistol to get it full metal and skirmish worthy is not the best idea of fun.

The KSC 1911 was by all accounts somewhat flawed. The TM 1911 looks good, is accurate, but suffers from something of a design flaw of coupling single stack gas capacity with a double stack of ammo, which means that the gun can’t empty a full magazine with alarming regularity.

This left the WE 1911. IT’S ACE.

New AATV Video out: MG34 and BAR reviewed!

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in posting any news, but things have been hellish in real life due to a new job at the moment.

First new piece of news: Gregor of AATV fame has been in touch to let everyone know that the latest AATV video is up, reviewing some kit which definitely has me interested, and which will promise mouth-watering for any WW2 kit fans:

Hey there,

I’d like to inform you, that AATV recently published a new video review: It’s the Asahi MG34 vs the JAC BAR. It’s 123mb big (hires quality) and 7:39 Minutes long. You can grab it in the review section of AATV



I’ve just watched the video, and it’s hilarious as always, as well as actually quite informative (especially if, like me, you’ve always wanted a MG34 but were unable to ever find anyone in real life with one to have a play with). Definitely worth the download – which shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes on a decent connection. So download it now! wink

VCR Bill exemption and letter from Tony McNulty

This has been forwarded on to me for publication from the ABA. It looks like they are going to get the exemption that they have been looking for for airsoft in relation to the VCR Bill. Here’s the news:

I refer to my letter of 16 August about airsoft skirmishing and the Violent Crime Bill.

I have now had an opportunity to consider the case which you and your colleagues put to me and you will be pleased to know that I have decided to provide a defence for airsoft skirmishing in relation to the ban on the sale etc or realistic firearms. As you are no doubt aware, there is already a power to make regulations in clause 34 of the Bill and we will include the defence to make regulation once the Bill completes its passage through Parliament. My officials will be in touch with you shortly to arrange a meeting to discuss in detail how the defence will work.

I trust you will be pleased with this outcome and will continue to ensure that airsoft skirmishing activities are in no way linked with the problem of misuse of realistic imitation firearms. Tony McNulty, (Minister of State)

Highlander Portable Gas Stove Review

Click here to visit Highlander Hey guys and gals, just a quick update to let you know that the latest of several products kindly supplied for review by Gordon of Highlander. is up for review. This time it’s the turn of their Portable Gas Stove, a flatbed gas stove designed for use at the campsite for those times early in the morning or late at night when you need a cup of something warm and dark… wink

Click here to visit Highlander ‘Who’s Highlander?’ you may ask. Well, the chances are that if you’ve been to your local camping store, you may have seen quite a lot of their kit without realising it.

Highlander are a manufacturer / wholesaler who supply a considerable number of the UK’s camping and hiking stores, and who are now keen to support the airsofting community as well – something I’m sure every airsofter will more than welcome.

This is the fourth of several reviews you can expect to see coming of Highlander camping, skirmishing and hiking equipment over the next month or so, so remember to keep tuned.

Once again for those who missed it, the first review can be found here. smile

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