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AirTronics Corp ATC-3B1 price drop

Dave at AirTronics Corp has mailed in with news that they have decided to reduce the pricing on our ATC-3B1 burst unit:

Dave here, from ATC, the AirTronics Corp.

ATC-3B1 Retail Price Adjustment:

The ATC-3B1, a 3-round burst module for AEG’s, is now available for pre-order at greatly reduced prices. Get over to to check them out!

We have added a nice little feature, too – you can now purchase in three different currencies! This allows you to take charge of changing exchange rates, skip currency exchange charges, and get the best deal possible.

If you are one of the many, many people who have already pre-ordered, at the 75USD price, don’t worry! What this means for you is that you will be recieving a nice little surprise in your parcel – we will be sending you two units!

The 3B1 is ready for pre-order now, with limited numbers available – they are running out fast, so get in now!

See for details and to get in on the first shipment! Dave, (AirTronics Corp.)

Firesupport October update

firesupport small[1]Frank at Firesupport Ltd has mailed in their latest stock update, which you can see if you click the link in this news post to read the full article (the list is quite long).

As ever you can contact Firesupport by phone or one the web:, 01733 247171

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Guya Guay current and upcoming releases

Thomas Goldinger (TM Trading GmbH) has dropped over shots of some of the latest Guay Guay releases which are also in the news section of the forums . Here’s the shots:


KKP presents the Kill House: 19/11/2006

compname1 small[1]The chaps at Knock Knock Productions are holding a “squad based timed target engagement course” on the 19th of next month. The event sounds like it’ll be a stretch for both the brain and muscles:

Date: November 19, 2006
Registration: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Game: 9:30 AM – Around 5:00 PM
Game Fee: $40 per individual (PRE-REGISTERED)


The fee on the field if you HAVE NOT pre-registered is $60, pre-registration ends November 17, 2006.
10% discount given to squads of 3 or 4 that pre-purchase tickets online, or at American Tactical

Count on this being the most unique and intense airsoft experience you have had to date. We at Knock Knock Productions have seen your excitement at the tactical challenges put on at the Winery, and have decided to hold one of these as a big event.

The Kill House will be a sensory stimulating conglomoration of target arrays, blaring war ambience, visual distractions like smoke and strobe, a wide variety of target engagements, Trip wires, Custom theme scenarios, Extremely well structured challenges, and much more.

This event is a squad based timed target engagement course. It will have various scenarios like: hostage rescue, plant the bomb, and assassination to include a few. It is the first of its kind. You will not be engaging live targets, but a system of targets that we have constructed to simulate the scenario. There will be prizes for the top 3 teams.

Those of you with heart conditions may want to opt-out of this one. Game on! Click for recommended gear loadout.

There is no FPS limit while in the killhouse engaging non-live targets. YOU CAN NOT USE AIR RIFLES, BB GUNS, OR PELLET GUNS. DESIGNATED AIRSOFT GUNS ONLY.

  • BBs, Gas, Shirts, and various other items will be sold on site
  • There will be a working technician there as well
  • Raffle prizes
  • Winning team prizes

What are you getting for your money?

  • BBQ, Food and Drink
  • Multiple, theme based stages
  • Intelligence briefing packet
  • On site tech
  • Awards for top 3 teams
  • Squads will have access to limited additionl m203 launcher, gas grenade, spring shotgun, and spotting scope
  • Stages designed by LE certified rangemaster
  • Specific made targets that must be IDed based on mission briefing

Staff, (Knock Knock Productions)

New JBU rail covers

Jeffrey Chen at JB-Unicorn has sent in word of some new rail covers that they are now producing and sent over some shots of the new product. Here’s the latest:

Hi Arnie,

How are you doing? Hope everything is doing great with you. I am Jeffrey Chen from JBU Taiwan. We have a new rail covers have just released. I wonder if you can write an news article for us. The rail covers comes 12pcs as a set.

Please check out the following attachment for references. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards, Jeffrey Chen, (


Maxim and AirSplat 2,700USD Sweepstakes Giveaway

Airsoft-LogoKent at AirSplat is holding a competition in conjunction with Maxim, entry is free and the prize certainly looks like it’s worth having:

Hello, There’s so much going on here, I won’t be able to give you all the details! But I do want to tell you about one very special giveaway we’re having!


Announcing the AirSplat and Maxim 2006 $2,700 Sweepstakes

It’s a 3 day 2 nights getaway to LA, including flight and lodging, for you and a friend. You will win:

  • 2 Round-trip coach flight to and from Los Angeles
  • Room and Lodging for 2 nights
  • Transportation to and from Airport
  • Entry for 2 to the most exclusive Clubs in LA
  • Entry for 2 to for a full day of airsoft skirmishing and CQB
  • Full Airsoft Gear Setup for 2, everything you’ll need for battle (2 MP5 AEG’s, 2 Full Face Masks, 2 Gas Airsoft Pistols, 10,000 BBs, 2 Vests, 2 Holsters, 2 Batteries, 2 Chargers, Green Gas, etc)

Total value of prize package: $2,700!!

For sweepstakes entry, full details, and rules please visit

Thank you all and the best of luck! Kent Wu, (

New Systema Motors and Mecha-box sets at RedWolf

Kai Wong, (RedWolf Airsoft Specialist Ltd) has sent over a news release about some new Systema Motors and Mecha-box sets that they now have in:

Dear Airsoft Fans,

Just to let you know, that the new Systema Motors and Mecha-box sets are now available at Redwolf Airsoft. We have been avidly waiting for these products for some time now, and now that we have our hands on them, we can confidently say that hey have been more than worth the wait. Available with the innovative Magnum motor, or High-Speed Turbo motor, these kits are extremely high-quality products with innovative new designs. We had the chance to test the Systema Motor out yesterday, and the performance can be simply described as phenomenal! After we installed the Turbo motor into one very lucky AEG, it made the BBs spew out, at a rate of fire I haven’t seen before. We updated the news article on the Redwolf Aisoft webpage; here are a few words we wrote about the latest Systema products…

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Frontline Conflicts Spectrum pyrotechnic team offer

logoFrontline Conflicts are now offering team discount on Spectrum pyrotechnic products:

We would like to inform all UK Airsoft Teams that Frontline Conflicts are now offering team discounts on all Spectrum pyrotechnics. All teams that would like to benefit from these savings can contact us at for more details on how to qualify for this unique offer.

Disclaimer: Pyrotechnics must only to be used for the purposes of airsoft, paintball and re-enactment wargaming and can only be sold to those 18 years and over. (Frontline Conflicts)

New airsoft magazine: Airsoft Xtreme


soul–man has posted news in the forums of a new magazine that’s on the way by the name of Airsoft Xtreme (not to be confused with Airsoft Extreme with the ‘E’). Details of where to find the magazine can be found here. Here’s the post:

Good Day Sirs!

After months of hard work, enourmous picture taking and write ups. We are now distributing the Philippine’s premier airsoft magazine called ” Airsoft Xtreme”. Our target circulation is Asia and some parts of U.S.A.

We also would like you airsofters to participate in the magazine by writing an article, submitting your war stories, photos of your team, reviews, DIY, etc.

For more information, please visit our site:

Thank you :) soul–man, (Airsoft Xtreme)

Minor new display bugs fixed

There were a couple of style releated bugs that we found that have just been fixed. Both related to the IE browser and not Firefox.

The first issue is that when images are posted beyond a certain width they cause the LH menu to disappear to the bottom, the problem was that the background colour for quoted text was being displayed over inset images making it look like only half of them had loaded (CSS styling issue).

Both issues have been addressed, so things should look better in IE browsers now.

Firesupport interview at dEFCONAirsoft

Steve at the newly revived site 4dEFCON has already got his first update in, with an interview of the chaps at Firesuppurt Ltd:

We at dEFCONAirsoft have been very lucky to get an exclusive interview with the people at and spend the day with them at their shop in Peterborough. We had a really excellent day out and it certainly was an eye-opener into the world of Airsoft retail.

You can read the entire article, interview and see the pictures by visiting and clicking on our Articles section. Steve (4dEFCON)

The Battle of the Bulge – A Clash of Eagles: 17/12/06

Yith has sent in word of a ww2 re-enactors event that will be held in December this year, The Battle of the Bulge – A Clash of Eagles. Here’s the details on the event:


One day Airsoft WWII Midlands event: The Battle of the Bulge – A Clash of Eagles

December 1944: As the world prepares to enter a sixth year of total war, Hitler’s forces mass for an irresistible all-out attack upon the overstretched Allied lines and make a desperate gamble to seize the vital port of Antwerp.

Can Patton’s 3rd Army group aided by a small contingent of plucky Brits of 30 corps hold the line against Pieper’s elite SS and Von Der Heydte’s fearless paratroopers in the dense and stygian forests of the Ardennes?

Choose your side: Will you be a Teutonic veteran of the Eastern Front spearheading the Reich’s bold thrust across Belgium? Or will you skirmish as a fearless defender of liberty for the Allies? Both sides will have to contend with fast paced battles and vital reconnaissance, blending stealth with aggression to achieve their objectives and final victory!

What do you have to do? Don’t worry if you don’t have a WWII loadout or AEG, we’ve compiled a special guide that allows you to construct a ‘good for gaming’ WWII outfit for your chosen side for less than the cost of a couple of hi-caps!

And you don’t need to necessarily have a WWII AEG, we’ll supply you with a list of ‘counts as’ AEGs. For example your M14 can represent a Browning BAR automatic rife or an M249 might represent a German MG42 machine gun.

Where is it? We’re staging this battle at First and Only Airsoft’s excellent Matlock site. We believe its dense terrain reflects the impenetrable Ardennes forests perfectly and is a central location for most UK airsofters to reach.

When is it? The event will take place on Sunday the 17th December 2006. Thats just one day and 62 years after the real events of the battle. Yith, (

New cylinder sets from Modify Co.

Jane at Modify Co. has sent over an email concerning some new cylinder sets that they have now released:

GU-01-22You might like to know that Modify has just released some new products, Bore-Up Cylinder Set is one of them.

Bore-Up Cylinder Set from Modify Taiwan, an airsoft manufacturer with more than 40 years experiences in the industry. This set includes: Stainless Bore-Up Cylinder, Stainless Bore-Up Cylinder Head, Bore-Up Air Seal Nozzle, Bore-Up Piston Head. Modify is the only one produce Stainless Steel Bore-Up Cylinder with ribbed walls finish in Taiwan.

Cheers, have a good day! Jane Liu, (Modify Co.)

European airsoft distribution company: Airsoft Assist

image001The guys behind Airsoft Assist have dropped in an email with a news release from them about their European airsoft distribution company. Here’s the release:

Dear Sir,

We would like to announce our new European airsoft distribution company named Airsoft Assist! Airsoft Assist is located in Belgium and supplies very interesting brands like Airsoft Surgeon, Viper Tactical Gear, RICO Tactics, KAN BATTERIES, WEB-TEX, Leapers, JB UNICORN, FOGTECH etc.

“Thank you for visiting our website. The sport of Airsoft, often called softair, has seen a tremendous growth in its popularity worldwide over the years and esspecially in Europe. Airsoft Assist intends to develop an inventory of unique and high quality airsoft products. We will work closely with consumers and manufacturers to establish a wide-range of product lines with uniqueness, innovative, affordability, reliability, and safety in mind. Whether you’re an experienced retailer or a beginning retailer, we’re “aiming” to offer you the ultimate Airsoft wholesale experience.


Airsoft Assist is dedicated to provide quality products and service. We offer highly competitive pricing and skilled technical support. We have over 5 years of Airsoft retail and in-game experience! Whether your airsoft needs are recreational, law enforcement, or military, our network of manufacturers makes it possible.

Our dealers benefit from our online catalogue. Our customers can review our products there, get detailed product information, see real-time stock status of supplies and can place their order directly! This is a very fast and pleasant way to order your products. Above all your order will be processed the same day!

If you are an established airsoft retailer or which to become an airsoft retailer, please contact us! We would like to supply you and your customers with our brands and service. Please take a moment to fill in our retailer application form and become an official dealer of Airsoft Assist! Our sales staff will be pleased to assist you with any questions about our products or the ordering process.”

Herman Boer (Sales & Public Relations, Airsoft Assist)

Airsoft Extreme Newsletter – October 2006 rev 1.0

header01Before I hit the sack here’s the latest AEX Newsletter (you can read the full post by clicking the “more…” link at the bottom of this post):

AEX Newsletter Latest Intel… Welcome to Airsoft Extreme’s email newsletter and thank you for subscribing. The purpose of our newsletter is to provide you with the latest news, products, and sale updates at Airsoft Extreme as soon as they become available. We may also occasionally offer news and discounts that are exclusive to our newsletter subscribers.

NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBER EXCLUSIVE COUPONS: These coupons expire on November 20, 2006 and there is no limit of use! Only 1 coupon may be used per order. These coupons also apply for any preorder items and sale items!

  • $10 off $100 minimum order. Coupon code – xb70news
  • $20 off $250 minimum order. Coupon code – b57news02
  • $35 off $400 minimum order. Coupon code – b52swen01

bh-01bBLACK HAWK TACTICAL GEAR DISCOUNT: 20% DISCOUNT off all Black Hawk Industries tactical products is available through this exclusive Airsoft Extreme/Black Hawk internet gateway link that is different from the one on our website –

redsol-01aRED SOLDIER COMBAT GEAR: We welcome Red Soldier as a preferred site resource for our customers to acquire quality authentic Russian and former Soviet bloc tactical gear. Please check them out.

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