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AirSplat Christmas specials

airsplat[1]Kent at AirSplat has mailed over their Christmas specials:

New 110% Price Match Guarantee on ALL products! Buy with confidence!

New items this month include Systema’s Magnum Motor, CA AUG, M15 CQB Compact, M15 CQB Compact Seal, M15 SPR.

NEW AirSplat EXCLUSIVE ONLY $19.95 S. Arms M4 160 Round Magazine – This is a great alternative mid-cap M4 magazine, no winding required and at a great price point.

We are now Deep Fire’s Authorized US Dealer and will be offering their full line of products including upgrade AEG springs for $10 to $15, and tight bore 6.04 barrels starting at $20. Also, the soon to be released grenade launcher and hand grenade.


Also soon to be released is ICS’s AK RIS Foregrip Mount and RIS Forward Grip (AirSplat)

Hudson Preceder

Preceder-IMGHudson have a new pistol on their pages by the name of the Preceder. The Preceder is listed as an Air Precision Model (APS) and as you can see it looks to share a mechanism fairly similar to the Maruzen APS series.

The model is listed as working on a compressed air system, is JASG approved, carries a 12 round capacity and fires 0.2g BBs at around 80m/s. They show grouping shots from the new model on their product page with some scans of training targets. Here’s some more shots of the piece:


You can find a translated version of the Hudson page courtesy of Google’s translation system.

KJ SIG P229 at

Whilst I’m on the subject, have also added shots of the KJ SIG P229 which may well be of use to anyone looking for cheap law enforcement training pistols. Obviously SIG markings are completely lacking, however this does make import into certain countries much easier.


Magazine capacity is quoted as 23+1 length is 180mm and it weighs in at around 1000g.

New pistols from HFC have have posted shots of some new HFC pistols on the way from them (posted in the forums here and seen here).


As ever with HFC their pistols are intended to look similar enough to appeal yet not close enough to get them in too much trouble over copyright. As you can see in the shots there’s a copy of the Beretta 90-two and a Glock-Walther-XD crossover.

Urban Assault milsim games 18th Nov and 17th Dec

Urbanassault2Just to keep the theme with some more event news here’s the latest from Urban Assault:

Urban Assault is holding the 1st of 2 Milsim games to be played this year at our site. The 1st game is on 19th Nov and the 2nd is on 17th Dec. Cost is £20. BB’s sold on site 2 bags for £15 or 1 for £10.

Only pyros sold on site are allowed to be used, £3 each or 6 for £15.

The main difference between these games and the normal Urban Assault games are that only standard
and mid cap magazine will be allowed in AEGs and there will be no hireguns available on these days.

The burger van will be on site as usual.

If you order items from they can be taken to the site on Sunday free of postage charges. Please put on the order that the delivery is required at UA and the date of the game in the comment field. Please also follow up the order quoting the order number in an email to us.

Anyone wanting to take part must book via email or telephone in advance. If emailing and you do not get a reply then we may not have received your mail. All emails received will get a confirmation reply. Frank, (Urban Assault)

OP. WWIII will be moved to SC Village

The chaps behind OP WWIII that’s held in California (November 19th) have moved the event to the SC Village. I’ve been up there myself and it’s not hard to find at all. Here’s the latest:

NEWS UPDATE: OP. WWIII will be moved to SC Village. Where we will have a 10 Acre Jungle!!!

Good news! Sorry about the last minute change of the field. Due to popular demand and the nice guys at SC Village, we will be doing WW III at SC Village instead. We are allowed to use a large 10 acre forest!


All other rules remain the same. Our representatives will be calling all the pre-registered players.

  • WHEN: Nov, 19th, 2006 8:00am ~ 4:00pm
  • WHERE: SC Village
  • WHY: To experience an exciting, live war game simulation, fire your airsoft gun and hang out!


S.C. Village is at Hellman and River Road in the City of Chino. Park Address: 8900 McCarty Road, Chino, CA 91710

From the 60 Freeway: Exit Archibald head South; Right on River Road; Turn left at Hellman Road; Enter private road to S.C. Village.

From the 91 Freeway: 91 freeway east to the Lincoln Ave exit. Go North on Lincoln and make a left turn on River Rd. Make a left on Hellman and a right on McCarty. Enter private road to SC Village.

Click on the link to read more about this article to see the full event briefing.

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Fallout National Game 07: March 10th/11th 07


The chaps at Fallout have mailed in news about their next national game that’s going to be held on the 10th and 11th of March next year:

Fallout National Game 07: March 10th/11th 07. Bramley Training Estate, Hampshire

In the year 2011 the Novosibirsk oil refinery is the largest oil processing facility in Europe; providing Russia and neighboring counties with 95% of the oil needed to maintain a modern life style.

About 70% of the UK’s oil comes from this facility, with other Western countries slightly lower. This heavy dependence on Russian oil has left the major Western European leaders uneasy about the safety of their countries economy seeing as it appears the Russian oil source is their only viable option.

In the Middle East tensions are also running high – since the U.S pull-out of Iraq in May 2008. Which in turn saw the U.S oil interest move focus to Russia. This has seen Arabian oil prices drop dramatically increasing the instability of the region and creating a grater dived between east and west.

Total anarchy is about to erupt in these countries and leaders are desperate not to let the situation slip to that of five years ago. For oil prices to rise again, the U.S would need to be forced in to resuming focus in the Middle East. This is not possible with Russia providing Europe’s oil.

On the Russian border, troops continue to clash. The attacks from the Serbian resistance have been gradually moving further and further into Russia. The last attack on a hospital in 2010 resulted in the death of thousands of innocent Russians. This forced Russia into finally accepting a multination peace keeping force to secure the border.


The U.N and Russian governments have raised the security statues and deployed more troops due to the number of reports of a possible terrorist attack on the oil refinery. This would acquire funding from the Middle East for there own cause.

The effects from any such attack on this facility would be felt all around the World and so must be protected at all costs.

The ATE, Bramley is a amassing site with varying terrain and woodland, large buildings, bunkers and road ways. We will also be providing a large indoors safe area for players to rest and recharge on there brakes. Attending the event will be a number of Airsoft and surplus kit dealers to wander around during the weekend.

The games will start on 1200 hours on Saturday and end at 1200 hours on the Sunday with games and pyro effects continuing through the night. There will be a number of ex army vehicles on the event so helmets are advised but not vital.

  • The event is open to any one 14+
  • Fps aeg’s 330 fps
  • Single action snipers 500fps
  • Cost £85

More information is available on the website ( or by contacting us direct on 01268 – 551555 / 729242, 07716 025676,

Sam, (

ICS SIG 551 series on the way in December

The latest one for the current rumour mill is news that ICS have the SIG-551 series under development for release sometime in December this year (see the forum news post):

Instant food at Master Chief’s

image001Richard at Master Chief’s has dropped in a mail about some new gear that they have in. As he’s mentioned it’s not strictly Airsoft related however they are darned handy for weekend games away where you need hot food fast:

Hi, I realise that this is not strictly airsoft related, but I’m just dropping you a quick e-mail to let you know that Master Chief’s now sell Rocket Fuel Coffee Powershots and Mini Quick Soups. The soups currently come in two varieties – Tomato and Spicy Lentil and both the soups and the coffee are packed in individual self-heating cups. We intend to sell these as cases of 6 cups but we will offer mixed cases at no extra cost. The cost per case is £ 11.82 (£ 7.08 + £ 4.74 P&P, Royal Mail 1st Class). Postage is at cost as a case of 6 cups weighs approximately 1.5kg.

Lentil closed 1Tomato closed 175ml Rocketfuel powershot closed 1

To use, simply turn the cup upside down, push the centre of the base down and then, still holding the cup upside down, shake for 40 seconds. Turn the right way up and open. Orders of 6 cases or more will be charged at £5.70 per case plus shipping (please contact for details). Richard Eastell, (Police and Military Sales Manager, Master Chief’s)

Inokatsu Galil AR

GALILAs mentioned in the forums, Inokatsu have added the Galig AR to their pages.

This piece is going to be pricey though at 1,530USD for the full complete AEG and 1,120USD for the kit.

You can be pretty much assured of a good quality piece of kit as they have a good record for quality kit and this model is listed as a CNC milled piece rather than something that’s straight cast or molded.


Just time to add a few things that people have mentioned on the forums. G&P have added the SR25K URX to their pages. Here’s some shots of it:


Specs are given as follows:

Magazine Capacity: 170
Length: (not stated)
Weight: (not stated)
Built Material: Metal & ABS
Muzzle Velocity: 330-360fps
Gearbox: G&P Custom Gearbox w 7mm Bearing
Motor: G&P M120 Hi-Speed
Battery: Advise using 7.2v or 8.4v Battery (Not Include)
-SR-25 CNC Kit (GP161)
-SR-25 URX Front Set (GP630)
-SR-25 Original Magazine (170rds) (GP169)
-Flash QD Flip Up Sight (GP228)
-Military 600m Flip Up Rear Sight (GP254)
-Plate Sling QD Mount
-RIS Rail Cover (Black) x 2 (GP032B)
-T-Shape Connector Wire Set For Recharge

The front set for this rifle is also available as a separate part and can be found here.

Leapers new carrier vest

carrierUTG (aka Leapers) have mailed in news of a new armor carrier replica that they’ve added to their ever exanding lineup.

Specifications for the new product are listed as:

  • Rescue Drag Handle With Maximum Strength For Most Dependable Field Operations
  • 2 Large Internal Zippered Map/Document Pouches
  • Heavy Duty Back Loop System – To Carry Additional Gear/Tools
  • Fully Adjustable in Girth and Length – One Size Fits Most
  • Complete with Great Quality Pistol Belt with Pouches
  • Durable Rescue Pull, Mesh System Helps Release Moisture and Heat, High Quality Zippers

Also listed on their new products pages are a series of new items including the Multi-functional Pistol Flashlight Package (LT-TLP08) which has to represent one of the best value lamps units on the market. Although built as an Airsoft addon the lamp unit is robust and can handle a lot of rough handling.

dEFCONAirsoft competition update

Steve at dEFCONAirsoft has mailed in the results of the competition that they were holding with FireSupport:

COMPETITION UPDATE – The Competition Is Now Closed! dEFCONAirsoft teamed with to bring you a competition to win a 470 round M16 style magazine speed-loader… All you had to do was locate the mysterious fictional gun that we hid on the product pages of fire-support.

We had a lot of answers come through, some of them not correct, which included the Top MP40, the KSC HK33 and the Classic Army SLR105… All of these are real AEG’s. We also had a lot of correct answers in, and for those of you who didn’t manage to find it, you were looking for this:


Our very own (and completely made up) ‘Classical Army MP5-G3 (Armalite Version)’. The keen eyed amongst you will notice the gun is a combination of a MP5-A4 Navy, an MC51, the sliding stock from a MP5-A5 and the carry handle from an M4. Where was it hidden? Under the product category of Accessories and then Scope, on page 5.

The lucky winner of the competition was Dan Williams from South London, congratulations Dan. There should be an email from us in your mailbox!

A big thank you to all who entered, and special thanks go to fire-support for assisting with the competition and donating the prize. Steve (dEFCONAirsoft)

Eotech lens preservation kit

Flight in the forums has come up with a handy protector for Eotech red dot units:

I had the misfortune of having the lens in my Eotech shot out! It was a distressing day for me and my pocket. Made some enquiry’s on getting a repair and nobody could help. Some of the prices that I was quoted cost nearly as much as I paid for it in the first place!

After buying a new one I was determined to not to let it happen again. I’ve had protected lens 4mm thick and thermaly toughened with optical quality made up to go right infront of the original Lens. These lens’s are hand crafted and are the exact shape of you original lens. In each corner of the lens there is a rubber impact absorbing cushion so that it is not glass on glass. All you have to do is tape in on to the front of you eotech and your protected.

Anyway! Enough of my speil… Just check the video inset and you’ll see a demonstation.


  • 4mm thick
  • thermally toughened glass
  • optical quality
  • hand crafted

All I’m asking is 22.50UKP delivered or 20UKP collection (you can usually get me at electrowerks), Flight

Here’s the video:

You can read more about the product and chat to the maker in the forums here.

AirsoftGuide volume 3 DVD now out

v3case-midI’ve had a mail to say that AirsoftGuide volume 3 is now out. Here’s the news release that came in via email:

It’s the DVD series that people buy for the excellent AEG takedown guides, then rave about the mad antics and explosions. It’s the Airsofter’s bible that viewers keep favorably comparing to “Top Gear”. It’s the third installment of the world-favorite AirsoftGuide DVD series and it’s OUT NOW across the UK and Europe! (USA release to follow soon)

AirsoftGuide is back, and it’s bigger, better, and more explosive than ever before! We provide easy-to-follow technical takedown and rebuild guides for the P-90 series, the FAMAS series, the Thompson, the Beretta 92f series, the version 1 gearbox and the version 6 gearbox.

But we also thoroughly investigate the best Airsoft Food for the Airsofter on the go (and get thoroughly sick in the process), and we even visit the UK’s most innovative Pyrotechnic manufacturer and blow up EVERYTHING that’s not nailed down (and cause a slightly uncontrollable inferno as a result – whoops)! And there’s more (but we must keep some things secret or we’d ruin the surprise).

Anyway, AirsoftGuide volume 3 is on its way to Airsoft retailers around the world within the next couple of weeks, so if you’re of a nervous disposition you might be better off getting a Teletubbies video. If you’re after Airsoft action, knowledge, fun, destruction, fireballs, scorched-earth, cool music, cock-ups, expertise, and a couple of Airsoft experts reduced to gibbering idiots, then start bugging your local retailer for AirsoftGuide volume 3 TODAY!

For more info, visit

I’ve also taken time to upload the AirsoftGuide promotional trailers to the site YouTube account. At the moment there’s a trailer for the first DVD, and two for the second (one here and the other here). Trailers for the third DVD have yet to be completed otherwise I’d have uploaded those as well.


The contents for the new DVD are:

Technical takedown and rebuild guides: Step by step high quality and in-depth guides that show you how to take down, repair, clean and rebuild each of the following…

  • Tokyo Marui FAMAS series
  • Tokyo Marui P-90 series
  • Tokyo Marui Thompson series
  • Tokyo Marui / KJW / HFC Beretta 92f series GBB
  • Version 1 Gearbox
  • Version 6 Gearbox

Technical Tips and Tricks essential for budding Airsoft Gun-Smiths: Don’t waste time making silly mistakes when gun-smithing – we show you the most common mistakes, how to avoid them, and some tips & tricks that can help anyone become an expert.

The Essential Toolkit Guide: Here’s a list of what tools you’ll need and when, as well as showing you a few handy bits of kit you might not have thought of.

Airsoft Abuse: We take an epic road-trip to a Pyrotechnic Factory and test every grenade on the market (and several that only those red-blooded military types get to play with).

Airsoft Food: An investigation like no other in to what the best food is to take to an Airsoft game. Leave your sandwiches at home – this is food you’d never have thought of.

Blooper Reel: We do our best but sometimes things just go to hell in a handbasket. See us at our very worst over the last 3 volumes (but please don’t laugh).

And more… (but if we told you, we’d have to kill you) (

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