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New products in at RedWolf!

Redwolf Airsoft have sent in some Christmas updates from them:

Happy Holidays to all the Airsofters! There’s plenty of new products at Redwolf Airsoft this Holiday Season, with a little something for everyone! This month sees the release of a couple of new, exciting products from Tokyo Marui. After the recent release of their Glock 17, comes the much anticipated M14 SOCOM CQB.

We are due to receive stock on the 12th December and currently taking pre-orders for them.

The other new product from Marui is the cool-looking, fully functional, 1/24 scale Type 90 Tank. It shoots BBs.

The other new product from Marui is the cool-looking, fully functional, 1/24 scale Type 90 Tank. It shoots BBs.

This month, Clarence Lai has been busy creating some tasty custom guns under his brand Airsoft Surgeon. Amongst his creations are a couple of M1100 shotguns: the M1100 Tactical and the M1100 Police Special.

The King Arms FAL Carbine Tactical will also be out on the 12th December, which we will also be taking pre-orders for.

Sales, (Redwolf Airsoft)

M18A1 simulation claymore coming to AEG Arms

AEG Arms have sent in news of the M18A1 claymore that they have coming soon plus a video of the kit in operation:

200612219194Aegarms are glad to announce the Aegarms M18A1 Claymore Mine is coming soon and now is accepting pre-order.

M18A1 is designed with the concept of the real claymore used by U.S. Army. The real claymore aim to fire steel balls out over 100 meters to disable a platoon of soldiers. The M18A1 can be controlled with the remote control (included in the package). By adding BB bullets into the claymore, and release the safety lock when it is aimed at the proper direction. Remote control effective range up to 100 meters by line of sight. In our testing result, it can be covered an effective range of dispersion 20 meters and 40 degree.

– Spring powered projecting device for BBs & Powder
– Activated by Remote / Trip Wire
– Double Safety Lock
– Powered by 3 x 9V battery (Included)

Detonator Remote:
– Each remote can paired with unlimited number of mines
– Remote featured with 4 channel frequency that able to control up to 4 groups of mines
– Up to 100M effective range (Line of sight)
– Powered by 1 x A23 type battery (Included)

Package includes:
– Claymore x 1
– Detonator Remote x 1
– Batteries (mentioned above)
– User Manual

Manual: Download Manual 1, Download Manual 2

Weight(g): 1450, Price(USD): 108.00

Product Detail:…pid=2323
YouTube Video:

Updates from the NAM crew

EmailPic9There’s some new updates from the NAM Magazine guys, actually quite a few:

We’ve been busy….

UPDATES: We’ve been working diligently on this for years and now, with everything done “right,” we are pleased to offer our readers
Subscriptions! See the link and subscribe today!

You may also notice the “Merchandise” link. We’ve got some hats for you guys which should be up by the end of the weekend. Courtesy of ICS, we’ll be giving away lots of cool stuff on New Years so stay tuned to our website for that.

Also, don’t forget about the NAMMYs! Time is running out to vote for your favorites! Spin over to our forums, and CAST THAT VOTE TODAY!

Issue #12 is out completing our 3rd year in the business: The NAM: National Airsoft Magazine Issue #12 Q4 2006 Release date: December 18, 2006

Here’s what’s coming up this issue:

  • Combat Enterprises CEAPSC
  • CQB City in the A.O
  • Operation: Biohazard III
  • Are Minors Being Excluded?
  • Primary Objective RPG-7 build finale
  • Knock Knock Productions’ The Kill House
  • STAR’s L85 A2
  • ICS-27 Prototype
  • GAMMA’s M33 Claymore re-review
  • RICO Alpha-9 TacLight
  • Special “Readers Only” Contest and much, much more!
  • 84 FULL GLOSS PAGES OF AIRSOFT! …and still only a measly: $6.00 USD (current issue)

…and, from all of us here at The NAM, to all of you, our readers, sponsors, retailers, family and friends, have a safe and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! – The NAM Staff, (NAM Magazine)

ECHO1 released and upcoming AEGs

The ECHO 1 USA AEGs have just been released and are currently distributed by JAG Precision in the USA (thanks for Carl at 1st Protocol for the heads up on that one). Here’s the initial video, more videos can be found on the review page, or the 1st Protocol YouTube pages:

There’s a page over at the 1st Protocol site showing the first review and some videos of the new build AEGs, you can find them listed on the 1st Protocol site in their own subsection.

As you can see from the product listings there you’re talking about 115-135USD for a TM build quality clone AEG. The M4 tested was a steady 330 fps out the box and was easily upgraded to a higher power level with a spring swap and still ran reliably.

Whilst I’m on the suibject of ECHO1’s products, there’s an MP7 on the way from them. Again this is a full TM clone, but at a vastly reduced cost and lacking the trades:


More comparison shots can be seen here with the ECHO1 against the TM model and the stock FPS is quoted at around 260fps. Obviously ECHO1 import into the USA from a source outside the USA, however from a US buyer’s point of view you have the obvious advantage of buying them direct from a US retailer (or distributor) at a decent price with local backing and warranty.

Deep Fire grenades on pre-order at RedWolf

RedWolf have the new DeepFire training grenades on preorder (see the news here) at around 50USD each.

Here’s the details from RedWolf’s pages:

We’ve got a couple of New Grenades exclusively at Redwolf Airsoft. The MK2 and M26 from Deepfire are excellent airsoft versions of the real grenades. These products are definitely setting the standard in the World of airsoft, as there aren’t currently many similar products on the market.

The Deepfire MK2 and M26 are filled with BBs then filled with gas, and then the grenades are ready for action. Simply pull the pin out, throw it at your target, then after a few seconds the grenade opens up, spraying the load of BBs accompanied by a reassuringly loud “bang” sound.

We got the chance to test the grenade, and they are certainly objects of joy. Who would have thought that so much fun could be had with a tiny object? It proved to be very easy to use, and simple to use in practice. The grenades can be easily disassembled for maintenance, and is made from a durable ABS plastic material to take the knocks that it will take from being thrown around the place!

Want to get your hands on one? Redwolf Airsoft have the exclusive on the Deepfire Grenades, so Pre-Order yours now to avoid disappointment!! Click on the grenades below to have a closer look and PRE-ORDER them now: Links: MK2, M26. (RedWolf)

Elite Introduce custom Tokyo Marui Pistols

Mike (Elite Shooting Centre) has mailed in some details about some new custom pistols that they have created. In short they’ve now moved from WA to TM simply because of the Western Arms’ base unit cost:

As Western Arms has increased the price of a basic Infinity pistol (the basis of most of our custom pistols) to 195.00UKP, the price of a custom all metal WA gun is now around 300.00UKP, so we have now introduced a range of custom pistols based upon the TM Hi Cap 5.1 pistol. These offer fantastic value and great performance. They are all guaranteed for 12 months even with Green Gas.

We can supply any combination of slide, trigger, grip or frame plus uprated springs, pistons, chambers etc

Just ask for a quote, or our illustrated price list.

Custom TM Hi Cap’s are available from 149.00UKP, with Guarder plain black alloy slide. Other guns from around 190.00 up to approx 600.00UKP.

We still of course offer a full range of Custom Western Arms pistols.

Contact Mike Cripps Elite Shooting Centre, Tanner Street, Burnley, Lancs, BB11 1NA. Tel: 07816 992417, email:

Mike, (Elite Shooting Centre)

dEFCON Airsoft / Firesupport Xmas Competition: winners announced

Steve from dEFCONAirsoft has been in touch to let everyone know that the joint dEFCON / Firesupport’s joint Christmas Competition is now over:

dEFCONAirsoft and Fire-Support Xmas Special Competition! – It’s All Over!

The Christmas Competition to win a Marui Hi-Capa 4.3 is now closed! We’ve had an excellent response and you’ve all done really well with your answers, with over 95% of them being correct. As mentioned before, there can be only one winner… so the name of the person winning the Hi-Capa, drawn at random was…

Nicola Whiston, Staffordshire

Congratulations Nicola, your prize should be on it’s way to you very shortly.

For those of you who didn’t win this time round, we really appreciate you taking the time to play, and we hope you keep checking back on dEFCONAirsoft and Fire-Support for more exciting offers, along with the usual news, information and reviews.

In case you were wondering what the answers were, we were looking for as follows:

Picture Answers: Marui Tactical Master, Star UMP (or G&G UMG), Marui/Classic Army G36C, Marui Hi-Capa 5.1

Question Answers: Walther P99, Full Metal Jacket, Glock Series (any one would have done), AK-47

On behalf of Fire-Support, and dEFCONAirsoft, we wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Steve (4dEFCON)

Vega Force Company (VFC) website updated

VegaForceCompany (VFC) have updated their website. At the moment it doesn’t work in Firefox and just displays source code (which is annoying) so I’ve dumped this screenshot from IE6 for you:

You’ll find shots of their “coming soon” projects on their website which include the SCAR and AK74 varients for those that didn’t see them previously.

IPSC Lego Airsoft rifle and a new Madbull prototype

Simon (aka Madbull) has posted a few bits of news in the forums that were definately worth reporducing here on the front page. First up is the IPSC Lego Rifle, and as has been mentioned by readers there, coloured gear is pretty popular for IPSC where camo and “offensive” looking gear is sometimes prohibited:

Also in the news from Simon is a prototype receiver that they are working on. There’s various IPSC styled models in the works and these are from a CNC production line. Bear in mind that the shots are of the prototype upper only at the moment:

We are using the same manufacturing process as firearms to make the receiver, but the materials and dimension are different.

Most of the toy guns are using injection molding to save time and money. We are using CNC to make each piece and we promised that we will sell it at very reasonable price. Simon, (Madbull Airsoft)

M249 MK46 and other STAR goodies now in at Firesupport

Frank from Firesupport has been in touch to let everyone know that they have received their latest delivery from STAR:

Stocks have been replenished of all our STAR items and also we now have the new M249 from STAR:

SA-AEG-16 large

The M249 MK46 SPW Para version can be seen here: It is the best M249 Star have produced with improved bb feeding and battery connection methods. It’s more solid than the other Star offerings and comes with a great rail system. The new M249 MK46 SPW para version can be bought from for £400 and £5 shipping to any UK mainland location.

Also here are our Shop Xmas opening times and Delivery times:

SHOP opening / visiting times:

-Monday 18th 10 – 5.15pm
-Tuesday 19th 10 – 5.15pm
-Wednesday 20th 10 – 5.15pm
-Thursday 21st 10 – 5.15pm
-Friday 22nd 10 – 2pm
-Saturday 23rd 11 – 4pm
-24th, 25th, 26th Closed
-27th, 28th 10 – 5.15pm
-29th, 30th, 31st, 1st Closed
-Tuesday 2nd Jan open as normal

Xmas Delivery Times:

-Royal Mail
Orders should be placed by 12pm on deadline day
First Class Tuesday 19 December 2006
Special Delivery™ Thursday 21 December 2006
Special Delivery™ with Saturday Guarantee Friday 22 December 2006
-Courier service (next day , UK mainland)
Order before 2pm on Thursday 21st to have parcel delivered on Friday 22nd
-Courier service (2 day , NI)
Order before 2pm on Wed 20th to have parcel delivered on Friday 22nd

Frank (Firesupport)

Airsofting at Thorpe Park!

clip image002

Tom from Elite Action Games has been in touch to let us know of a rather unique airsofting opportunity, which I think shows just how far towards being accepted as a mainstream sport like Paintball that we have become:

How would you like to play a hostage themed airsoft game at the World Famous Thorpe Park?

Elite have been approached by the events team at Thorpe Park to run SAS/hostage based games for participating corporate customers during the next few months.

Various scenarios have been suggested and we have offered to run a demo game to show what can be achieved. This will require airsofters dressed and acting as SAS, ‘hostages’ and bad guys.

Should our ideas pass the Health and Safety aspects, this could become a regular event. Those taking part in the corporate themed games would need to have more of a role playing mentality than the usual ‘blast them until dead, – then blast them again, – just in case’ airsofter approach.

The SAS guys will always win, the ‘hostages’ will always survive (albeit, with numerous wounds) the OP Force will always die dramatically – but respawn at another location!

There may even be a small renumeration for those taking part in corporate events.

Playing airsoft and getting paid as well! How cool is that!

At the moment this is in the planning stage, but if you are in the West London/ SW London area, and fancy participating in the demo game, as either a baddie or as a practice hostage, (Sorry, all the SAS roles got snapped up!) then get in touch with Tom at

Participants need to be 18+ or at least well built, to be convincing baddies, and if this takes off, the roles will be swopped around so everyone can be a SAS hero!

And yes, this does seem like the plot in Rainbow Six…

Tom Andrews ( Elite Action Games )

New Classic Army AEGs for 2007

Elmer of Checksix Airsoft has been in touch to let everyone know of some forthcoming releases from Classic Army for 2007:

Just to give you a heads up on what to come this first quarter of 2007 from Classic Army. Following the success of the M15 family, Classic Army is proud to release:

M15A1 VN Version:


M15 XM177 Carbine:


…and also to add to the SLR Family, SLR105 A1 Compact:


As CA’s recognized dealer I am proud to tell you that CheckSix Airsoft is one of those given the priority orders of these products.

We will accept pre-orders by the start of 2007!

Yours truly,

Elmer (Checksix Airsoft)

Introducing Nashville Airsoft

head centerJonathan Houston, (Nashville Airsoft) dropped in a line from the USA to introduce his store with a few photos. Based in Nashville Tennessee, Nashville Airsoft specialize in customizing and upgrading high-end, extremely high velocity (550+ fps) AEG’s and sniper rifles.

They also wanted to let everyone know that they have a great pre-order price for the new TM SOCOM 16. Their pre-order price is 359.00USD.

Here are some shots of their store that they sent over:

Air-tronics to auction plans/rights for ATC units

Dave at has sent in an update for everyone to details their plans for the future. The big news is that they will be auctioning off the rights/plans to their ATC burst units. Full detaisl of the ATC series auction can be found here (in PDF format). Here’s the news from them:

Hi Arnie,

Thought you and your readers (and the worlds manufacturers) would want to know that we are selling the plans for the ATC- Series, as we are unable to keep up with the number of orders placed. Our first batch will ship, then we will step away from the ATC-3B1 series – we just cannot manufacture enough, quickly enough. This is due to New Zealands high manufacturing costs and low manufacture capabilities, and as such, we have decided to Auction the ATC-3B1 and TBK plans to the highest bidder, with full manufacturing, branding, modification, and all rights!

We would also like to announce the fairly imminent release (within 3 to four months – we just need an over-seas manufacturer, if any one would like to put their hand up??) of a UMP, a P90, and a couple of other bits and pieces.
Of most note and excitement, we are to release an AA-12 CQB CO2 Shotgun – a whole new breed of shotty, in that it doesn’t take normal launcher shells, but still fires a cloud of BB’s (to the effect of a real-steel shotgun). Exciting, huh?

Run over to to look into the auction, and keep watching to check out the updates!

Cheers,  Dave, (

M14 SOCOM in at Wolf

James at Wolf has mailed inw ith some short news to say that they now have the new TM M14 SOCOM in stock at the moment. Price on their website is listed as 279.99UKP:

New in at Wolf is the M14 SOCOM, the shortened variant of the M14 rifle. Comes with a great sandstone effect stock and an impressive weight and feel.

Visit our website: for more details. James, (

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