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Website Problems at Frontline Conflicts

Steve from Frontline Conflicts has been in touch with a piece of urgent news about his website. It seems they’re currently having issues with SSL authentication (the certificate which usually tells you whether a site is secure or not):

Our site is having a few problems with the SSL certificate as showing invalid when people are trying to register, when in actual fact the SSL certificate was updated at the end of december. The technical problem is currently being rectified by our admin bods based in Australia who are aware of the problem. All viewers are assured that they can continue (even though it says not recommended) to carry on with their browsing ect.

Many Thanks.

Steve (Frontline Conflicts)

Masterchiefs Spring Sale

Richard from Masterchiefs has been in touch to let everyone know that their Police and Military equipment store is currently having a major sale on ALL equipment on sale:

Just to let you know that from now until the end of March, Master Chief’s are having a spring sale. We have reduced all our retail prices by 15%, meaning that until the sale ends everything is available at trade prices.

Our URL is

Please feel free to browse. If you can’t find something that you’re looking for, please contact me on or, if you have Skype, use the skype address policeandmilitary and I’ll be pleased to help if at all possible.

Richard, (Masterchiefs) – new airsoft / surplus retailer

Travis from has been in touch to introduce their store to everyone in the airsofting field:

Hi, Just a little plug for our new website that will hopefully appeal to the most hardcore ‘simmers in a pretty unique way.
We realize that the typical army supply shop inventory gets boring fast, so we’re trying out some unusual things, with more sitting around that we haven’t even added to the website yet (portable field operating table, anyone?). The sky is really the limit with what we can dig up right now, so any requests would be welcome.
tube spread
Oh, and we also do the usuals: aegs, gas pistols, a few accessories (more to come) with some delightful(ly low) prices (promise). Anyway, here we are:
Thanks for the attention, Travis (

Inokatsu AIMS Kit in stock at Russia Mania

Ting from Russian Mania Workshop has been in touch with news regarding one of the latest offerings from my favourite Airsoft company, Inokatsu. This time it’s the release of a kit to build the Romanian AIMS, which is very limited in numbers at the moment, and which Ting has managed to source a supply of:


I just want to show you I got the extremely limited edition of Inokatsu AIMS in stock. Details are shown on my website:

Also Galil AR is available for sale too here.

Thanks a lot. Best Regards, Ting (Russian Mania Workshop)

The kit has intrigued me for several reasons. First of all it shows how much inokatsu kits have improved content-wise since their earlier Guarder kits, with the inclusion of a real steel sight, stock and also a full blowback bolt. Secondly if the sample image is anything to go by, Inokatsu have applied a nice weathered effect to the kit – something which I have always had to do with liberal application of sandpaper before. Good news all round!

At present, only 9 of these kits have been produced and Ting has 5. So if you like what you see, get moving! A fully built version will cost $840 and the kit $750. Considering the exclusivity of these items, I suspect they won’t be on sale long!

Latest roundup from the world of RAP4

Not strictly airsoft related, but here’s a little update regarding the latest developments in the Real Action Paintball world:

Real Action Paintball is proud to announce the new 40mm Grenade Launcher. This amazing new tool is designed for the AK47-style markers, or as a standalone unit. This is the first 40mm Grenade Launcher-style unit designed for AK47-style paintball markers!


The 40mm Grenade Launcher comes in two versions: one for standard .68 paintball markers, and the other, .43 caliber paintball markers. The .68 caliber version can be mounted on all .68 caliber AK47 look-a-like paintball markers!

The 40mm Grenade Launcher is made of aircraft aluminum with a functional trigger and safety switch. It also has an adjustable sight—it’s externally the spittin’ image of the real thing! They are solidly built and made to last, and RAP4 fans take heart: it’s compatible with all Thunder Grenade cartridges!

The 40mm Grenade Launcher is designed to take paintball to the next level of realism! For games with tanks or “rocket launcher rules,” get their special-color paint and prove you took out that tank with a “grenade!” Take ‘em out with the 40mm Grenade Launcher!

This is especially for the opposing force—when you want to play OpFor in realistic scenarios—so you can have a little more fun playing the bad guy. The 40mm Grenade Launcher is the first grenade launcher that is compatible with the AK47 style paintball makers, to help the bag guys enjoy the game and to give the opposing team a real challenge. (Real Action Paintball)

As well as this GP30 offering is a selection of Tippman conversion kits, which convert standard Tipmann paintball markers into a range of semi recognisable rifles:

A5 Carbine Kit

A5 Sniper Kit

There’s plenty more of these on the Real Action Paintball website, so feel free to take a quick peak!

New Release From ICS Introducing the ICS-29 CQB pistol

ics-29-3 We have been sent some information about the forth coming release of ICS’s new M4 CQB range. They will release 3 versions of the weapon in Retractable, folding and non-stock .

ICSThese will retail for $9000NT, so prices will vary depending on region. The gun also comes with 2 magazines, battery box, Turbo 3000 motor, metal bushing, folding front sight and Q/R sling clip. (ICS)

6Mil’s website is live – ready to spank the monkeh?

monkehNews just in from 6Mil; their website is now fully functional and ready to take your order:

Ladies and gentlemen .. and monkehs! Eventually, we managed to kick the hamster and get the ball rolling. Our website is now LIVE! and is taking massive amounts of money as we speak! … pff, yea right!! 

  • Register today and get 5% off your first order. 
  • See our “sweeter side” special deals page. 
  • Get our monthly newsletter regarding promos, news and offers. 
  • Our point of sale stock control is daily … sometimes hourly! 
  • Next day delivery

Staff, (

SWAT new tactical gear store now open…

Eliot from SWAT has been in touch to let everyone know about the latest features to be added at their website:

Just a quick note to let you know about the changes we have made to our website.

We are pleased to announce that we have a our new on-line Tactical Gear store featuring everything from the ever popular Viper and Web-Tex range to the Real Deal Blackhawk and 5.11 Tactical Series.


We currently have many of the more popular items listed and are still updating and adding stock on a daily basis. If you have any specific requirements from the Blackhawk, 5.11 or Surefire ranges please drop us a line at

Our new homepage is at: and our online showroom can found at:


The SWAT Team (SWAT)

New shots of CA SCAR/M203 from Visele

Sergio at Visele Airsoft has sent in soem news onthe new CA SCAR and some new shots.

Dear Arnie,

How are you? I’m glad to send you some new pictures of the Classic Army’s SCAR. CA is developing a full line of accessories for this gun, the pictures show the M203 grenade launcher.

We will show this beauty from Classic Army and many new models at our booth at IWA & Outdoor Classics 2007 in Nuremberg, Germany. You all are very welcome to visit us at booth 3-533.

Regards to all airsoft friends! Sergio, (Visele Airsoft) down for good

I’ve just been having a quick chat with Matt (aka Pikachoad) who ran He’s confirmed with me that he simply didn’t have the time to keep the site up and running anymore and has taken the decision to pull the plug on it.

The DNS settings were changed before he could put up a message and he asked me to add a brief story up for him. The content itself on his site hasn’t been lost and that will appear back on the internet somewhere else in due course.

There will be another website coming to the AP domain, but I don’t know if it’ll be a retail entity or another fansite. More details as and when we get them,

Airsoft Skirmish: new UK retailer…

Airsoft Banner

Okay, last news update of the night from me (you can’t say I’m not committed). Dave (known to many in UK airsoft from Airsoft Armoury and recently 6Mil airsoft) has just sent a friendly e-mail over to let everyone know that he struck out to set up his own new retailer:

Airsoft Skirmish is now open for business. Events, Shows and Web based retailer that has just opened in the UK. Check out the new web site for all your Airsoft needs. Please be patient as we are uploading lots of new products every day.

But give us a Phone call or Email and we will do our best to for fulfil your order. Also a new service First for Airsoft.. TEXT your order requirements to 07764587410 and we will phone or text you back with stock levels and price. A quick way to start your order process… Please do not text your Debt/Credit card details

Full upgrade and repair service available, done by our Classic Army and ASG Approved Engineer. (1 of only 2 in the country)

We will be visiting games sites soon, check the website for details or we will see you at Stirling Airsoft Catterick game on the 17th & 18th March. Where you buy something to hide from the wife or pick up any pre-ordered kit.

As an experienced Airsofter I will try to bring you all the Gucci kit I can get my hands on.

Many Thanks

Dave (Airsoft Skirmish)

More retailers in the UK Airsoft scene can only be a good thing for the players, especially with the looming imminence of the Violent Crime Reduction Bill. Show your support and pay Airsoft Skirmish a visit today. Be sure to keep an eye on the forums too – expect to see a section for Airsoft Skirmish appearing in the near future!

Massive Defense previews Armycode L85

Hong Kong based company Massive Defence have been in touch with news of the latest L85 variant to hit the market. This one however is from Armycode and has some interesting variants from the Star and Guay Guay (G&G) offerings:

New photos of Armycode L85A2, release on Feb:

IMG 9267smallIMG 9272smallIMG 9280small

Details are sparse at the moment, so any interested parties may be well advised to contact Massive Defense directly for more information.

Airsplat previews Deep Fire grenades

Kent from Airsplat has just been in touched with some intriguing photos of the new Deep Fire grenades. Details are sparse, so go to Airsplat to find out more:

Two versions, both in stock for ONLY $59.95:

ONLY $59.95!! Supplies limited, get them while you can! Also just in, full line of Deep Fire AEG Upgrade Parts on Airsoft AEG Internal Upgrades Page

Deep Fire Airsoft Hand Grenade

Thank you and have a great weekend. Kent Wu, (Airsplat)

Darknightsociety: update your browser!

Alex from team Darknightsociety has been in touch to let everyone know about a website change and some new updates they have there:

Just a quick message to all at ‘ArniesAirsoft’ to let you know that ‘Darknightsociety’ has now moved to a new address: and has undergone several updates.


Including new reviews: Tracpac Army Patrol Boots and Ambush Wargames Eversley.

Firesupport news roundup: Town Assault 4 sponsorship and latest releases

firesupport tankFrank from Firesupport has been in touch with several e-mails (sorry for not getting them up sooner, Frank) relating to the latest news for the retailer:

Town Assault 4 Sponsorship

Firesupport is proud to announce its sponsorship of Town Assault 4 (30,31 March and 1st April)
Once you have paid for your TA4 ticket you will be entitled to up to 15% discount on any purchases from Firesupport upto and including the weekend of the event.
Orders upto £300 get 10%
Orders over £300 get 15%
Postage is then added on as extra.
We would prefer to post or you to collect your order.
If you order online add your TA4 reference in the comments,
or tell us your reference number when you order.
We look the code up to confirm that you have paid in full and then your discount is applied.

Firesupport will also be attending the weekend event.
If you have any special orders for items we do not have in stock please ask ASAP and we may be able to source then for you before the event.

VFC Aks Now In Stock

VFCFiresupport now also have a range of VFC AK’s in stock and Laylax upgrade parts for the Marui G18 AEP

VFC AKs start from £330.
Some of the features are:

* Real Wood Handguard
* Unique Serial Number ( Marked on Lower Receiver, Receiver Cover, Upper Handguard Rear Cap, Bolt Handle )
* All Steel Construction with CED CoatingGBT-AEG-AK74
* Side Mount Plate for Mounting Optics
* 120Rds Double Stack Magazine
* Able to carry up to 12V stick type battery
* 7mm Bushing Gearbox
* EG1300 High Performance Motor


Gear Box – Ver.3
Motor – EG1300
Magazine – 150 Rounds
Length – 498/735mm
Barrel Length – /GBT-AEG-AKS74UN
Weight – 2780g
Battery – AK Type Battery ( Not Included )
Muzzle Velocity – 310-330FPS with 0.2g BB
Package Includes – Gun, Magazine, Manual

Latest Releases

Firesupport have just received a large shipment from Japan.
Listed below are the items that are now in stock again

Back in stock at Firesupport.

Marui (AEG) AK47S
Marui (AEG) Colt M4 A1 RIS
Marui (AEG) Colt M733
Marui (AEG) G18C Full set (include Battery & Battery Charger)
Marui (AEG) H&K G36C
Marui (AEG) H&K Mc51
Marui (AEG) H&K MP5 SD5
Marui (AEG) H&K MP7A1 Full set (include Battery & Battery Charger)
Marui (AEG) M14 /Fiber type Stock (OD)
Marui (AEG) M14 /Wood type Stock (Brown)
Marui (AEG) M14 SOCOM (Black Stock)
Marui (AEG) M93R Full set (include Battery & Battery Charger)
Marui (AEG) Steyr AUG Special Receiver version (BK)
Marui (Spring rifle) VSR10 Pro-sniper G SPEC
Marui (Spring shotgun) Benelli M3 Super90
Marui (Gas blk gun) GM M1911A1
Marui (Gas blk gun) Hi-CAPA 4.3
Marui (Gas blk gun) Hi-CAPA 5.1
Marui (Gas blk gun) M92F BIO SAMURAI Standard
Marui (Gas blk gun) M92F Military (Black)
Marui (Magazine for gas blk) M92F Military (Black)
Marui (Magazine) for G18C Normal (AEG fixed Semi/Full auto)
Marui (Magazine) for M93R(AEG fixed) Normal
Marui (Magazine) for MP7(AEG) 190-rds Long
Marui (Magazine) for MP7(AEG) Normal
Marui (Magazine) for VSR10
Marui (Magazine for AEG) M14/440-rds
Marui (Magazine for AEG) M14/Normal
Marui (Magazine for AEG) M16/300-rds
Marui (Magazine for gas blk) Desert Eagle.50AE (BK)
Marui (Magazine for gas gun) SOCOM Mk23

KSC (Gas BLK Magazine) for Glock 17 (23Round)
KSC (Gas BLK Magazine) for USP 45
KSC (Gas BLK Magazine) for USP COMPACT
KSC (Gas blk) G19 HW
KSC (Gas blk) USP 45 /BK
KSC Magazine Valve wrench
KSC (Grip Extension) for G23 Magazine
KSC (Magnesium Bolt Set) for M11

Tanaka Gas gun : M700 A.I.C.S. (with OD stock)
Tanaka Gas gun : M700 Police Black
Tanaka Gas gun : Mauser Kar98K
Tanaka Gas gun : Winchester M1897 Trench Gun
Tanaka Gas gun :M700 Police L.T.R. 20-inch with wooden stock
Tanaka Bipod’s Pivot for M700 A.I.C.S.
Tanaka Leather sling?M700/M24 (BK)
Tanaka Leather sling?Mauser Kar98k
Tanaka Magazine for gas : M700 Police/M24/M40 (Normal)
Tanaka Magazine for Mauser Kar98K (gas)
Tanaka One touch Swivel?M700/M24 (M500)

Marui Spare bulb for Pro-Light
Marui Tracer unit
Marui (BB Loader) XL / M16 magazine style
Marui (Discharge Adapter) for Battery 7.2v/200 Micro (G18C)
Marui (Discharge Adapter) for Battery 7.2v/500 Micro EX (MP7)
Marui Battery Charger for 7.2v/Micro (G18C)
Marui Battery Charger for 7.2v/Micro EX (MP7)
Marui (Mount base) for SIG 550/551 Low Type
Marui (Muzzle Fitting) for VSR-10
Marui (Pro Silencer) Night’s type
Marui (Side rail) for H&K G36C
Marui (Metal Stock) for SPAS12

MZ (BB) 0.29g 500 pellets Super Grand Master
MZ (Magazine) for Walther P.99(blk) Standard Length
MZ (Spring rifle) APS type96
MZ (Vanising Silencer) MS2 for type96

Excel (Bio-BB) 0.20g 800 pellets (24*4) Green Lighted
Angs (Cylnder set) for TOP M60
CAW/Mosquito Mos-Cartridge Parts; Valve Packin
CAW/Mosquito (Magazine Valve) Marui M92F,G26

Tanio-Koba (Hop Up Twist Inner Barrel) for Marui AEG AK,G3
Z-Shot (SYSTEMA) (Bore Up Cylinder Set) for AUG
Z-Shot (SYSTEMA) (AREA1000) Cylinder Head Ver.3 Mecha-Box
Z-Shot (SYSTEMA) (Bore Up Cylinder Set) for M16-A2
Z-Shot (SYSTEMA) (Inner Barrel) for CAR15,P90
Z-Shot (SYSTEMA) (Inner Barrel) for HK51
Z-Shot (SYSTEMA) (Inner Barrel) for XM,M4,SG551
Z-Shot (SYSTEMA) (Motor) MAGNUM/Long (Power Type)
Z-Shot (SYSTEMA) (Motor) TURBO/Long (Speed Type)
Z-Shot (SYSTEMA) (Switch Assembly) for XM,CAR-15
Z-Shot (SYSTEMA) Jet Nozzle for AUG

KM-Head (Stock Shell Pouch) for Marui Benelli M3
KM-Head (TN Inner Barrel 130mm & Muzzle fitting) for Marui AEG G18C (FIXED)
KM-Head (TN Inner Barrel) 300mm for MP5,Mc51 Long,Thompson
KM-Head (Gun Strap with Shell Holder) for Shotgun (Black)
Fire Fly Power Valve (for KSC/STI) for TM P226,92F,G26
Sansei (Mask & Goglles) Mesh (SG-5)
Sansei (Wide Mask & Goggles) Mesh (SWG-3)

LayLax(FIRST) Wood Stock for M14
LayLax(FIRST) Bottom Rail for M14
LayLax(FIRST) G36C Side Sling Swivel (Rear)
LayLax(FIRST) Large HandGuard for MP5,Mc51
LayLax(FIRST) PSS2 Spring M150 (Thick Type) for APS-2
LayLax(Satelite) Quick Roll up umit
LayLax(Nitro Vo) RAO-Sling Swivels for 20mm Rail
LayLax(Nitro Vo) RIS Folding Grip
LayLax(GG) Tactical Holster 3way Modular Type (BK) for MP7


Frank (Firesupport)

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