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Special Combat Services: 25th March Game

Jason from Special Combat Services (the official site for Arniegeddon ’06) has been in touch to let everyone know of their next game:

The date is 25th March. We we plan to make the 25th an excellent day with a few surprises tucked up our sleeves to make it as eventful as possible!

If you need further details please let me know.

Many thanks.

Jason (Special Combat Services)

Everyone who attended AG06 has plenty of fond memories of Special Combat Services (as you can see from viewing our Arniegeddon 06 Event Gallery), so show your support and give their site a go! To book your place visit

All Filipino UK Airsoft Event

Just received the following info on an event for all Filipino teams coming soon to Combat South:


As we all know that there are a lot of filipino airsoft teams here all around the UK. we organized the first all filipino event to be held in COMBAT SOUTH portsmouth on may 12, 2007. the purpose of this event is to promote the sport itself here in UK.

Thank you very much.


As it may be hard to read in the image, for more information on the event go to for more information. Happy airsofting!



Last batch of Inokatsu AIMS arriving soon at Russian Mania

Ting from Russian Mania Workshop has been in touch to let everyone know that the final ever batch of Inokatsu AIMS will be arriving shortly – so if you like what you see, this is your last chance to grab an extremely rare rifle!


The last batch of AIMS will arrive in the coming week. After that, Inokatsu will not make this anymore. The updated information is shown on my website:

Best Regards,

Ting (Russian Mania Workshop)

King Arms to release (more) raped Armalites

Airsoft Option have just kindly provided me with the following images of some new Armalite variants to be released by King Arms. There’s quite a few variants, so I’ll let the images do the talking (click on the images for a better view):

ka-ras-08b ka-ras-10b

ka-ras-09b ka-ras-11b


Okay, so these are not to my personal taste, but I’m sure there’s plenty out there who will happily buy twenty! Many thanks to Airsoft Option for the heads up. :)

AirsoftSearch v1.4.1

Arnies Member Visionviper has been in touch to let everyone know that the latest version of his useful utility AirsoftSearch is now available to download:

-Fixed Redwolf search
-Fixed Depot 53 search
-Fixed Evike search
-Removed Canadian retailers
-Removed AirsoftForum



Firesupport: Low Prices on Classic Army AEGs

Frank from Firesupport has been in touch with the latest deals on Classic Army rifles:

Firesupport 2007:

Classic Army Low prices and New Stock:

M15A4 CQB,Compact, SEAL £295
M15 A4 CQB £350
XM177 E2 £215
M15A1 Vietnam £215
M15 A4 Carbine £215
M15 A4 Tact. Carbine £215
M15 A4 Rifle £215
M15 A4 SPC £290
M15 A2 Carbine, £200
CA36C £205
CA36K £225
CA36 £240
CA249 MKII £595
Steyr AUG A1 Military £220
SAR Offizier M41 FS £250
B&T MP5 A2, with tactical light £219
B&T MP5 A2 (Wide Forearm) £219


Frank (Firesupport)

Lonestar Competition: Win a MP40!

Eagle-eyed Arnies member Austinwolv deserves praise for spotting the following competition on sale, so I’ll leave him to give the details:

LSA is running a small contest based on review submissions which may be of interest to anyone wanting a MP40.

Unfortunately, it is limited to CONUS this time around.



Air-Tronics: Business As Usual

Dave from has been in touch with the latest updates regarding their innovative range of gizmos for our AEGs:

Hi all, Dave from AirTronics here.

After all our issues, which we have resolved, we are back up and running again.

The ATC-3B1 GEN 2 unit is out now, allowing a user to have both hardwired Trigger Bypass and movable 3 Round Burst modules in exactly the same unit – the 2 unit types have been merged in the GEN 2. Just choose which way you want to use it, and use it that way.

Orders will now be done on a monthly basis – order before the 20th of the month, and the order will be shipped at the end of the same month.

Pop over and have a look at


Dave. (

ASUK Update

Luke from ASUK has been in touch with a detailed update. He’s covered all the bases so I’ll let him do the talking:

Hi Airsofters,

Just a quick update on what’s been going on with ASUK, what new offers we have and what new products we’ve had in recently.

We’ve had a few technical glitches running in the background of the website making some confirmation emails fail and causing some other general problems, but a new website is being constructed on a whole new framework, which will soon make browsing far simpler, even easier to navigate and enjoyable viewing all your favourite airsoft items. The new website embraces a more clean approach with many new dynamic features we look forward to revealing.

On the special offers front we now have Proud’s ever popular Lightweight Plate Carrier in CB and OD on offer at £50. This is the last run of Proud’s LPC they’ve undertaken so no more will be newly available for the time being after this lot has gone. STAR MP7 magazines are on offer so grab a trusted box of mags for your MP7 at a great price. Various pouches from Proud remain on offer so you can build a bargain loadout or complete your current one, such as the single magazine pouches and SAW pouch. The G&P bargains on magazine multibuys continue supplying midcap magazines at bonkers prices, with prices dropping continually on double and triple (or even quadruple on M4) magazine multibuys.

We’ve had a lot of interest in the new Proud/Toy Soldier combined IBH helmet available in Tan and Black. It is an extremely comfortable model, well built and aesthetically pleasing. It includes fully adjustable and padded rear and chin straps ensuring a good fit on most head sizes. The NVG mount point is very solid and well detailed. They work excellently in combination with the Swimmer style tactical headset from Toy Solider. The headset provides very clear comms in a very fashionable manor and can be kept safe in a fleece bag included when not in use.

MAG now have extended their box sets of magazines to include the MP7, available in 100 round or 50 round box sets each containing 6 magazines, priced at £45 and £35 respectively. Like the rest of the MAG range, they enable a comfortable sized magazine loadout at a fraction of the traditional cost, whilst not compromising on performance or quality.

A further addition to the mid capacity magazine market (which should please many M14 owners) is the King Arms box sets of 10 x 110 round magazines suited to the TM M14. They come in a smart camo styled box and are built to the same standard as any similar MAG product. Finally the M14 owners can take advantage of value mid capacity magazines!

Airsoft Supplier UK – From magazines to tactical gear with top customer service! Visit us at’


Luke (ASUK)

AEG Arms Special Offer


Just received this very brief e-mail from AegArms:


Aegarms are glad to announce a special offer:

20070302 discount banner

Please visit:

Best Regards,

Angel So ( )

Tanaka Adjustable Gas System for Export: bad news…

Graham from Ironfoot Industries has been in touch with some bad news regarding his previous insider info on the possibility of an adjustable gasbolt for export Tanaka rifles:

Having spoken more to our wholesaler in Japan it would appear we misunderstood.

Tanaka will be doing a Export version of, for example the AICS, but although it will not have the .98 joule restriction, it will still not have the adjustable gas bolt :(

So its back to Lobbying Tanaka to reverse this shortsighted policy.

Best Regards

Graham McLellan (Ironfoot)

Ares Ops: European Milsim Event Organisers

Mike (Hartmann) has been in touch with details of Ares Ops, a venture to make Milsim events more accessible for all:


My name is Mike, I am one of the two leaders of a brandnew team (or better “endeavor”) on the airsoft field of activities.
Since the start of 2007 our team provides a new (and to my knowledge unique) effort to make MILSIM more popular and realistic but nonetheless enjoyable for everybody.

We are regarding ourselves as a true service provider in the case of MILSIM. We want to support and help other airsoft teams to organize and operate MILSIM Airsoft events and most of all we want to support them in gaming by providing our skills in leadership, soldiering/fighting and instruction for tactical purposes… That means we consider ourselves as true mercenaries (by Airsoft standards – not for realworld tasks) for other teams and the event/airsoft business.

I must admit that due to the fact we have started earlier this year we still seek personnel and sure we are by now only playing in the surrounding countries of Germany like Belgium and France and others, we would be honored to get invited to other countries as well.

I would like to invite you to come visit our website and review it:

And please excuse our English mistakes (here and on the website), as we are non-native speakers…

Best regards,
Mike (aka “Hartmann“)

Second In a Series Of Reviews On MadBull’s Gemtech Products

fully mounted (Medium)I have just completed the second review in the Madbull series that I am writing for Arnies Airsoft, this time it’s on the Gemtech HALO silencer. Again Madbull has produced a top notch item that is 100% licensed by Gemtech.

This is what GemTech have to say on their product:

The HALO is our true ‘grunt’ suppressor – rock solid, easy to use, and requires no modification to the host weapon. It utilizes a simple, patented, no-tools mounting system that slips over most NATO weapon 5.56mm flash hiders. There is no need for proprietary mounts or modifications to the barrel. It may be swapped between many different weapons easily, including the M16, M4, HK416, and M249.

So does the MadBull version meet up to the same standards? Well head on over to the review section to find out!

Echo1 Announce Latest Release


The guys over at Echo1 have have informed me that their new AK line is ready and waiting to be shipped to wholesalers and stores.


We have just released our new AK lines. Again, Echo 1 USA provides the best local service and warranty through our channels in USA.

The AK47 RIS is designed for fast action and light weight. The tactical RIS handguard allows you attach more tactical gear onto your Airsoft rifle. The ergo-grip is also included.

Site maintenance – DB fixes underway

I thought I’d add a small update to say that the site database is currently undergoing some maintenance so you might get some wierd errors whilst this is carried out. Unfortunately with an operational site some work has to be done while everything is still working. I’ve put in some patches to keep things trickling over as best they can under the heavy loads we get and to help auto-fix any errors that crop up. At the moment it’s just a case of holding on till the new machine is ready, which is taking longer than expected.

To update you: We’ve now put in for the new server and are waiting for the hosting firm to come back with the new box for us so we can move everything into it’s new home. We were wating for a specific specification, but that has not been available, so we’ve switched processors and are grabbing a multi CPU AMD system (rather than Intel). We should have that all done in a week or so (fingers crossed).

Update 1300 13/03/07: DB fixes were completed through the night until late AM today. The forums should be back working again now, any errors, please report them in the relevant section and they’ll get looked into.

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