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Echo1 M16A4 Review!

scenarioWell I managed to get hold of a Echo1 M16A4 as not only did the Echo1 team want an unbiased review but I also wanted to know what the whole fuss was about. Did the Echo1 impress the Tokyo Marui fan boy? Well head over to the readers review section to read the full review on the Echo1 M16A4!

One of things I was very impressed with is that the Echo1 magazines in the M16 range are key winding, so along with the winding gear at the bottom you can also insert a hex key/Allen Key and speed wind it. Absolutely excellent and is a real time saver before a game! Out here in Japan a high capacity fast winding magazine will set you back around ¥5,000 JPY or $42.00 USD. The gun itself is $145.00 USD!

A statement from 6Mil Airsoft

As you may have read on this forum and elsewhere, 6Mil Airsoft in Cannock had a break-in the other day. Here’s a statement from them:

We would like to inform the Airsoft Community that the 6Mil business premises in Cannock were broken into on Tuesday 8th March at roughly 8:30pm and airsoft AEG’s were removed. 25 AEG’s in total were taken, mainly produced by Classic Army. The AEG’s removed predominantly covered the range of MP5’s, AK’s and M16 / M4’s. 

Whilst this situation is unfortunate for the business, it is 6Mil’s main concern that there is the possibility of 25 replicas now on the streets being put to mis-use. Therefore 6Mil offers rewards for any information leading to the apprehension of thief/thieves and or safe return of the AEG’s taken.

It is regrettable that this incident made the front page of the local tabloids, the last thing that our sport needed was some negative publicity considering the current climate, however this was beyond our control.

Some of the more notable, rarer replicas include a fully custom built Hurricane H&K 416, featuring a distinctive Pro-Win gearbox. A unique TDI Arms RIS attachment, which allows a Glock pistol only to be attached to the underside of a RIS rail on a main arm.

Hurricane SR47 kit built onto a CA M4 with CA crane stock & Battery
Classic Army XM177 E2 – Very new AEG on the market.
Classic Army M15A4 Tactical Carbine with a Classic Army plastic 203 attached.
Classic Army M15A4 R.I.S. with desert tan stock, front grip and hand grip.
G&G M16 GR16A3 with G&G SR-15 RAS Kit / Smokey PEQ Box.
G&P M4A1 with ICS Tsunami R.A.S.

All the Classic Army AEG’s have serial numbers and we have record of these, obviously all these could well be offered as parts only. If you see, or are offered any of the above, or even suspicious about certain AEG’s being offered at low prices, please do not hesitate to contact us, all information will be gratefully received.

You can contact us on the following information: or ring 01543 466356. Please rest assured that all calls and contacts will be kept completely confidential.
As stated previously, rewards are offered for any information leading to the apprehension of thief/thieves and or safe return of the replicas taken.

Quotes taken from the Staffordshire Police news website:
“Officers in Cannock are calling for witnesses after imitation firearms were stolen from a shop in the area.”

“It is believed three people were seen outside the premises and loading an estate car with the toys shortly before 8.30pm yesterday (7 March).”
“One of the offenders is described as wearing a white baseball cap and another wearing a white jacket.”

“Inspector Mat Derrick, Neighbourhood Policing Unit (NPU) commander for Cannock, said: “These are replica firearms and can be misinterpreted for real weapons.”
“We would urge anyone with information on the incident, or anyone who is offered these toys to contact Staffordshire Police immediately.”

“Anyone with information should contact Inspector Derrick on 08453 302010 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111”.

6Mil Team. 


French Airsofting classified ad site now online

Just had a brief request from Lax to post the following news for all of our gallic members (hope you don’t me just proof-reading it, Lax):

A French classified site has opened for selling and buying airsoft items. Since it’s well designed, maybe it could be a European platform!

Shipping is not expensive in Europe. :)

A news on Arnies would be the biggest boost it could receive.


Lax (

For anyone wondering, the site’s address is :)

US Airsoft: South Carolina Airsoft Association’s annual event

Just had a quick e-mail from South Carolina advertising their annual event, to take place at Saluda Paintball, SC:

The South Carolina Airsoft Association proudly presents our 2007 regional operation, Operation Kudzu. Please look over the sight, sign up, and post any questions here. This will take place May 12-13 at Saluda Paintball in Honea Path, SC. A $25 fee will be charged the day of the event, cabins are available for Friday night (please contact

The year is 2009. Yet another small country is torn apart with civil war. The Democratic Republic of Delmarva, rebel forces are attacking government forces and civilians in an attempt to destabilize and overthrow the government due to ethnic and religious differences. The government forces are augmented by volunteer militia, which has been committing human rights violations bordering on genocide. An international force(IF) has been sent it to observe and attempt to protect civilian life, they are primarily providing protection for refugee camps and running humanitarian supply convoys. In the midst of all this chaos members of Al Qaeda have abducted 3 Russian nuclear physicists and are rumored to be recruiting new members and working on a bomb making facility. A US squad has been inserted into the region to rescue the physicists, and eliminate the Al Qaeda presence in the area.

Mark / LightFighter (

Close Action: New UK-based chinese airsoft store

Tony at Close Action has been in touch to let everyone know of their new UK-based venture specialising in Chinese Airsoft replicas:
We at Close Action announce an opening of a new shop specialising in the new range of quality Chinese Airsoft guns. We are stocking the guns and spares and provide a full upgrade, custom and repair service.


We are planning an internet shop and a showroom near Corby in Northamptonshire. All the guns are also available at our site game days. For information see our current website or our retail thread on ASCUK.
Many thanks. Tony (Close Action)

At the time of writing the company’s website appears to be down, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of players out there keen to support a new UK venture specialising in this rapidly rising trend in more cost-effective airsoft kit. :)
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