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UKARA Database

The UKARA (UK Airsofting Retailers’ Association) have been in touch to request that we place the following statement regarding their optional players database which they are now trailling:

The UKARA data base scheme is now registering Game Sites who wish to join, and some site will start registering players this weekend.  The Games sites registration application form is available to download.  The player “Skirmishers” registration form is also available to down load from and has already passed the 2000 mark. Currently over 17 sites have joined and 16 retailers with 13 awaiting approval There is no charge being made by UKARA for either registrations, please read terms and conditions before returning these forms. The data base is now operating in limited trial mode and seem to be performing up to  specification and will be fully operational before the 1st of October to enable UK Airsoft players to continue to legally purchase Realistic Replica Firearms.


Now for the important ArniesAirsoft disclaimer (ahem):

Please note that Arnies Airsoft has no affiliation or involvement with the UKARA database. 

Registering and use of such a database is entirely at the individual’s choice and risk, and will be entirely optional at this present time for sales on ArniesAirsoft.

In other words, until the big boss (Arnie) says otherwise, the use of such a database is entirely the individual’s choice and responsibility on these forums. We will not enforce consultation of any database unless Arnie decides upon a change in forum policy.

Cheers. :)

OPSEC Airsoft Radio Show 13/11/07

Whilst I’m on the subject of radio type stuff there’s a new show out from OPSEC too:

Hey Arnie,

The OPSEC Airsoft field crew will be out at Operation: New Horizon II ( this upcoming Saturday, September 15th, to cover the event for the station. Just look for the two guys (Lice and Myself) in Flecktarn Flak Vests and OD K-Pots getting in the way and shoving microphones in players faces.

Did you last night’s show is now available for download via iTunes (search for “opsec” in the Music Store) or via direct download at the below link?

*September 13th Program:*
– Guest: Fisch
– National Airsoft Events
– New Items of Interest
– Main Topic: Making Money in Airsoft
– OPSEC Airsoft News
– Weather from on High
– Tsunami Tight Bore Inner Barrel Review
– Tak’s Gun History
– Music: Electro!
*Right Click to Download*
36.6MB, 1h:31m:27s
Show Notes: Link

Radar, (OPSEC AirsoftRadio)

AirsoftRadio lives

Lance over at AirsoftRadio has sent in an email to say hello, and more importantly to let everyone know that they are indeed alive with a new show for September 11, 2007, huzzah!

Where are you guys? Are you off the “air”? Are you EVER going to do another show again?

Yes, we’re back. You didn’t think we’d leave you to the wolves forever, did you? ;)

It’s crazy, it doesn’t seem like it’s been a year, but it has. So here’s a show:

In this episode
Why no shows?
Two new guns–UZI and MP-7
Operation Red Dawn
E-mail, lots of e-mail

Black Robes – Main Titles Re-Mix
Tyson Emanuel – Desire
David Henderson – We Gotta Go

Click here for AirsoftRadio for Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lance, (AirsoftRadio)

Army Code’s Massive Defense Web shop is now open!


Just received word from the team at ARMY CODE that their web shop has now opened for business. Currently they are only able to accept payment through PayPal. Once you have made you selection and placed your order will issue the invoice with the accurate shipping charges to customer the Massive Defense team will then send you accurate shipping charges for your products.

AC-SFW001(cata)1Also Army Code has just released their new Deimaco L119A1 Barrel for M16/M4 variant so those of you looking for a totally authentic L119A1 would be wise to pick on of these up!

Also for those of you wanting more information on the barrel before parting with your hard earned cash, Army Code have been kind enough to send us a review sample which will be posted very soon!

New hop set for Tanaka M700 from

Troy Kim ( has sent in word of a new product that they have. Designed for the Tanaka M700 this allows you to use a Marui style hopup set with M700:

Dear Arnies, How are you?

This is the new product which i made for TANAKA m700.

As you all know normal TANAKA hop up system is so unstable for long range shot (40-50M with 0.36G BB).

Many people want to use Marui hop up system to TANAKA m700/m40. So I designed this and now finally complete this product.

____1____2 ____3____4

Hopefully this things will be known many TANAKA sniper users and clear the problem.

Thanks a lot. My best regards

Troy Kim (

New G&P Products

The good folks at G&P Industrial have been in touch with their latest products. Of particular note to Armalite / Stoner fans will be G&P’s variants of M16:

GP626  SR16 URX (Shorty)

Magazine Capacity: 130
Length: 720mm / 805mm
Built Material: Metal & ABS
Muzzle Velocity: 380-400fps
Gearbox: Version 2
Motor: G&P M120 Hi-Speed

GP627  M16A4


Magazine Capacity: 130
Length: 987mm
Built Material: Metal & ABS
Muzzle Velocity: 380-400fps
Gearbox: Version 2
Motor: G&P M120 Hi-Speed

GP628  M16A4 (RAS)


Magazine Capacity: 130
Length: 987mm
Built Material: Metal & ABS
Muzzle Velocity: 380-400fps
Gearbox: Version 2
Motor: G&P M120 Hi-Speed

They’ve also added some various accessories, which are linked below:

GP724A  Multi Purpose Side Rail Mount
GP725A  M16A1 Steel Sling Swivel
GP725B  M16A2 Steel Sling Swivel

Airsoft Direct September ’07 Update

Mark from Airsoft Direct has been in touch with their latest offers:

This month we have some really great products at some of the UKs Lowest Prices! Like the popular Tokyo Marui Glock 17 GBB for Only £89.99, Sansei SG-5 Mesh Masks for only £12.99, Tokyo Marui BB Loaders at £7.98 for the pistol magazine sized version and only £11.98 for the more recent XL M16 Magazine sized version!

Tokyo Marui Glock 17 GBB (3rd Generation) Only £89.99!Tokyo Marui Glock 17 GBB (3rd Generation) ONLY £89.99 This is currently the UKs Cheapest Price for one of the most recently released and accurate Tokyo Marui replicas around. With impressive performance, accurate markings this is a great replica of a modern 3rd generation Glock 17. These pistols are also supplied with some very nice night sights in addition to the standard sights fitted to the pistol. All this for only £89.99! We also have spare Tokyo Marui Glock magazines for only £17.99 each which also happens to be the UKs Cheapest! Tokyo Marui Glock 17 GBB (3rd Generation) – Only £89.99! Tokyo Marui Glock 17 – 25 Round Magazine – Only £17.99!

  Sansei SG-5 Mesh Masks ONLY £12.99 One of the most popular masks around, direct from Japan where it was designed and is currently produced specifically for Airsoft! This is a genuine high quality Sansei product made in Japan, tough, well constructed and won’t fall apart like inferior copies. The Sansei SG-5 Mesh Mask is perfect for anyone, beginners and veterans alike that are fed up of fogged and steamed up masks and glasses. These high quality masks are currently at the UKs Cheapest Price of Only £12.99! Sansei SG-5 Mesh Mask – Only £12.99!  tmbbloaderxl Tokyo Marui BB Loaders In recent years Tokyo Marui have been one of the main pioneers of easy to use and compact magazine loading accessories with their much copied but never bettered pistol magazine sized BB Loader, which we have instock at Only £7.98. They took this one step further recently with their XL M16 magazine sized version, which we also have instock at the fantastic price of only £11.98! Both versions are high quality handy loading accessories that can easily be stored away in normal magazine pouches. Tokyo Marui BB Loader – Only £7.98! Tokyo Marui M16 Magazine Style 470 Round XL BB Loader – Only £11.98!    

aimagv3i4small Airsoft International September 2007 Volume 3 Issue 4 Instock! We have the latest September issue of Airsoft International instock! The “So You Wannabe…” section this month covers Rainbox Six, from the famous series of video games, focusing on the latest release, Vegas! There are two AEG reviews in this issue with the SRC RPK and Army Armament’s R85A1, both cheaper offerings giving you amazing value for money. The pistol review is of the HFC Glock 17 with Metal Slide and barrel, a pistol we currently stock and has proved extremely popular! Along with loads more, for more information and a full content list, please use the link below: Airsoft International September 2007 Volume 3 Issue 4 – Only £4.00! Airsoft International Magazine Back Issues – Only £4.00 Each!


hfcgreengassmall HFC Green Gas Back Instock!

The very popular HFC Green Gas is finally back instock! This is a great high performance gas and at only £7.49 for a very large 1100ml can, it’s easy to see why it has proved so popular. For those who like to order in bulk and save we are offering a pack of 10 cans for only £54.99! That’s just under £5.50 a can!! HFC Green Gas (1100ml Can) – Only £7.49! HFC Green Gas (Pack of 10 Cans) – Only £54.99!  


Guarder G-C4 Polycarbonate Eye Protection Glasses (2007 Version) ONLY £29.99 Also back instock are the very versatile new Guarder G-C4 2007 glasses instock which we think are some of the best Airsoft glasses you can get. These G-C4 versions are especially good as in addition to being normal glasses you can remove the arms and replace them with the elasticated and adjustable sport strap, this allows them to be worn more like goggles. As with previous Guarder glasses these come with plenty of lenses to suit all situations along with a nice case! Take a look: Guarder G-C4 Polycarbonate Eye Protection Glasses (2007 Version) – Only £29.99!


Mark, (Airsoft Direct)

dEFCONAirsoft Birthday Competition

Steve from dEFCONAirsoft has been in touch to give us details of his website’s first anniversay and a competition. Many happy returns, dEFCONAirsoft!

On 24th September 2007,  dEFCONAirsoft will be exactly 1yr old, and to celebrate our 1st Birthday, Fire-Support LTD have decided to throw us a Birthday party… the only problem is, they’ve accidentally misplaced 4 of the items needed for the celebrations in amongst the rest of their stock. If you can help us find all the items needed for the party, and your name is drawn from the correct entries, then we’ll share our Birthday presents with you!
Simply head on over to and search their product pages to find the missing Birthday related items, which will appear at random, starting from Monday 10th Sept through to Friday 21st Sept. There are 4 to find, and we want to know what the item was, along with the 3 digit code at the bottom of the picture (so we know you aren’t guessing!)
Only when you have found all 4 items, send the answers through to with the heading ‘competition entry’, telling us what the items were with their corresponding 3 digit numbers.  Please include your name, age, address and contact telephone number. This information is IMPORTANT so please don’t miss it off, otherwise you may not be entered into the draw.
tmglock17There are 2 prizes to be won – 1st draw: Marui Glock 17 GBB and the 2nd draw: Pro Peak AC/DC Charger.  So you’ve got double the chance of winning something!


propeakchargerYour entries must be in before 24th Sept 12pm (GMT) – with the draw taking place on the 25th.  The winner will be announced on the front page. 

Steve (dEFCONAirsoft)

Arnies now PDA/Mobile friendly again

After a quick bit of playing around Arnies is now readily accessible from most PDAs. I’ve just tested it on Windows Mobile 5/6 here and systems like the PSP that have a web browser in them and all look pretty good.

Quick access key shortcuts are enabled and images in news posts are resized to work with the browser window keeping size down and mobile screens tidy.

To try this out on your own gear simply point the browser on your PDA or phone to and the rest just happens.

If anyone gets an problems with the browser showing you the PDA page instead of the usual one let me know via email (arnie [at] arniesairsoft [dot] co [dot] uk)

OPSEC Airsoft Radio Show 06/09/07

Radar at OPSEC has mailed in their latest update with details of their latest show:

Yo Arnie,

No giant updates or breaking urgent news… just a quick hello and letting you know that last night’s show is now available for download via iTunes (search for “opsec” in the Music Store) or via direct download at the below link.

*September 6th Program:*
– National Airsoft Events
– New Items of Interest
– Main Topic: Airsoft in the Media
– OPSEC’s Community Outreach
– Weather from on High
– Airsoft Magazines O’ Plenty
– Music: The Mix Tape

*Right Click to Download*
34.7MB, 1h:26m:48s
Show Notes: Link

Cheers, Radar, (OPSEC Airsoft Radio)

Updates from RedWolf Airsoft

Okay I’m still cranking through my mails here trying to get to the good stuff and delete all the spam and junk. There’s been a series of updates from RedWolf Airsoft that I’ve missed. Here we go:

Hey guys, Some new products for you!

  1. RWCMAX-M4A1a-LRWC PTW Challenge Kits – We’ve got a CQBR MAX and M4A1 MAX Challenge kit. They’re actually the Systema kits, but we’ve added a Redwolf Custom touch to it with customized aesthetics. The lower receive features bespoke, custom-made engravings that are an authentic replica of the real-steel equivalent. It has the Colt trademarks engraved, as well as “Safe, Semi and Full”.
  2. HCP-CK-76-SV-LPrime Hard Baller Metal Body Conversion Kit for WA SCW 2 – Brand new from Prime is this fantastic metal body kit. If you want a full metal hardballer, then this is your only choice. It’s a supremely high quality kit, with CNC-machining and authentic AMT trademarks and logos.
  3. INO-AKU-LInokatsu AKS74U – Carrying on the theme of high quality, this Inokatsu is a showcase of what can be done when it comes to making an Airsoft AEG. The exterior is first class, with an all metal construction and real wood handguard. It shoots 360fps too, which is pretty decent too. Comes in a wooden crate.
  4. INO-AKM-LInokatsu AKM – Astoundingly well made AKM from Inokatsu. Features real wood handguard and stock along with an all metal construction. Presented to you in a lovely wooden case. Excellent stuff.

Kai, (RedWolf Airsoft)

RedWolf UK now official UK VFC distributor:


I’d just like to let you know that Redwolf Airsoft UK are now Official distributors for VFC products for the UK & Europe. News can be seen here.


Best regards,

Kai, (RedWolf Airsoft)

Then there’s been a logo and name because of some reported trademark shenanigans in the Airsoft world (old Panther logo and new Pantac logo inset):

Hi guys & gals,

We have an important news announcement from Phantom Industries, the makers of quality combat gear, that they will be changing their name. The statement mentions that the decision comes as a result of increasing numbers of low-quality fake Phantom products which have filtered its way through into the marketplace.

pantac-l phantom-l

To protect the reputation of the company, the Board of Directors decided to change the name and take all measures possible to protect their brand from being tainted by poor-quality imitations. Any further illegal reproduction of their branded products will result in prosecution. The current logo will changed along with the name.

Kai, (RedWolf Airsoft)

Popular Airsoft launched

There’s a new website in town by the name of Popular Airsoft. The editor sent over an introductory flyer and some quick text and I’m adding it up here for you gusy to read and check out:

Dear friends at Arnies Airsoft,

We would like to announce that has now been officially launched. We would like to invite airsoft players to come and visit the site, read the articles, participate in sharing information — all in the spirit of camaraderie in the Airsoft world.

 pop1 pop2

We have attached here a hastily-prepared brochure that also serves as invitation to you and your readers.[…]

All for the sport,
The Editor, (Popular Airsoft)

Airgun to Picatinny adapter and upgrade kit

UTG have emailed about a natty little adapter for mounting anything to anything so long as there’s some form of rail there (ok so it converts air rifle style mounts to weaver spec):

mnt_pmtowl_mAirgun/.22 to Weaver/Picatinny Tactical Rail Adaptor

  • Excellent quality and easy to install
  • Convert airgun/.22 base to Weaver/Picatinny
  • 3.94 inches (100mm) long with
    9 slots with grooved rail top to allow for flexible eye relief adjustments
  • Complete with screws for installation on airgun/.22, including stop pin (UTG)

Oh while I’m on the UTG front there’s an upgrade kit out from them too for their bolt action airsoft gear, specifically the M324 Pre-Gen3 Master Sniper rifles from UTG. Sadly I don’t know what else it’ll fit as of yet in terms of other brands. Their page shows a video demo of the kit and what it contains (link).


Microfire Warrior III HID lamp

Microfire have mailed in about a HID lamp that they have. It looks good, but as to how it stacks up against something like the Pelican 7060 that is tried tested and well recommended (and my personal favourite) is anyone’s guess at the moment:

Warrior-III : K3500R Rechargeable 35W HID tactical flashlight



Feature: HID (High Intensity Discharge) handheld tactical / searching flashlight, instant activating
Model: K3500R
Bulb: K3-HID-Bulb, lifespan 3,000 hours
Power: 35W
Colour temperature: 7000K
Beam divergence adjustable: 15° – 24°
Runtime and Brightness: 3500 lumens max / 55 minutes approximately
Switch: tactical button switch
Body: Aircraft grade aluminium CNC, hard anodized
Housing diameter: 44mm
Bezel diameter: 76mm
Length: 252mm
Weight: 800g approximately
Water resistant: splash proof
Operation temperature: -10°C —— +60°C
Color: Tactical black

Accessories options:
K1 – DC 12V vehicle charger adaptor
K 3 – tactical holster
K 2 – 8 x CR123A battery housing (for non-rechargeable K3500, 30 minutes)
K1 – red filter 600nm
K1- IR filter 850nm
K1- UV filter 365nm

Remark: We reserve the right to change design and specifications of any our products or accessories without prior notice.

We welcome your enquiry for further information.

Our contact:
MicroFire Technology Company, Ltd.
4/Floor, R & D Building, Hangtian Weidianji Dasha
Langshan No. 2 Road, north High-tech Industrial Park
Shenzhen, 518057 China
Tel: 0086 – 755 – 2699 4678
Fax: 0086 – 755 – 2699 4602

Visele shots of the CA SA58

viselelogo The chaps at VI.SE.LE. Italiana S.r.l., Italy have mailed over shots of the new CA SA58 rifle, here’s the details and photos:

Hello guys,

VISELE AIRSOFT already started delivering to its dealers the new masterpiece from Classic Army, the SA 58 Carbine.

All air soft enthusiasts that have seen the prototype exhibited in our booth at IWA 2007 know how it feels, but for those that unfortunately haven’t had the chance to keep it in their hands, it is to mention that this gun is rock solid and feature an amazing really working bolt locking/releasing system as well as a cnc machined upper receiver and fiber-reinforced nylon parts.

IMG_0987 IMG_0988 IMG_0990
IMG_0992 IMG_0993 IMG_0994
IMG_0995 IMG_0998 IMG_0999

Deliveries to VISELE AIRSOFT dealers have already started, VISELE AIRSOFT dealers are the firsts dealers stocking this new gun in Europe.

Warm regards,

VI.SE.LE. Italiana S.r.l., Italy

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