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New X-Fire oval hammers

The guys at X-Fire have sent in their latest as well. This time they have new hammers for some 45s:

Dear Sir. Hello. Today we want to introduce our new items!

main_ads main_ads_1


The shop of Selling PDI products
PDI Co.,Ltd
Tel : (81)736616322
Fax: (81)736616323

VFC BAR in at Firesupport


firesupport2 moving tank Frank has sent in the latest from Firesupport:

Firesupport News – we now have the VFC BAR in stock and available for £850. This includes an upgrade to 328fps



If you order this gun the delivery will be delayed by a few days whilst we do the upgrade.

Magazines will be available by Monday 14th January and will be approx £35

Regards Frank

PDI MAC10 Rail Conversion & AK74MN Short Barrel Kit

PDI (X-Fire Japan) is currently working on a prototype for the TM MAC10 Rail Conversion kit. This is primarily the PDI M4 Patriot Kit part used in conjunction with the Patriot Rail kit. The part will allow up to four rails to be installed for a full railed MAC10 to place all your 20mm combat needs. MAC10 users will finally have the freedom to custom the simplistic weapon that made it famous back in the days and now into a more futuristic weapon. Product will soon be on sale next week followed with more details. 

08192 0891

PDI also has on sale the TM AK74MN Short Outer barrel Kit  (4,116Yen), 6.01 SUS304 Short Inner barrel 395mm (10,680YEN), and Short Cleaning Rod ( 2,184YEN). Combine all the parts in your new TM AK74MN to create a more compact aggressive killing machine.

74  IMG_7260

More information can be found on X-Fire Japan’s homepage PDI X-FIRE

Short Outer Barrel CLICK

Short Inner Barrel CLICK

Short Cleaning Rod CLICK

All information is copyright to PDI X-Fire Japan.

Op Hac Bao: Tet Offensive 40th Annv July 25 – 27, 2008

HACBAO2007patch Jeff over at Team TAC – Cleveland, Ohio, USA has sent in news of “Operation Hac Bao – Tet Offensive 40th Anniversary”. Here’s the news so far:

What: O Hac Bao – Tet Offensive 40th Annv
Who: Presented by John Lu / Best of USA Marketing (Op Lion Claws / Irene)
Where: Fort Hunter Ligget, California, USA
When: July 25 – 27, 2008

I don’t think this is even announced on the organizer’s website yet, but I had the chance to talk to John Lu (the organizer of such US events as Lion Claws and Irene) last night.  He gave me some hard intel regarding an event that he has coming up that is a little different from his standard modern style events.

The event is Hac Bao and it will commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Tet Offensive from the Vietnam War.  Hac Bao is one of the smaller Lion Claws events, but is a completely different experience from his other ops.  Hac Bao requires players to equip themselves in Vietnam specific gear / equipment and really focuses on recreating the atmosphere of that conflict.  Each force is required to wear and utilize appropriate uniforms and equipment.  This op is close to re-enacting but is still definitely an airsoft operation.

The specifics of this op are really what make it stands out.  The location of this op is Ft. Hunter Liggett, California, USA.  In case you don’t know, Ft. Hunter Liggett is the location where parts of “We Were Soldiers” movie were filmed.

The command structure for this event is also very interesting and most of the commanding officers are real veterans.  The US side will be lead by Col. Paul Longgrear (USA – Special Forces and Vietnam Veteran) and Sgt Kenn Miller (USA – Ranger / LRP and Vietnam Veteran).  John Lu himself will command the ARVN.  For the opforce, Capt. John Robison of BattleSim will play Evil Col. Minh of the NVA and Sgt. Igor Dobroff of the former Soviet Airborne Corps and 1980 Afghanistan veteran will play a Russian adviser.

Now is your chance to play on an awesome area of operations in a unique historically themed event.  Very few details are currently available, but keep an eye on  With the wide range of nationalities represented by the forces at Hac Bao, this is a chance to players across the world to experience a Lion Claws op.

Later, Jeff “nextmayor” Minch, (Team TAC – Cleveland, Ohio, USA)

ICS Exclusive: New MP5 Split Gearbox design

P1130766 (Medium) Well ICS are straight in there for 2008 news with the release of their new MP5 split gear box design. Owners of MP5’s will know how difficult it is to break down and maintain the gear boxes on these models and ICS has worked hard in the closing months of 2007 to develop a gear box that makes this process easier.

Right now we have no other details on this, nor when it is likely to be released on to the market.

But yet again it seems ICS is clearly listening to our requests and acting on them. It looks like 2008 will be a very innovative year for ICS.

For more images head on in to the news section here!

Review line up for 2008

arnie sig

Well 2007 was a pretty busy year for writing reviews and some of you have asked me what the line up for reviews for 2008 will be.

First of all I would like to thank all the manufacturers who supported Arnie’s Airsoft in 2007.

Without their contributions we wouldn’t have been able to bring you the many scoop’s and prerelease reviews as we did in 2007 and it looks like 2008 will be another great year for Arnie’s.

As you know I have no idea what products will be sent us but I can tell you the line up that will be reviewed over the next month or so.

With plenty more to come, as you can see the initial lineup for 2008  is very Russian influenced! So sit back and enjoy what should be a very eventful year in the Airsoft community!

Tokyo Blackhole Show 2008

P1060506 (Medium) Well it’s that time of year again where the loons that love the sport head out to Tokyo for the biannual Black Hole Show. This year’s show took place over the 5th and 6th of January and needless to say I grabbed my camera and headed on in to the city for the event.

Now over the years I have been to the show I have reported that it has got worse, this year was no different and the show was dominated by booths selling re-branded Chinese copies and German Nazi memorabilia, which out of personal views I avoided like the plague.

So to find out just what went off at this year’s show head on in to the forums and read all about what you missed here!

Firefight’s new CQB site: A Magistrate’s Court!

Janno from Firefight Combat Simulations (well-known for running the Electrowerkz CQB arena games in Central London) has been in touch with FCS’ new skirmish site. This one is not your usual CQB site however:

Opening in February 2008, the Courthouse (aka. FCS Bristol) is a two-floor arena, occupying a set of disused magistrates’ courts complete with holding cells in the basement. FCS Bristol boasts a games room, heated safezone, retail facilities, toilets, and battery charging station. Games will be run on Thursday evenings, and selected weekends. All events follow standard FCS procedure, with chrono testing on-site (max velocity = 328fps w/0.2g BB), and a default age limit of 15+. Players under the age of 18 must be signed in by a parent or legal guardian on their first time at the site. They can then sign themselves in for future events.

As mentioned, the site will go live from the beginning of February with a Modular Training Session scheduled for the first weekend of the month (details to come). If we can get the majority of facilities online by the end of January, there may be the possibility of us running a test-game down there, so keep your eyes peeled. All game dates and fees are listed on the website:

Some pics:

Finally, the Director of FCS Bristol (Jay Newton) is trying to encourage the formation of airsoft teams, and virtually all play at the site will be oriented towards small squad-based ops. There is talk of regular team-player only events in the future. If you or your team have any ideas on how you would like to develop the site, then this is the perfect time to make yourselves heard.

Janno (Firefight Combat Simulations)

Want to know more? Janno has set a thread up on the forums already:

WE P08 (Luger) shots

Alex (Armed Forces HK) has sent in shots of the silver and black WE P08 (luger styled copy). There’s lots of shots, the rest are available after the "read more" jump.

sliver allblack all

grenadebanner2 Description:

Weight: 830g
Weight: 870g

Weight: 930g
Gas blow back
Full Metal Auto Blow Back  (Armed Forces HK)

Read the rest of this entry »

SRC 416 in metal at WAR4

WAR 4 Toys have sent in news of a metal HK416 that they now have available:

Hello, how are you?

We would like to submit our latest items, would you mind helping us to post them?

SRC – HK416 (Metal Model)

Magazine: 300rds Hi-Cap
Length: 790/870mm
Battery: Mini Type 8.4V (Not Included)
– Steel Gear Set
– Nylon Fiber Grip
– Nylon Fiber Retractable Stock
– Steel Bolt Catch
– Steel Magazine Catch
– Steel Charging Handle
– Aluminum Tactical Rail System
– EXtended Battery Case
– Anadized Finishing Receiver
– 8mm Ball Bearing Gear Box
– Metal Cylinder Head
– Aluminum Cylinder
– Aluminum Piston Head
– Metal Spring Guide
– Ultra High Torque Motor
– Extra 400fps Spring Included
Weight: 4500 (with Packing)
Price: US$325.00
Category: AEG

Thank you! Have a nice day! Regards, Carol, (WAR 4 Toys Int’l Co)

Powerupgrade looking for distribution partners

Powerupgrade (a Czech company) are now looking for people interested in delaing and selling their product. Checking their website they stock a heap of reinforced parts and upgrades for Airsoft gear:

Hi, Our company is looking for solid partner for distribution POWERUPGRADE airsoft components.


137 181

Mainly we need to setup distribution and optimal propagation of our products. If interested, please contact us on any of our contacts listed below.

Tel.:  +420775301316 (english)
Tel.:  +420777301302 (czech)

Firesupport now dealing system gear

firesupport2 moving tankFiresupport are now dealing Systema gear:

To celebrate Firesupport’s new venture with Systema we are happy to announce the following offer:-

If you buy any of our Systems PTW version 2008 AEGs

you will get 3 extra 120 round PTW magazines with over £100 included with your gun

Firesupport have in stock:

  • Systema PTW M16A2 Max2 £1100
  • Systema PTW M16A3 Max2 £1100
  • Systema PTW M4A1 Max2 £1100
  • Systema PTW M4/CQBR Max2 £1100


BB-SYS-2We are also stocking PTW spare parts and accessories, if its not in stock we will order it for you

Systema .2g bbs are available 3000 rnds .2g £10

A full range of Systema upgrade parts are available for Marui compatible AEGs



Deadrag Radio – episode 9

DeadRag_banner_sm Shawn from Deadrag has mailed in to let everyone know that episode 9 of their show is now online:

The long awaited Deadrag Radio episode 9 is here!

We apologize for taking so long to bring it to you. A technical bug prevented us from having it ready by Christmas as planned. We think it was well worth the wait though. This episode is packed full of news and our guests Strike and Ronin from the Green Mountain Rangers will have you on the edge of your seats as you listen to their tales from Berget V

This episode is also a gear review special. We give you a report on the A&K M249 PARA, the Mask and Helment system from Eye Tactical and more!

Listen to the show at or on Itunes.

Shawn (Deadrag Radio)

Echo 1 USA CRYE Multicam Accessory Review

Complete range (Medium)This is the 3rd and final in a series of reviews on CRYE Precision coated accessories for airsoft. This time we take a look at Echo 1 USA, latest offerings specifically designed to give your standard M4A1 that complete Multicam face lift.

Many of you were concerned that these might be fake but rest assured, these are coated in the real deal CRYE Multicam Hydrographic film.

So head on in to the review section of the forums and read the compete review here!

OPSEC Radio new episode and feature

fubanner Radar, (OPSEC Radio) has sent in their latest update:

Wanna get something off your chest? We here at OPSEC Airsoft know how crucial it is to vent, so to serve the global airsoft community better… we put up the F.U. Line. The F.U. Line is a 24/7 voicemail box you can call to voice your anger and or frustrations. We might just play your F.U. on the air!

You can reach the F.U. Line:
via Phone: +1 (323) 319-6470
via Skype: fuopsec
You can discuss this "feature" in the OPSEC Airsoft Forum thread.

You can hear a sample of the calls left on last night’s program at about the 31m:44s mark. Last nights show is now available for download via iTunes (search for “opsec” in the Music Store) or via direct download at the below link:

*January 3rd Program*
– National Airsoft Events
– New Items of Interest
– Main Topic: 2007 Year In Review
– F.U. Line Calls
– OPSEC Station News
– Subtopic: Solo and Team Play
– Shameless Plugs
*Right Click to Download*
38.4MB, 1h:35m:57s
Show Notes: Link

Cheers, Radar, (OPSEC Radio)

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