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New developments at Elite Action Games Dorking!

Elite Action Games have been hard at work developing their gaming site:

New Developments at Elite Action Games Dorking!

Well its been a busy start to the year with various new things happening at EAG Dorking.

The safe zone is still moving forward with the replacement of the temporary canopies now complete. Both sides of the safe zone are complete with plans to cross the back and build a center section to accommodate more players. In addition to this we  have finally convinced the paintball owners of the site to do something about the blasted road. So you won’t need a tank to access the site anymore!!!

tn_DSC01657 tn_26042008(023)
tn_DSC01529 tn_DSC01579

Out in the field we have also been busy building three new gaming areas and adding to existing features. The US command post (CP) and surrounding foxholes now sport over a thousand sandbags and all are covered with camouflage, they literally jump out at you. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked where the CP is and pointed out they are only 20 meters or so away.

The British forces HQ (Camp Bastion) is nearing completion with various bunkers, a sniper tower and HQ. We’ve played this area a few times now and it fights really well.

The wilderness fort equally adds to the site, offering a intense firefight on route to the CP.

Our latest  addition is the new  WWII styled bunker  or "minimi bunker", this sport 360 degree cover  near a natural choke point (nasty), hard work to take but good fun equally.

Lastly, we’ve also done a load of work in the village, adding tons of extra cover and new buildings.

With on onset of summer the tree canopy  is thickening, the ferns are starting their upwards clime and EAG are getting set for another summer of varied airsoft warfare, in the ever change landscape that is EAG Dorking.
or find us on under Elite Action Games

New stock at UN Company

UN Company have new gear in too; here’s their list:

New Items at UN

For this week we have searched for a lot of new items at our shop. I will introduce them as follows:

1) Big Dragon E9600 Chronometer (New Version)


i. The Dimensions are W105 X D75 X H29mm
ii. The Package includes a Chronometer, a Manual, a Charger & a Box
iii. The Features are Measuring Velocity and Rate of Fire of Airsoft Guns, External Power DC9V/Internal Reserve Battery DC 4.8V
iv. For this it only costs US$ 77

2) Systema Training Weapon System M733 MAX


i. The Magazine Capacity is 120Rds
ii. The Overall Length is 774mm
iii. The Motor is Training Weapon
iv. The Gearbox is Training Weapon
v. The Firing Mode is Semi or Full Auto
vi. The Features are Systema Evolutionary Design AEG, Authentic Scale, Variable Hop-Up Adjustment, Bolt Stop Action, Metal Body Standard, One Piece Barrel Design, Excellent Rigidity, Power Around 450FPS
vii. For this it only costs US$ 1495

3) VFC AIMS PMC Electric Airsoft Rifle


i. The Gearbox is of Ver 3
ii. The Motor is EG1300
iii. The Overall Length is 899mm
iv. The Barrel Length is 502mm
v. The Battery is AK Stick Type Battery
vi. The Muzzle Velocity ranges from 310 to 330FPS with 0.2g BBs
vii. The Package includes a Gun, a Magazine and a Manual
viii. The Features are Automatic Bolt Recoil Action, Railed Handguard & Gas Tube, Steel Construction, Steel Folding Wire Stock, Steel Outer Barrel
ix. It is able to carry up to 12V Stick Type Battery
x. For this it only costs US$ 440

4) Chinese Made Mossberg M500 Shotgun (SV/6mm)


i. The Built Material is Metal with Plastic Grip & Stock
ii. The Magazine Capacity is 40Rds with 8mm Bullets
iii. The Overall Length is 970mm
iv. The System is Gas with Pump Action
v. The Package includes a Gun, a Manual and BBs
vi. For this it only costs US$ 124

For more information please kindly check out our web site at

New furniture in at CRW

There’s some new furniture for AEGs in at CRW Airsoft:

Dear Editor,

We have some new flash, wood kit and AEG in stock. Here are the updated list on 20 May08,

Thank you. Eddie, (CRW Airsoft)

King Arms – Product update 21 May 2008

Mark over at King Arms has sent a mail out covering their latest release the L1A1:

Hi Gents,

This is Mark from King Arms again, how are you all doing? It has been a few days already since last update, wish you all are doing fine. As I mentioned in last email, there will be another update soon so here you go. I just want to let you know that people in King Arms are all very enthusiastic about airsoft and we are constantly trying to make better products. After the team working their butts off for the past six months, we are glad that we’ve got what we wanted. We like to take this chance to share our love to the airsoft community by providing a realistic shooting experience to all the skirmishers and collectors.


image006 image007  image002
image003 image004 image005

So here I am to proudly present to you all our newest AEG, the full metal L1A1. The main feature is that it has a special designed Bolt Carrier Operating Mechanism to simulate the real firearm blowback action, it is a simple but it is a stable design which is very reliable. Other features including Semi/Auto fire, 7mm bearing gearbox, and capability to store battery up to 12V. A picture better than a thousand words and I will let you guys do the judging. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question, thank you very much!

Best regards,

Mark, (King Arms)

Airsoft Innovations – Tornado Grenade Released

Carlton at Airsoft Innovations sent us news on their Tornado Grenade. They have finally released and available for purchase direct form AI in Canada.

grenade1_lg We at Airsoft Innovations are proud to announce that we’ve finally released our Tornado Grenade. Come checkout our website for new videos. The first demonstrates how you can use the short delay option to trigger air bursts. The other video is an instructional video showing our grenades loading procedure. We hope our product adds an exciting new dimension to your game.

Downloadable Videos Available Here.

Tornado Grenade Video 4.

Forum Link.

Carlton Chong, (Airsoft Innovations)

Forum news digest for May 21, 2008

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

Forum news digest for May 20, 2008

New parts from G&P

G&P have sent over their new list of parts:

Hello, we have release new products today!

GP811  30mm Dual Scope Mount (H)(Sand)
GP812  CQB/R Rear Sight
WP21   WA M4 CQB/R Steel Outer Barrel
WP22   WA M4 Handguard Kit (Shorty)
WP23   WA M4 RAS Front Set (Shorty)
WP24   WA M4 RAS II Front Set (Shorty)

Best Regards,  G&P Industrial Co., Ltd

OPSEC Airsoft Radio – Episode 102 posted

The guys at OPSEC Airsoft Radio have posted episode 102:

Hey Arnie,

We’re back with yet another podcast release update… but the good news is that you get a break next week as we will be skipping our May 22nd broadcast to record live from Operation: Lion Claws VII on the 24th. Nothing too special, just a break from the routine. This week, we talked about how large airsoft operations have changed how airsoft is played. We also touched on building, maintaining, destroying and rebuilding your airsoft reputation. 102 has been posted and for those interested, the show is available for download via iTunes (search for “opsec” in the Music Store: Link) or via direct download at the below link:

*Episode 102*
– National Airsoft Events
– New Items of Interest
– Main Topic: Ops Impact on Airsoft
– Weather From On High
– Sub Topic: Airsoft Credentials
– Shameless Plugs
*Right Click to Download*
37.4MB, 1h:33m:36s
Show Notes: Link

Cheers, Radar, (OPSEC Airsoft Radio)

Forum news digest for May 17, 2008

Forum news digest for May 16, 2008

New gear at King Arms

There’s an update in from Mark at KingArms too listing their latest gear:

Hi Gents,

I hope you guys enjoyed the last couple emails about the MUR and Colt M4 metal bodies. We received lots of positive feedback from whole bunch of people and we really appreciate them, thank you very much. There are just a few more items we have here that I wanted to show you. Nothing big but just some gears and accessories.

Neoprene Protection Cover for EOTech 551

A really nice little product for the popular scope, the Neoprene Protection Cover for the EOTech 551. it helps to keep your scope away from dust and scratch. 3 colors to choose from.

Dot Sight Neoprene Protection Cover for EO Tech 551 – BK
Dot Sight Neoprene Protection Cover for EO Tech 551 – OD
Dot Sight Neoprene Protection Cover for EO Tech 551 – TAN

image006 image001 image002
image003 image004 image005

We also have a couple new patches here:

Seal Team Embroidery Patch – TAN
Funny Skull Embroidery Patch – OD
Funny Skull Embroidery Patch – TAN

 image009 image007 image008

The last new product is the Shemagh. Wrap it around your head and protect yourself from sun exposure and blown dust. 3 colors to choose from.

SF Shemagh – OD
SF Shemagh – TAN

image013 image010 image011 image012

This is it for this time. I think there will be another update in a few days. Until then, take care yourself, and each other.


Mark, (King Arms)

X-Fire at Hobby Show 08

Tomo at PDI/X-Fire has sent in word that he’s published shots of his time at the Hobby Show in Shizuoka in Japan:

Dear Sir.

Today I informed about Hobby Show at Shizuoka. If you have a time, please introduce them.



PDI at Shizuoka 2008

Tomo at PDI was kind enough to send over PDI’s report on the Shizuoka 2008 show.  In English no less.


Forum link here:

Forum news digest for May 15, 2008

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

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