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Forum news digest for Jun 30, 2008

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

TSI Armories AK Accessory Line

2623134508_10957607b5_o TSI was kind enough to send over the following information on the following AK accessories:

  • Tactical Fire Selector
  • SAR Style Flash Hider
  • MAR Style Flash Hider
  • M16 Magazine Adapter
  • Galil Style hand Grip

Gents (and ladies), TSI Armories has introduced a unique new line of AK accessories. You can also check them out on our web site at


Guy Ayal TSI Armories LLC

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Forum news digest for Jun 29, 2008

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

New G&P SR15 URX and M4 EOD

G&P have some new replicas out:

Hello, we have release new airsoft guns today!

GP736  SR15 URX (Medium)
GP737  M4 EOD



Best Regards, G&P Industrial Co., Ltd

WGC – Joining hands to help Sichuan

WGC are selling off some unique serial numbered SCAR units and donating a portion of the proceeds to The Red Cross:



As you might aware, China was hit hard by the worst earthquake over 30 years in Sichuan which killed thousands of people and devastated the homes of many. To support the disaster relief operation, WGC and VFC are joining hands in offering a series of VFC SCAR HEAVY with distinctive serial numbers. For each VFC SCAR priced at US$500, US$250 will be donated to Sichuan victims via The Red Cross.

To express our care and love to the victims in Sichuan, WGC Shop has directed funds to China via HSBC. How about you? Let’s join us in supporting the relief work and assist those who have suffered. Your sympathy in any way is appreciated. Thank you for your kindness!


0010001 0010006 0010007 0010008 0010009 0010066
0010088 0010099 0010100 0010222 0010333

How to Purchase:

  • Select your favourite serial number from above.
  • Email the selected number and your personal information to
  • (including full name, mailing address, contact number and preferred method of payment)
  • You will be notified shortly regarding the availability of your desired number.

All serial numbers are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Act now to reserve your lucky number!


  • All serial numbers are on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • No further discounts will be applied to this activity.
  • WGC (HK) reserves the rights all final decisions.
  • For enquiry, please contact (WGC)

Podcasts and community site from

Art from has sent in two news pieces from his crew:

I wanted to email you about the Airsoft Milsim Training Podcast, it is a relatively new podcast updated at least once a month. Its soul purpose is to cover tactical and field craft training that is broken down in an understandable manner for new and old Airsofters alike. It is available through I-Tunes, and RSS feed directly from the site, which can be found here :


The podcast is open to questions comments or ideas on tactics and training that any one would be interested in learning.

The second update is about their community site:

image – A Community for Airsoft Teams.

Network with other teams and players throughout the U.S. to set up games, advertise events and organize league play. New features such as a state organized team directory and editable event calendar. Please give us feedback on new functions you would like to see or features that we can implement to make this site more useful. Individual team pages as well as personal pages available. to sign up for free simply go to the following site:

Thanks again! Art L.
Airsoft Milsim Training Podcast Moderator

Spartan Imports news – PMC now available

Spartan Imports have sent over their update. It’s in the form of a huuuge image, so click through to see it:


Forum news digest for Jun 28, 2008

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

Forum news digest for Jun 27, 2008

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

Forum news digest for Jun 26, 2008

Forum news digest for Jun 25, 2008

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

Limited Resident Evil DE 10in in at Wolf

deaglebh10 Wolf have the new Limited Edition Desert Eagle in stock:

The new Limited Edition Desert Eagle 10inch Resident Evil Leon Custom is now in stock at Wolf Armouries.

Visit for full details.

Forum news digest for Jun 24, 2008

Updates from ECHO1 on their website

There’s an update from ECHO1:

New sections available. Join ECHO1 photo contest now and win FREE AEG!

image001 CAMP BULLIS, Texas -- A competitor fires down range during the Combat Rifle event at the Defender Challenge 2003 security forces competition.  The challenge featured 12 all-star security forces teams from Air Force major commands, the British Royal Air Force Regiment and the Department of Energy competing here Oct. 10 to 16.  The defenders from Air Mobility Command took top honors in the Combat Rifle event.  (U.S. Air Force photo by Robbin Cresswell)

Also, you can submit your ECHO1 photo to our gallery: email to Link here. (ECHO1)

OPSEC Airsoft Radio – Episode 105 Posted

There’s a new episode of OPSEC Airsoft Radio online:

Hey Arnie,

We had to shift our broadcast schedule a tad which turned into two weeks of shows. Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but it is what it is. In 105, we talked about painting airsoft weaponry and covered the listener requested topic of in-game chow. Overall a pretty good show… and we gauge that by how much fun we had making it. 105 has been posted and for those interested, the show is available for download via iTunes (search for “opsec” in the Music Store: Link) or via direct download at the below link:

*Episode 105*
– National Airsoft Events
– New Items of Interest
– Main Topic: Painting Airsoft Weaponry
– F.U. Line Calls
– Sub Topic: In-Game Chow
– Shameless Plugs
*Right Click to Download*
33.5MB, 1h:23m:45s
Show Notes: Link

Cheers, Radar, (OPSEC Airsoft Radio)

Looking for somewhere?
AMNB Podcast
Gorilla Airsoft Radio
Airsoft Medicine Specialist Swedish Military Experience Group
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