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Forum news digest for Mar 30, 2009

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Forum news digest for Mar 29, 2009

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Forum news digest for Mar 28, 2009

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Forum news digest for Mar 26, 2009

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Forum news digest for Mar 23, 2009

The latest news posted by our readers in our forums

The Airsoftology Podcast: Episode #5 is available

The Airsoftology Podcast: Episode #5 is out.

Hey Arn,

It’s that time again…Airsoftology show #5 is up and ready for you to listen! The show covers all of the current airsoft news, gear, gun reviews, and tech tips…along with a larger than normal dose of irreverence this week.

Don’t forget, we want to hear comments and questions from our listeners. Visit the Airsoftology website at to see how you can be a part of the show!

In This Show:

  • We discuss the latest in airsoft news and rumors from around the web.
  • Jonathan busts out his chrono, pocket protector, and slide-rule to review the all new KWA System 7 Beretta 93R GBB with 3 round burst.
  • Madkows brings us another Listener Loadout of the show, ACU/PCU style!
  • Jonathan, Chris and Tim answer your calls and questions in our feedback segment.
  • Tim brings us the tech tip of the week…yes TIM.  He covers the art of matching BB weight with the appropriate FPS for your gun, and I think we leave more confused than when we started.

Where to get it:

Episode 5 is available from all the usual sources: Just search for “airsoftology” on iTunes or follow this link: iTunes Page.

If you don’t have iTunes, you can download directly from the link below:
*Right Click to Download*
Show notes are available here. (Airsoftology)

MadBull Airsoft: Crawler edition barrels

Another new product from MadBull Airsoft:

image Gents,

This is not the first time ECHO1 and MadBull work together but this is the most innovative product from these two companies ever.

Crawler edition barrel’s idea is coming out from ECHO1’s engineer and they decide to transfer this idea to MadBull.

After try-n- error for over a month and making over a hundred prototypes, MadBull and ECHO1 finally find out the best design for Crawler edition barrel.

Normally, if you want to lower down your AEG power, you have to break down your gearbox and change a lot of internal components.

Crawler edition barrel is the best solution for Airsoft player to reduce velocity and power of their AEG to comply regulations.

More detail will be provided in 10-14 days.

Patent pending! MadBull Airsoft

Deutsche Fertigungskennzeichen bis 1945

Here’s one for collectors and historians:

Dear friends and collectors, after many years of hard work, my book "Deutsche Fertigungskennzeichen bis 1945" about the German manufacturers codes of WW2 is now finished.

The book has more than 500 pages, is sorted in two ways (after codes and after company-names), contains ALL code systems (abbreviations, number-codes, letter-codes, LDO-numbers for medals & insignias and the RZM-numbers for NSDAP- & SS-equipment). The official list with letter codes ends with "ozz", but I was able to add three pages of later codes.

And the best fact: The foreword and the text is written in German and English!

image image image image

The part with the codes is not translated, because there is not much to translate. But I have forced the publisher to print the text in English language too. I think it’s very important to know the background and the development of the code systems. I have found many original documents in archives to reproduce the way of the development step by step.

There will be no commercial distribution to dealers outside Germany, so if someone might be interested, I can only send books from me.

If someone is interested, the price is 35,- EUR in Europe incl. postage.

To the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan it’s 63 USD for a single book by airmail incl. postage.

I have attached some pics!
With best wishes from Germany
Michael Heidler

RAP4 – Rocket Propelled Grenade Paintball Launchers (RPG)

The NEW Rocket Propelled Grenade Launchers (RPG) for scenario paintball and Airsoft! The new grenade launcher add whole new elements and dimensions to scenario gaming and Airsoft, enabling even more realistic challenges–now you can take out a tank or bunker with dedicated, accurate, realistic equipment! For military combat training, the Rocket Propelled grenade launchers provide greater realism and make the battlefield seem–and play–as real as possible.

The new Rocket Propelled grenade launchers shoot an assortment of projectiles, depending on the application. This grenade launcher able to shoot paint grenades, 6mm paintballs, .43 caliber paintballs, .68 caliber paintballs, and Nerf Rockets…more than 200 feet!

This is shoulder-launched and require two people to operate efficiently in the middle of a fire fight. The system can operate with both CO2 and compressed air, and air can be attached by a remote line. This launcher is easy to operate and maintain, operating most efficiently at 200psi…with minimum air consumption.

Like its real-world counterparts revolutionized ground maneuvers, the new Rocket Propelled grenade launcher will change how Airsoft and paintball games are played. It will bring the sport to a completely new level of realism and excitement!

6th issue of 0’20 out

The new issue of 0’20 is out:

6th issue of 0’20 Magazine ON-LINE



If you don’t have the printed magazine and want to know about international and spanish Airsoft, 6th issue of 0’20 Magazine is now available online at

Best regards!
0’20 Magazine

RealSword SVD sneek peak at Airsoft Soldier

image Airsoft Soldier have had a sneek peak at Real Sword’s SVD:

Hi guys!

We´ve got exciting first peek chance to check out Real Sword´s new SVD-rifle as first independent media in the world. You can find the post on our website at

Jarkko Koskinen

Here’s a snippet:

Our office just received a shipment in the form of a long box, and it certainly did not contain wooden sticks for our gardening hobby, which we were also expecting. The box in question revealed an airsoft version of the SVD (Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova), produced by Real Sword from Hong Kong.

We have been waiting for this release for some time now. In fact for over two decades there has been a “Dragunov-vacuum” in the airsoft market, and filling the vacuum has been attempted with spring-operated models, beautiful replicas with poor performance and reliability, as well as functional but aesthetically awful conversions based on electric AK models. The time of self-deception is over.

Read the rest over on their blog.

Dealers invited to trial X-Power’s products

image019X-Power are looking for dealers to try out their products:

Dear Manager,

We invite you to test the XPower-M4

Special Features:

  • – Adjustable Hop-up
  • – Effective Range: +120ft (upgraded version)
  • – Max Range: +300ft (upgraded version)

We are offering special 50% off sample price to dealers and 100% refund if XPower’s performance does not satisfied your need

Remember, our system is simple enough and NO NEED to spend to much time on maintenance. Instead you can spare more time focusing on your business or tactic of your game.

Don’t waste your time anymore and make your money worth. Hurry up and get a sample to test it yourself.

image008 image009 image010 image011 image012 image013 image014 image015 image016 image017 image018  image001 image002 image003 image004 image005 image006 image007

XPower-M4 features include:

  • Cartridge case ejects after each shot
  • – Adjustable Hop-Up
  • – 100% Mimic of the M4 from appearance to operation
  • – Shoots 0.43 cal paintballs
  • – All metal construction
  • – Magazine fed system with 20 round capacity
  • – Air power source hidden inside the butt stock
  • – Velocity setting at: 270-400fps
  • – Semi Automatic Firing Mode
  • – Simple to operate and easy to maintain
  • – Lower consumption of gas
  • – CO2 and Nitrogen/Compressed Air adaptable
  • – Fully customizable (e.g. R.I.S. Hand guard)
  • – Low pressure/steady pressure operation

Again, for approved dealers that who is not satisfy our marker after trying it, we guarantee 100% refund with no questions ask.

XPower Company

Fax: +852-8167-9235

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